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  1. Monitor: IS claims to have set up its own Africa province (abcnews, apr 18, 2019)

    “A group that monitors jihadist websites says the Islamic State extremist group is claiming to have established a province in central Africa.

    The SITE Intelligence Group said Thursday that it is the first time that IS has mentioned the so-called Islamic State Central African Province. Its claim came in a statement saying IS fighters killed three Congolese soldiers and wounded five others in an attack in eastern Beni near Congo’s border with Uganda.

    Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi has recently said that Islamic State poses a threat to his nation and that his government will join the fight against extremists. He has accused the militant group Allied Democratic Forces of allowing the infiltration of extremists.

    Eastern Congo is home to myriad rebel groups fighting for control over the mineral-rich land.”

  2. Canadian sentenced to life in prison for US airport attack (abcnews, Apr 18, 2019)

    “A Canadian man convicted of terrorism for nearly killing a Michigan police officer while yelling God is great in Arabic was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday, after boldly declaring that he only regretted not having a machine gun during the knife attack.

    Amor Ftouhis statements stunned U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman, who said hed been wrestling very hard with a decision about whether to allow the Tunisia native a chance to someday be released from prison.

    Leitman said the remarks persuaded me beyond any shadow of a doubt that a life term was appropriate for the 51-year-old Ftouhi, who moved to Montreal in 2007.

    He was crystal clear today: If he had the opportunity to kill more people, he would, the judge said…”

  3. Nigeria: 52 Boko Haram fighters killed in attack on MNJTF in Cross Kauwa, Chad army says (thedefensepost, Apr 18, 2019)

    “More than 50 Boko Haram fighters were killed in an attack on the Multinational Joint Task Force in northeastern Nigeria, a Chadian military spokesperson said Wednesday.

    Two Chadian soldiers attached to the MNJTF, a regional counter-insurgency force comprising personnel from Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria, were killed in the Tuesday assault that began at around 5 p.m. (1600 GMT) at Cross Kauwa in the Lake Chad area of Borno state on Tuesday, April 16, Colonel Azem Bermandoa said, adding that 11 other soldiers were injured.

    “Fifty-two members of Boko Haram have been killed. Chadian forces have recovered a vehicle equipped with a heavy weapon and several small arms,” Bermandoa said.

    MNJTF spokesperson Colonel Timothy Antigha earlier said 39 insurgents were killed and 20 soldiers injured in the attack on Cross Kauwa, which is around 135 km (84 miles) northeast of Borno state capital Maiduguri…”

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        All that remains is for this Antichrist-in-a-pallium to proudly pull up his skirts in public so some pretty Moroccan pool-boy can grab him by the Gandolfos and pulsatingly prong him into his own private seventh heaven, personally and paripatetically poleaxed in prurient palpatory perspiring paroxysms of proctological passion that’ll make his palsied old Châteauneuf pop.

  4. Strict regulation of Indonesia homeschooling key to counter terrorism, official says (thedefensepost, Apr 18, 2019)

    “An Indonesian official has urged the government to regulate homeschooling to prevent the radicalization of children following recent research into the minors involved in the 2018 Surabaya terror attacks.

    On May 13 last year, two families carried out attacks at churches in Surabaya, killing a dozen people and children of the attackers. The following day a family carried out a suicide bomb attack on a police headquarters in Surabaya.

    At least 28 people, including the attackers and their children, were killed in the explosions but the suicide bombers’ other children survived the blasts.

    The attacks were blamed on Jamaah Anshar Daulah, an Islamic State-linked jihadist network.

    In a twist last month, the wife of a suspected JAD member killed herself and at least one child in an explosion at her home in Sibolga, in North Sumatra, after refusing to surrender during a standoff with police, despite pleas from her husband, who had already been arrested.

    Some of the children in the Surabaya families were homeschooled, raising concerns that some parents who homeschool their children may be doing so in order to indoctrinate them.

    Bobby Adhityo Rizaldi, a member of the First Commission for Indonesia’s House of Representatives which covers Defense, International Relations and Military Affairs, said it is difficult to curb the radicalization of homeschooled children because homeschooling is not the only path towards radicalization, and it closes the door to a child’s socialization.

    “But this modus operandi is now used by parents so that their kids do not learn the “Pancasila,” the official and foundational philosophical theory of the Indonesian state, which ‘pesantren-pesantren’ or religious schools are now teaching,” he told The Defense Post.

    “But the government can make preventative efforts through the data collection of children and parents and if children are found to be unofficially schooled, the parents need to be questioned by the local government,” he said.

    Bobby said new regulations related to child education controls are required and the government should be responsible for providing the legal basis for the matter.

    “I also recommend that there be specific advanced research on the education system that can provide counter-narratives for children, so that they can choose which understanding to follow,” Bobby said.

    “It will be the government’s consideration to regulate education in Indonesia and how to touch children in radicalized circles.”

    “The core reason for radicalization is religion distorted by information produced by irresponsible parties. And this wrong understanding of religion brings about anarchist action. This should be studied. Formal education can be controlled but there should be a state monitoring of informal education.”

    Bobby said some children are routinely shown ISIS propaganda videos which further radicalizes them.

    “The children have been emphasized to keep quiet about family plans and radical groups who will carry out terror acts. This is affirmed by religious threats such as sin and Hell. If this understanding has entered a child, it is difficult to counter it,” he explained.

    “Neighbors and social circles often do not want to intervene in home affairs, including child education, because it is an internal affair. Neighbors usually do not know the extent and characteristics of radicalization by which they know when to give feedback to the authorities about indications of radicalism they come across,” lamented the official.

