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  1. Number of Salafists in Germany has doubled in past five years

    The number of Salafists in Germany has increased twofold since 2013, the interior ministry said Wednesday, surpassing December’s “all-time high.”

    The number of individuals classified as Salafists by regional authorities in state offices for the Protection of the Constitution reached 11,000, the ministry said, confirming an earlier report from German newspaper Tagesspiegel.

    Five years ago the German intelligence agency BfV placed this number at 5,500 — half of the current total.

    Salafism is a fundamentalist Islamic ideology. Security authorities see Salafism as a potential entry point to Islamist terrorism.

    Just under 5 million Muslims live in Germany, meaning that the current number of Salafists makes up roughly 0.22 percent of Germany’s total Muslim population.

    NR: Doubling your population of Salafists is a surefire recipe for disaster. I don’t care if the final number is TWO!

    Throughout Europe, there is a mind-baffling race-to-the-bottom in which many EU countries are “over-driving their headlights”, when it comes to “immigration”. Britain, Sweden, France, and Germany in particular have resettled so many hostile “refugees” that their respective law enforcement agencies are hopelessly overburdened for the next decade or more.

    The ramifications of this are very severe, in that even in Ye Olde Merry England, the stabbings and grooming gangs continue nearly unabated. Now, please try to recall how England has the highest per capita ratio of CCTV cameras in the world. Estimates vary wildly (from one camera per eleven people to over 60 persons) but the point remains that, even with that much surveillance, the Brits cannot stop all of these random attacks much better than less-heavily-observed countries elsewhere.

    When this data is fused with other budgetary impacts upon social services, low income housing, health care costs, judicial and legal expenses plus incarceration, this tsunami of unfriendly, non-assimilating, demographic displacers bode particularly ill for Europe.

    As a result of just these past few years, the entire EU will experience a dramatic loss in quality-of-life for decades. Without some truly repugnant countermeasures, Europe will be dragged mutely back into Second World status.

    (HT: GoV)

  2. …Yet, with each and every act of tard violence the idiotic hand wringing continues with nary a modicum of interest in identifying and neutralizing the threat, itself. Suicide by human animal.

    On another note, I wonder if this is Trump’s way of repatriating, and reinventing American industrial capacity. We allowed the Chinese to steal it and become fabulously rich and powerful by exploiting slave labour (nice commies). So why not try to bring it all back by rendering their cheap shit too expensive by tariffs? Yes, I know the problem with tariffs…blah, blah…so where is the Keynesian to offer better solutions than the Fake Economy of Service Sector jobs at $13/hour?

    • Trump has said he is using tariffs to rebuild or save sectors of the US industraial base that are vital to national defense. He also knows that as the Chinese retaliate against us that hurts them more then it hurts us. Everything they do to retaliate makes the Yuan stronger which makes their products more expensive around the world. The same thing would happen if the sell our debt that they hold and they also know that if we refuse to pay the interest on the debt they hold their economy tanks. Back during the campaign Trump said that the US holds the advantage in the trade negotiations and trade wars but that the previous Presidents refused to use those advantages.

    • There is nothing wrong with tariffs that level a playing field and that is what Trump is doing. I was thrilled when he cancelled the purchase of the Bombardier jets.

      Canada has been screwing the US ever since we made the free trade deal with them by hidden subsidies of pet companies that pushed the Quebec supramacist narrative so popular with the Trudeaus etc.

      Its time the US took back command of what they rightfully built.

      • I agree, the past Presidents have refused to defend US Companies and employees, they have signed onto trade agreements that are head the other side wins, tails we lose. This has cut into our ability to build the weapons that are needed to defend freedom around the world. Now we are facing another war where North America has to become the arsenal of Democracy and Freedom.

        We have to keep the portion of the manufacturing base we have left, once it hits the fan we won’t have time to rebuild entire entire industries, we will need one or more factories to start the world while we work to rebuild the rest of our manufacturing base.

  3. Manchester Airport DEATH: Man dies after airport assault – police operation launched (express, Apr 6, 2018)

    “A MAN has died after an attack in a car park at Manchester Airport this morning.

    A 57-year-old man was taken to hospital after police were called to reports of an assault near Terminal 2 at around 8.25am.

    The man has since died and Greater Manchester Police have launched an investigation.

    Flights have not been affected.

    A spokesman for Manchester Airport said issued a statement saying it is an ongoing police incident and they find it inappropriate to comment.

    He added: “We are aware of an incident this morning at Terminal Two, after which a man sadly passed away.
    “The matter is being dealt with by GMP and it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.

    “Anyone with specific queries should contact the police directly.”

    Officers are appealing for witnesses to come forward with information.”

  4. BREAKING: London BLOODBATH – seventh knife victim in 24 hours as violence sweeps capital (express, Apr 6, 2018)

    “LONDON has witnessed the SEVENTH victim of knife crime in the capital in just 24 hours.

    The man, in his 40s, was found with a stab wound last night in Railton Road, Herne Hill.

    He was taken to hospital for treatment as police add the latest incident to their books following a wave of violence across London, police confirmed

    Detectives are current probing 55 murders and scores of stabbings as the capital suffers a wave of knife and gun crime.

    The attack was the seventh in London in just 24 hours – which shockingly included six attacks in just 90 minutes of one another.

    No arrests have yet been made as police continue to investigate.

    Outrage has swept Britain due to the level of violent crime in the capital – which has seen children as young as 13 stabbed, a 16-year-old boy shot dead.

    Gangs and drugs have both been blamed for the rising crime, along with the finger being pointed at social media.

    Met Police chief Cressida Dick claimed websites and mobile apps allow rows between rivals to escalate “within minutes”.

