Perfect example of selective enforcement

If a white person where to approach someone and call them an ethnic slur, or a slander based on sexual deviancy, and that person was to take offence and react physically, I think we can all safely say they would face no legal consequences. The person making the slur however very likely could be arrested in this new Orwellian age.

So why is it if a person is called a Nazi, they cannot react as they rightfully should?

It is a far far worse slur than the word that must not be spoken after all. It speaks to your character, actions and beliefs at the core. And as none of the Proud Boys are anything remotely like Nazis, and as ANTIFA and Socialist groups most certainly are close to them, well it makes one wonder doesn’t it?

The following tweet is by an American socialist group who feels they have the right to label anyone who is not a socialist a Nazi, and then heap any amount or kind of abuse on them they are capable of.

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2 Replies to “Perfect example of selective enforcement”

  1. This is going to lead to massive violence and the leftist snow flakes of antifa are going to discover just what running into hard men means.

  2. 1) Watch the video.
    LAPD appears to be present (the bar owner stated they have no private security there), and the owner is telling the commie protesters to leave the bar, after they crashed a peaceful meet-up of people wearing MAGA hats and patronizing a private establishment.
    2) A small group (4-5, with their women) left peacefully rather than initiate anything more after a larger group of socialists show up and start chanting and screaming.
    3) “Atwater Village” is the hipster-ish part of East L.A., AKA “the Barrio”, the hoodiest of hoodrat shhotin’ and lootin’ ‘hoods, which is why there are “anti-gentrification” groups in the first place, upset that white people are pricing garage-fulls of illegal aliens right out of town.

    And both the commie pigs responsible, and their mainstream media mouthpieces, totally misrepresent what happened.
    Color me shocked.

    Next, expect a group of Proud Boys to troll a bogus meet-up on social media, wait for the knee-jerk response, and 20-50 of them will wade in and correct the malfunction.
    In 3, 2,…

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