    Bobby was commenting on a paper entitled the “Involvement of Children in Radicalism and Terrorism Acts” published in February by the Center of Terrorism and Radicalism Studies (CTRS) at the Police Science College, an institution within the Indonesian National Police.

    The paper was based on interviews with 30 people who had relationships or contact with the children of the Surabaya suicide bombers, including family members, neighbors, school teacher, homeschooling teacher, and the police department’s Women and Children Services Unit (PPA).

    The study also discusses the children’s motivation to conduct suicide bombings, and reviews some factors that contributed to their involvement in terrorism.

    The paper says the Surabaya incidents indicate that children and youth have a strong motivation to carry out “amaliyah” – the term jihadists use to refer to actions – by blowing themselves up with or without parent assistance, and posits that the children’s were motivated by their parents, the terror organization and the education method preferred by the parents.

    The paper’s author, Ulta Levenia Nababan, a senior researcher at CTRS, said homeschooling had become a trend among radical parents, and that their children were aware of police surveillance.

    “From my research on children who are being radicalized by their parents, they are forced to pursue their education through home-schooling,” she said. “It means the parents are free choose who will teach their children and set the study courses so the children will be taught about specific topics only.”

    “The parents acknowledged the possible risk that their children were being watched by police surveillance. The children knew well that they needed to cover their parents and maintained the masquerade to deceive undercover police,” she told The Defense Post.

    Ulta said that PPA officers said the “suicide bombers’ surviving children tended to not know or identify each other to deceive officers during interrogations into believing that they weren’t together in a radical organization and their parents were not linked.”

    She added that if the children continue their study to the next level, they do not need the usual proof of graduation, but instead rely on some alternatives. To continue to an Islamic boarding school, they are only required to pass the religious-objective study such as the Quran and general knowledge of Islam.

    “This kind of private education is out of the government’s control, so children who are educated privately are not questioned by the government,” Ulta said. “Today, radical parents avoid character building that is provided in general schools and teaches the children about nationality and other topics that are not to the radical parents’ liking.”

    “The parents want to build their own radical and ISIS character into their children,” Ulta added.

    “For extracurricular activities, the parents invited the children to their terror organization, where the children strengthened their radical knowledge and found their role models. Unfortunately, these organizational activities were out of the government’s sight. Although police were trying to control or monitor these through surveillance but have had limited capacity to stop the activities.”

    The police’s roles are to stop those inside the terror organization from carrying out attacks. An attempt to prevent the radicalization of children, said Ulta, will be effective if only the police play their roles in the field supported by the central government through regulations implemented by the local branch government.

    State school system also requires attention
    Chaula Rininta Anindya, a research analyst at the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies in Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, said children who attend normal school like those of Tri Murtiono and Dita Oeprianto, the heads of two of the families killed in the Surabaya explosions, should be discussed too.

    Chaula told The Defense Post “the loopholes in the current education system in which there is lack of discussion about religious tolerance and how to implement it in society” should be explored.

    “The existing religious education curriculum is heavy on the practical forms of worship, such as the daily prayers and fasting, but limited discussions on how to promote religious tolerance,” she said.

    Chaula said the underlying reason for recruiting children as soldiers is to gain strategic and tactical advantages.

    “Recruiting children as soldiers is important to ensure the group’s survival in the long run,” she said. “Children are indoctrinated since they were born, and isolated from the counter narratives. It will instill their loyalty to the group and reduces the likelihood of betrayal.”

    “Second, the use of children as combatants can trigger overreactions and exaggerations that the terrorist groups are seeking.”

    “Almost all media outlets made a special coverage about the role of children in the bombings. Although children as suicide bombers is an old phenomenon in the other parts of the world, such as the Middle East, Indonesians considered it a relatively new issue.”

    Since children are not expected to carry out suicide bombings, they can easily avoid surveillance.

    “I personally think it is impractical to expect such regulations as the government cannot impose the regulations on all children who attend home-schooling,” she said.

    The most feasible solution, according to Chaula, is to monitor children only after the government has information that their parents are affiliated with terrorist organizations.

    According to an October 2018 report by the Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict, there is no indication that the Surabaya bombers or anyone in JAD was significantly more technically proficient than before the May 2018 bombings, or that it represented a major new skill transfer.

    The bombs were all prepared with triacetone triperoxide or TATP, a highly explosive compound made of easily available materials that ISIS terrorists reportedly refer to as “Mother of Satan.”

    “The ability of the families to pull off the coordinated attack may have been as much due to their unusual ability to keep secrets rather than their technical know-how,” said the report.”

  5. ISIS claims first attack in DR Congo, saying it killed soldiers near Uganda border (thedefensepost, Apr 18, 2019)

    “Islamic State on Thursday, April 18 claimed that it killed Congolese soldiers in an attack in Kamango near the border between Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

    A message posted by its Amaq propaganda agency said there were Congolese army “dead and wounded” following an attack by ISIS fighters in the town of Kamango near the border.

    In a later statement, ISIS said “soldiers of the Caliphate” had attacked an army base in the village of Bovata, roughly 5 km (3 miles) from Komango in Beni region, “where they clashed with small and medium weapons.” Three Congolese army soldiers were killed and five others injured, the group claimed.

    If confirmed, it would be the first attack in DR Congo that ISIS central has acknowledged…”

  6. Anti-Islamic Terrorism Alarmingly on Rise in Europe: Russia’s FSB (tasnimnews, Apr 18, 2019)

    “The director of Russia’s security service has warned that anti-Islamic terrorism, which involves “psychopaths and murderers” fueled by racism and nationalism, is on the rise in Europe as well as all around the world.