    And it emerged today, the so-called NPK gang claimed the killing of Tanesha Melbourne, 17, with a boastful post on Instagram.

    David Lammy MP has described the latest incidents as the worst he has ever seen in his 18 years representing Tottenham.

    He blamed rampant cocaine dealing for the violence, and described it being as easy to get the drug as it was to order takeaway.

    Met Police chiefs have promised an “Al Capone”-esque crackdown on violent criminals using a new specialist squad.

    Hotspots will be targeted and individuals removed from the streets in a bid to curb the bloodshed.”

    • UK Police Appear to Have Lost Control of London’s Streets – Ex-Met Chief (sputniknews, Apr 6, 2018)

      “As the recent wave of violence in the UK’s capital continues, a former chief in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has warned that many locals feel unsafe in their city and think the police have lost control of London’s streets.

      Victor Olisa, the Metropolitan Police’s former head of policing and diversity in Tottenham, attributed the rise in knife crime and other violent acts to budget cuts, and warned the situation could get worse if it isn’t proactively tackled.

      “Communities are saying we don’t see the police around anymore. It appears to people I have spoken to as though the police have lost control of public spaces and the streets,” the former police chief said on April 6.

      He made the comments after another six stabbings – which took place in the space of 90 minutes – were reported across London.

      So far this year, 50 people have been murdered in the capital, marking a considerable uptick in violence, particularly knife crime.

      Mr. Olisa – who held the rank of chief superintendent before retiring from the force – went on to describe the lack of communication from senior police officials as a “deafening silence.”

      “The silence from senior officers in the Met is deafening. They should say we need more information from the public; this is what we are doing; this is what the results are.”…”

    • •12% crime increase since he took office
      •”Epidemic” levels of acid attacks
      •Feb and March outpace NYC in homicides for first time in modern history
      •6 teens stabbed across city in 90 mins

      He literally turned London into a 3rd world Brazilian favela tier in less than 2 years.

      Hats off to Sadiq Khan, he managed to ruin one of the world’s greatest cities in just a matter of months.

      That’s gotta be some kind of record.

  5. Not by Sword & Oil Alone: Docs Shed Light on Surprising Daesh Incomes (sputniknews, Apr 6, 2018)

    “While it has long been believed that it was oil that added greatly to Daesh’s clout, a recent trove of documents obtained by journalists casts doubt on the caveat.

    The New York Times has managed to obtain thousands of files which the newspaper said “reveal the inner workings of a complex system of government” inside Daesh.*

    The newspaper stressed that Daesh terrorists “did not rule by the sword alone,” citing “brutality and bureaucracy,” which it said added significantly to the group’s clout.

    The terrorists wielded power through a system of punitive taxes and fines for so-called immorality, such as eyebrow plucking, having the wrong haircut, playing cards, listening to music and smoking hookah pipes – an offense that could land a person in prison.

    “More surprisingly, the documents provide further evidence that the tax revenue the Islamic State earned far outstripped its income from oil sales. It was daily commerce and agriculture — not petroleum — that powered the economy of the caliphate,” according to the New York Times…”

  6. FARAGE: Political Correctness and ‘Hate Crime’ Obsession Caused Crime Wave (breitbart, Apr 6, 2018)

    ““Political correctness has directly led to the murder rate going up in London,” former UKIP leader and Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Nigel Farage has argued.

    He pointed to the police’s focus on ‘hate crime’ and the fact both London mayor Sadiq Khan and Prime Minister Theresa May, when serving as Home Secretary, promised to slash the use of police stop-and-search powers, claiming the tactic harmed relations with ethnic minorities.

    Speaking on his LBC radio show from Washington D.C., Mr. Farage said: “Theresa May was Home Secretary for a very long time, the longest-serving for 150 years.

    “She did in the early years have crime that was falling, which meant she felt more comfortable to cut back the size of the police force. But she very much introduced political correctness in policing.”

    Left-wing groups had campaigned against stop and search for years, claiming it is “racist”….”

  7. French Conservative Given Suspended 5,000 Euro Fine for Mentioning ‘Migrant Invasion’ (breitbart, Apr 6, 2018)

    “French conservative politician Nicholas Dupont-Aignan, who gave his support to anti-mass migration presidential candidate Marine Le Pen last year, has been given a suspended fine of 5,000 euros for speaking about a “migrant invasion”.

    Mr. Dupont-Aignan made the comments on January 17, 2017, during his own run for the French presidency before he was knocked out after the first round vote. He had said: “In 2016, the Socialists compensate for the decline in birth rate by the migratory invasion. This is now!” Le Figaro reports.

    On Wednesday, a court in Paris found the conservative guilty of provocation to hatred or discrimination with a suspended 5,000 euro fine being handed down. The case was brought to the court by the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra) which claimed Dupont-Aignan’s parliamentary immunity should not apply in the case.

    “We have a leading politician, declared candidate for the presidential election, who quietly takes, publicly, on his own account a conspiracy and racist theory born in the depths of the French far right at the beginning of the previous decade,” the prosecutor in the case said.

    The “racist theory” the prosecutor mentioned is the theory of the “Great Replacement” coined by prolific French author Renaud Camus who has railed against mass migration for years.

    The “Great Replacement” was also invoked by Mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard after he was also taken to court for hate speech. Ménard commented on the fact that a school in his city had a 91 per cent Muslim student population and later tweeted: “These classes represent the most striking proof of the #GreatReplacement in progress. Just look at old class photos.”

    Roman Catholic Archbishop of Strasbourg Luc Ravel also invoked the term last July stating: “Muslim believers know very well that their birthrate is such that today, they call it … the Great Replacement, they tell you in a very calm, very positive way that, ‘one day all this, it will be ours.’”

