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5 Replies to “OAN: Judicial Watch Exposes Caravan Funding”

  1. Thank you Richard and Eeyore, for getting this out.

    Soros deserves to be put up on charges of sedition. His financing of this (literal) invasion poses a danger to America and threatens to require many millions of dollars being spent for deployment of troops on this nation’s southern border.

    The US government should rightfully sue the everliving crap out of Soros to recover financial losses associated with this confrontation.

    • It needs to be put out every where, Soros is trying to become the king maker of Earth, he wants to pull the strings of the rulers not be an open ruler himself.

      It isn’t a conspiracy theory when the conspiracy really exists.

      • …Soros is trying to become the king maker of Earth…

        Thank goodness America has this planet’s largest and finest “thing-breaker. We just need to pay more productive attention to our military’s C3 chain.

        It’s one of my most favorite bumper stickers, ever. The US Army military insignia and beside it the simple slogan, “WE BREAK THINGS.”

        It’s up there with: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

    • There seems to be a lot of rich men and politicians in the world who should be charged with sedition.

      Personally, I blame women (for the rich men, at least). As in, there wouldn’t be such a huge supply of jerks if there wasn’t any demand for them.

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