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    • French Conservative Leader Adopts Anti-Mass Migration ‘Populist’ Stance (breitbart, Aug 29, 2018)

      “The leader of the French conservative Republicans has announced a tough, new stance on mass migration, saying that waves of recently-arrived migrants constitute a “cultural threat” to European civilisation.

      Republicans leader Laurent Wauquiez has embraced the anti-mass migration populist policies of other parties surging across Europe at a recent speech saying that French people do not want to become a minority and blasting President Emmanuel Macron and the French establishment for condemning criticism on the subject, L’Obs reports.

      “The French sadly feel the downgrading, the disintegration, and the dispossession of their country. The French refuse to become foreigners in their own country,” Wauquiez said.

      “To defend one’s identity, to be attached to one’s country, to love one’s culture, to believe in the need for borders, is what Emmanuel Macron has described as sad passions. I believe that roots must be firmly planted in the soil. I believe in transmission, I believe in historical continuity. It’s not a sad passion, it’s our first pride,” he added…”

    • Macron Declares War on Salvini-Orban Bloc, ‘I Am Their Chief Adversary’ (breitbart, Aug 29, 2018)

      “French President Emmanuel Macron has declared war on the European populist bloc spearheaded by Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orbán, saying Wednesday that he is their “chief adversary.”

      Following meetings in Milan Tuesday, the Italian interior minister and Hungarian prime minister jointly vowed to demolish the current European Union (EU) globalist structure led by Macron, replacing it with a model that respects the national sovereignty of EU countries.

      “In Europe, Macron is at the head of the parties that support immigration, on the other side are we ourselves, but we want to stop illegal immigration,” Mr. Orbán declared Tuesday.

      Matteo Salvini suggested that Mr. Macron should lead by example rather than lecturing other countries.

      “We ask for collaboration from Macron — who spends his time giving lessons to foreign governments — by setting the example of opening Ventimiglia,” a border point between France and Italy currently closed to migrants.

      “If he gives a good example,” Salvini said, “then we can also ask the Visegrád countries.”

      The Visegrád Group — comprising Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia — has resisted immigration quotas imposed by Brussels, insisting that their own citizens have the right to receive migrants or not.

      “I will not give anything away to the nationalists and those who defend hate speech,” Macron countered Wednesday in an interview on French television. “If they want to see me as their chief adversary, they are right.”

      Going still further, Mr. Macron said that France is “an enemy of nationalism, of the politics of hatred, and of a Europe that must pay what is asked for and yet does not impose any form of responsibility or solidarity.”

      “In the coming days and months we will have to make in-depth decisions to address the issue of migration,” Macron said. “This implies seriousness and a spirit of responsibility, remaining faithful to our values, such as the right to asylum, with a real policy governing relations between countries of origin and our own.”

      Mr. Macron distanced himself from the Salvini-Orbán bloc, which has focused on reining in illegal immigration, saying that the two worldviews are diametrically opposed.

      “This is not what Orbán and Salvini propose,” the French president said.

      “A strong opposition is forming between nationalists and progressives” in Europe, noted Macron, who is currently traveling between Denmark and Finland in search of allies to forge a “progressive arc” of globalist nations against pro-sovereignty governments, according to reports.

      Salvini was swift to respond to Macron Wednesday, assuring him that his real enemy are his own citizens.

      “Macron’s chief adversary is the French people, at least according to surveys,” Mr. Salvini said.

      “Rather than lecturing other governments, let him open up the French borders, beginning with Ventimiglia,” he said.

      “And he should stop destabilizing Libya for economic interests,” Salvini added.”

    • the guardian – Muhammad cartoon contest in Netherlands sparks Pakistan protests

      Islamist leader says ‘only jihad’ is sufficient to punish ‘blasphemous’ Wilders stunt

      Thousands of Islamists have set off on a protest march in Pakistan to demand Imran Khan’s new government sever diplomatic ties with the Netherlands over a “blasphemous” cartoon competition.

      The march, organised by Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP), a political party dedicated to the punishment of blasphemy, presents the first major test of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) administration. Last year, a similar protest by the TLP shut down the capital, Islamabad, for almost a month.

      In June, Geert Wilders, the anti-Islam MP who leads the Netherlands’ second largest party and has been found guilty of inciting hatred, invited submissions of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, which Islam forbids. The $10,000 (£7,700) competition is due to open in November, with 200 entries so far.

