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14 Replies to “Actual Nazi busted in Miami arson plot”

  1. So ten years from now they will still be using this as proof that extreme right-wing white Nazis are every bit as much of a problem as radical Islam. “Did you know that most terrorist attacks are actually carried out by white right-wing Christians?”. They’ll have it on their “troll guidelines memo” next to “The USS Liberty”…

      • They sure rushed to get his name and picture out to the media. Such good news for their team!

        Neo-Nazi clusters and individual freaks have been around for a long time. My grandmother remembered being rushed away from a KKK mob in Florida when she was a child. White sheets, the whole 9-yards.

        Maybe this guy’s pa or grandpa. He had it baked deep inside.

        They do exist, not in large numbers here [yet], but it’s not something to be dismissed as a fluke, either. As things continue to become more polarized, there will be some young people who drift in that direction.

        I see keyboard neo-nazis. Yes, (((alt-right))), blood-libel spewing, rothschilds-etc. Bad sign.

        • The left has been screaming racism so much people are starting to decide that is the way to go, they have the name so they might as well have the game. The left has (to a large extent) been wanting this but I don’t think they realize what will happen if this movement grown.

          • I think there is a lot of truth in this. And if it hasn’t happened yet, it has to.

            Frankly one wonders if the elite of the left isn’t counting on it. After all, its predictable and they WANT tribalism back in some ways, and not in others.

            As we learned from Explaining Postmodernism from Hicks, the collective left, communism, and the collective right, Nazism, fascism, are basically identical. Both hate the genuinly non racist liberals the most. And thats what all of us are more or less here.

            That isn’t to say that given equality of opportunity won’t have racial consequences. It will. But it yields the best fairest society. While the left, with its artifice of statistical equality of result, returns the most dangerous and unstable (literally as we saw with the bridge built in California by an affirmative action engineer) result you can get. In fact its cultural and national suicide.

            I figure they must want that. After all you cannot create the new man without destroying the old one, right? Something about breaking eggs I think.

            • Frankly one wonders if the elite of the left isn’t counting on it.

              Yes, makes sense.
              It’s happening before my eyes, more and more. I feel helpless. And so angry.

  2. I suspect this man is a targeted individual
    or he is a German who has been picked on by the Jews in the building and he just mouthed off…. you have to ask HOW MUCH gasoline was found before you can say he intended to blow up the building…. lots of people like to do a “GOTCHA” on someone to make themselves feel victorious against a racist

  3. If not liking Jews makes you a Nazi then what the hell are muslims? I find the very use of this term offensive and incorrect unless you are a swastika waving Hitler-philic anti-Semite. Let’s face it that term was only used as he was WHITE and it is racist.

    • No, its because had Nazi literature and a Swastika in his apartment, which inspired him (presumably) to commit a mass casualty event against Jews. If that doesn’t deserve the handle, ‘Nazi’, what does then?

      • It’s so outrageous we don’t want to believe it.
        But it’s not only fossils like this nut. It’s brewing in websites like Moon of Alabama and ZeroHedge. Comments on YouTube.
        The tired old conspiracies are getting a new coat of sputum from millennials and others disaffected from the increasingly rabid left.

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