We don’t get to hear from Jewish people who are not communists often enough

This is actually because leftist Jews recognize the weapon potential of their heritage, and use it both as a sword and a shield. Which of course creates a kind of reason for many to be antisemitic. But most Jewish people who defend classical liberal values see themselves as individuals, not as group members in a political context.

And so we never hear from them as Jews, say, for Trump or against communists.

Then you have Jewish people who are truly religious, and they are overwhelmingly conservative and pro the nation-state and the values this site represents more or less. But as part of the nature of their religion and religious culture, we don’t hear from them either. Hence silence from conspicuous Jews, leaving only the leftist ones who beat their chests about it in order to advance a communist or cultural-Marxist agenda. Ironically a large part of which, is the utter and total destruction of ethnic identity itself.

So this is kinda nice. Practicing Jewish people who explain why libertarian values or conservative values are in fact, intrinsically Jewish. At least when it comes to self defence and gun ownership.

Speaking as a Canadian, I so envy those rights and that those rights still remain entrenched in the culture in the US.


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    • Prior to the gun control act of 1968 you could buy any type of firearm in states other then the one you lived in as long as the purchase didn’t violate that states laws, you could also buy guns through the mail and have the guns mailed directly to your home. There were fewer crims per capita and I don’t know of any school shootings. All gun control laws do is make you a victim,

      I feel sorry for our Northern Brothers and Sisters who have had most of their self defense rights taken from them (when you can’t own the tools to protect your self or keep them ready to use you have lost the right of self defense) this will make your fight to free your nation and regain your rights a harder fight. Not an impossible one but harder.

      FYI did you know that the British Sten Gun and the American M3 Submachine gun were designed so they could be make in any poorly equipped machine shop? Just asking.

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