      “We can be martyred or arrested,” said one of the TLP’s leaders, Peer Afzal Qadri, “but we will not return until either the cartoon contest is stopped or the Dutch envoy is expelled.”

      Several thousand activists set out on Wednesday from the eastern city of Lahore for Islamabad, where they plan to stage a sit-in.

      Khadim Rizvi, the firebrand cleric who founded the TLP, said that condemnation of the contest by the Pakistani government was not enough and “only jihad” was the solution.

      Before Pakistan’s general election last month, Rizvi said if he had the power he would order a nuclear strike against the Netherlands if its government allowed the competition to go ahead.

      The Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, has termed the event “disrespectful” but defended the right to hold it on the grounds of freedom of expression.

      On Monday, Pakistan’s senate passed a resolution condemning the competition and Khan vowed to take up the issue at the UN general assembly in September. He said Islamic countries should cooperate to create laws against blasphemy similar to those against Holocaust denial in European countries.

      “If they [western countries] feel pained discussing the Holocaust, why haven’t we been able to convey to the west how much we feel pained when they do blasphemous things against Islam and our beloved Holy Prophet, peace be upon him?” said Khan.

      The TLP knows how to force the government’s hand. For three weeks in November, Rizvi and about 2,000 followers blockaded a motorway between Islamabad and its sister city, Rawalpindi, over minor adjustments to an election oath they declared blasphemous. The army eventually brokered a deal with the government, which included the dismissal of the law minister, Zahid Hamid, and further concessions.

      The protest puts Khan in a difficult position, analysts said, as during the run-up to the election he was using the “same kind of rhetoric” on blasphemy as the TLP.

      Fasi Zaka told the Guardian the “question is whether he treats [the TLP] with kid gloves”, as the previous administration did, or sets a timeline for the protest and prevents a similar gathering on a public motorway. There is some irony to the current face-off, Zaka added, as Khan’s popularisation of lengthy street protests likely provided some inspiration to the TLP.

      • Islamist leader says ‘only jihad’ is sufficient to punish ‘blasphemous’ Wilders stunt

        As a justifiably belligerent Western infidel, megatons still beat the everliving snot out of “jihad” every freaking time

        Just tell me when we should stop. Eh?

        • Let’s Roll
        • Eddie Would Go
        • Please
        • Thank You
        • You are Welcome
        • Never was so much owed by so many to so few
        • There must be something wrong with work, otherwise the rich would have stolen it from us long ago…

    • Pakistan: Dutch Muhammad cartoon contest fires up mass protests

      Hundreds of Islamists in Pakistan made their way from Lahore towards Islamabad on Wednesday, demanding an end to diplomacy with the Netherlands, after a Dutch politician announced plans to organise a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in the Netherlands.

      Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders opened up submissions for cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, which are forbidden in Islam.

  1. Police: suspect in killing of German woman detained in Spain (abcnews, Aug 29, 2018)

    “German police say Spanish authorities have arrested a suspect in the stabbing death of a woman on a street in the western city of Duesseldorf.

    German news agency dpa reported Wednesday the suspect, a 44-year-old Iranian man, was detained in the southern Spanish city of Seville. German newspaper Bild reported that Ali S., whose last name was withheld in line with German privacy laws, is suspected of having stalked and then attacked and killed the 36-year-old woman earlier this month.

    The victim lived near a convenience store in the south of the city.

    Witnesses reportedly heard screams and saw the suspect attacking the woman with a knife. She later died in the hospital.

    Authorities said the two knew each other but the attack’s motive was still unclear.”

  2. Instagram Makes Free Speech Disappear
    Company owned by Navy SEALs banned for criticizing NFL kneelers.
    August 29, 2018
    Lloyd Billingsley
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    Project War Path, a clothing company owned by Navy SEALs and Army Special Forces combat veterans, Charlie Nash of Breitbart News reported Monday, “has been permanently suspended from Facebook’s Instagram platform for ‘hate speech’ after criticizing NFL players who kneel during the national anthem.”

    The post in question read, “This sums it up, Veteran’s defend our freedom and keep us safe. Meanwhile overpaid turds throw a leather ball around in an overpriced stadium and shit on all the men and women who have been killed defending our country.”

