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  1. Notes from NorseRadish:


    Sweden is a pluperfect example of what happens when an almost totally racially homogeneous culture is impacted by warp-speed, involuntary Multiculturalism. There is no possible way to introduce such a wide variety of completely alien people into a previously monolithic culture without so many splintering political, economic, religious, educational, and judicial goals inexorably diffusing the overall strength and productivity of a nation.

    At some point, these various sociopolitical objectives become so fragmented—across ethnic, racial or religious dividing lines—that society, general culture, the judiciary, and even the most basic social services can no longer adequately function, or even do so in an equitable manner (equity being one of the first casualties of Multiculti totalitarianism).

    This is the true legacy of Multiculturalism, and the Globalist Tranzis damn well know it. Their intentional strategy of using moral and cultural relativism to neutralize popular opposition to demographic displacement is starting to wear a bit thin. Especially after so many people have gotten an up-close-and-personal taste of what it means to be “enriched”.

    What these Transnational Soros-types really are seeking to achieve is a complete-and-total demagnetization of the West’s moral compass. Amidst all the, gender-bending, Metrosexual, LBGTQXYZ community’s raucous cheering, there is an ominous undertone being almost totally blanked out about what happens when the needle of Conservative gun-owners is stripped of all dipole characteristics.

    Once the moral compass of Middle America is sufficiently demagnetized, there will become possible vigilante carnage that will make the Jim Crow era seem calm and idyllic. Sweden’s Sons of Odin would positively squirt if they fully comprehended the amassed firepower that patriotic Americans have securely tucked away in gun safes, closets, garages, basements, attics, and off site storage facilities.

    To continue … the interview with Mona Walter was of especial value for her views as an apostate and convert to Christianity. As a woman of color (and likely victim of FGM), she automatically meets so many “minority” qualifications that her words are difficult to ignore. Since she is now a Christian, however, whatever government and media powers will definitely find some way to dismiss her insights.

    That the overall cost of internal immigration benefits exceeds Sweden’s national defense budget is not a bug, it’s a feature. Overwhelming a country’s resources (or access to them) is a time-honored method of invasion and domination.

    This is Islam’s rudimentary version of China’s more ancient, “Death by a thousand cuts”.

    In this case, they are bureaucratic “paper cuts” that almost undetectably drain away a nation’s lifeblood one-drop-at-a-time with little or no popular (much less any serious political) protest. This is a facet of the “Silent Jihad”, which is in the process of destroying Western Civilization in much the same way that America bankrupted Cold War Soviet Russia.

    That firearm violence is skyrocketing in gun-control-heavy Sweden is sterling proof of how overly restrictive firearms regulations merely enable the criminal elements who cheerfully disregard such unreasonable demands from whatever local authorities.

    So, as usual, yet another hyper-Socialist, super-Feminist, ultra-Liberal government completely disarms its citizenry (with harsh penalties for any disobedience), whilst utterly ignoring “immigrant” criminality or its obvious threat to a civil society.

    What better way is there of teaching an indigenous population to permanently disregard its once-cherished national gun control laws than by flooding their world with violent, rapist, corrupt, hostile, and forever-non-assimilating, invasive parasites. Hell, at that point, “über-suicidal Family Reunification Policies” are just a little more (highly-purified) salt being vigorously rubbed into the wound of a demographically displaced Europe.

    “We cannot sit silent while this is happening.”

    Once again, evidently, people must relearn one of history’s most brutal lessons. To paraphrase how Edmund Burke so eloquently put it:

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing .

    As the Belgrade basketball player notes: “They live as if they never left their home countries.”

    This seeming innocuous observation really nails immigration’s foot-to-the-floor (maybe that way, all they’ll do is walk in circles!) regarding any claims about “seeking a better life”. As in, why do these economic invaders merely reconstruct the hellish ghettoes from which they came?

    The obvious answer being that there is ZERO intention of assimilating or becoming, “Swedish”. All they want is to create the exact same sociocultural pigsty that they came from. Calling this any sort of “Successful Immigration” is (as opposed to … let’s say, achieving Hejira), not just an insult to all right-thinking people, it is a gradual process of TREASON whereby long-term contributors to Europe’s civilizational success are being elbowed aside in favor of importing more malleable (so they think!) and supposedly “compliant” occupants for their Indigent Voter Plantations.

    If this entire video production makes one thing clear, it’s that the word, “compliant” has more to do with the crystallography of diamonds or cubic boron nitride, than it has to with even the slightest relaxation respecting Young’s Modulus of Elasticity inside the microcephalic crania of these inbred, retarded, and violent thugs.

    Forever and ever again, the definition of insanity (frequently misattributed to Einstein) bubbles up to the surface of this intellectual cesspool:

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  2. Protesters confront Mitch McConnell over immigration on Bardstown Road

    A group of protesters confronted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Bardstown Road in Louisville Saturday, calling out “Abolish ICE,” before adding they know where he lives.

    McConnell was out to lunch with Kentucky’s outgoing House Majority Floor Leader Jonathan Shell, who was upset in his May primary. Shell confirmed the two had lunch, calling the protesters “a small group of extremists.”

    The interaction was captured on video and shared with Courier Journal.

    In it, someone asks McConnell, “Where are the children? Where are the babies, Mitch?” — an apparent reference to the separation of children from families at the southern U.S. border.

    “What are you doing to get the babies back?” someone asks in the clip.

    McConnell, wearing a green shirt tucked into blue jeans, isn’t shown reacting or responding to the protesters. He walks past a sign for Bristol Bar & Grille, turns a corner and gets into a vehicle.

  3. Bookstore owner calls police after customer confronted Steve Bannon

    A Richmond, Virginia, bookstore owner said he called the police on Saturday after former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon was confronted in his store.

    Nick Cooke, owner of Black Swan Books, told The Richmond Times-Dispatch that a woman called Bannon a “piece of trash.”

    The woman then left the store after Cooke said he called 911.

    • The woman then left the store after Cooke said he called 911.

      It’s not as if she could actually read, correct? So being in a book store was mere window dressing.

  4. Associated Press – Italy’s anti-migrant minister steals partner party’s show

    ROME He skipped a Cabinet meeting to attend a horse race and took a dip in a Tuscan villa’s swimming pool to show he didn’t fear the Mafia. He leads the junior party in Italy’s populist coalition government, but he acts like he’s the one running the country.

    Five weeks after taking national office, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who heads the right-wing League party, is outshining his coalition rival and fellow deputy premier, Luigi Di Maio, whose 5-Star Movement is the Italian Parliament’s biggest party.

    Opinion polls indicate that Salvini’s anti-migrant, anti-European Union party has soared in popularity since it placed third in Italy’s March 4 election. Recent surveys of eligible voters put the League neck-and-neck or even a couple percentage points ahead of the 5-Star Movement.

    During the short time the 45-year-old Salvini has occupied his first Cabinet post, he grabbed international headlines with his “Italians come first” politics, ordering Italy’s ports closed to private rescue ships and thereby keeping hundreds of migrants stranded at sea.

    He also has alarmed European Union leaders by pledging to make a European Parliament election next year a referendum on the legislature he served in for 14 years, and firing up the League’s rank-and-file with slogans like “We’ll knock down the wall in Brussels.”

