Interview with Rasmus Paludan between campaign events

I caught up with Rasmus today between his tumultuous leafletting session this morning in a rabid area of Copenhagen called Norboro, where the Mohamedans and ANTIFA play, and his appearance tonight on a Danish TV debate. The interview is below and the stream of his leafletting this morning can be seen below that as well. We expect the clips to come from tonight’s debate to be highly entertaining as well once they are available.

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2 Replies to “Interview with Rasmus Paludan between campaign events”

  1. The Meek shall inherit the Earth.
    Not pecking-order dhimmis
    Not Preferential Worth.
    Nor hating their own bodies
    Poisoned after birth.

    These godless apparitions:
    Sharia muhammadans
    A Bank of Marxist Gluttons
    Inverted Sons of Man
    Destroy until all gone.

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