    Project War Path co-owner Tej Gill, a Navy SEAL veteran, told Breibart “players kneeling really hits home with me and my teammates, I think it’s disgusting, an insult to all veterans, Americans, and especially families of veterans that have been killed and wounded during war.”

    The same post on Twitter was not removed but Instagram took it down. As Gill explained to Breitbart, “I tried to reinstate my account, the form I filled out said my account was permanently suspended for hate speech. I have not heard anything back from Instagram since.”

  3. Fighting Political Desegregation With a Digital First Amendment
    Political segregation must end just as racial segregation did.
    August 29, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    The United States has 325 million people. Facebook has 2.2 billion active users. Google is even bigger. Even a smaller company like Twitter tops the population of the United States with 335 million active users. And not even China has a bigger population than that of the biggest internet companies.

    The scale of the internet dwarfs any individual nation-state and obtaining many of the traditional benefits of the nation-state, political freedom, engagement, economic opportunities, requires access through the corporate monopolies that act as the gatekeepers of their own virtual nation states.

    Google, Facebook and Amazon aren’t governments, but they have a larger virtual citizenry than any government, and they control access to the marketplace of ideas, determining what ideas billions of people can express, whether they can conduct financial transactions or even exist. Technopolies have a vast sphere of control without having to offer their users any of the personal freedoms of governments.

  4. Under Fire for the Faith in Nigeria
    Jihad’s genocide against Christians ensues unabated.
    August 29, 2018
    Jack Kerwick

    Recently, via social media, I’ve become friends with a Catholic priest in Nigeria. Because of the brutal persecution to which Christians in his country are routinely subjected by Muslims, I will not disclose his name. Just a couple of days ago, he posted on his Facebook page a link to a story regarding a fellow Nigerian priest, a man of God who was doing some shopping at the local market for the poor when Muslim gunmen shot him dead.

    Knowing that I’ve made it a mission of sorts to draw what attention I can to the plight of persecuted Christians throughout the world, particularly throughout the Middle East and Africa, my new friend private messaged me, thanking me for my “love.” He also underscored the unadulterated evil of Islamic-on-Christian oppression in his country, adding: “The Muslims want our lives!”

    On August 18, Father Michael Akawu, “the first indigenous priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, was gunned down in cold blood while shopping at a “supermarket” in Gwagwalada, a suburb of Akawu.

    Father Michael was ordained as recently as February of last year.

  5. “Haggard Hobgoblin Theresa “Minstrel” May Does the Sand Shuffle in South Africa”
    Styxh – Published on August 29, 2018

      • Faith of Their Fathers: Churchill…

        December 26, 1941


        Members of the Senate and of the House of Representatives of the United States, I feel greatly honored that you should have thus invited me to enter the United States Senate Chamber and address the representatives of both branches of Congress. The fact that my American forebears have for so many generations played their part in the life of the United States, and that here I am, an Englishman, welcomed in your midst, makes this experience one of the most moving and thrilling in my life, which is already long and has not been entirely uneventful. I wish indeed that my mother, whose memory I cherish, across the vale of years, could have been here to see.

        By the way, I cannot help reflecting that if my father had been American and my mother British instead of the other way around, I might have got here on my own.

        In that case this would not have been the first time you would have heard my voice. In that case I should not have needed any invitation. But if I had it is hardly likely that it would have been unanimous. So perhaps things are better as they are.

        I may confess, however, that I do not feel quite like a fish out of water in a legislative assembly where English is spoken. I am a child of the House of Commons.

        I was brought up in my father’s house to believe in democracy. “Trust the people.”

        That was his message. I used to see him cheered at meetings and in the streets by crowds of workingmen way back in those aristocratic Victorian days when as Disraeli said “the world was for the few, and for the very few.”

        “Winston Churchill ‘Now we are Masters of Our Fate’ Speech” tshaines – Published on September 18, 2008

  6. Quebec election: Lisée denounces candidate who called Islam a ‘menace’

    Pierre Marcotte, who posted on social media that Islam should be banned “like we ban pit bulls,” has been disqualified as a PQ candidate.

    NICOLET — A Parti Québécois candidate who posted on social media that Islam should be banned “like we ban pit bulls” will not be allowed to stand for the party, said leader Jean-François Lisée on Wednesday morning.