    “He understands very well what the public is expecting from him,” analyst Wolfango Piccoli, co-president of London-based Teneo Intelligence, said. “They want to see a change.”

    Salvini’s brash, populist style is an undeniable novelty in Italian politics, and he seems to be relishing his role as a maverick from some of his recent actions.

    — At the U.S. ambassador’s Fourth of July party in Rome, an annual to-be-seen-at event for international VIPs, a tieless Salvini chowed down on a burger smothered in red onions while gripping the bun in his hands. Other guests daintily tackled their grilled meats with fork-and-knife as Italian table etiquette demands.

    — As Italy’s prime minister and Cabinet discussed Di Maio’s first main accomplishment as labor minister, a decree clamping down on “gig’ economy short-term contracts, Salvini was a couple hundred kilometers (150 miles) away in Siena for the running of the Palio, the wild and popular medieval horse race.

    — The next day, to hammer home that he would be hard on organized crime, Salvini toured a villa in Tuscany that Italian prosecutors had seized from a Cosa Nostra boss, changed into bathing trunks and dove into the villa’s chilly swimming pool while journalists watched and cameras rolled.

    “The last (Italian) politician I can remember doing that is Benito Mussolini,” Teneo’s Piccoli ventured, referring to the Fascist dictator who liked to show off his physical fitness.

    Salvini seems to be permanently campaigning for the League, which he has transformed from a regional party in Italy’s affluent north to a national force.

    The League is serving in its fourth government, the first three when it was called the Northern League; the 5-Stars are novices to national government.

    After no party emerged from the March election with an absolute majority in Parliament, DiMaio and Salvini cut a deal that required both to sideline their ambition to be premier. They opted for compromise pick Giuseppe Conte, a lawyer with 5-Star sympathies and no public offices on his resume.

    Conte has made relatively few public appearances since he was sworn in, a departure from his predecessors. Salvini has occupied much of the vacuum.

    Analyst Piccolo thinks Di Maio made a “not particularly smart” decision by choosing a Cabinet portfolio with responsibility for a “politically divisive and toxic” issue like labor, enabling his populist partner-rival to eclipse him.

    Indeed, Di Maio’s move to limit temporary work contracts angered many business owners who want flexibility to compete in global markets.

    Salvini’s base includes such businesses, and he promised to “improve” Di Maio’s decree when Parliament debates converting it into law.

    Di Maio retorted that 5-Star lawmakers would be a “dam” against any watering down of his labor decree.

    A cartoon on the front page of Italy’s national Corriere della Sera newspaper depicted the labor minister, who has championed better work conditions for delivery persons on bicycles, bringing lunch to Salvini’s house on a bike.

    An opinion survey published in late June indicated the League has shot up from its 17.4 percent support showing in the election to 31.2 percent among eligible voters. Support for the 5-Stars, who received 32.7 of the election vote, dipped to 29.8 percent among those surveyed.

    “It’s difficult to hide that there are cracks” in the coalition, political analyst Massimo Franco wrote in Corriere della Sera. “They exist, and they are destined to multiply.”

    The League has a decades-old reputation for capably administering cities and towns in the north. Salvini spent most of his first weeks in office on the campaign trail for local League candidates in mayoral races.

    Di Maio, 32, leads a Movement whose most visible political accomplishment before entering national government in June was winning the mayor’s office in Rome two years ago. During Mayor Virginia Raggi’s tenure at City Hall, the Italian capital has endured an ailing mass transit system and pileups of uncollected trash.

    The League scored big in the recent local balloting. The 5-Stars suffered setbacks in several races.


    L’Obs- Torse nu et jambes écartées : Matteo Salvini, un corps populiste

    […]Mais on ne savait pas encore qu’il était aussi un showman capable d’exhiber son propre corps.

    […]Matteo Salvini montre ses jambes, son torse nu, son ventre proéminent, ses poils sur la poitrine et sous les aisselles.

    […]avec l’arrivée de l’été il a coupé ses cheveux presque à ras.

    […]sa masculinité ostentatoire,

    […]Les vieux se souviennent d’un autre leader qui dans les années 30/40 jouait lui aussi de son corps, coupant des branchages, se faisant photographier suant en train de bêcher un jardin, ou simplement brandissant son uniforme de soldat, poings sur les hanches et mâchoire volontaire poussée en avant. “Cet homme s’appelait Benito Mussolini”

    […]Et s’il veut aller vite avec ses discours accélérés à l’emporte-pièce et l’exposition de sa chair, c’est “parce qu’il sait que son temps est compté. Il sait qu’il va être mangé, il ignore quand, mais il doit consommer vite son capital, parce qu’il le devine éphémère.

    […]Salvini est un pur produit des télés berlusconiennes,

    • He skipped a Cabinet meeting to attend a horse race and took a dip in a Tuscan villa’s swimming pool to show he didn’t fear the Mafia. He leads the junior party in Italy’s populist coalition government, but he acts like he’s the one running the country.

      What the fü¢k is this?!? Supposedly, Neo Euro Trash high-theater?

      With Hollyweird onboard, I guess there’s not a lot I can complain about.

  5. Secret Service Investigating Crash That Closed I-66

    Lanes on I-66 have reopened at Lee Highway near Rosslyn, Virginia following a head-on collision, police say.

    It’s unclear if anyone was injured.

    The Secret Service is investigating the crash, which occurred about 4:50 a.m. Sunday morning in the eastbound lanes of I-66 outside the Rosslyn Tunnel. The federal police agency didn’t immediately say why they were on the scene.

    All traffic was being diverted off of I-66 at exit 73, Arlington County police said. All lanes reopened about 7 a.m.

  6. Italy: 106 migrants arrive in Messina by boat

    Around 106 mostly Sudanese migrants arrived on Saturday at the port of Messina after being rescued by a patrol boat of the Irish navy Samuel Beckett earlier this week.

    Images show medical services attending passengers.

    According to local media, the boat carried 93 men, 11 minors and 2 pregnant women.

    Migrants reportedly paid about 3,000 Libyan Dinars (€1,800) to human traffickers.

    The Samuel Beckett is the first foreign military ship to arrive in Italian ground after the decision of Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini to shut down Italian ports to NGOs.

    • euronews – Italy promises billions of euros to Libya if it accepts the return of migrants

      Italy and Libya have agreed to reactivate a friendship treaty signed a decade ago that allowed migrants to be returned to Libyan territory

          • Right now warlords and terrorists are getting rich off off human trafficking.

            Howsabout placing a large bounty on the warlords?

            Problem solved. Rinse and repeat. Any questions?

            I’ve been asking about this for well-over a decade without much of an answer.

            Scrape away this layer of scum and watch the pond spring back to life.

    • Spain emerges as EU’s new weak link for Africa migration

      Spain has become the new main entry point for asylum-seekers fleeing Africa, an influx that European Union officials fear could exacerbate political tensions across the region over migration.

      Around 19,000 asylum-seekers arrived in Spain in the first five months of this year, almost as many as arrived there in all of 2017, eclipsing for the first time the numbers flowing through north Africa to Italy.

      The surge has intensified in recent weeks as Italy’s new government shut its ports to most asylum-seekers, rescue officials say.

