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  1. Four Liberal College Professors in New York Accused of Pimping Students, Selling Drugs

    Four liberal professors at a Manhattan college have been arrested and accused of a long list of lawlessness including prostitution, sexual abuse, and drugs. And these professors are supposed to be criminal justice professors!

    The four worked at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan and are now subject of a criminal probe by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the state Inspector General, according to the New York Post.

    The professors under investigation are Leonardo Dominguez, Ric Curtis, Anthony Marcus, and Barry Spunt.

  2. BOMBSHELL: Kavanaugh Has Evidence That Casts Doubts On Accuser’s Claim, Report Says

    Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh reportedly has calendars from 1982 which show that he was out of town for much of the summer when his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, claims that a party happened where Kavanaugh acted in an inappropriate manner towards her.

    The calendars reportedly show that Kavanaugh was frequently out of town with his parents on vacation and, when he was home, was occupied with multiple planned sports activities that he participated in, The New York Times reported.

    The Times notes that while Ford doesn’t remember when the party happened, she believes it took place in the summer of 1982 when she was 15.

  3. 10 Serious Problems With New Accusations Against Kavanaugh

    The New Yorker published new accusations on Sunday from a second woman who alleges that Judge Brett Kavanaugh acted sexually inappropriate towards her at a party during their college years.

    Deborah Ramirez, 53, alleges that while she was at a Yale party, intoxicated to the point that she was on the ground in a “foggy” state “slurring” her words, Kavanaugh pulled his pants down and exposed himself to her.

    The New Yorker report and a subsequent report from The New York Times both raise multiple red flags about the credibility of the allegations. Here are 10 key points compiled from both reports that raise serious questions about the claims:

    1. The New Yorker could not find a single witness who could put Kavanaugh at the alleged party.

    Buried more than 1,000 words into the report, Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer wrote:

  4. Slave labor found at Starbucks-certified Brazil coffee plantation
    by Daniela Penha contributor for Repórter Brasil on 18 September 2018

    At first sight, the Córrego das Almas farm in Piumhi, in rural Minas Gerais state, seems to be a model property. “No slave or forced labor is allowed,” reads one of several signs that display international certifications — including one linked to the U.S.-based company Starbucks corporation.

    But investigators have found that laborers on the farm’s coffee plantations were working under degrading conditions and living in substandard housing without sewerage or drinking water. A Ministry of Labor team inspection conducted at the site rescued 18 rural workers in conditions analogous to slavery.

    The farm, locally known as Fartura (Portuguese for Abundance), also boasts the UTZ seal – a Netherlands-based sustainable farming certificate considered one of the most prestigious in the coffee industry. That seal of approval was suspended after the certifier was questioned by Repórter Brasil about the case.

    The farm also holds the C.A.F.E. Practices certification — owned by Starbucks in partnership with SCS Global Services. After hearing of the raid, the two companies responsible for issuing the seal said they would review the farm’s quality certificate. The certifiers verify commodity supply chains in order to assure ethical purchases,

  5. A Month of Multiculturalism in Britain: August 2018

    by Soeren Kern
    September 24, 2018 at 5:00 am

    August 1. In a landmark ruling, a high court judge declared that a Muslim wife could divorce her husband and claim his assets, despite the fact that they married in an Islamic ceremony called a nikah, which is not legally recognized in Britain. In a written ruling, Mr. Justice Williams, who heard the case in the family division of the high court in London, concluded that the marriage fell within the scope of the 1973 Matrimonial Causes Act because the couple had expectations similar to those of a British marriage contract. The decision came after Nasreen Akhter divorced her husband, Mohammed Shabaz Khan, who attempted to block her separation on the basis that they were not legally married according to English law and only under Sharia law. Previous cases involving nikah marriages concluded that they were legally non-existent, meaning that spouses had no redress to the courts for a division of matrimonial assets if a marriage broke down. The ruling will make it easier for women who are married under Sharia law to divorce their husbands and split their assets. The ruling also appears to enshrine two parallel justice systems — British law and Sharia law — in Britain.

