It must be so difficult to be a muslim in America

Life must be just terrible for Muslims in the US after they bombed and then knocked down the WTC. I wouldn’t blame them one bit if they packed up all their stuff and moved right back to one of the 53 Organization of the Islamic Cooperation nations in the world where they will face no discrimination for being muslim at all. Everyone else does there but muslims won’t.

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  1. I got half way through the tard’s little speech. This is what we expect in Dystopia, not the USA! Poor thing, she keeps saying, “Umm, umm,” as in ummah but just can’t get it all out?

    OT- hey Eeyore we haven’t heard fron Brad Johnson lately. Any news? He’s great.

  2. Noor didn’t feel the need to speak English because his constituency is Somali

    Wow! That’s really good news. It means that there’s no worries about any language-related integration barriers after we slingshot his retarded, disrespectful Somali @ss back home.

  3. The creative quotidian remains the Asian Achilles. Perhaps the Chinese Communist government should look into the benefits of naturally-occurring dopamine addiction produced by the exhilerating, non-linear firings of creative neurons in their own political prisoners. But, then, this would require the politburo to become shepherds, of sort, to a flock of black sheep, which is oxymoronic. Better to just continue executing such anomolous mutants. Ironically, our anomolous mutants once became leaders of nations, founding fathers, and national intellectual heroes. They still do but only in some free countries, or if they run dissident blogs in countries without First or Second Amendments.

    On the other hand, who needs to be clever when sheer numbers will ensure your survival?

    “…disturbing…,” indeed.

      • Chinese must still have it in there, tangled in all that grey, squiggly stuff. I wouldn’t underestimate them EVER.

        Many second and third generation were my classmates and professors. No backseat to any ethnic minority in creative genius.

        (Though it might have something to do with rarified subsets that thrive in Boston/Cambridge. Some types feel more comfortable here than just about anywhere else. Places where you can be left alone in good company.)

    • On the other hand, who needs to be clever when sheer numbers will ensure your survival?

      Ask the dodos. Better yet, the dinosaurs.

      An inability to adapt—in this case—away from Iron Age barbarity will prove fatal*. It is only misplaced Western values of humanity or compassion† that prolong a farce which should have ended within hours of the 9-11 Atrocity.

      * Using modern weapons doesn’t alter fundamental Muslim idiocy.

      None of which ever would be shown us by Islam.

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