      With the EU struggling to contain dissent over migration policy, some officials in Brussels say they worry that Spain could become a new flash-point, even as overall numbers of arrivals into Europe from Africa are in sharp decline.

      “We must not let it blow up,” an EU diplomat said.

      He said the Morocco-Spain route had been kept under control for years. “It’s not dramatic for now, but we are keeping an eye on this one.”

      Spain’s new socialist prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, has been welcoming, and accepted two boat-loads of asylum-seekers denied port entry by Italy even as the number of boats from Morocco also rose.

      The asylum-seekers are arriving in mostly inflatable boats each week, often without enough fuel for the crossing, straining Spain’s coastguard. Madrid is training more lifeguards to deal with the rising numbers, coastguard union officials say.

      People-smugglers in Morocco use a rights activist to contact the coastguard, advising it when boats set off for Spain, said coastguard official Oriol Estrada.

      “The people traffickers know that the lifeguards are going to come for them,” said Estrada, whose vessel has rescued around 1,200 people so far this year, more than 80 percent of its total for 2017.”They call to say that a certain boat has left such-and-such a coast at a certain time with however many people. They even give the names of those aboard.”

      A similar situation developed off Libya before Rome’s recent crackdown, prompting Italy’s ruling League party to accuse rescue ships of running a “taxi service”.

      EU’s Frontex warns of new migrant route to Spain

      Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri has warned that Spain could see a significant increase in migrant arrivals. The news comes ahead of the European Commission’s new proposal to strengthen EU external borders with more guards.

      Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri said Friday that some 6,000 migrants had entered the European Union in June by crossing into Spain from Morocco, the so-called western Mediterranean route.

      Speaking to German weekly Die Welt am Sonntag, Leggeri warned that the route could overtake others as the most important path into Europe, including the central Mediterranean route to Italy or the eastern Mediterranean route from Turkey into the Balkans.

      “If you ask me what my greatest worry is, then I have to say Spain,” he said.

      Although the number of migrants arriving in Europe has dropped off since the height of the crisis in 2015, thousands still enter the bloc every month and the issue continues to fuel political tensions between member states.



  7. Secret Service investigating crash that shut down I-66 in northern Virginia, sparked manhunt

    The Secret Service is investigating a head-on crash that shut down a section of Interstate 66 in northern Virginia on Sunday morning, according to NBC Washington.

    One of the drivers involved in the crash was a White House military pass holder, Fox 5 reported, and a manhunt was initiated after a person fled the scene.

    • One of the drivers involved in the crash was a White House military pass holder, Fox 5 reported, and a manhunt was initiated after a person fled the scene.

      Between the White House military pass and potential tunnel blockage, this “accident” just doesn’t pass the faintest “smell test”.

      • No it doesn’t, it does look and smell like a coverup of an attempted assassination, probably by someone who watches too much modern TV and takes their ideas on how to kill people from the scripts.

  8. Man wanted for deportation warrant flees ICE, gets hit by car, ACLU blames ICE
    By Ben Bowles July 7, 2018

    Ordinarily, the American Civil Liberties Union has nothing to say when an illegal alien hurts or kills another person. But the group is sounding off loudly over an incident in which a man sought by authorities for an outstanding deportation warrant hurt — and came close to killing — himself.

    The incident occurred in Danbury, Conn., Friday morning. According to station WFSB, Samuel Coctecon Cruz was headed into the Superior Court House when he realized he had been spotted by ICE agents. He bolted with agents in hot pursuit.

    At one point Cruz darted into traffic, where he was struck by a passing car. Cruz continued to flee the scene after the accident. The driver was injured by shattered glass resulting from the impact. Eventually, the ICE agents caught up with Cruz and took him to an area hospital for treatment.

    You might think that the ACLU would have a statement about the injured driver whose rights were encroached on by Cruz. Instead, they released this statement:

    • At one point Cruz darted into traffic, where he was struck by a passing car. Cruz continued to flee the scene after the accident. The driver was injured by shattered glass resulting from the impact. Eventually, the ICE agents caught up with Cruz and took him to an area hospital for treatment.

      And how many additional tens-of-thousands-of-dollars in treatment costs did that hospitalization involve?!?

      Draw-downs are a lot less expensive … as the German and French police are gradually learning.

  9. Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that foreign nationals have no due process rights here
    By LU Staff July 7, 2018

    When Donald Trump recently proposed sending illegals apprehended at the border back where they came from with no trial, Democrats and their media enablers cried “Foul.” Every major news outlet, from the New York Times to the Washington Post, published a primer on due process and why Americans should be up in arms (figuratively speaking!) over the president’s remarks.

    What Trump was suggesting was nothing new. In February of 2017, his own Department of Homeland Security issued new guidelines that allowed immigration authorities to broaden the class of illegal border crossers who were subject to expedited deportation proceedings.

    But even if Trump’s recommendation were sui generis, the law is on his side. As Matt O’Brien, a former chief of the national security division at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS), writes at PoliZette, “Illegal aliens are entitled to considerably less immigration due process than their advocates would have us believe.”

    He goes on to cite case after case in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the claim of “affirmative rights” by illegals and their advocates, while re-affirming the unquestioned authority of the federal government and its agents to decide who gets to stay and who doesn’t. In one of the cases, Ekiu v. United States, the high court ruled:

    • Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that foreign nationals have no due process rights here

      But the terrorists do…

      What’s wrong with this picture?

      (One of the best lines from the original “Terminator”)

      OUT WITH IT! What were all of Ahrnult’s line’s from that first flick?

      • Your clothes, give me your clothes!

      • Fü¢k you @sshole!

      • Sarah Conner!

      Oil me back — “I’ll be bahk!”

      These complicated speaking lines much have been a yuge challenge. Eh?

  10. Mueller will NOT present ‘Russia collusion’ evidence in Manafort trial
    By Daily Caller News Foundation July 7, 2018

    Special counsel Robert Mueller said in a court filing Friday that his prosecutors will not present evidence regarding Trump campaign collusion with Russia at an upcoming trial for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

    “The government does not intend to present at trial evidence or argument concerning collusion with the Russian government,” reads a filing submitted by Mueller’s team in federal court in Virginia on Friday.

    The filing sheds light on one of the largest questions looming over the Manafort case. Mueller’s prosecutors have indicted Manafort in federal court in Virginia and Washington, D.C., on a slew of charges related to his consulting work for former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. (RELATED: Manafort Lawyers Say Mueller Team Unable To Provide Evidence Of Collusion)

    Manafort ended the work in 2014, and it has been unclear whether Mueller’s team planned to reveal evidence about President Donald Trump or the campaign.

