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6 Replies to “Muslim Mums vs Gay Teachers – The Thinkery”

  1. “Who is going to bend first?” The Pedophiles or the Pederasts.

    The ‘Praise and Naughty Step’ Dissociation of Affection Community; or ‘Regurgitate and be Beaten’ Yes Boss Gang?

    (We all know it will be the base jumpers).

    • In Germany they only use the word Pedophile today.

      I wonder why?In the 80s the Green Party had a Group called
      SCHWUP that means Schwule und Päderasten-Gays and Pederasts!


      Its well known that this type of people try to get jobs where they work with children.

      • Just as behind the Chains of Socialism is Communism, behind the Submission of Islam is Muhammadism; the Shareness of child-love is Pederasty.

        Every mind-altered Eve has an altered Adam to impregnate her.

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