    Pierre Marcotte was selected as the party’s candidate in Drummond—Bois-Francs by the local riding association, but Lisée said he has a fundamental disagreement with Marcotte’s opinions and writings.

    “This person will not be a Parti Québécois candidate; he does not represent the values of the Parti Québécois and, as of this morning, he is no longer a candidate,” Lisée said.

    On Tuesday afternoon, Marcotte posted on Twitter that he was taking his official photo for campaign signs. By Wednesday morning, the party said it had officially disqualified Marcotte and that, technically, he had not been properly nominated by the riding association.

    In social media posts, Marcotte described Islam as a “menace” and said immigrants to Quebec should be forced to eat bacon.

    Lisée said his first reaction to seeing Marcotte’s social media posts was “disgust.”

    “We consider Islam to be a religion as respectable as the others. It is the radicalism of a fringe that causes a problem, not the religion itself,” Lisée said.

    Marcotte is also alleged to have ties to the far-right group La Meute.

    This is the second time a PQ candidate has been accused of making Islamophobic comments on social media. In May, Muguette Paillé stepped down as the party’s candidate in Maskinongé after her posts came to light.

    Lisée said he doesn’t believe the party has an Islamophobia problem.

    “Anyone who believes that there’s a problem with Islam has a problem with the PQ platform,” he said. “And that’s fine.”

    Lisée said the party should have reviewed Marcotte’s social media posts after he was nominated.


    Un candidat du PQ expulsé en raison de propos islamophobes


  7. Spain defends hard line on North African border immigration (memo, Aug 29, 2018)

    “Spain will not tolerate violent attempts to enter the country, the government said on Wednesday, in response to criticism of its swift return of 116 illegal migrants to Morocco after they stormed the fence bordering one of its North African enclaves.

    The country’s southern shores have become the main gateway into Europe for migrants seeking a better life, ahead of Italy and Greece, particularly since Italy’s new populist government began refusing to admit rescue boats.

    Human rights groups complained the return was carried out too quickly to give the migrants access to legal assistance and interpreters, and to identify asylum seekers, while political opponents criticised the government’s approach as inconsistent.

    Spain’s Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who took office in June, put migration at the heart of his new government’s policies when he agreed to receive more than 600 migrants aboard a charity-run ship, the Aquarius.

    The migrants who stormed the fence last week, some of whom threw a corrosive substance which left police officers with burns, were returned to Morocco the following day.

    “Spain and Morocco wanted to send a clear message this time to the criminal organisations that traffic people,” Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska told a parliamentary commission.

    “We will not permit violent migration that attacks our country and our state security forces,” he added.

    African migrants have for years tried to enter Europe by climbing the razor-wire-topped fences that separate the two Spanish territories of Ceuta and Melilla from Morocco.

    The route accounts for some 13 per cent of total illegal migrant arrivals in Spain.

    On Wednesday alone, the Spanish coast guard said it had rescued 196 people from eight boats in the narrow Gibraltar Strait that separates Spain from Morocco.

    The government’s immigration policy was based on “solidarity, humanity and security” and the returned migrants had been assisted, Grande-Marlaska said.

    Police said on Tuesday they had arrested 10 migrants who crossed the barrier in July, accusing them of belonging to a criminal organisation, attacking state authority, and causing damage.

    In that incident, migrants hurled plastic bottles of excrement, quicklime and makeshift incendiary devices at police to dissuade them from halting their efforts to scale the fence.

    “You started by receiving the migrants from the Aquarius and being applauded across Europe,” said Ione Belarra, a deputy with anti-austerity party Podemos.

    “We have seen a radical change in your migration policy,” she added.”

  8. Turkey’s goals for year 2023 to shape entire region, President Erdo?an says (hurriyetdailynews, Aug 29, 2018)

    “Turkey will shape the future of the entire region when it reaches its goals for 2023, the centennial anniversary of the Turkish Republic, President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has said, adding that Turkey is on the threshold of new victories and successes.

    “As has been in every period of our history, we are, today as well, putting up a struggle for all the oppressed and wronged who have pinned their hopes on us as well as for ourselves. This magnanimity is not a weakness of our country, but quite the contrary, it is its biggest source of strength. Turkey reaching its goals for 2023 will shape the future of our entire region along with that of ours,” Erdo?an said on Aug. 29 in a message marking Turkey’s Victory Day.

