Classic Islamic kitman

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  1. “…as a Person of Color”

    Is this the new Collective Pronoun? Colored. Coloreds?

    To have gone beyond Person of Black?

    Is the reply, “as a Person of White, Peace Be Upon You?”

    How do full-on-retards get into an adult-showing?

    Always fake-victim up until the full reveal (@30:40)

    • Things are going full circle, back in the 60s the Blacks screamed until we stopped calling them Colored and call them Black. Now they are changing their minds.

      • You’re right, I shouldn’t bother stating the obvious, but I was going to include a little vid by Roseanne Barr then couldn’t find it. I was parroting her. She really made me laugh.

        • I was parroting her.

          It’s sokay if you blame Roseanne Barr. After all, there’s a lot of her to blame. I guess some people make really big targets, eh?

          With that in mind, if she actually wrote the following line, I’ll give her some due.

          Full Disclosure: — I was forced to watch her show one evening during dinner at someone’s house. —

          The first step towards recovery is admitting that everyone else has a problem.

          However, in the spirit of dodging like a vintage Power Wagon, I prefer the much more abbreviated—why is “abbreviated” such a long word?—and concise chestnut…

          Rehab is for quitters.

          Personally, I do blame Barr for this:

          P.S. Speaking as a Yank—Remember, a jerk’s as good as a pull, a pull’s as good as a yank, and a Yank’s a damn fine American!—I’ll freely confess more than slight affection for our nation’s National Anthem.

          It’s not as I’ve ever stood on Fort McHenry’s ramparts or been frozen stock still at the Smithsonian staring in awe at the Great Garrison Flag … except that I have.

          Finally, for those who call the following video “comedic”, I cite a rejoinder by Rich Jones in the YT clip’s comment section (quite instructive, the exchanges are), “Yes, nothing like humor when singing about the millions that have died giving you the freedom to make a complete jackass of yourself!?”

  2. Right. I did not mean to call the racist a racist but racist, racist, racist, racist … as a person of colour and a person of perfected taqiyya, ALL my adversaries are racist, although that’s not what I meant, let it be recorded that I’m surrounded by racists, but that’s not what I mean.

  3. I am going to greatly curtail my language because, contrary to what those on this forum might think of me, I can swear like a sailor. Which I would like to do right now concerning the “gentlewoman from MI.”
    She called a fellow congressman a racist and then called an African American woman a “prop”. If you didn’t get that then you are a moron.
    This is what we have devolved to in 2019, unapologetic attacks on anyone with any sense of decorum, any sense of fair play. Here they have a convicted stone cold liar raising a shitstorm in our US Congress for what? To further bully the American people while our President is trying to stop a nuclear confrontation on the Korean peninsula?
    20 months ago this NoKo lunatic was shooting missiles over the mainland of Japan and threatening to hit Guam… I’d call what Trump has done progress.
    So here we are. Nothing Trump does is good enough and EVERYONE WITH WHITE SKIN IS A RACIST.
    I am truly tired by this as is most of the people I know of all ethnicities. This is a cultural war, not an ethnic war and people that can discern that are generally on our side no matter their race.

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