Mark Steyn, Tucker Carlson on Notre Dame

Small point of disagreement with the venerable Mark Steyn. The point he makes at the end is a false dichotomy. A non-Muslim Egyptian could be horrified and sickened by the destruction of a pyramid or the Sphinx without believing in Amon Ra, or even watching Stargate.

He could recognize it as a magnificent contribution of his ancestors, a point of great pride and a highly meaningful accomplishment to which the non-Muslim Egyptian could take a fair amount of his own sense of identity. And so I think Mark Steyn in this extremely rare case, didn’t get his own point in a way,

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  1. I just did a quick google search for “Notre Dame Fire arson two places,” and not surprisingly, google fed me dozens of stories headlined “Arson ruled out by French officials.”
    This while the cathedral was still smoldering.
    One thing I know for sure: if it was an Islamic arson attack, the French authorities will lie to us about it.

  2. I think Steyn’s point is, in a mostly faithless society, why have cathedrals at all? Christians don’t need them if they have Christ, and fellowship. They will rebuild the great building (most of it is still intact) and re-equip it, but there will probably more tourists looking at it, than catholics worshipping in it.

  3. Moslems in any tardish country EXCEPT Egypt. When the Arab Spring began, most Egyptians were horrified thinking jihadis might seek to cleanse the Pharaonic legacy.

    “Fears have surfaced that the ultra-conservative Salafi political powers may soon wish to debate new guidelines over Egyptian antiquities.

    “Islamists have swept the recent presidential and parliamentary elections in the country’s post-revolutionary stage, with the Muslim Brotherhood and the ultra-conservative Salafi Islamists rising to political power.

    “The fundamental Salafis have demanded to cover Pharaonic statues, because they regard them to be idols,” Osman said, explaining that Salafi Muslims follow conservative religious principles which view statues and sculptures as prohibited in Islam.

    “But so far the government has done nothing to indicate what is the future of Egyptian antiquities,” adds Osman.

    “Many hope that Egypt’s new President Mohammed Mursi will help usher better preservation of Egypt’s proud cultural heritage. Egyptian officials have recently announced the country will reveal more of its ancient buried treasures.”

    This caused a panic:
    ‘Destroy the idols,’ Egyptian jihadist calls for removal of Sphinx, Pyramids

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