    One of the lawyers for Dupont-Aignan, who supported Marine Le Pen in the second round of last year’s presidential election, defended the conservatives right to free speech arguing: “The purpose of this tweet is not to call people to vote for the Socialist candidate, that’s all.””

  8. Influx of Asylum Seekers ‘Major Factor’ In Rise of Children Receiving Welfare Payments (breitbart, Apr 6, 2018)

    “The rise in the number of children needing state welfare in Germany is being primarily driven by migrants arriving from the Middle East and from poorer European Union nations.

    While one in six recipients of the Hartz IV benefits under three are foreign-born, the number of native German children living on state assistance is decreasing, reports Der Spiegel.

    According to the Federal Employment Agency (BA), 2.052 million children and adolescents under the age of 18 live in families dependent on Hartz IV because of unemployment or low wages. This is 100,634 (5.2 per cent) more than in June 2016 and eight per cent more than five years ago.

    Officials said that the massive influx of asylum seekers in the country was a “major factor” in the rise, as unemployed migrants wait for their asylum applications to be processed or to complete integration and language courses, with job centres usually paying for their upkeep.

    From between June 2013 and June 2017, the number of Hartz IV recipients aged under 18 from Syria increased from 7,659 to 205,200 – a rise of 2,579 per cent. The corresponding number of young Afghans quadrupled during this period to 37,061, and the number of young Iraqis rose two and a half times to 51,055.

    According to the German government, in 2016 alone, Germany’s entire budget surplus went to migrant costs, with the federal government paying out €21.7 billion on migrants. Researchers have also estimated additional costs including €3 billion a year to educate asylum seekers, the majority of which are under 25.

    Other studies have also debunked the notion that migrants would impact the German economy in a positive way with researchers finding that mass migration from the third world would not produce readily-trained doctors and engineers, but would provide “a reservoir for low-cost labour” and would hurt long-term economic growth.

    Migrants from poorer EU nations, who can travel freely around the bloc thanks to Freedom of Movement rules, have also contributed to the rise in children needing state support in Germany.

    Notably, Bulgarian children’s needs for state assistance was five times higher in 2017 than it was in mid-2013 – bearing in mind that Germany was able to put in place work restrictions for Bulgarians until January 2014.”

  9. 2,000 Asylum Seekers Waiting to Apply for Asylum Living on Streets of Paris (breitbart, Apr 6, 2018)

    “There are almost 2,000 asylum seekers now living on the streets of Paris, with the vast majority congregated in a large tent city in the north of the French capital.

    At the Quai du Lot and the Quai de l’Allier an estimated 1,400 asylum seekers live on the streets of Paris, wedged along the border between the city and the heavily-migrant populated suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis, Le Monde reports.

    The site lies not far from the former migrant camp hub of Porte de La Chapelle which was largely cleared out by French authorities in May of last year.

    Breitbart London visited the camp shortly before the evacuation took place during the second round of the French presidential election and asked the asylum seekers about their experiences. One asylum seeker lashed out at Europeans in general, blaming European countries for the situation in his native Nigeria and demanding a job and a place to live.

    The Canal Saint-Martin also houses another makeshift tent camp of around 400 Afghan nationals. A total of 920 tents housing around 1,885 people were recently counted by the asylum organisation France Terre d’Asile.

    The migrant camps have affected the city in a number of ways, including leading to the closure of the art museum Art Ludique which featured “pop art” including cartoon and comic book works. The presence of migrants near the museum led to a rapid drop in visitors and a subsequent decline in revenue needed to keep the museum open.

    Roving gangs of underage Moroccan migrants have also become a major problem in the north of Paris, leading to 1,600 local residents signing a petition demanding the government deal with the problem. Both residents and local business owners complained of targetted attacks and thefts from the migrant children.

    The homeless migrants are still a small fraction of the total number of asylum seekers in France, with the country seeing a record 100,000 asylum applications in 2017.”

  10. London: Multicultural District That Voted to ‘Ban Trump’ Facing Almost 40 New Corruption Claims (breitbart, Apr 6, 2018)

    “Detectives drafted into a diverse London borough at the centre of a number of serious corruption scandals are reportedly looking into 39 new claims of electoral fraud ahead of local elections next month.

    A specialist team from the Metropolitan Police’s crime and operation division are actively investigating 28 out of a total of 39 complaints made over the mayoral contest in Tower Hamlets, East London.

    Reports were made to police by councillors, journalists, election candidates, and an MP, according to the Evening Standard, and concern bribery, forgery, and ballot tampering.

    On May 3rd, anti-fraud officers are set to monitor polling stations in Tower Hamlets where they will be stationed wearing body cameras in a bid to deter illegal activity.

    Britain’s first elected Muslim mayor, Lutfur Rahman, propelled the beleaguered borough to national attention in 2015 when he was removed from office after an electoral court found evidence of “corrupt and illegal practices”.

    Said to have wielded “undue spiritual influence” over Muslim voters during the 2014 election, Rahman was also accused of handing cash to UK-based Bangladeshi media outlets for positive coverage and diverting millions of pounds in grants to charities run by Bangladeshis and Somalis in return for political support.

    Though Rahman was banned from standing for office for five years, his Labour successor John Biggs is fighting for a second term in the face of a new party set up by the disgraced former mayor in January, which is called Aspire.

    Biggs, who ran on a promise to clean up the borough, is running against People’s Alliance councillor Rabina Khan and Aspire councillor Ohid Ahmed, the latter of whom recently proposed a successful motion to ‘ban’ U.S. President Donald J. Trump from Tower Hamlets.