    A Welsh town shows Britain a new way to welcome refugees
    Two-dozen community groups are volunteering to integrate Syrian families
    NARBERTH LIKES to look after itself. Natives of the small town on the southwestern fringe of Wales are proud to have two independent butchers but no branch of Tesco, an otherwise ubiquitous supermarket. When their library looked set to close, they stepped in to man it. They took over the swimming pool when it faced being shut. So when their local authority seemed slow to welcome Syrian refugees, they thought little of taking on this task, too. The town’s only Muslim family, the Bataks of Damascus (pictured), moved in last July. Locals found them a house, filled the cupboards with food and—to the family’s delight—laid out prayer mats and a copy of the Koran.
    Refugees arrive in Britain through two routes. Some make their own way and then apply for asylum. The luckier ones fly to Britain as part of official resettlement schemes, which seek to help needy refugees living close to their home countries. In 2015 David Cameron, the then prime minister, pledged to expand the second route to accommodate a total of 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020.
    Councils are usually responsible for helping them adjust to their new lives. But since July 2016, community groups have also been able to house resettled Syrians. They must raise £9,000 ($11,900), find a house which the refugees can afford to rent for two years and agree to help them for at least a year as they settle. Ministers borrowed the idea from Canada, where neighbourhood groups have rehomed 300,000 refugees since the mid-1970s.
    Not every town was as enthusiastic as Narberth. Only 138 refugees have been sponsored so far, by 24 groups. A report in May by the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration said that the government had been slow to capitalise on the public’s willingness to help Syrians. Exempting sponsored refugees from the government’s quota would help, campaigners suggest, since volunteers would know they were helping people who would not otherwise have been able to come to Britain. Bureaucracy is also a sticking point. Groups sometimes have to wait for a year while the Home Office assesses their capability and finds them a family; Narberth’s volunteers were asked to tweak their submissions three times. One of them, Jill Simpson, calls the application process a “drawn-out, bureaucratic nightmare”.
    Yet the scheme is likely to grow. On June 18th the government gave £1m to Reset, a new organisation that will support potential sponsors as they make their applications. And it seems that once one group in an area sponsors a refugee, others learn about the scheme and submit their own applications. There is another group in Pembrokeshire not far from Narberth, and groups in Peckham, Streatham and Herne Hill in south London.
    Evidence from Canada suggests that privately-sponsored refugees integrate more quickly into society than their government-supported counterparts. One study found that 50% of sponsored refugees had found a job within a year, compared with 10% of those helped by the state. They are more likely than other refugees to praise the help they receive and less likely to rely on food banks.
    It is too early to tell whether Britain’s scheme will achieve the same results, but there are some encouraging signs. One sponsored Syrian refugee found a job with the Salvation Army in London. Another, who wants to open a restaurant in Manchester, was given seed capital by his sponsorship group.
    One year on, Narberth’s volunteers are exhausted, but proud of their successes. Ahmad Batak and his family had not heard of Wales until a few weeks before they flew in. They were initially bemused by the complexity of bus timetables, bin collections and—most of all—by the changeable weather. “In our country, when it’s summer, it’s summer,” says Ziead Alsaouah, Mr Batak’s son-in-law.
    But the volunteers helped them feel at home. They drove Mr Batak’s wife to a church knitting group, where she learned to crochet. They bought pigeons for Mr Batak to keep in his garden, as he used to do in Damascus. And they found voluntary jobs for Mr Batak and his brother and for Mr Alsaouah. When she learned that Mr Alsaouah was a talented woodcarver, one group member let him work in her shed. Locals clubbed together to buy him some tools and have commissioned him to make a house sign and a headboard. Perhaps the best omen of integration, though, is the arrival of his baby daughter, Maria. She was born on St David’s Day.

  12. TUNISIA – Terrorist group’ kills 8 Tunisia security forces – ministry

    Eight members of Tunisia’s security forces have been killed in a terrorist attack near the border with Algeria, the interior ministry said.

    “Eight members of the national guard were killed in an ambush by a terrorist group” in the Ain Sultan area of Jenduba border province, spokesman General Sufyan al-Zaq


    reuters- Nine police killed in attack in Tunisia near Algeria border

    The police unit, from Gar Dimaou in the region of Jendouba, had been ambushed.
    Nine members of Tunisia’s security forces were killed on Sunday in an attack in the west of the country, close to the border with Algeria, state news agency TAP reported.

    The police unit, from Gar Dimaou in the region of Jendouba, had been ambushed, the report said, without providing further details.
    reuters – Nine Police Killed in Attack in Western Tunisia-State News Agency

    TUNIS — Nine members of Tunisia’s security forces were killed on Sunday in an attack in the west of the country close to the border with Algeria, state news agency TAP reported.

    Militants present in rural parts of Tunisia occasionally target security forces, but Sunday’s toll was the highest since 2015, a year in which Islamist militants carried out three major attacks.

    The police unit from Gar Dimaou in the region of Jendouba was ambushed during a regular patrol, TAP reported.

    “The terrorist attackers threw a grenade at the first security car and there were confrontations with firearms,” the report cited a security source as saying.

    One of the Arab world’s most secular nations, Tunisia became a target for militants after being hailed as a beacon of democratic change with an uprising against autocrat Zine Abidine Ben Ali in 2011.

    Some militants operate in remote areas near the border with Algeria, which has been fighting the remnants of a major Islamist insurgency in the 1990s.

    Two of the attacks in 2015 were against tourists, the first at a museum in Tunis and the second on a beach in Sousse. The third targeted presidential guards in the capital, killing 12. All three attacks were claimed by Islamic State.

    Tourism, after collapsing, has since gradually recovered.

    The government has maintained a state of emergency, allowing it greater powers in its attempts to dismantle militant networks.

    • Nine Police Officers Killed in Attack in Northwestern Tunisia – Reports (sutniknews, Jul 8, 2018)

      “Nine police officers were killed Sunday in a terrorist attack in the north-west of Tunisia, close to the border with Algeria, TAP reported.

      The attack took place in the town of Ghardimaou, located in Jendouba Governorate, at 11:00 a.m. local time (10:00 GMT), the TAP state news agency reported.

      The security forces in two vehicles were patrolling the border area when a grenade was thrown at one of the cars. Exchange of fire between the military and terrorists followed the blast.

      Since the Tunisian Revolution in 2011, the country has faced a growing terrorist threat. Since 2014, Tunisia has been conducting operations against militants linked to al-Qaeda* terrorist group, seeking to root them out from a hideout in the Chaambi area near the Algerian border.

      In 2015, Tunisia was shaken by two terrorist attacks, at the Tunis Bardo National Museum in March and at a beach resort in the town of Sousse in June, which together claimed the lives of over 60 civilians, mostly foreign tourists.”

  13. Syrian Jew Wearing Star of David Necklace Assaulted in Berlin, Suspects Detained (sputniknews, Jul 8, 2018)

    “Police are probing whether the assault was politically motivated.

    Seven men and three women, aged between 15 and 25, including six Syrians and three German nationals, have been detained after beating up a passer-by, Berlin police reported, saying that an investigation is ongoing.

    The 25-year-old victim got into a quarrel after asking a group of men and women for a lighter for his cigarette, local police reported.

    According to the victim, one of the men saw a necklace with the Star of David on his neck and began to insult him with anti-Semitic slurs, followed by a punch. The man tried to run away but fell, which led to kicks and punches from other people in the group…”

  14. Iranian Girl’s Detention Over Instagram Dance Clips Prompts Twitterstorm (sputniknews, Jul 8, 2018)

    “Iranian police said they would delete accounts with similar content on Instagram, with the judiciary mulling to block access to the social media platform.

    Iranian police detained 18-year-old dancer Maedeh Hojabri for posting videos of her dancing on Instagram, where she had tens of thousands of followers. As the case gained publicity, Iranian state TV broadcaster IRIB aired a video in which she confessed that she regretted recording and uploading such clips; at the same time, the teen insisted that breaking moral norms was not her intention.

