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7 Replies to “Exclusive clip from Islam and the Future of Tolerance”

  1. I don’t trust the guy but I don’t like the way they focused on the knife and whatever. It’s unfair. Sensationalism has its limits and can destroy one’s credibility.
    I do know the guy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  2. Islam and the Future of Tolerance

    However unintentional, the title is a high-caliber oxymoron. Also, it presumes that there is any future for tolerance. Between Islam, Antifa, BAMN and numerous pro-Socialist entities, tolerance of any sort rapidly is becoming a thing of the past. The lasting and vitriolic reaction to Trump’s presidency (along with all things Conservative) is proof of this.

    Plus, at some point, it becomes rather apparent that showing any forbearance for Islam (or Socialists for that matter) amounts to “tolerating the intolerable” which, as Goldwater noted, is a moral vice. This is why the jury is out on the “future of tolerance” as a whole.

    Muslims have weaponized Western toleration to near-nuclear levels. It is grievous to think that overcoming such an opportunistic and predatory foe may well require abandonment of some of our most cherished ideals. Then again, it may be the only path to survival.

  3. Maajid Nawaz: Stealth Jihadist Exposed

    The following exposé by Vikram Chatterjee examines the extensive use by Maajid Nawaz of untruths, dissimulation, evasions, and misleading statements in his writings about Islam. In these he reveals himself to be a practitioner of taqiyya, tawriya, and kitman, the time-honored Islamic doctrines of lying and sacred misdirection.

    Sinister and Dangerous: The Stealth Supremacism of Maajid Nawaz

    • Thank you, dear Yucki, for exposing Maajid Nawaz for the deceptive Islamic sewer pipe that he is. His protests notwithstanding, refusing to recognize the inherently violent nature of jihad is a horizon marker for pegging this Muslim @ssclown as just another Islamic mouthpiece.

  4. The violence of Islam buried deep in the heart of those who pretend it is Peace. The same for Socialists who defend Communism as the Society of Peace and the Transpeople who defend Gender-Fluid as Peace.

    Why they do not reflect of the sudden rush to arms as a hynotic state, to wither at why they are not masters of themselves, is because they intellectualized themselves with a new identity beyond the child.

    The defenceless are their victims. Hate Crimes, their weapons. A trigger away from destruction. The infants trying to tiptoe around them and avoid their gaze. The Honor of the Fallen Prideful.

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