    “A phenomenon of anti-Islamic terrorism is becoming a serious challenge,” Alexander Bortnikov, head of the Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Thursday, RT reported.

    He suggested that deep divides between immigrants and natives are fertile soil for “the rise of nationalist sentiments… and right wing, neo-racist radicalism.”

    “The emergence of cool-blooded psychopaths and murderers who harbor plans to slaughter Muslims is becoming an alarming trend not only in Europe, but in the rest of the world.”

    The official referred to the New Zealand tragedy on March 15, when 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant opened fire on Muslim worshippers at two city mosques as they gathered for Friday prayers. It was the worst shooting in the country’s history, leaving 50 people dead and many more injured.

    Tarrant was apprehended 36 minutes after the first call, but it was “absolutely his intention” to carry out further attacks. He was mobile and had two other firearms in his vehicle, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters in the aftermath of the gun rampage.”

    • How did he manage to be in two places at once if they apprehended him in 36minutes,and what of his other two buddies who we saw arrested ?

  7. Iran Announces Plan for INSTEX-Style Mechanism with Turkey (tasnimnews, Apr 18, 2019)

    “Foreign minister of Iran announced plans for the launch a financial mechanism between Tehran and Ankara similar to INSTEX, the payment channel that the three EU signatories to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal have set up to maintain trade with Tehran.

    Speaking to reporters in Ankara before returning to Tehran from a tour of Syria and Turkey on Thursday, Mohammad Javad Zarif said the Turkish side has always opposed the US sanctions against Iran and is looking for methods to maintain cooperation with Iran despite the sanctions.

    Zarif said the two countries have agreed to pursue closer trade ties in a special manner, pointing to plans for preferential tariff treatment, cooperation in the energy industry, banking interaction, using common currencies for businesses, and the establishment of mechanism akin to INSTEX.

    The Iranian minister noted that he and Turkey’s Mevlut Cavusoglu have undertaken to pursue the plans urgently.

    In a message on Thursday, Zarif described his visit to Syria and Turkey as a “successful regional trip”, stressing that the Islamic Republic attaches importance to enhanced relations with neighboring countries.

    Heading a ranking diplomatic delegation, Zarif was in Turkey on Tuesday night in a tour that took him earlier to Syria.

    On Wednesday, the top Iranian diplomat held talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    During the meeting, the two sides said that Ankara and Tehran needed to promote cooperation, including in the economic sector, in line with their agreements in the face of US sanctions.

    They also exchanged views on the ongoing developments in Syria, Yemen and North Africa.

    Earlier in the day, Zarif also held talks and later attended a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Cavusoglu, during which Turkey’s top diplomat said his country has told and will continue to tell the United States that the sanctions against Iran are “wrong.””

  8. Saudi Torturing Rohingya Detainees to End Hunger Strike: Report (tasnimnews, Apr 18, 2019)

    “Scores of stateless Rohingya refugees detained inside a Saudi detention center have gone on hunger strike to demand an end to their indefinite detention in the kingdom.

    Using phones smuggled into the Shumaisi detention center in Jeddah, Rohingya detainees told Middle East Eye that dozens of refugees had gone on hunger strike to oppose their continued detention.

    Members of the stateless minority had been swept in Saudi raids against undocumented workers after coming to the Persian Gulf kingdom on passports obtained via fake documents.

    Many had spent up to five years in Saudi detention without trial or charge, with some Rohingya detainees developing mental health conditions due to their prolonged detention.

    The hunger strike comes after hundreds of Rohingya with Saudi residency papers were released by Riyadh in March after spending years in detention.

    Fearing retribution from the Saudi authorities, Rohingya detainees requested their names be changed to protect their identities.

    “We have only one demand, and that is our freedom,” said Hasan, a Rohingya detainee who has gone on hunger strike.

    “The Saudis are saying that they can deport us to the countries where our fingerprints are registered, but we are telling them that we can’t go back.

    “If we are not free then we will go hungry and die.”

    Since the beginning of the hunger strike on Saturday, at least six Rohingya inmates have been hospitalized, according to activists and detainees.

    Detainees said that the Saudi authorities had begun “mentally torturing” them by taking away their blankets and bedding on Monday.

    “The air conditioning is on 24/7, and now they have taken away our pillows and bed sheets,” said Hasan.

    “We are sitting on our metal bed frames feeling light-headed and weak from not eating.

    “They are trying to make things as uncomfortable as possible to stop.”

    Videos posted online by activists also corroborated reports that Saudi authorities had taken away bedding from the Rohingya detainees.

    Other detainees described being forced to go into “hot rooms”, where they were told by Saudi police that they would be taken out if they ended their hunger strike.

    Sayed, another detainee imprisoned in the Shumaisi detention centre for the last five years, told another detainee that he had been taken into a “hot room”.

    “They have put us in a room that is just so hot and telling us to end our hunger strike,” Sayed said in a voice-note that was shared by the other unnamed detainee.

    “I don’t know how long we can last. It is unbearably hot, but we have no other choice.”

    Inmates added that Saudi authorities had confiscated a number of mobile phones from Rohingya inside Shumaisi since the hunger strike began.

    Human rights groups and activists have said that hundreds of Rohingya are being detained indefinitely by Saudi Arabia.

    Scores of them have resorted to obtaining passports from people smugglers, often via forged documents, following Myanmar’s ban on Rohingya obtaining Burmese passports.