    The motion was passed by a majority vote and received support from Labour, with Biggs telling councillors “We must be vigorous in our intolerance of his intolerance,” and blasting the president’s alleged failure to “applaud diversity”.

    Leader of the London council’s Conservatives group, Peter Golds — who had opposed the symbolic action against Trump — said voters were “fed up” with Tower Hamlets’ reputation for electoral corruption, with fraud a “huge issue”.

    “When you knock on doors they say things like, ‘Why would I bother voting when it’s so corrupt. What is the point?” he told the Evening Standard.

    A spokesman for the council said: “Tower Hamlets has some of the strongest measures in the country to prevent fraud.

    “These include a police officer and exclusion zones at every polling station, checks on households where more than five voters are registered and a new online reporting tool to make it simple for people to report any suspect activity.

    “We are also working closely with the Electoral Commission and Crimestoppers and last month their national ‘Your Vote is Yours Alone’ campaign was launched in Tower Hamlets.””

  11. Egypt arrests 3 suspected of planning church attacks (memo, Apr 6, 2018)

    “Egypt’s security forces announced yesterday that they have arrested three persons in the south of the country who are alleged to have formed a cell to target churches during the Coptic Church’s Easter celebrations, Erem News has reported.

    Official sources said that the state police had arrested three Egyptian citizens at the Maragha Centre, located in Egypt’s southern province of Sohag. All three are accused of preparing terrorist attacks on churches…”

  12. 300 Iranian Activists Warn Khamenei from Deteriorating Regime Conditions (aawsat, Apr 6, 2018)

    “A group of 300 conservative figures and Basij officials in Iran wrote an open letter to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei about existing concerns regarding the internal condition of Iran, criticizing Iran’s policy on the nuclear deal and its quest after regional dominance.

    The activists warned from the worrisome they have towards the future of the country and the gap between the people and the authority, stressing that the internal problems include all bodies of the authority.

    The signatories backed stances of former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who sent a similar letter on Feb. 19, considering him the basic figure among the political elite to support national demands…”

  13. What is Mark Zuckerberg hiding? Facebook secretly deletes some of its founder’s private messages over fears sensitive data may be leaked

    Read more:
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    Facebook has deleted some of Mark Zuckerberg’s private messages over fears sensitive data could be leaked.

    Three sources claim old Facebook messages from Zuckerberg have disappeared from their inbox.

    The recipients were not notified – raising concerns about what the Facebook CEO could be hiding.

    Facebook claims the change was made after the 2014 Sony Pictures hack, when a mass data breach at the movie studio resulted in embarrassing email histories being leaked.

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  14. Mystery surrounds Sessions appointee to FBI investigation
    By Katie Bo Williams – 04/06/18 06:00 AM EDT

    Questions surround the work of U.S. Attorney John Huber, who is playing a key role in one of the multiple investigations surrounding President Trump and the Justice Department.

    Known as a no-nonsense prosecutor whose primary experience is fighting violent crime, the U.S. attorney for Utah is an appointee of President Obama whose job was saved by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) when Trump asked state attorneys to resign so that he could field a new slate of professionals.

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions quietly tapped Huber — apparently last fall — to work in tandem with the Justice Department’s Inspector General to determine whether conservative allegations of abuse at the FBI and the DOJ merit investigation.

  15. BLOODY SPREE London knife crime worsens – Seven stabbed including SIX in 90 minutes as boy aged just THIRTEEN left fighting for his life

    Six teens were stabbed in London in a 90-minute bloodbath hours after after a man, in his twenties, was stabbed in Walthamstow

    SIX teens were stabbed in just over 90 minutes last night as London reels in the rising wave of violence.

    A 13-year-old has been left fighting for his life following the knifing spree that came hours after a man was attacked earlier in the day.

  16. Israel deploys snipers, tanks as Palestinians begin protests along Gaza border
    Hamas-backed ‘March of Return’ demonstrators burn tires in hope smoke will block snipers’ view; IDF fires tear gas, fears border attacks; US calls on Palestinians to stay 500m back

    Israel and Hamas geared up Friday for another showdown on the Gaza-Israel border with the IDF deploying snipers and tanks ahead of an expected mass protest, and demonstrators starting to set fire to tires along the tense frontier.

    Palestinians were burning tires, sending thick plumes of black smoke into the air, and others threw stones at Israeli soldiers over the border fence, who responded with tear gas and live fire, witnesses said.

  17. Strong>Richard: This is what I was afraid of, the Mexican Government decided to play games and issue visas which means the people in the caravan can go where they want. This smells to high heaven, the people leading this caravan are going for the border to start a mess in the US (with South Americans) like the one in Europe (The Islamic Invasion). This is the beginning of an existential crisis that we have to win or freedom disappears from the world for a long time.

    EXCLUSIVE: ‘We’ll see you soon Mr President!’ Immigrants on the sprawling human caravan taunt Trump and reveal that despite the ‘tough Mexican immigration laws’ he touted they have passes to travel with NO restrictions as they move toward the U.S.

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    Defiant Central American migrants from the sprawling human ‘caravan’ snaking north through Mexico taunted President Trump and vowed to continue their push towards the US – declaring: ‘We’ll see you soon Mr President.’

    And they told about the reality of what Trump called ‘the strong immigration laws of Mexico’ revealing that in fact they were being given 20 or even 30-day passes to travel freely and told to report to immigration centers, which dot the U.S. border.

    Far from being ‘broken up’ as Trump claimed on Thursday morning, the caravan was being helped on its way to Mexico City with coaches which arrived not long after he tweeted.

    And while Mexican officials had encouraged it to disperse, they did so by giving permits to stay in the country without asking a single question about gangs and crimes.