    August 2. British teenagers are being forced to marry abroad and are therefore effectively raped and often impregnated while the Home Office “turns a blind eye” by handing visas to their husbands, according to The Times. Officials received dozens of reports last year that women wanted to block visas to the UK for men they had been made to marry in countries Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates. In almost half of the cases, records show, the visas were approved. Yvette Cooper, chairwoman of the home affairs select committee, said that she would demand answers from the Home Office over the findings. Experts believe there are thousands of victims in Britain, but that the vast majority are too afraid to come forward.


    Wednesday, September 19, 2018
    WHY CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD’S HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS WERE SCRUBBED: Faculty Approved Racism, Binge Drinking and Promiscuity

    On Monday Sept. 17th, Christine Blasey Ford’s high school yearbooks suddenly disappeared from the web. I read them days before, knew they would be scrubbed, and saved them. Why did I know they would be scrubbed? Because if roles were reversed, and Christine Blasey Ford had been nominated for the Supreme Court by President Trump, the headline by the resistance would be this:

    • I remember looking at Brevik‘s Facebook page as it actually got scrubbed. I wasn’t quick witted enough to film it. My first experience of that.

  7. If Jolene Bunting had criticized Christianity, do you think she would have been suspended? Neither do I.

    “Belfast councillor Jolene Bunting suspended from duties ‘for criticising Islam,’” by Duncan Elder, News Letter, September 18, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

    A Belfast city councillor has been suspended from council duties for four months while investigations are carried out into complaints about public statements she made about Islam.

    Independent councillor Jolene Bunting, who formerly represented the TUV, revealed on social media that she had been suspended from her duties “for criticising Islam”.

    “This is a dark day for democracy and freedom of speech,” the Greater Shankill representative, who has been linked with the far-right Britain First group, posted on her Facebook page.

    A statement issued by the Northern Ireland Local Government Commissioner for Standards said the Acting Commissioner had decided to suspend Councillor Bunting for four months while an investigation into complaints against her are ongoing.

    The decision comes after an Interim Adjudication Hearing held at the Resolution Centre in Belfast on September 4.

  8. DAILY MAIL – Teacher tells Labour conference that a ‘proper education’ will mean there will be no more Tories ‘because we’ll have brought our kids up properly’

    Teaching assistant Sion Rickard spoke during Labour’s education debate today
    He told the party conference there were no ‘evil’ four year olds in schools
    And he claimed better education would end crime, social issues and the Tories

    […]Mr Rickard said: ‘I’ve never met a bad four-year-old. I’ve never met a four-year-old that was evil.

    ‘So every child has a chance and if we give them a proper education, we’ll empty our prisons, we’ll have much less problems with our NHS, social issues…

    ‘We’ll probably not have any Tories because we’ll have brought up our kids properly.’

    The incident is the latest example among pro-Labour teachers of anti-Tory abuse in schools. […]

    just past the 1 h 26 min mark

  9. Interesting expose on why muslims fail in western education systems:
    “Why don’t Muslims engage in science?” Belgian Top Intellectual gives the answer!

  10. Vice news – The EU Is Pissed Poland Keeps Ignoring The Law

    Poland’s President Andrzej Duda may have enjoyed a warm welcome at the White House — offering to name a military base after Trump certainly couldn’t have hurt.

    But back home he’s facing a decidedly chilly response from the European Union. The EU is considering to take away Poland’s voting rights.

    “I don’t have much good news for you,” Frans Timmermans, a deputy head of the EU’s executive European Commission, said Tuesday, after the commission’s second hearing on the state of law in Poland. “Between the first and the second hearing, the Commission’s concerns have increased. The situation in Poland has not improved.”

    The source of the stand-off: Duda’s controversial decision last year to lower the retirement age for judges from 70 to 65, a move the EU believes is designed to push aside unhelpful critics of his ruling Law and Justice Party.