    Many Rohingya locked up in the Shumaisi detention center came to Saudi Arabia on Bangladeshi passports, while others entered on passports from different South Asian countries, including Bhutan, India, Pakistan and Nepal.

    Upon arrival, the refugees have their fingerprints taken and registered to the passport they used upon entry. This means scores of Rohingya who have been registered on passports obtained via fake documents now risk being deported to these countries – even if they have never been there before.

    Nay San Lwin, a Rohingya activist with the Free Rohingya Coalition, urged Riyadh to release the detainees who had been locked up without trial or charge.

    “This is the third time that 650 Rohingya detainees have gone on hunger strike to demand their freedom,” Lwin said.

    “Saudi Arabia has hosted more than 300,000 Rohingya refugees for decades. None of these refugees came to Saudi Arabia with a Burmese passport because citizenship was taken away from the Rohingya in 1982.

    “Riyadh must revise their decision and release these Rohingya detainees to show their solidarity and support for thousands of Myanmar’s genocide survivors who are now in Bangladesh.”

    A spokesperson for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said that they had been following reports of Rohingya facing indefinite detention in Saudi Arabia after MEE broke the story in October 2018.

    “(The) UNHCR expressed its concern and sought confirmation about these reports of detention and deportation of substantive numbers of Myanmar Rohingyas,” Marco Roggio, deputy regional representative of the UNHCR in (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council ([P]GCC) countries, said.

    “UNHCR has also repeatedly sought with the Saudi authorities access to any Myanmar Rohingyas in detention for purposes of ascertaining their needs for international protection and the possibility to find solutions to most vulnerable cases.”

    Roggio added that UNCHR had made requests to the deputy governor of Mecca in March to discuss the situation of the city’s Rohingya community.

    The Saudi Embassy in Britain did not respond to requests for comment at the time of writing.

    Earlier this year, UN Special Rapporteur on Myanmar Yanghee Lee condemned Riyadh’s decision to deport 13 Rohingya detainees to Bangladesh.

    During a press conference in Bangladesh, Lee urged Riyadh to offer the stateless Rohingya sanctuary, instead of sending them to a third country.

    “India and Saudi Arabia must ensure that Rohingya within their borders are protected and that their status as refugees, unable to return to Myanmar, is recognized,” Lee said, after a ten-day visit to the Rohingya refugee camps in southern Bangladesh.”

    • Saudi Torturing Rohingya Detainees to End Hunger Strike

      Is there anyone that can even tell?!? I thought it was pure torture just being a fucking Muslim to begin with. How could I be so wrong? [clutches pearls]

  9. HOLLYWOOD FREAKS: Limousine Liberals Melt Down Over Mueller Report

    Remember when Hollywood loved special counsel Robert Mueller? Heck, unfunny comedienne Chelsea Handler said she “had finally found the first Republican I could see myself being penetrated by.”

    But as soon as the full Mueller report was released on Thursday, that swooning lust changed. Some took aim at Attorney General William Barr, who held a press conference shortly before he released the full report (redacted only to protect grand jury testimony and prevent the release of classified information).

    Actor John Cusack claimed that Barr was engaging in a “complete whitewash coverup.”,%202019%20at%2003:06:06%20PM

  10. AMERICA’S RAGE: Where Are the Investigations into Hillary Emails, Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, AGT Intl, Obama FBI and DOJ Crimes?!?

    Today Attorney General Bill Barr exonerated the Donald Trump campaign in collusion with Russian operatives during the 2016 election.

    Attorney General Bill Barr stated that the Mueller Special Counsel did not find the Trump campaign colluded in Russian efforts to tamper with the 2016 election. The Special Counsel report completely exonerated President Trump on the junk charges brought against him by a corrupt Democratic operatives inside the DOJ and FBI.

    This was a devastating blow to Democrats, liberal media hacks and Deep State operatives.

    AMERICA’S RAGE: Where Are the Investigations into Hillary Emails, Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, AGT Intl, Obama FBI and DOJ Crimes?!?
    Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft April 18, 2019 207 Comments

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    Guest post by Joe Hoft

    Today Attorney General Bill Barr exonerated the Donald Trump campaign in collusion with Russian operatives during the 2016 election.

    Attorney General Bill Barr stated that the Mueller Special Counsel did not find the Trump campaign colluded in Russian efforts to tamper with the 2016 election. The Special Counsel report completely exonerated President Trump on the junk charges brought against him by a corrupt Democratic operatives inside the DOJ and FBI.

    This was a devastating blow to Democrats, liberal media hacks and Deep State operatives.
    Learn more about RevenueStripe…

    But this is not enough! For a decade now Americans have seen the Obama Administration, the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation and Obama’s Deep State FBI, DOJ and their cohorts in the Mainstream Media and Democrat Party get away with numerous crimes.
    Where is the investigation into their crimes? When will Americans receive justice?

    Arguably the most corrupt President in US history, Barack Obama, got away with eight years of crimes while President. The list goes on and on…. giving billions to Iran, giving guns to ISIS and creating a quagmire in the Middle East, bombing and overthrowing governments like Libya, destroying American healthcare with Obamacare, giving guns to Mexican cartels used to kill American border agents, lying to the American people over and over, and then spying on the opposing party’s candidate and then attempting an coup to have President Trump removed after he won the election.

    Hillary Clinton, Obama’s Secretary of State, helped bom,%202019%20at%2003:06:06%20PM

    • For a decade now Americans have seen the Obama Administration, the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation and Obama’s Deep State FBI, DOJ and their cohorts in the Mainstream Media and Democrat Party get away with numerous crimes.