    Read more:
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  18. Richard: I am going to have to think about this for a while before making any meaningful comment. My first thoughts are that things are starting to really break open and we need to pay close attention to what is coming out. This may, I repeat may be the beginning of the end for some of the real big shots in the Deep State.

    Russiagate: It’s down to the ‘big one’ no one is looking at
    By J.E. Dyer April 6, 2018

    Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has come out swinging this week, determined to get an uncensored copy of the document that launched the FBI’s Russia probe in July 2016. He’s looking for a copy that has enough material in it to be informative – something the FBI has so far refused to provide.

    Objectively, this can only be a case of unjustified stonewalling on the part of the FBI (and, by extension, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein). There cannot be a valid reason for the FBI or the Justice Department to withhold the information from Devin Nunes – especially when, as Nunes points out, so much has already been leaked by the FBI and/or DOJ to the media.

    As regards whether Nunes would leak it or not, readers will have to make up their own minds. My opinion hasn’t changed since I saw how he handled the first big revelation that came through him in early 2017, when he got a glimpse of just what the National Security Council had been doing with its power to unmask U.S. persons using NSA telecommunications data.

  19. Judge who worked 1 day out of 214 and received pay raise can’t understand media’s interest
    By Howard Portnoy April 6, 2018

    Nice work if you can get it!

    Rochester, N.Y., City Court Judge Leticia Astacio last reported for work on Feb. 27. She hasn’t shown up since, which is hardly unusual considering she hadn’t been to work previously since Aug. 31, 2017.

    The fact that she missed 213 out of 214 days of work didn’t prevent her from collecting a $11,700 pay raise on Apr. 1, bringing her annual compensation to $187,200.

    Astacio, who claims she has been ill and even has a doctor’s note, is incredulous that the media care about any of this.

    “I can’t even begin to fathom why this is a story. All of the judges in New York are getting raises,” she told the Democrat & Chronicle. “Last year there was a raise too, but it wasn’t news then for whatever reason. I am so tired of being the focal point of the Rochester media like there’s nothing else for them to talk about. That’s insane.”

    In a Facebook video released Monday, Astacio, who is black, suggested another explanation for the media’s focused on her: “It’s biased reporting to talk about me getting a raise when everyone got a raise.”

  20. Congressional investigators ‘trying to get to bottom’ of Brennan’s role in Russia probe
    By LU Staff April 5, 2018

    A book published in March offered a startling but little-noticed revelation about former CIA Director John Brennan. According to “Russian Roulette,” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid believed Brennan was using him as a conduit to publicize possible links between Trump campaign associates and the Russian government.

    Brennan’s contacts with Reid — and other activities during the 2016 presidential campaign — are of “significant” interest to congressional investigators trying to figure out the ex-spy’s early role in the Russia investigation, The Daily Caller News Foundation is told.

    “By his own account, Brennan played a prominent role in starting the investigation of Trump’s team,” a congressional source with direct knowledge of the House of Representatives’ Russia investigations tells TheDCNF.

    “Investigators in Congress suspect there are important details about his role that he hasn’t revealed, and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it.”

  21. All of Europe Should Copy Austria’s Infant School Hijab Ban – AfD Official (sputniknews, Apr 6, 2018)

    “Austria’s rightwing government announced plans on April 4 to ban headscarves in kindergartens and primary schools to allow all children to be able to “integrate and develop freely.”

    Commenting on the proposed policy, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party’s leader in the Bundestag, Alexander Gauland, said children shouldn’t be sent to school “in disguise” as it prevents integration and “cements parallel societies.”

    “Children should not be sent to the kindergarten or elementary school in disguise. This will cement parallel societies from an early age. Nonetheless, it is a problem that is becoming increasingly common in urban environments across Europe,” the AfD’s leader in the Bundestag was quoted as saying by an official party press release on April 5.

    Mr. Gauland expressed support for Austria’s attempt to ban the hijab in the aforementioned schooling facilities and said Germans can only dream about such a measure coming into effect soon, with Chancellor Angela Merkel in charge.

    “Austria does it right, if this practice is simply forbidden by law. An example that could also serve as a role model for Europe. The Austrian government under Chancellor Kurz tackles problems and consistently implements clear measures. That’s something we can only dream about in Germany so far.”

    Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that his government’s “Child Protection Act” – which outlaws headscarves at kindergartens and primary schools – is set to be drafted by summer…”

  22. U.S. conducts air strike in Somalia, says 3 militants killed (reuters, Apr 6, 2018)

    “The U.S. military said on Friday it had killed three militants after launching an air strike in Somalia against al Shabaab, a militant Islamist group allied with al Qaeda.

    The military’s Africa Command (Africom) said they carried out the strike on April 5 near the town of Jilib, about 230 miles (370 km) southwest of Mogadishu.

    “In coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia, U.S. Forces conducted an air strike against Al-Shabaab militants near Jilib … killing three terrorists and destroying one vehicle with a mounted heavy machine gun,” it said in a statement.

    Washington has expanded its operations in the Horn of Africa country after President Donald Trump eased combat rules last year.

    Since withdrawing from the capital Mogadishu in 2011, al Shabaab lost control of most of Somalia’s cities and towns. But they retain a strong presence in regions outside the capital.

    On Friday, one soldier was killed by a militant who attacked a checkpoint in Mogadishu. A car bomb in the same place injured two other soldiers.

    Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack.”

    • Deutsche Welle – Polls in Hungary: Will Anti-Migrant Prime Minister Orban win?

      Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is hoping his campaign against migration will secure him a third consecutive term in office. But is the issue still weighing heavily on voters’ minds?