    The European Commission accuses his government — which took power in 2015 — of undermining the fundamental values of the EU, arguing that aspects of its broad-ranging reform agenda might be incompatible with EU Law.

  11. Rod Rosenstein needs to go under oath: Rep. Matt Gaetz

    Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) weighs in on whether Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein deserves to be fired and how it will affect the Russia probe.

  12. channel 4 – ‘I set up Trump Tower meeting’: Rob Goldstone interview

    At the heart of the Mueller investigation was a meeting between Trump aides and a Russian lawyer promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton – a meeting set up by an email, from a man who now says he wishes he’d never sent it.

    British-born music publicist Rob Goldstone says that with hindsight, he would read that email, “go no, no, no – and hit delete”.

  13. Kavanaugh protesters swarm Capitol Hill, Allred “not optimistic”

    Hundreds of protesters descend on Capitol Hill to urge swing-vote Republicans to reject Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh amid fresh allegations of sexual misconduct.

    Meanwhile longtime defender of women’s rights Gloria Allred speaks at the sentencing hearing for Bill Cosby, who was convicted of sexual assault earlier this year, saying she “is not optimistic” that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford will get a fair hearing when she testifies in Congress on the alleged sexual assault committed against her by Kavanaugh.

  14. Kavanaugh denies assault allegations in exclusive interview

    Full Interview | Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley speak out in their first television interview since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford levied accusations that derailed Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

    Judge Kavanaugh faces questions on Ford’s allegations and how this has impacted him, his family, and his future as a Supreme Court nominee.

  15. Manhunt after woman’s earlobe cut in robbery (ansa, Sep 24, 2018)

    “Rome, September 24 – Police have launched a massive manhunt for four criminals who performed a violent robbery at the home of a well-known surgeon in the central province of Chieti at the weekend.

    The man suffered head injuries caused by many punches while the robbers cut the ear of his wife during the attack.

    The gang used the victim’s car to flee the scene.

    The couple’s disabled son was not hurt. Police said Monday there have been six previous robberies with beatings and mutilations in the area in recent times.

    Police said they are probing a gang that specialises in brutal robberies.

    The last attempted burglary took place at Paglieta near Chieti on August 4 when a 33-year-old man had his nose broken and suffered severe bruising.”

  16. Sweden interrupts Uighur deportations to China (thelocal, Sep 24, 2018)

    “Swedish authorities said they had temporarily halted the deportation of Muslim minority Uighurs to China due to concerns over the situation there.

    “Information from several human rights organizations indicates that the situation for Uighurs has deteriorated” in the western region of Xinjiang, the Swedish Migration Agency said in a statement obtained by AFP.

    The decision also concerns “other minority groups from Xinjiang who have received expulsion orders,” a spokesperson for the agency told AFP.

    The authorities did not give any details of how many people might be affected by the decision, but in early September the Swedish Migration Agency announced it had suspended the deportation of a Uighur family to China after their asylum request was rejected…”

  17. London Starts ‘Resettlement’ of White Helmets Activists From Syria to UK (sputniknews, Sep 24, 2018)

    “The UK government confirmed on Monday that it had started “resettling” activists of the White Helmets group and their family members from Syria to the United Kingdom.

    “Under the well-established practices of the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (VPRS), the Home Office is working closely with UNHCR, the Department for International Development and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to resettle [to the United Kingdom] the families [of White Helmets activists],” the statement read.

    Earlier in September, Russian Ministry of Defense and Russian Foreign Ministry said that the terrorist groups controlling Idlib province in Syria, in cooperation, with White Helmets, were preparing a provocation using hazardous chemicals in case of Syrian army offensive in the province…”

  18. “Barack Obama snaps at young rally attendees: ‘I’m talking to you! You! Pay attention!'” The American Mirror – Published on September 22, 2018

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