Old Church burns to ground in small town, Ontario

It is way past time someone did an accurate and honest statistical analysis of Church burnings, attacks and other crimes against Christian places of Worship or religious significance and plotted it over time. I want to see the last 10 years vs. the last 2000.

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  1. Try searching
    site:nfpa.org fire church
    PDFNational Fire Protection Association › Files
    Keywords: fire statistics, church fires, funeral parlors, public assembly fires. Acknowledgements. The National Fire

  2. The above video clips desperately need translating, please.

    As I’ve been saying since day one, all of the responsible police commissioners and security chiefs should have their heads on pikes.

    My sleepy little Trowel insists that I put in how so many more than just the above roster would have been on a royal warrant list had the newly finished cathedral gone up similarly. I seem to recall whatever old folderol about “drawing and quartering”, or something sorta like that. There’s definitely no getting the quarter–back on that sack attack.

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