    Turkey will mark the 96th anniversary of the Victory Day, when Turks claimed victory against occupying Greek forces during the country’s War of Independence.

    “I remember Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the commander-in-chief of our War of Independence, and all the members of our military who gifted us this victory, with gratitude and respect, and wish God’s mercy upon our martyrs and veterans,” Erdo?an said.

    “This last link in the chain of victories achieved in the month of August has taken its place in history as one of the symbols representing the Turkish nation’s determination to protect its independence and future,” he added.

    The Aug. 30 victory is the “embodiment of this determination of ours reviving yet again,” Erdo?an stressed, recalling that a similar struggle was led by the Turkish nation in the July 2016 failed coup attempt for the protection of its independence and future against what he called imperialist desires.

    “Just like the other victories of ours, Aug. 30, as well, indicates that no matter how difficult the conditions are, there is always an open path in front us for success,” he stated. Erdo?an stressed that the distance Turkey has covered over the past 16 years has proven that this is possible.

    “I believe that we are on the threshold of new victories and new successes today as well. We will definitely win this struggle, too, together with those who have trust in Turkey and the Turkish nation,” he stated.

    Top soldier vows to fight terror

    In a separate message, Chief of Staff Gen. Ya?ar Güler, who was recently appointed as the country’s top soldier, also marked the 96th anniversary of the Victory Day.

    The army will “continue the struggle against terror until the last terrorist is neutralized,” he vowed.

    “We will continue to contribute to world peace and stability within the scope of our cross-border operations and duties,” he added.”

  9. Residents protest after Paris opens migrant reception center (ansamed, Aug 29, 2018)

    “Inhabitants of the XVIII arrondissement of Paris, not far from Montmartre, staged a protest on Wednesday morning about the opening of a migrant reception center without consulting them first.

    The center was scheduled to open in the Rue des Poissonniers in a former gym belonging to the transportation agency RATP and host around 100 migrants. The residents and the mayor of the arrondissement, Eric Lejoindre, say they had not been consulted or warned.

    Lejoindre told Le Parisien that ”I agree with the initiative but there is the need to speak to the inhabitants and organizations” of the area first.”

  10. ‘You know what the Islamic position is’: Islamist extremist leader stares down a former Muslim and says he should DIE for renouncing his faith (dailymail, Aug 29, 2018)

    “A leader of an Islamist extremist group has stared down a former Muslim while telling him he deserves the death penalty for renouncing his faith.

    Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar and Harris Sultan faced-off in a fiery debate at the University of New South Wales in Sydney last week.

    Mr Sultan pressed Mr Badar on a statement he made in March last year saying Muslims who change their religion should be killed.

    ‘I want to know what would happen to me. I’m an apostate,’ Mr Sultan said.

    ‘What would happen to me if it’s not a secular country… it’s an Islamic state.’

    Mr Badar said it would depend on individual circumstances, noting Mr Sultan knew ‘what it [the Islamic position] is’.

    ‘If you want to focus on the Islamic position, we can do that without you coming up with scenarios about what happens to you and making it all about yourself,’ he said.

    ‘I don’t know what would happen to you. Because you can do so many things.

    ‘There’s a huge difference between an Islamic position and what may or may not happen in any particular circumstance.’

    The debate moderator then asked Mr Badar: ‘As an adherent to Islam, do you share the Islamic position?’

    ‘Yes,’ he replied.

    ‘Although it took him four minutes to answer the question… Uthman finally still proudly held his position that apostates should be killed in the Caliphate of Australia,’ Mr Sultan posted alongside a video uploaded to YouTube.

    ‘In my debate at UNSW he tried to dodge the question but eventually gave in and re-affirmed his position that ex-Muslims like me should be killed,’ he told Daily Mail Australia…”

  11. RT- Chemnitz: Zeugen berichten von dem Mord an Daniel H.

    Als ich am Dienstag, den 28. August, in Chemnitz mit Menschen spreche, besuche ich den Tatort, wo am vorherigen Sonntag ein 35-jähriger Mann bei einer Messerstecherei starb.

    Ein paar Dutzend Kerzen stehen dort. In der Mitte das Bild des erstochenen Daniel H. Dieser Ort vor der Sparkasse an der Brückenstraße ist an diesen Tagen voller Besucher.