    • al jazeera – Hungary elections: Orban campaign targets critic Soros

      Most opinion polls indicate that Hungary’s right-wing nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban is likely to win a third consecutive term in Sunday’s election.

      His campaign has focused on targeting his toughest critic, billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who supports open borders in Eastern Europe.

    • “SR# 1271 NBC Crew – Crooked Hillary’s MASSIVE MELTDOWN at Commander-in-Chief Forum” The Still Report – Published on October 17, 2016

  23. Yemen: Thousands rally against Saudi-Arabian-led coalition

    Thousands took the streets of Sanaa on Friday, to protest against the Saudi-Arabian-led coalition’s bombing of the country and to condemn the raping of a Yemeni girl by one of its soldiers.


    At the Greensboro City Council Meeting, Mr. Mark Robinson comments on Greensboro NC Mayor’s proposal to stop hosting gun shows at the Greensboro Coliseum.

  25. London bloodbath: Two teenagers stabbed in shopping centre as violence grips capital (express, Apr 6, 2018)

    “TWO teens have been rushed to hospital after a stabbing in Croydon in south London this evening. It comes after a night of horror in the capital with seven teens stabbed yesterday, bringing the total to nine teens stabbed in 24 hours.

    Metropolitan Police officers were called to the Whitgift shopping cetnre at 5pm after recieing reports a man in his late teens to early twenties was suffering from stab injuries.

    The London Ambulance Service and Air Ambulance also attended the scene.

    When officers got to the scene they also found a 16-year-old suffering stab wounds.

    Met Police have said they are awaiting an update as to the conditions of both males.

    Detectives from Croydon CID are investigating and there have been no arrests at this stage.

    Six teenagers were stabbed in unrelated incidents across London in a two hour period last night.

    A 15-year-old boy was knifed in Westferry on East India Dock Road.

    Another boy, 13, was seriously wounded after being stabbed at around 7pm in Gainsborough Avenue, Newham east London, he was taken to hospital in a critical but stable condition…”

    • BBC – Knife crime and the role of social media

      What role does social media play in the increased deaths from knife crime in London?
      Our technology editor David Grossman went to Hackney to explore what role social media plays in street violence.

  26. General Reveals Why Turkey Exposed French Troops in Syria (sputniknews, Apr 6, 2018)

    “”There was nothing surprising” in the Turkish media’s decision, Trinquand said, because “in domestic politics, President Erdogan is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Brotherhood has been hostile to the Kurds, and from the very start, to President Bashar Assad and indeed to France.””

  27. ‘Gun-Free’ Britain: Two Men Shot in Multicultural Luton (breitbart, Apr 6, 2018)

    “Two men have been shot in Luton, a large and diverse town in Bedfordshire, north-west of London.

    Police were called to Portland Road, near Luton Football Club’s home grounds, at around 9:50 p.m. on Thursday, after reports that a 47-year-old man had been shot.

    The victim, who turned out to be a local imam, was taken to hospital with minor injuries, but a second, 30-year-old victim was more seriously injured, having been shot in the face…”

  28. Sweden Saw Biggest Ever Increase in Gonorrhoea Cases in 2017 (breitbart, Apr 6, 2018)

    “Swedish cases of the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhoea saw a record-breaking rise in 2017, continuing the reverse of a trend which saw the disease being almost totally eradicated just a decade ago.

    There were some 2,550 new cases in 2015, a 44 per cent rise from the already historically-high 1,778 cases 2016 reports Sweden Television (SVT). Earlier reports stated the number of people who sought treatment for gonorrhoea in the early part of 2017 was already three times higher than the same period in 2016.

    While rates of infection with the disease were traditionally broadly similar between straight men, women, and gay men, what the Swedish Public Health Authority classifies as MSM — men who have sex with men — have seen a rapid rise in the past five years. In 2017 the number of cases among the gay community increased 59 per cent — well above the national average.

    The spread of the disease has impacted disproportionately on certain areas. In the national capital of Stockholm, the prevalence of the disease is now 63 cases per 100,000 inhabitants — significantly ahead of the national rate of 25 cases per 100,000.

    Speaking to SVT, Anders Tegnell, state epidemiologist at the Public Health Authority said of the rise: “Gonorrhea had almost disappeared completely in Sweden, but unfortunately we are seeing an increase again. The increase is mainly in the group of men who have sex with men, but we also see an increase in other groups.

    “The reason for spreading is hard to know, but there are obvious connections to how individuals assess risks and how important it is with condom use”.

    Gonorrhoea is not the only disease thought to have been brought under control by European health authorities which has made a sudden comeback in recent years. Breitbart London reported in 2016 on the revival of long-eradicated diseases in Germany and Denmark, including Tuberculosis and Diphtheria, which were recorded among incoming migrants arriving as part of the Europe migrant crisis.

    The sudden arrival of large numbers of people with complex healthcare needs placed a huge strain on European healthcare systems, it was reported, with the migrant crisis becoming a public health crisis of its own.

    The Swedish authorities have not indicated a link between migrants and the increase in gonorrhoea, however.”

  29. April 6, 2018: Ep. 693 Is This What the FBI is Hiding?

    Richard: In this one he talks (part of the time) about the new socialism that the left is trying to create in the US. This new socialism is the classical economic element of Fascism. You are allowed to own private property, your own house, your own farm, your own business. Once you own one or more of the above you then discover that the Federal and local regulations tell you what you can do with you property.