    She had been sharing hundreds of dance videos on her Instagram account, not wearing a headscarf, which is obligatory in Iran – but after her detention, the profile is said to have been shut down by police.

    Social media users have speculated that her statement was forced, with some claiming that Maedeh has already been released on bail on condition that she will never again post her dance videos online:

    Some even said that many Iranian girls were inspired by Maedeh and uploaded their own dance videos to support her:…

    A number of Iranian-American activists also condemned the detention of the girl, adding that they were proud of her:…

    Since June, many Iranian women have been filming themselves dancing in the streets, breaking a strict ban on dancing in front of men who are not family members – which, by extension, includes dancing in public spaces.

    This kind of protest against the strict laws has been gaining momentum for several months, as well as women removing their hijabs in public, which is also illegal in Iran.”

  15. England: New Female Genital Mutilation Case Every Two Hours, Experts Demand Action (breitbart, Jul 8, 2018)

    “Around 4,500 new cases of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) were recorded in England over the last year, more than one every two hours, official data shows.

    Between April 2017 and March 2018, around 6,200 women and girls who visited a doctor, midwife, or other public health services in England had been exposed to the form of abuse at some point, the National Health Service (NHS) said on Thursday.

    Some cases had already been recorded, but 4,495 were being logged for the first time since the government made it compulsory for medical practitioners to report cases of FGM in 2015.

    Since then, there have been 28,326 medical attendances of females with FGM and 16,265 newly recorded cases. However, an estimated 137,000 women and girls in England and Wales have been exposed to the practice overall.

    In the past 12 months, nearly half (2,755) of the attendance cases were in London, 1,415 were in the north of England, 1,200 in the Midlands and East, and 745 in the south of England.

    Of the cases where both the age of the victim and the place of birth could be determined, 86 percent of the women and girls were born and had FGM undertaken in an African country, the NHS added in a report.

    FGM has been a criminal offence in Britain since 1985, and since 2003 it has been illegal for British citizens to carry out or procure FGM abroad – but police and prosecutors are yet to secure a single conviction, with the National Police Chiefs’ Council FGM lead describing the crime as “nuanced”.

    In response to the new NHS data, the National FGM Centre, run by Barnardo’s children’s charity and the Local Government Association, called for “more to be done to support survivors and protect girls at risk from the practice”….”

    • Around 4,500 new cases of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) were recorded in England over the last year, more than one every two hours, official data shows.

      Welcome to hell.

  16. Government doctor is fired after he was deemed ‘unfit to work’ because he refused to renounce his Christian belief that gender is determined at birth (dailymail, Jul 8, 2018)

    “A doctor has been fired from a top government role for suggesting gender is determined at birth.

    Dr David Mackereth, 55, who has worked as an NHS doctor for 26 years, was deemed to be ‘unfit to work’ after he said he would refuse to identify patients by their preferred gender.

    The senior doctor was set to become a disability assessor for the Department for Work and Pensions claims a person’s gender is biological and said his right to freedom of speech had been denied.

    The medic, from Dudley in the West Midlands, fears other ‘professional people of faith’ could lose their jobs simply for holding opinions about gender that are ‘centuries old’…”

    • Dr David Mackereth, 55, who has worked as an NHS doctor for 26 years, was deemed to be ‘unfit to work’ after he said he would refuse to identify patients by their preferred gender.

      Welcome to hell.

  17. Turkey fires thousands of civil servants ahead of Erdogan’s swearing-in (telegraph, Jul 8, 2018)

    “The Turkish government on Sunday sacked more than 18,000 civil servants for alleged links to terror groups, as it prepared to lift the state of emergency in the wake of the 2016 failed coup.

    Nearly 9,000 police officers, 6,000 members of the military and 199 academics from across Turkey are among the people summarily dismissed in a decree published in the Official Gazette. Their passports will be cancelled.

    The dismissals came the day before President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was to be sworn in for his second term, following his victory in last month’s presidential election.

    Mr Erdogan has overseen a series of purges since the July 2016 attempted coup, which saw parts of the Turkish military launch an operation to topple the government and oust its leader.

    Turkey blames exiled preacher and businessmen Fethullah Gulen for the attempted power grab and cracked down decisively, implementing a state of emergency and using enhanced powers to sack scores of civil servants. After two years, many were expecting an announcement lifting Turkey’s state of emergency, rather than Sunday’s further tightening of the screws.

    According to the UN’s human rights office, more 160,000 civil servants had already been dismissed before this latest round. Around a third have been formally charged and jailed during their trials.

    Turkey has defended the measures as necessary to combat threats to national security. But critics say they amount to purges of any individual or group who might be opposed to Mr Erdogan’s policies. Members of Kurdish groups and their supporters have also been dismissed from employment, detained and charged.

    In April 2017, Mr Erdogan presided over a constitutional referendum which saw 18 amendments adopted, including the abolishment of the post of Prime Minister, the replacement of Turkey’s parliamentary system with a presidential system, and a significant beefing-up of presidential powers.

    Turkey’s allies, particularly in the West, have accused Mr Erdogan of authoritarianism and of using the post-coup crackdown as an excuse to quash dissent.

    Relations between Turkey and the US have deteriorated significantly over the issue, but Turkey has not wavered from its policies.”

    • Managing an Anti-American Turkey
      Now is the time for American resolve and if need be significant consequences imposed on Turkey to advance our interests.

      …[We] must now ask if the newly empowered authoritarian Erdogan has irreversibly transformed Turkey into an anti-western, anti-Semitic, malevolent state that is to be no less radical than the Iranian Islamic republic, where we have learned that no amount of accommodation can temper their nationalistic expansionist Islamist vision.

      Unlike Iran, where it is reputed that the Iranian population, especially it’s urban middle class, leans toward the West, and would welcome the chance to be freed of the repressive Mullahs, a recent PEW survey of Turkish citizens revealed that an astounding 79% of the populace harbor a negative view of America, no doubt fostered by years of anti-American propaganda.…

      So, are there any red lines Turkey cannot cross for it to continue to receive American support, or has Turkey already crossed a line with Congress and this administration?

      Turkey, Russia and Iran are three peas in a pod. Turkey occupied and ethnically cleansed Cyprus, Russia invaded and occupied Crimea, northern Georgia and eastern Ukraine, and the Iranian controlled Popular Mobilization Units ethically cleansed Iraq and Syria of its Sunni residents. Three bad actors, and Turkey is the only one of them that is a member of NATO.…

      America fears that Turkey might ally with Russia, Iran or China, if America imposes any meaningful consequences for Turkish behavior. This calculation is a serious foreign policy mistake, as Turkey realizes that those alliances carry with them significant risks to Turkish security in the long term, and even Erdogan must know he will need America as an ally again.…

      Turkey is vital to our interests but not indispensable. The risks have begun to outweigh the benefits of trusting Turkey to remain the eastern flank of NATO and not share our security secrets with our enemies.…

      • I don’t know what is going to happen over there, we need Turkey but not near as much as Turkey needs us. If we cut them loose it won’t be long before they are crawling back begging for a new alliance.