    Viele Medienvertreter filmen ihre Reportagen. Die Menschen, legen Daniel zum Gedenken Blumen nieder und blicken schweigend auf sein Bild. So auch ein junges Paar, das sichtlich die Tränen zurückhalten muss.

    Meine Nachfrage, ob sie den Mann persönlich kannten, bejahen sie, die Nachfrage, ob sie bei den gestrigen Demos dabei waren, beantworten sie dagegen stumm verneinend mit Kopfschütteln.

    Mehr wollen sie mir nicht sagen. Sie drehen sich weg und verlassen bald den Blick gesenkt diesen Platz. Ich komme mit weiteren Menschen in Chemnitz ins Gespräch, die den Getöteten kannten.

    Einer von denen war sogar dabei, als es zu dem tödlichen Delikt kam. Ein Zeuge also, ein Spätaussiedler.

    Auf Russisch erzählte er seine Geschichte. Es war eine Geburtstagfeier. Mehrere Freunde trafen sich aus diesem Anlass vor der Sparkasse im Zentrum, tranken Alkohol, unterhielten sich. Dabei auch ihre Ehefrauen und Schwestern. Eine Gruppe junger Männer mit Migrationshintergrund ging an Ihnen vorbei, fragten sie nach einer Bankkarte. Schnell kam es zu einem beleidigenden Wortwechsel auf beiden Seiten. Die jungen Männer mit Migrationshintergrund gingen verärgert weg und kamen wenig später mit Messern zurück. Sie gingen auf die Feiernden los und verletzten dabei drei Männer. Einer von ihnen, Daniel H., verstarb wenig später an seinen Verletzungen.

    Dass sich die kleine Stadt Chemnitz und ihre Einwohner nach solchen Ereignissen in einer Art in Schockzustand befinden, ist überall spürbar. Auch ihr Ärger ist nachvollziehbar, denn ihre Sorgen dort werden nicht wahrgenommen.
    Dass radikale Gruppierungen den Vorfall für sich nutzen, ist ebenfalls schockierend.

    • Wer marschiert in Chemnitz? | Exakt | MDR

      Beim Protestzug von Rechtsextremen in Chemnitz wurden rund 6.000 Teilnehmer gezählt – vier Mal mehr als angemeldet. Wer ist dort eigentlich marschiert?

    • spiegel tv – Ausschreitungen in Chemnitz: “Wir sind bepöbelt und bedroht worden”

      Es waren einfach zu wenige Polizisten vor Ort – da sind sich die SPIEGEL-Reporter, die bei der Demonstration in Chemnitz im Einsatz waren, einig. Sie berichten von Angriffen, Pöbeleien und Angst bei der Arbeit.

    • spiegel tv – „Hier mischt sich die bürgerliche Mitte mit Neonazis“

      Andersdenkende werden attackiert, Journalisten bedroht.

      In Chemnitz läuft eine rechte Demonstration erneut aus dem Ruder.

      Neonazis, die für „mehr Sicherheit“ skandieren, machen die Innenstadt zu einer No-Go-Area. Von Charlotte Schönberger und Martin Jäschke

  12. spiegeltv – Identitäre Bewegung in Dresden: “Geh dahin, wo du herkommst!”

    Am Wochenende hatten die rechtsextremen Identitären zu einem Festival nach Dresden geladen.

    Unser Reporter Jaafar Abdul Karim hat mit Aktivisten und Besuchern der Veranstaltung diskutiert – und erfuhr am Ende selber Rassismus und Fremdenfeindlichkeit.

  13. Jordan on revelations from Ohr’s closed-door testimony

    Republican Congressman Jim Jordan says DOJ official Bruce Ohr’s testimony confirmed that the FBI left out ‘important facts’ when presenting the anti-Trump dossier to the FISA court.

  14. Palestinian Leaders Bet Future on Trump Impeachment

    Palestinian leaders are betting their future on President Donald Trump being impeached by Democrats following the mid-term elections, according to Arabic language comments by a senior Palestinian government leader who praised Special Counsel Robert Mueller for targeting Trump and his top allies.…

    “”If the Democrats seize the majority in Congress and the Senate, I believe we will arrive at two results: First, the first result, a total paralysis of the Trump administration, as he will not be able to pass any bills in Congress. And second, and he spoke about this the other day, and he is the first American president to say, if I’m impeached, the world markets will collapse and everyone will pay a price for it.”

