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          • Yet again Board of Deputies trashes a friend of Israel while defending an enemy

            …First of all it is important to note that Viktor Orban (as recognized by Israelis) is one of the few European leaders who is a true friend of Israel and the Jewish people…

            So, for example, despite its antisemitic history (and certainly antisemitic beliefs there are still widespread), synagogues in Hungary now do not need police protection like they do elsewhere in Europe. Of course, a major part of the reason for this is that, unlike other European countries Hungary has few Muslims – primarily because Orban has refused to give in to demands for Hungary to take their share of the millions of recent ‘migrants’ who happen to come from Islamist countries. And it is because of this refusal – and his insistence on protecting his country – that he has incurred the wrath of leftists all over the world including Soros and the Board of Deputies, because in their minds this makes him ‘Islamophobic’…


            • Yucki you are quite right on Hungarian antisemitism. It’s baked in. However I will posit that given Orban’s recent overwhelming election victory, along with his well-publicized pro-Jewish efforts, that cake is only about one-quarter baked. That election was a referendum on more than just migrants.

              • So much assimilation, there’s bound to be plenty of Jewish DNA in Magyar.

                =>Notorious self-hate trait found the Jew-ish people.

                =>So Hungarian jooo-hate is at least partly pathological self-hatred. And that seems to have dissipated considerably.

        • We are about to start hitting speed bumps in the form of organized violence from the left. They harassed Senator Cruz and his wife at a restaurant, it won’t be long before they will start using weapons. They either increase the level of violence of they surrender, I don’t see them surrendering.

          • I surrendered locally from my first vote. My district is smack dab in the Kennedy-machine heartland. Fighting here is hopeless.

            Think Irish mafia with FBI Mueller in charge of the “investigation”. Innocent men died in prison, convicted for crimes committed by contract killers – who kept doing business as usual for decades.

            That’s the way it goes here, and everybody knows it. George McGovern and Mike Dukakis carried ONLY this state. Ask any cop, postman, any neighbor – Dukakis lived a couple blocks from me – NOBODY voted for him.

            I won’t surrender the USA.

            I won’t watch a takeover by forces that nullified my local franchise before I was born. Once lost, you cannot take it back from these people at the ballot box.

            There’s no alternative. Deplorables unite. We win.

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