        • Gosh, I hate that evil Turk.
          And the Turks have been brainwashed to hate Americans. More than your average Iranian! I hate our soldiers exposed to such rot.

          • I hate our soldiers exposed to such rot.

            Thank you, yucki. After Turkey’s treacherous denial of using Incirlik Air Base for the second invasion of Iraq, that Byzantine sack-of-sh!t has been less than worthless.

    • Turkey blames exiled preacher and businessmen Fethullah Gulen for the attempted power grab and cracked down decisively, implementing a state of emergency and using enhanced powers to sack scores of civil servants.

      Whipping boy?

      Stalking horse?

      Camel sh!t?

  18. Italy wants to block Frontex ships with migrants from ports (abcnews, Jul 8, 2018)

    “Italy’s hard-line interior minister says he wants to block foreign navy ships participating in European migrant rescue missions from docking in Italian ports.

    Matteo Salvini, who has already closed Italian ports to aid groups that rescue migrants, says in a Facebook post Sunday that he will bring the Italian position to an upcoming meeting of EU interior ministers in Innsbruck, Austria.

    The EU’s border control force, Frontex, operates a search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean using air and sea contributions from a variety of countries. On Saturday, the Irish navy ship Samuel Beckett arrived in the Sicilian port of Messina with 106 migrants.

    Salvini wants to block future arrivals, forcing other European countries to take them in. He wrote: “With our government the music has changed and will change.””

  19. Strike, curfew shuts Kashmir on rebel’s death anniversary (abcnews, Jul 8, 2018)

    “Police and soldiers fanned out across much of Indian-controlled Kashmir to enforce a security lockdown on Sunday as separatists challenging Indian rule called for a shutdown and protests on the second anniversary of the killing of a charismatic rebel leader.

    Government forces patrolled deserted streets and sealed off the hometown of Burhan Wani in anticipation of widespread anti-India protests and clashes in the region. Wani, 22, was killed along with two associates in a brief gunbattle with Indian troops two years ago.

    Separatist leaders called for a general strike and protest march to Wani’s hometown to honor him. The killing triggered open defiance against Indian rule and led to months of massive protests and clashes in the disputed region. At least 90 people, mostly young men and students, were killed and thousands wounded, hundreds of them in the eyes and blinded by shotgun pellets fired by Indian troops.

    Despite security restrictions, nearly 200 students in the University of Kashmir campus staged a protest seeking an end to Indian rule. The students carried Wani’s photographs and displayed placards while chanting slogans like “Farewell our martyr” and “Go India, go back.”

    Police and paramilitary soldiers in riot gear and carrying automatic rifles laid steel barricades and coiled razor wire on roads and intersections to cut off neighborhoods in a bid to stop protests. Authorities also suspended internet on mobile phones in the region, in a common practice to make organizing protests more difficult…”

  20. Afghan Forces Destroy Daesh Stronghold Amid Crackdown on Terrorists (sputniknews, Jul 8, 2018)

    “According to the news broadcaster TOLO, government forces have destroyed one of the key bases of the Daesh terrorist group in the east of the country during a full-scale military operation.

    “Afghan National Defense and Security forces launched 9 clearing operations and 89 Special Forces’ operations in different parts of Afghanistan in the past 24 hours. Afghan Air Forces, also, conducted 131 freights supporting Afghan National Army and carried out 9 airstrikes on enemies’ sanctuaries. As a result, 121 insurgents including 10 Daesh fighters were killed, 70 were wounded and 7 suspects were arrested,” the Afghan Defense Ministry said later in a statement.

    According to the statement, foreign armed forces also participated in the operation, conducting airstrikes against the militants.

    The militants were terminated during operations held in the provinces of Badghis, Baghlan, Balkh, Farah, Faryab, Ghazni, Ghor, Herat, Kunar, Nangarhar, Oruzgan and Zabul.

    News of the successful operation came just a day after reports of an “insider attack” on a NATO facility in the country, which led to the death of one US serviceman, while two others were injured.

    A full-scale armed conflict in Afghanistan resumed at the end of June, as President Ashraf Ghani announced the end of a ceasefire agreement between the government and the Taliban. However, other radical groups, such as Daesh, still operate in the war-torn country.”

  21. International Community Ignores Genocide of Christians in Nigeria

    by Raymond Ibrahim
    July 8, 2018 at 5:00 am

    In what the Christian Association of Nigeria is calling a “pure genocide,” 238 more Christians were killed and churches desecrated by Muslims last week in the west African nation. This brings the death toll of Christians to more than 6,000 since the start of 2018.

    According to a joint statement by the Christian Association, an umbrella group of various Christian denominations, “There is no doubt that the sole purpose of these attacks is aimed at ethnic cleansing, land grabbing and forceful ejection of the Christian natives from their ancestral land and heritage.”

    The statement condemned the recent attacks, “where over 200 persons were brutally killed and our churches destroyed without any intervention from security agencies in spite of several distress calls made to them.”

    The statement adds that the majority of those 6,000 Christians massacred this year were “mostly children, women and the aged… What is happening in … Nigeria is pure genocide and must be stopped immediately.”

    The details of the murder of these thousands, though seldom reported, are often grisly; many were either hacked to death or beheaded with machetes; others were burned alive (including inside locked churches or homes); and women are often sexually assaulted or raped before being slaughtered.

    Both the Nigerian government and the U.S. government have long sought to present this protracted jihad as territorial clashes between the haves (apparently always Christians) and haves-not (apparently always Muslims).

    • Nigeria’s a rich country that’s an ethnic sinkhole.
      Igbo, Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba. With a layer of imported religious confessions that only gives rise to increased strife. Witches and spells continue to enslave.

      Religion is probably the most superficial aspect, but most easily grasped by outsiders. And exploited by predators for resource acquisition, whatever their lofty justifications.

      Another place that doesn’t make sense as a country. Maybe a loose federation of tribes. Nations by fiat, defined by a flag and a seat in the UN. An incoherent mess that’s bound to be reconfigured this century.

      • Don’t forget the nations in Africa are for the most part the legacy of the colonial period when borders were drawn based on military might and not on keeping ethnic groups together or apart.

        • Those will undoubtedly be revised. Probably won’t make any better sense – depending, for example, on China and tardish black African synergy.
          Ugh, that’ll be one ugly map!

          • Yup, the only possible exception is South Africa if the whites can win, since I expect starvation, drought and plagues to reduce the population drastically. When this starts it will spread and this is when Europe is going to be in real trouble.

  22. Iran: The Ayatollah’s Promised Paradise

    by Amir Taheri
    July 8, 2018 at 4:00 am

    In the late 1960s when the concept of “development” and “economic take-off” was all the rage in academic and media circles, many experts insisted that the so-called “developing nations” needed to showcase at least part of their territory as a model for progress and an inspiration for modernization.

    Being one of those so-called “developing nations” Iran, under the Shah, chose its southwestern province Khuzestan as that showcase.

    The choice wasn’t difficult. For, Khuzestan was a resource-rich province and already dotted with some of the modern infrastructures that other provinces had to wait a decade or more to acquire. Thanks to the oil industry, Khuzestan was the first province to have a modern electricity generating system and piped water in most of its cities, at least 20 years before the capital Tehran did. The province was also the hub of Iran’s sole railway network, the famous Trans-Iranian which connected it to the Caspian Sea via Tehran.