  30. The Ethical Imperative for Small Arms in Private Hands.

    “Real men don’t need guns” is the mantra of many prohibitionists. They envision strong, fit men holding off armed foes like the characters of Hollywood superhero films. To them, the strength of the body and skill in (unarmed only) martial arts are worthy of admiration, but the same martial arts skill augmented by a weapon, be it a sword or a rice flail, is not. They give no thought to the dependence on men this requires of women, most of whom are not world-class kickboxers. Is it unethical to enable women to step into the world without a strong male to keep them safe?

    The old men and women, or those who aren’t physically perfect need not apply. At 84, this man won’t be demonstrating any feats of empty hand martial prowess. The same man can be a credible defender of self or family with something as little as an 8-ounce .380 pocket pistol. What’s so unethical about giving the aged the independence of being able to live without bodyguards to shadow their every step?

  31. Why an Elderly Jewish Woman was Murdered
    American Jews need to prepare to defend themselves.
    Michael Ledeen

    Mireille Knoll seems to have come from a novel, or a theater piece. Saved from the Holocaust, murdered at age 85 in what French police (who are very good indeed) are calling an anti-Semitic crime, honored in a huge march, eulogized by the President of France, her life seems crafted by a dramatist. As if Destiny saved her from the Nazis only to deliver her to the latest generation of Jew-haters.

    As the Passover Haggadah reminds us, in every generation the Jew-haters reemerge and try to destroy us. Again.

    The police have arrested two men, one of whom was a neighbor. I wonder if Mireille thought he was a friend, or at least a potential friend, someone she should treat with respect and kindliness. After all, we all eventually have to get along, don’t we? In the event, another neighbor heard the killer cry “Allahu Akhbar” as he stabbed her repeatedly, and then set her home on fire. I keep scouring the French press online, but so far these details aren’t there.

    To be sure, it often takes quite a while for the story to emerge. In the same days as the murder of Mrs. Knoll, a Parisian judge pronounced an earlier killing to have been an anti-Semitic act. An account of that killing now reads like an eery dry run:

  32. The Left Kills an American President Twice
    The Left is not fighting racism, sexism, homophobia, income inequality or war. It is fighting us.
    Daniel Greenfield

    First, Obama renamed Mt. McKinley. Now the Arcata City Council in California wants to tear down a statue of President William McKinley.

    “Put a rope around its neck and pull it down,” a leftist activist shouted.

    There were similar protests last year in Honolulu at McKinley High School, a push to remove a McKinley statue in Massachusetts, and a McKinley statue was repeatedly vandalized in San Francisco.

    If there’s any Republican president who would appear an unlikely target for the left, it’s McKinley.

    Unlike the Confederate generals previously targeted by the Taliban left, McKinley began the Civil War as a Union private and ended it as a major. At Antietam, he delivered food to his men while under fire.

    Suffragists and African-Americans campaigned for him. Susan B. Anthony had celebrated her birthday at the White House. He had vowed to secure the rights of “every citizen, black or white, rich or poor.”

    But the left is coming for President McKinley again.

  33. Are We Rolling Downhill Like a Snowball Headed for Hell?
    The kernel of wisdom in the “declinism” impulse.
    Bruce Thornton

    Country music legend Merle Haggard released “Are the Good Times Really Over” in 1982. Like his earlier songs “Okie from Muskogee” and “Fightin’ Side of Me,” Haggard was looking back to simpler times, before the sixties revolution began the two-bit Nietzschean “transvaluation of all values,” especially the disdain for traditional virtues like patriotism and faith. Progressives and leftists dismissed Haggard as a naïve hillbilly at best, and a white racist pining for his lost privilege at worst.

    But the question in Haggard’s chorus still persists in our culture and politics, with prophecies of doom coming from both ends of the political spectrum. So, are “the good times really over”? Or is anxiety over declinism misplaced?

    After all, worrying over decline is universal. In constitutional governments, much of it comes from the melodramatic hyperbole of political rhetoric. Ever since ancient Athens, prophesizing doom is a way to frighten voters into choosing one party and set of policies instead of another. After the disappointment of 1968, the left-leaning Democrats particularly turned to hysteria and hyperbole to salve their wounds and jump-start the “fundamental transformation of America.” Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and his son were all cast as portents of the coming doom: the destruction of civil liberties, the dismantling of the democratic order, nuclear annihilation, the creation of a plutocracy––these are just a few of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse predicted by Dems.

    What to make of recent comments by Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman?
    Caroline Glick

    Have we entered a new period of sweetness and light with our Arab neighbors? On Monday The Atlantic published an interview the magazine’s editor Jeffrey Goldberg conducted with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

    Hours after its publication, the responses began pouring in.

    The basic line, repeated by all major newspapers, is that the Saudi crown prince recognized Israel’s right to exist. Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt gushed about it on his Twitter feed.

    Referring to the interview as “amazing,” Greenblatt wrote that “all should watch [Muhammad bin Salman].

    He is far from perfect [and] there is a long road ahead, but in a region long dominated by hateful despots, [the prince] envisions a very different future for Muslims, Jews, Christians and all in the Middle East.”

    Other commentators were even more exhilarated.

  35. Yes, “Islam Is Part of Our History”
    … but hardly in the way that European elites claim.
    Raymond Ibrahim

    European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans recently chaired a roundtable with ten Muslim imams from six EU Member States (Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands). Afterwards Timmermans announced that “the Commission is strongly committed to promoting diversity in Europe. Islam is part of our history, Islam is part of our present and Islam will be part of our future.”

    Such assertions are as true as the assumptions they are based on—and whether such assumptions are grounded in historical facts or fictions. In prefacing his claims about Islam’s historic role in Europe by saying “the Commission is strongly committed to promoting diversity in Europe,” it is clear which perception Timmermans is invoking.