      If anyone in that sleaze factory spends more than a hour in handcuffs—much less a minute wearing a fucking ankle bracelet—why, I do declare … I’ll … I’ll, drop my lorgnette! Don’t make me do it! I swear I will. I warned you!

      Any of you can mark a spot and I’ll (virtually) kiss it if 0bama, the Clintons, or any-the-hell-body else above GS-9 pay grade spends more than a fucking hour in jail.

  11. The 2015 saga: A weekend with John Brennan and Bill Clinton
    By J.E. Dyer April 18, 2019

    Six days ago, blogger “sundance” at Conservative Treehouse spoke for many when he highlighted a point from a Devin Nunes (R-CA) appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News talk program. In the segment on 11 April, Nunes said the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign began in 2015.

    Nunes made this point (although he didn’t stress it) after Attorney General William Barr told a Senate panel that, yes, in his opinion, “spying” had occurred.

    The transcript is from CTH:

    Well Sean, let’s just, let me make it as clear as I possibly can. Okay, and now, thank God, we have an attorney general who calls spying for what it is.

    Trending: GOP senators demand to see ‘highly classified’ FBI memo about the Hillary probe

    In late 2015, early 2016, spying began on the Trump campaign.

    • Richard: This is an interesting article that raises many more questions then it answers. Dyer speculates that in many was it looks like the Medtech conference was held so that Bill Clinton and Brennan would have an excuse to get together for several days where there would be little chance of major media attention.

      She goes into great detail about a Cancer Doctor Soon-Shiong who was partnering with the Clinton Foundation to sponsor the conference. He made a fortune through developing a Cancer Drug and according to several law suits by buying stock well below the market value. He was introduced to President Elect Trump and the Propaganda Media talked him up as Secretary of Health and Human Services. After he didn’t get that job the Propaganda Media turned on him.

      One of the odd things about this meeting is that for 3 days a C40b was setting at the local airport, normally only the President and VP have planes waiting for them. Anyone else get this only on special occasions that area very important to the security of the US.

      Another oddity is that someone recently started purging the net of references to the conference and the lists of people who were there. This includes editing archived pages of reports at the Way Back Machine.

      What is this all about?

      What was the conference all about?

      Does this have anything to do with the attempted Coup?

      Why is the evidence of the meeting and who was there being purged from the Net?

      There is a lot about this meeting that doesn’t pass the smell test and to me it smells much worse then a lot that has come out recently.

      How does this meeting play in the information about how the people out here want to know when the investigations into the Clinton and Obama corruption start?

  12. Ex-IRGC Leader Sparks Controversy Over Tehran-Qaeda Ties (aawsat, Apr 18, 2019)

    “Statements by the leader of Iran’s Ansar-e Hezbollah organization on training armed radical groups, including al-Qaeda in Bosnia under cover from the Iranian Red Crescent, have sparked widespread controversy in Tehran.

    The Red Crescent announced Tuesday it will sue Said Qassemi for his remarks, according to Iranian media.

    Ansar-e Hezbollah is classified as a hardline group formed mainly of IRGC leaders from the Iran-Iraq war.

    In a circulated recording of an interview with Qassemi by an e-newspaper, the leader noted that British-Iranian journalist Christiane Amanpour was the first to reveal the Iranian forces’ task.

    He also criticized “close ties” between Amanpour and Iranian governments, referring to CNN interviews with Iranian presidents.

    Qassemi went further and revealed Iran’s relationship with al-Qaeda since the 1990s.

    “We were with al-Qaeda members. They were trained by us, and we have formed military units with different militants in the world,” he said.

    His statements were supported by remarks made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Fox News about Tehran’s relations with al-Qaeda, few hours after adding the IRGC to the terror list.”

    • Iranian Revolutionary Guard Refutes Damning Claims by Ex-General on Terror Connections (aawsat, Apr 18, 2019)

      “Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard, recently blacklisted as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the US, declined statements made by one of its ex-generals on the armed force’s links with terrorist groups and cooperation with al-Qaeda in the early 90s.

      Saeed Ghasemi, a retired general who gained notoriety for his role in the Ansar-e Hezbollah militia, revealed in an interview with the state-approved internet channel, Aparat, that in the 90s he visited Bosnia to train Muslim fighters against the Serbs while wearing the Iranian Red Crescent uniform.

      In the same interview, Ghasemi admits that he is divulging the fact since the Americans have already discovered the ploy and written about it.

      Lambasting Ghasemi’s revelations, Revolutionary Guard spokesman, Ramazan Sharif, said: “Saeed Ghasemi’s remarks, who for a while was in Bosnia voluntarily and has retired a long time ago, are his personal views, devoid of credibility and are not shared by the IRGC (an acronym for the Revolutionary Gaurd),” according to ISNA.

      Sharif also downplayed Ghasemi’s comments and said: “These types of comments by Ghasemi have precedents and the responsibility of these comments are on him.” But he also warned Ghasemi and other retired members of Revolutionary Guard to avoid “making irresponsible and untrue claims” and not to provide “excuse and tools” to the enemy.

      It is worth noting that the official response is the first in a three-day-long controversy revolving around the Revolutionary Guard’s involvement with al-Qaeda.

      President Hassan Rouhani’s office also dismissed the remarks, saying that the claims help “the enemy”.