    Because the oil industry offered a large number of comparatively well-paid jobs, the province attracted migrants from all over Iran; in fact, apart from Tehran, it was the only part of Iran that served as magnet for young rural Iranians looking for a better life in urban centers.

    Thanks to its abundant water resources and fertile plains, Khuzestan was also something of a breadbasket for the rest of the country.

  23. Oops: Record high temp in Scotland caused by heat from parked ice cream truck’s generator
    Anthony Watts, WUWT July 7, 2018

    [Ed. – Now that’s some funny right there. As Thomas Lifson notes at the h/t post, WaPo even cited this temperature reading near Glasgow as an example of runaway “warming.” Several illustrative on-site photos at the link. Emphasis in original.]

    Friday Funny: Scottish “record high temperature” caused by Ice Cream Truck
    Anthony Watts / 2 days ago July 6, 2018

    From the “I scream, you scream, we all scream for higher temperatures” department. Yesterday, Paul Homewood and I went on a collaborative search to find the weather station at Strathclyde Park which had it’s all-time Scottish high temperature record denied by the Met Office, to no avail. It just wasn’t easily visible. One of Paul’s readers went to the scene and took photos, but it isnit just the photos, it’s what he found out. Photo credits to Duncan McNeil. Read on.

  24. Warning you can see the dead body and a lot of blood.

    WATCH VIDEO: Muslim Migrant Beheads 1-Year-Old Girl in Germany; Merkel Bans Media Reporting

    Merkel is hellbent on destroying not just Germany, but the whole of Europe, by means of mass Muslim migration. Not only is she succeeding, she’s not finished. She wants even more savages like Mourtala Madou in Germany, and she will get them. This is by no means the last story of this kind that we will see. There will be many, many more. Will the German people continue to support these destructive, suicidal policies? If they do, then they are beyond hope. This story alone should have led to Merkel’s resignation. The fact that it did not shows that the will to commit national suicide is not limited in Germany to Merkel alone.

    • He’s part of the problem.

      The top layer of the IDF is left of the population. They’re Oslo types who refuse to learn from experience. They are the PITS – and the media loves them. They do great harm in their endless opining.

      They instituted an ROE that cost lives on both sides, prolonged the war, and failed to achieve ANY objective – even recognition of _stark raving mad_ humanitarian concessions. Held IDF soldiers to account for every bruise on every terrorist. Demoralizing to the max.

    • Related: “Great Books & Democracy Victor Hanson.flv”
      AMP Media – Published on April 12, 2012
      Victor David Hanson begins his talk at 7:39.

  25. Lowestoft stabbing: Police arrest 23-year-old after man dies (express, Jul 8, 2018)

    “POLICE have launched a murder probe after a 28-year-old man died after being stabbed in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

    Suffolk Police said officers were called to Underwood Close in the town just before 11.14pm last night to reports of a man with serious injuries.

    The area has been cordoned off by police while forensics teams carry out fingertip searched of the crime scene, and parts of Underwood Close and Bentley Drive are closed.

    Officers said the the victim was initially treated for stab wounds at the scene and died after being transferred to James Paget Hospital.

    The victim’s next of kin had been informed…”

    • Essex stabbing: Man in his 20s dies – police launch murder investigation (express, Jul 8, 2018)

      “A MAN has died after a stabbing in Essex on Saturday night with police saying they believe the victim was “targeted” as they launch a murder investigation.

      Police were called at approximately 8.45pm on July 7 after receiving reports of an injured man in Little Garth, near Pitsea Road, Pitsea.

      The man in his 20s was rushed to Basildon Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

      Officers believe the attack was targeted.

      Essex Police said in a statement: “A murder investigation has started after a man was stabbed in Pitsea.

      “We were called to reports of someone injured in Little Garth, near Pitsea Road, shortly before 8.45pm on Saturday, July 7.

      “Officers and the ambulance service attended and found a man in his 20s who had been stabbed.

      “Despite the best efforts of paramedics, sadly the man died a short while later at Basildon Hospital.

      “The investigation is in its early stages but at this time we believe this was a targeted and isolated incident and there is no risk to the wider public.

      “We are appealing for anyone with any information about the incident or was in the area of Little Garth between 8pm and 9pm to come forward.”

      It comes as a 28-year-old man has died after being stabbed in Lowestoft…”

  26. Germany: Jewish Syrian attacked by mob of 10 in central Berlin

    A 25 year-old Syrian Jew was attacked by a group of 10 people in Berlin’s Mitte district early Saturday morning, confirmed police spokesperson Martin Halweg in the German capital on Sunday.

    “One of his opponents then spotted that the 25-year-old was wearing on a necklace with a David’s star on it; he ripped it off, made an anti-Semitic remark and suddenly punched the victim in the face multiple times,” explained Halweg.

    The police spokesperson said that the suspects were arrested shortly afterwards. “The police State Security department is now investigating for aggravated battery with anti-semitic background,” concluded Halweg.

  27. VoA – Mother Homeschools 14 Children, Builds Multimillion-Dollar Business

    What started as a simple desire to be able to provide for her children has turned into a multimillion-dollar business for Tammie Umbel of Dulles, Virginia. She not only runs a cosmetics company but home-schools her 14 children — and says she still finds time for herself. Leysa Bakalets has her story.


    VICE NEWS – Protests Prepared for Anti-Islam Alt-Right Speakers in NZ

    Banned from the UK for racism, how will the far right be received in Aotearoa?

    Controversial Canadian speaker denied visa as Auckland agency cancels booking

  29. Hero SAS dog saves the lives of six elite soldiers in Syria by ripping out jihadi’s throat while taking down three terrorists who ambushed British patrol (dailymail, Jul 8, 2018)

    “An SAS team was saved after a brave military dog fought off a jihadi who attacked a patrol in northern Syria.

    The unnamed Belgian Malinois, a fierce breed of sheepdog known for its bravery, had been out on a routine patrol with a team of six crack soldiers from the SAS.

    They had just entered a small village in a convoy of armoured vehicles when they got out to continue the recce on foot.

    But soon after they left the safety of the convoy, they were attacked on all sides by waiting jihadis in what was described as a ‘360 degree ambush’.

    The SAS men returned fire but the jihadis began closing in and tried to outflank them.

    The animal was said to have leapt to the defence of the struggling British soldiers, tearing the throat of on gunman who was firing at the patrol.

    It then turned on two other jihadis, leaving them seriously injured before the other six ambushers all fled…”

  30. Saudi security man, expatriate killed in attack: statement (reuters, Jul 8, 2018)

    “A member of Saudi Arabia’s security forces and a Bangladeshi resident were killed in an attack on a security checkpoint in Buraidah, a city in Qassim Province north of the capital Riyadh, the state news agency said on Sunday.

    “Three terrorists opened fire on the security checkpoint located at Buraidah-Tarafiya road in Al-Qassim. The security forces fired back, killing two terrorists, and wounding the third,” said a statement published by the state news agency (SPA).

    The authorities have begun a criminal investigation, which is still the subject of a security follow-up, and developments will be announced in due course, the statement added.

    Qassim, a heartland of the kingdom’s ultra-conservative Wahhabi school of Sunni Islam, is one of the most conservative pockets of the country.

