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6 Replies to “Is Soros attempting to destroy rule of law, by backing anti-West DA’s?”

  1. The goal is to make the US as ungovernable as they have made Britain and are making Canada. Once things turn to absolute chaos people will start looking for a “Man on a White Horse” to ride in and save them. The left thinks we are so stupid to know that they are the ones that created the mess in the first place and that we will be willing to let them take over to stop the chaos. I don’t think the US has enough people stupid enough to let them take over.

    • In Venezuela, they are blaming the economic problems on capitalist hoarding and price-gouging and such. They never ever stop arguing and coming up with new and stupider angles. This is all following the path described by Yuri Bezmenov to a tee, isn’t it? We’re smack dab in the middle of the destabilization phase after which we shall go into the “crisis” phase then the white knight of a strong socialist leader comes along and saves the day. It may or may not be the Russians anymore but it sure looks like 1958, Cold War central.

      And can’t you just hear that snobby BBC presenter tearing you to pieces for saying that the socialists created the problems that they are now proposing to fix. They never give up, never say “Uncle”. I predict that roughly 50% of the population will not believe that the left created the problem, leaving us like a turtle that’s been flipped over onto its back with its little legs pedaling helplessly…

      • When you flip a turtle on its back it takes less then a minute for it to turn over. The numbers who believe the left caused the crisis will vary from nation to nation but they will be enough to force a civil war. The US is in a better position then the rest of the West since so many of us are armed, the portion that are armed (for the most part) are the ones who know, not believe but know what the left is doing. That is why they have so many guns and so much ammo. They have been seeing this crisis coming since Obama was elected.

        The possible/probable civil war in the US is one of the reasons China and Russia are positioning themselves to take advantage to our internal fight and seize large chunks of the world for themselves.

  2. Yep. Multiple cases but here’s one with details:

    “Liberal billionaire George Soros earlier this month poured nearly $900,000 into the campaign of Joe Gonzales, a Democrat running to unseat Bexar County District Attorney Nicholas “Nico” LaHood in the party primary, according to reports filed Monday.

    The contributions, coming from the Soros-backed Texas Justice & Safety political action committee, came in the form of in-kind contributions, mostly for mailers, media buys — including two TV ads — and related expenditures.

    The latest effort by Soros to swing the race in Gonzales’ favor in the March 6 primary comes after he kicked in more than $60,000 to the campaign in January, bringing the political financier’s total in-kind contributions to $958,000.

    Soros’ PAC supplied Gonzales’ campaign with 22 donations, all but two of which came in February, that totaled $897,000.

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