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8 Replies to ““Don’t draw any conclusions please” -Mayor of Toronto”

  1. “Don’t draw any conclusions please” -Mayor of Toronto

    It’s a muslim he said.

    He will be whitewashed and never mentioned again like the other guy with the van a few weeks back.

  2. When they refuse to give any information about the shooter, you can only draw one conclusion, that he was a follower of the Religion of Peace.

    Oh, and they never know the “motivation.”


    • Criminal. These agencies take massive amounts of money from taxpayers with a very very clear mandate.

      To protect and inform.

      This has been transformed into manipulate and orchestrate. They will NOT give the motive if it interferes with the agenda, and they will magnify and distort the motive if it approaches usefulness to that agenda.

      More and more I sympathize with those who are calling for a new round of Nuremberg trials for the traitor class.

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