      The Iranian Red Crescent has also officially dismissed Qassemi’s claims and threatened to sue him. “If an individual or a state entity has used the logo or uniform of the IRCS for operations against the aims and principles of the International Red Cross Society, it definitely happened without the permission of the IRCS or in coordination with it,” IRCS announced. Even if the IRCS permission was sought, the statement argued, it would have never been given, the relief group added.

      “Based on the four conventions ratified in Geneva, the IRCS is impartial in armed conflicts since it has the important responsibility of supporting humanity and civilians,” the statement has insisted.”

  13. Chinese men lure Pakistani girls with marriage to traffic them (gulfnews, Apr 18, 2019)

    “Dubai: The Pakistan government has warned people against a mafia involved in ‘fake’ marriages of Chinese men with Pakistani girls.

    The Chinese Embassy in Islamabad has issued a statement urging caution against unlawful matchmaking centres involved in these marriages to earn profit.

    According to reports, the Pakistan government has launched a crackdown on the illegal matchmaking centres. They lure poor Pakistani girls, especially Christian girls to marry Chinese men who are either visiting or working in Pakistan.

    They produce fake documents of Chinese men showing them either as Christians or Muslims. They then find poor girls mainly from the Christian community to marry them by offering money and promises of ‘good life’. However, many girls reportedly became vicitms of human trafficking and forced into prostitution…”

  14. Polio virus detected from sewage in 12 Pakistani cities (gulfnews, Apr 18, 2019)

    “The extensive environmental surveillance established by the Pakistan Polio Eradication Programme has detected the poliovirus in sewage of 12 cities.

    According to result shared by the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC), the presence of virus was confirmed in sewage samples collected in March 2019 from cities of Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Mardan, Bannu, Waziristan, Hyderabad, Kambar and Sukkur.

    Considering the associated risks, the Country Programme has urged parents to ensure immunisation of all children during every polio campaign.

    The sewage water samples are collected on a monthly basis from 59 sampling sites across the country. The criteria of sample selection included population size, socioeconomic status and a functioning sewage system.

    These samples are collected under the supervision of relevant provincial health departments, and tested by state-of-the-art Regional Polio Reference Laboratory housed at the National Institute of Health, Islamabad.

    The genetic sequencing further guides the programme in undertaking requisite response activities.

    The persistent poliovirus circulation in a given area represents the existence of under-immunised children who miss vaccination in routine and the door-to-door polio campaigns due to any reason.

    These missed children pose a risk for themselves as well as other children around them by shedding the virus to the sewage…”

  15. Morocco Signs MoU with French Development Agency for Agriculture Plans (moroccoworldnews, Apr 18, 2019)

    “The Credit Agricole du Maroc Group (GCAM) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the French Development Agency (AFD) to set up a €50 million credit line to finance agricultural projects.

    The chairman of GCAM’s board, Tariq Sijilmassi, signed the MoU with the director of AFD’s office in Morocco, Mihoub Mezouaghi, at the 14th International Agricultural Exhibition (SIAM 2019) in Morocco.

    The credit line will be used to finance agricultural and agri-food projects with a dimension of sustainable development and the protection of natural resources.

    The AFD supports financing Morocco’s sustainable projects in various fields, primarily fighting land degradation and promoting organic farming, agroforestry use of renewable energies, energy efficiency, and waste treatment.

    Technical assistance will also be provided as part of the MoU for better structuring, and also for its clients to support their growth and sustainable development.

    “This new line of credit will help the holders of agricultural projects to more sustainable and less expensive production solutions including the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and the consumption of water and phytosanitary products,” Mezouaghi said.

    Mezouaghi added that it is also a question of switching from regular agriculture practices to an alternative agricultural system with higher added value, like organic agriculture, which relies on ecological processes, biodiversity, and cycles adapted to local conditions.”

  16. Greece saw surge in migrant crossings from Turkey: Minister (hurriyetdailynews, Apr 18, 2019)

    “The number of irregular migrants who entered Greece from Turkey increased by 37 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year, Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Markos Bolaris has said.

    “We witnessed a significant increase of migratory flows, both at sea and land borders, in 2018, which amounted to 37 percent. According to the latest statistics, flows in the first three months of 2019 have increased by 7 percent compared to the same period of time last year,” said Bolaris in an interview with daily Hürriyet at the Greek Consulate in Istanbul.

    “We acknowledge the fact that Turkey makes great efforts to manage the flows and is particularly burdened with refugees from conflict zones. It is, however, necessary, to step up efforts to control the flows with the ultimate goal of bringing them to a halt. We hope that the agreed measures with a view to improving the exchange of information and our cooperation in tackling smuggling networks will help achieve this common goal,” he said…”

  17. Turkey: 11 ex-soldiers get life term over defeated coup (aa, Apr 18, 2019)

    “An Istanbul court on Thursday sentenced 11 former military personnel to life sentences for their involvement in the defeated 2016 coup attempt in Turkey, according to judicial sources.

    A total of 39 former gendarmes stood trial before the 29th Istanbul High Criminal Court.

    Among the defendants was Gurcan Sercan, the commander of Istanbul’s Provincial Gendarmerie Command at the time of the attempted coup.

    Eleven of the convicts, including Sercan, got life sentences on charges of attempting to overthrow the constitutional order, said a judicial source, who asked not to be named due to restrictions on speaking to the media.

    Twenty-eight also got prison sentences on charges of helping to overthrow the constitutional order and membership in a terrorist group.

    Separately, a former member of the Turkish Supreme Election Council (YSK) accused of being a member of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) — the group behind the defeated coup — was sentenced to 11 years in prison by the Turkish Court of Cassation.