  15. Congress Urges Trump to Sanction China for Muslim Persecution (breitbart, Aug 29, 2018)

    “A bipartisan group of 17 members of Congress reportedly sent a letter Wednesday to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin requesting they impose sanctions on China in response to the mass arrest and detention of Muslims in western Xinjiang province, where they are subject to torture in “political re-education camps.”

    China’s atheist Communist Party under leader Xi Jinping has launched a nationwide campaign to stifle the spread of religions, most prominently targeting Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. Xinjiang is home to China’s Muslim-majority Uighur minority population, which Beijing has argued pose a terrorist threat because they consider themselves a Turkic people and many continue practicing their faith despite pressure from the government to give it up.

    The State Department first reported in its annual religious freedom report this year that China has established sprawling labor and torture camps for Muslims in the region, where they are forced to consume and memorize communist propaganda, express loyalty to Xi Jinping, and eat pork as a sign that they have abandoned their faith. Subsequent reports indicate that Muslims are being preemptively arrested and placed in these camps without any indication of dissident opinions.

    According to ABC News, the group of Congressmen are urging that the Department of the Treasury use the Global Magnitsky Act to sanction individuals and corporations that have participated in the creation of the labor camps and the growing repression in Xinjiang.

    “Muslim ethnic minorities are being subjected to arbitrary detention, torture, egregious restrictions on religious practice and culture, and a digitized surveillance system so pervasive that every aspect of daily life is monitored,” the letter reportedly reads. “Given the gravity of the situation, and the severity and scope of the rights abuses being perpetrated, we urge you to apply Global Magnitsky sanctions, and consider additional measures, against senior Chinese Government and Communist Party officials who oversee these repressive policies.”

    “No Chinese official or business complicit in what is happening in the XUAR [Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region] should profit from access to the United States or the U.S. financial system,” the note continues.

    Among the members signing the letter are Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR). Smith and Rubio are the chairmen of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China.

    The letter listed several high-ranking Communist Party officials in Xinjiang, including regional Communist Party Secretary Chen Quanguo, and corporations like Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology and Zhejiang Dahua Technology as being worthy of sanctions because they have organized the crackdown or participated in organizing the logistics necessary to carry it out. The corporations, which manufacture surveillance equipment, stand accused of helping the Chinese government by providing cameras and other equipment used to spy on the nation’s Uighur population. The evidence gathered from this espionage is what results in re-education camp arrests.

    Outside of the camps, China has installed an intricate surveillance system throughout Xinjiang and passed a law ordering all cars in Xinjiang to carry GPS trackers that let the government know where they are at all times.

    Congress has already declared both of the surveillance equipment companies mentioned national security threats, banning the U.S. military from buying their products under the recently passed John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. In response, Hikvision has begun assembling an extensive lobbying network in Washington, according to a report in the Daily Beast.

    The Wall Street Journal noted on Wednesday that neither the corporations identified nor the Chinese Foreign Ministry had responded to a request for comment on the letter at press time.

    The letter comes about four months after reports suggested that the Trump administration was already considering sanctions on China for the situation in Xinjiang. At the time, observers described the camps as “mind transformation centers,” intended to intimidate Uighurs into full control by the U.S. government. Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Laura Stone mentioned the Magnitsky Act as a potential avenue of action at the time for a response to China; both Rubio and Smith had also begun urging the government to consider such a move.

    The State Department revealed in a report that month that Communist Party officials had launched “a concentrated re-education campaign to combat what it deemed to be separatism” that “resulted in the disappearance, jailing, or forced attendance at re-education classes of tens of thousands of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities.”

    The camps came months after Beijing-linked officials imposed several public restrictions on Muslims. Shopkeepers are forced to sell alcohol and cigarettes, a violation of Islamic law, or Sharia. Individuals wearing Muslim garb or beards are not allowed on public transportation. Muslims cannot publicly fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

    Human rights advocates noted additionally the intrusive nature of the surveillance. In labor camps, Muslims are forced to eat pork as a way of separating them from their religion. They must listen to 24 hours straight of communist propaganda in their headphones or face strict punishment. Outside of the camp, officials enter and exit homes as they please, monitoring families’ behavior and ensuring that they only use copies of the Quran approved by Beijing.”

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