    The true, historically documented role that Islam played has a much different story to tell: in the early seventh century, sword-waving Arabs burst out of the Arabian Peninsula and in a few decades conquered some two-thirds of what then constituted the Christian world—from Syria and Egypt in the east to Carthage and Spain in the west and everything in between. One hundred years after the death of their prophet (traditionally dated to 632), they were in the heart of France where, thanks to their defeat at Tours in 732, and other Frankish victories, the whole of Europe was also not conquered.


    For the second time in 6 years the ‘Islam’ party will participate in Belgium’s municipal elections. The party wants to create an Islamic State and separate men and women in public transport, Belgian newspaper HLN reports.

    “Our goal is a 100% Islamic State, but we don’t mean we want to oblige the headscarf,” the party’s founder Redouane Ahrouch says. “By establishing Sharia law we want to follow the way of the prophet and the Quran”, he adds.

    The Islam party clearly focuses on conservative Muslims and already has two members elected as a result of the 2012 elections. This year it will participate in 28 municipalities.

  37. ‘Obamanation:’ 88% entering US illegally can stay claiming ‘credible fear’

    The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed through its research that immigrants entering the U.S. by crossing the border illegally can escape immediate deportation 88 percent of the time if they claim to have experienced “credible fear” in their native country – thanks to former President Barack Obama.

    The green light for illegal aliens became rife during the eight years of the previous pro-immigration administration, as Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS)made it a habit of writing out permission slips for illegal immigrants to continue breaking the law.

    “After former President Obama’s administration acted as a rubber stamp for asylum-seekers looking to permanently stay in the U.S., the number of credible fear cases increased [by 89,000 from his first year in office to his last full year],” Breitbart News reported from the DOJ’s analysis.

  38. Muslims: Settlement will prevent ‘illegal’ NYPD surveillance

    New York City has reached a settlement giving Muslims a say in police training and policies, and the city agreed to pay mosques and businesses who said they were illegally targeted for surveillance because of their religion, Muslim groups said Thursday.

    The groups said they’ve been targeted for years following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack, and they hope this settlement sends a message to the Trump administration to be careful about its own plans, such as the president’s travel ban.

    The Muslim groups said roughly 20 mosques, two Muslim student organizations in New Jersey, 14 restaurants, two grade schools and 11 retail stores faced surveillance. Visitors and customers were photographed and undercover officers and informants infiltrated some of the organizations during a decade-long period.

    The organizations sued, saying they were being singled out purely because of their religion. A federal district court ruled against them in 2014 but the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stepped in a year later and said their lawsuit could proceed, comparing the surveillance to targeting of the Japanese during World War II.

  39. Black Lives Matter lawyer submits some unusual language in court filing

    GOPUSA Staff New York Daily News 11:45 am April 6, 20185 comments

    A contentious case over NYPD surveillance of Black Lives Matter protesters has sunk to a new low: The latest filing in the case reads, “EAT ME C–SUCKRE.”

    The mistake by David Thompson, a lawyer for protester James Logue, was contained in the file name for legal papers he submitted ahead of arguments in Manhattan Supreme Court next week.

    The all-capped, angry invective appears when the document is opened on the court’s public e-filing system.

    “Oh sh–! That’s what happens when I get really mad late at night. Nothing I can do about it now,” Thompson told the Daily News.

    “I had no idea you could see (that) — next time I’ll write ‘gosh darn it all to heck.’”

    Thompson has been outspoken about his frustration with the NYPD’s refusal to turn over records on the surveillance of protesters in 2014 and 2015, going so far as to call the department “a professional lying organization.”

    Justice Manuel Mendez held the NYPD in contempt in November for ignoring his orders to turn over certain records of cops’ monitoring of “die-ins” at Grand Central in the wake of the killing of Eric Garner. Despite the ruling, the NYPD is still dodging disclosure, Thompson wrote in his fiery new filing.

  40. Muslim Girl Falsely Alleges Attack, Trudeau Responds Within Hours. Catholic Churches Vandalized: 4 Days.

    Last Sunday on Easter morning between midnight and 7 a.m., two Catholic churches in Halifax were vandalized with spray-painted obscenities.

    It took Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau four full days before he responded to the attacks on Saint Benedict Parish and St. Agnes Parish, in which “F*** Jesus” and a raised middle finger were spray-painted. He tweeted this on Thursday morning:

  41. Nancy Pelosi: When We Take Back The House, I PROMISE We’ll Repeal Those Republican Tax Cuts
    The former Speaker of the House wants to raise your taxes as a first priority.

    As soon as Democrats retake the House in November, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told a town hall meeting Wednesday that the first priority is repealing and “replacing” the GOP tax cut package that passed last December.

    Speaking to her constituents in Culver City, California, alongside Hollywood Congressman Ted Lieu, Pelosi pledged to discard the popular bill, which has prompted several major American companies to boost wages, share profits, and in some cases move their production operations back from overseas, because Republicans were so secretive in enacting the bill.

    • Never stop your enemy when they are making a mistake, this is a big mistake, the only ones who will benefit from a repeal are the upper 5% of the tax payers. Let her defend this.

  42. Palestinians: Abbas Targets Hamas, Then Condemns Israel for Targeting Hamas

    by Bassam Tawil
    April 6, 2018 at 5:00 am

    The Palestinian Authority (PA), now calling for an international inquiry into the March 30 events along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, says that Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have the right to demonstrate and protest against Israel.

    Ironically, however, when it comes to areas under the control of the PA in the West Bank, Palestinians are banned from staging protests in front of President Mahmoud Abbas’s “presidential” Mukata headquarters in Ramallah. In general, the PA leadership does not tolerate any form of criticism — which happens to be the reason that protests against Abbas and his government are virtually unheard of.

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