    Since his arrest, Ali Kaya, also a former member of the Court of Cassation, has been behind bars for 32 months.

    According to judicial sources, Kaya was found to be using ByLock, an encrypted cellphone app used by FETO coup plotters, an allegation he denied in court.

    FETO and its U.S.-based leader Fetullah Gulen orchestrated the defeated coup of July 15, 2016, which left 251 people martyred and nearly 2,200 injured.

    Turkey also accuses FETO of being behind a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through the infiltration of Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police and judiciary. “

  18. Imam who refused to touch booze bottles ‘rightly sacked’ (ansa, Apr 18, 2019)

    “A Vicenza imam working in a supermarket warehouse was rightly sacked for refusing to touch bottles with alcohol in them, an appeals court in the Veneto city said Thursday, turning down his appeal arguing he had been discriminated against.”

  19. Palemo mayor to appeal to hague agst Salvini migrant policy (ansa, Apr 18, 2019)

    “Palemo Mayor Leoluca Orlando said Thursday he would appeal to the Court of Justice in The Hague against what he called Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s “subversive” action against migrants…”

  20. Amnesty to monitor Italian politicians’ social media for hate speech (thelocal, Apr 18, 2019)

    “Tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter messages sent by Italian candidates in the run up to next month’s European elections will be monitored by a computer program for hate speech, a rights group said on Thursday.

    The Italian arm of Amnesty International said it would be tracking comments posted amid concerns verbal and physical violence is on the rise under Italy’s populist government.

    The global advocacy organisation is asking candidates across Europe to become more involved in issues such as climate change, women and LGBT rights, and migrants and refugees. But its Italian arm is bringing in people trained in spotting “hate speech” to see whether those running — from nationalist leader Matteo Salvini to the descendants of dictator Benito Mussolini — promote racial or other discrimination.

    “We have launched a control on how and to what extent human rights are entering the debate online,” said Martina Chichi.

    The country’s intelligence agency warned in February that attacks on migrants and minorities could rise in the run-up to the EU elections.

    Italy has lurched to the right under its populist coalition government, which since June has united Salvini’s anti-immigrant League with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S).

    The League has soared in popularity on the back of Salvini’s “Italians First” message, but he has dismissed critics who accuse him of whipping up a climate of hate. His approach to the migration crisis — which has included closing Italian ports to charity vessels that have rescued people in the Mediterranean — has been blamed by some for a rise in xenophobia.

    Amnesty said a computer program will collect 100,000 messages from the candidates’ Facebook and Twitter accounts — their statements as well as a random sample of comments from users — and carry out a content evaluation.

    Gianni Rufini, director of Amnesty International in Italy, told a press conference in Rome that “hate speech is spreading and has contaminated ways of thinking too”.

    “Today we no longer just hate migrants or ethnic Roma, we also hate people who say that these groups have the same rights as others,” he said. “Solidarity is being criminalised”, Rufini added, denouncing “a serious step backwards in human rights around the world” in recent years, with “an increasingly ephemeral border between verbal violence and physical violence”.”

    • More election interference,by what right do they do this,who are they to monitor someone elses speech?When did they become the arbiter of what is moral ?”Amnesty” looking for a soft target,forget chinas totalitarianism,ignore Saudi head cutters,let the political prisoners in the west rot,but a democratically elected Italian government must be watched and scrutinized right down to its “tweets”in case it says something that “amnesty” does not approve of,while “amnesty”rapes its way across Africa.matteo should send the boys round to have a word with them.

  21. Two million bottles of French wine go up in flames in warehouse blaze (thelocal, Apr 18, 2019)

    “Two million bottles of French wine have been destroyed in a fire in Bordeaux.
    This might make for painful reading for any wine lovers out there.

    A total of 60 firefighters were sent out to try and stop the warehouse blaze in Carbon-Blanc in the suburbs of Bordeaux.

    But despite staying for hours to make sure the fire did not break out again, a significant part of the wine stock of producer Sovex Grands Châteaux was destroyed.

    According to France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine, two million bottles of wine, as well as spirits, went up in flames or else were made unfit for sale as a result of the blaze.

    According to early results from the investigation, the fire seems to have started in the false ceiling which then collapsed on pallets and crates of alcohol.

    Sovex Grands Châteaux is currently trying to assess the damage with their insurers.”

  22. French court jails brother of jihadist killer for 30 years (france24, Apr 18, 2019)

    “A Paris appeal court on Thursday handed a 30-year jail term to Abdelkader Merah, brother of a French jihadist who shot dead seven people, finding him guilty of being an accomplice in the 2012 murders.

    The verdict was received in silence in the courtroom, before sobs broke out among the victim’s relatives in the public gallery.

    Merah, 36, had in 2017 been jailed for 20 years being part of a terrorist conspiracy but had been cleared, by the lower court, of having a direct hand in his brother’s shooting spree.

    The appeal court decision, reached after 12 hours of deliberations, the 30-year term falling short of the prosecution’s request for a life term for Merah.

    His brother Mohamed Merah killed three soldiers in March 2012 before turning his sights on a Jewish school in Toulouse, where he gunned down a rabbi, two of the rabbi’s children, aged three and five, and an eight-year-old girl.

    The attack was the deadliest on Jews in France in three decades and marked the advent of a new threat from French-born radicals goaded by foreign terror groups to strike their homeland.

    Mohamed Merah was killed by police after a 32-hour siege at his home, three days after the school assault.

    The trial of Merah’s older brother and mentor Abdelkader was the first in connection with a string of attacks that have claimed the lives of over 240 people in France in recent years.