    Analysts say many young men from the region joined al Qaeda in Yemen or militant groups in Iraq.

    Attacks on Saudi security forces became more frequent over the past few years after the authorities crushed an al Qaeda insurgency more than a decade ago…”

  31. UN Body Condemns Australia for Illegal Detention of Asylum Seekers, Refugees (tasnimnews, Jul 8, 2018)

    “TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A key United Nations body has condemned as arbitrary and illegal Australia’s indefinite incarceration of refugees and asylum seekers, issuing critical statements on five separate cases in a year.

    But those unlawfully held remain in indefinite detention, where they have been held for up to nine years without charge.

    The working group on arbitrary detention is a key part of the UN’s Human Rights Council, on which Australia now sits after a years-long public and diplomatic campaign for the position.

    The working group is an independent body of human rights experts that assesses cases of alleged arbitrary detention and reports to the council, The Guardian reported.

    Since June of 2017 the arbitrary detention working group has published five opinions critical of Australia’s open-ended detention of asylum seekers and refugees. It has consistently argued Australia’s indefinite detention of some refugees and asylum seekers is unlawful.

    In each of the five published opinions, the working group has recommended Australia immediately release the men held and pay them “compensation and other reparations” for their unlawful detention.

    None of the men have been released. The youngest is 29 years old, the oldest 45. They each face detention without charge – in theory, potentially until the end of their lives.

    The longest in detention is an Afghan asylum seeker, who has been held in Australian detention centres continuously since 2009.

    His claim for protection has been rejected but he still has appeals before the courts, and his case has been complicated by the Australian government leaking his personal details online, potentially compromising his safety in his home country.

    Stateless Western Sahara man Said Imasi has been held without allegation, charge, or trial for more than eight years since he arrived in Australia by plane as a teenager in 2010.

    His case is set to go before the high court this year, brought by Human Rights for All.

    Others represent complex cases, where Australia’s obligation under international law to offer protection refugees is in conflict with adverse “character assessments”, mental health issues and domestic legal requirements to cancel visas.

    In one case, a former child soldier from the Sudanese civil war brought to Australia as a teenage refugee 15 years ago, and who has ongoing and acute mental health issues, has been convicted of 40 criminal offences and had his visa cancelled after two warnings.

    The government has cancelled his visa on character grounds but cannot send him to any other country in the world. He faces a potentially indefinite detention.

    Also currently being assessed by the arbitrary detention working group is the case of a stateless child refugee, revealed by Guardian Australia this week, who was brought to Australia by boat as a 16-year-old and who remains in immigration detention after five years – he is now an adult – and facing a potentially limitless incarceration.

    The arbitrary detention working group has consistently condemned Australia’s reliance on indefinite detention.

    In several cases, the open-ended detention has also been criticized by Australia’s own commonwealth ombudsman. In the case of Said Imasi, the ombudsman has said it has been recommending for six years he be released into the Australian community but “there appears to be no clear resolution in sight”.

    The Australian government has defended its policies, arguing before the UN working group that its detention regime “is administrative in nature and not for punitive purposes” and had succeeded in stopping the flow of asylum seeker boats to Australia.

    “The government is committed to ensuring that all people in administrative immigration detention are treated in a manner consistent with the international legal obligations of Australia,” it said.

    The government said detention was “not limited by a set time frame” but dependent upon factors such as identity, health, character, or security matters.

    “Relevant assessments are completed as expeditiously as possible to facilitate the shortest possible time frame for detaining people in immigration detention facilities.”

    And the indefinite detention of non-citizens is lawful under Australian domestic law.

    A 2004 high court judgment – Al Kateb v Godwin – found it was lawful to indefinitely detain a non-citizen who could not be removed from Australia. Subsequent governments have appeared anxious not to have the issue revisited by the court – no justices from Al-Kateb remain – and cases involving indefinite detention are often resolved just before they reach the bench.

    The director principal of Human Rights For All, lawyer Alison Battisson, who has brought all six of the indefinite detention cases before the working group, said the UN had made a clear statement that Australia’s practice of indefinitely detaining refugees and asylum seekers was unlawful and must cease.

    “Australia’s policies are against international law and are inhumane,” she said. “In a modern society this practice is unacceptable. Despite numerous opinions and reports from the UN and other human rights bodies, Australia has consistently failed to address arbitrary detention.”

    She rejected arguments that the cases were complex and took time to resolve.

    “As a signatory to the refugees convention we are obliged to accommodate these people. Where they have criminal records, they have served their time. If they were Australian citizens, they would be returned to the community. Instead, they often face longer periods of open-end administrative detention than their actual prison terms. This serves no one’s interests.”

    Battisson said the United Nations was continuing to monitor all the cases. The Australian government is also obliged, as a UN member state, to update the working group on progress of the cases.

    “The Australian government’s lack of response is shameful. It is also insulting to the UN. The working group is currently finalizing its annual report to the Human Rights Council, and Australia should be worried about what this report contains.””

  32. Over 18,500 Turkish public workers dismissed with new emergency state decree (hurriyetdailynews, Jul 8, 2018)

    “The government ordered the dismissal of more than 18,500 state employees including police officers, soldiers and academics, in a state of emergency decree published on July 8.

    The Official Gazette stated that 18,632 people had been sacked including 8,998 police officers over suspected links to terror organizations and groups “acting against national security.”

    It also said 148 others who had earlier been dismissed from public institutions and organizations were reinstated.

    Some 3,077 army soldiers were also dismissed, as well as 1,949 air force personnel and 1,126 from the naval forces.

    Another 1,052 civil servants from the Justice Ministry and linked institutions have been fired as well as 649 from the gendarmerie and 192 from the coast guard.

    The authorities also fired 199 academics, according to the new decree, while 148 state employees from the military and ministries were reinstated.

    Turkey has been under a state of emergency since shortly after the July 2016 coup attempt.

    The Turkish media dubbed the decree as the “last” one, with officials indicating the state of emergency could end as early as July 9.

    The emergency has been renewed seven times and the latest period is officially due to end on July 19.

    Over 110,000 public sector employees have been removed previously from their jobs via emergency decrees since July 2016, while tens of thousands more have been suspended.

    Turkey accuses U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen and what the authorities call the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) of orchestrating the attempted coup.

    The July 8 decree shut down 12 associations across the country as well as three newspapers and a television channel.

    Turkey’s Western allies have criticized the sweeping nature of the dismissals, including of many individuals not involved in the coup attempt, but Ankara says the measures are necessary to combat threats to national security.

    Passport ban for 181,500 people to be lifted soon: Erdo?an

    Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an said on July 7 that restrictions imposed on the passports of 181,500 people in the wake of the July 2016 coup attempt will be lifted within a few days.

    “A passport restriction was put in place for partners, children, and parents of a fraction of people who were arrested and convicted within the context of the struggle against FETÖ. After July 15 [2016], FETÖ members had started to run away to abroad with their families. One of the measures to prevent this was a restriction on passports,” Erdo?an said in a meeting of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in parliament.

    “But as the investigations and cases came to a point, restrictions imposed on the passports of 181,500 people will be lifted in a couple of days. This way we are relieve the unjust treatment towards our citizens who could not get a passport due to the crime of their relatives,” he said.”

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