    The appeal court also reduced the sentence of Fettah Malki, a friend of the Merah brothers, from 14 to 10 years, found guilty of associating with known criminals, rather than the greater crime of terrorist conspiracy.

    It was Malki who supplied Mohamed Merah with a machine gun and a bullet-proof vest was also convicted of a terrorist conspiracy.”

    • So game on again,at least the ira gives a warning of any impending explosion,unlike the “religion of peace”.

    • Cat photos aside, Chappell is rather impressive in his scope. Starting with the nuclear arms race (which was my first thought just seeing the title), he then casually mentions whoppingly disruptive technologies like driverless cars before busing his way into the IoT (Internet of Things).

      This new arms race analogy is eerily appropriate in that 5G represents a major strategic advantage but—just as with their increasingly radioactive high-tech pals in Social Media and ISPs (Information Service Providers)—they promise massive civilian casualties.

      That alone would consume an entire clip for most hosts but Chappell digs respectably (especially in layman’s terms) deeper into all of the concomitant implications of Red Chinese INsecurity,

      Let’s all hope that businessman Trump can do better than most of the preceding presidents’ bandwidth fire sales. If this crap has to saturate our environment it had better be American made and NOT have any so-called, “Chinese characteristics”. As it is, the generation will be global guinea pigs for a highly saturated RF environment and (having spent years working around powerful electromagnetic fields) I do not envy anyone just that one health risk alone.

      Of course, invasion of privacy remains such a paramount concern that, regrettably, Chappell makes a grievous omission; and that is one straight out of his inbox no less. Social Credit systems pose automatic and irresistible opportunities for intrusion into these aborning, colossal 5G user profile databases.

      Just whatever basic cabling (copper, coax or fiberoptic) and the worldwide web will be in too close of a proximity with each other to have any hope of online privacy. None. Now imagine protecting all of this information outflow when it’s transmitted wirelessly. There’s exactly ZERO hope of privacy. Ever.

      To provide perspective: Even without decrypting any data from your private stream, just your data exchanges, their packet burst durations and directional balance (i.e., who’s doing the most sending and receiving), combined with your GPS is enough to make even the best old-fashioned (i.e., pre-Internet) tailing and visual surveillance look like some seven year-old plinking varmints with a BB gun.

      Today’s NR Thought: How in hell do Chinese say, “Orwell”?

    • The investigations started with the Nixon Investigations and were started by the corruption in the Kennedy and Johnson administration. Also Mueller was and is a partisan Dem operator no matter what position he is holding.

    • Joe is great, and both lawyers make the point that you can’t obstruct Justice in the investigation into a crime that didn’t occur.

      • you can’t obstruct Justice in the investigation into a crime that didn’t occur.

        You’re gonna love this one, Richard.

        Hateful Clown World Meme #53,176:


  23. MSNBC – John Brennan: Information on ‘Collusion’ And ‘Obstruction’ Is Extensive

    Former CIA Director John Brennan shares his reaction to the release of the redacted Mueller report, including the very “egregious” conduct of President Trump.

    Brennan also says he was “shocked” by AG Barr’s performance at the press conference this morning.

  24. MSNBC – Chris Matthews: Impeachment Proceedings Are A Way To Get To Truth

    Regarding impeachment, Chris says “If you’re going after the truth, go all the way to the truth and the way to get the truth is an impeachment exercise.

    That’s how you get the truth.”

  25. Lib Dem candidate suspended over comments about Muslims (metro, Apr 18, 2019)

    “A Liberal Democrat candidate has been suspended from the party over comments such as: ‘There is no such thing as Islamophobia.’ Dániel Tóth-Nagy, 32, was due to stand for election in Manchester but is now facing an investigation. In one of the comments, he responded to a Twitter post by MP Naz Shah about Islamophobia asking: ‘What about FGM? Honor Killings? Forced marriage? What do you think about the protest of women in Iran, Saudi-Arabia and other Islamic countries against the compulsory hijab?

    ‘What about Sharia in Britain? LGBT rights and education denied by Muslims in Birmingham? I expect no answer.’ In a separate exchange on Twitter, Mr Tóth-Nagy questions why Muslim-only schools are allowed in the UK. Mr Tóth-Nagy described seeing children dressed in hijabs at a Halloween Party as ‘scary’ stating that he fears ‘they may be victims of FGM’ in another post.

    Mr Tóth-Nagy was due to stand as a candidate in the Hulme ward. The father of two insists that he has not made comments online or otherwise that expresses hatred or violence to anyone. He says he will dispute the suspension and says that, as a liberal, he holds freedom of speech as a principal value. Mr Tóth-Nagy said: ‘I think everything I have said is freedom of expression. ‘I’m disputing this decision and I’ll try to defend myself.

    ‘As a liberal, the principal value for me is freedom, including freedom of speech and freedom from religion. ‘I never made any comment online or anywhere else which express hatred or violent against any person.’ A spokesperson for the Manchester Liberal Democrats said: ‘These posts are completely outside of our party’s values and beliefs, and will not be tolerated. ‘Had we been aware of this before, there’s no way he would have been selected as a candidate. ‘We have immediately suspended him and we apologise to anyone that has been upset or offended by these comments.’ A Liberal Democrat spokesperson said: ‘He is suspended from the Liberal Democrats. The views he expressed on social media are in no way in line with or represent the values of the Party.’”

  26. A simple statement of they think that mozlem excesses are some kind of secret, when we see a new atrocity daily? “lib-dems” are weak as virgins piss,it is in character that they would adopt something called toth nagy.

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