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  1. Islamic State Gunman Killed in Shootout with Russian Police

    MOSCOW (AP) – Russia says a militant affiliated with the Islamic State group has been killed in a battle with police in the country’s southern republic of Dagestan.

    The National Anti-Terrorism Committee said the man in a house was surrounded by officers Saturday and ordered to surrender, but refused and was killed by police. The committee said a sniper rifle, ammunition and a grenade were found in the house, according to Russian news agencies.

    Dagestan is a predominantly Muslim region between Chechnya and the Caspian Sea. An Islamist insurgency connected to two separatist wars in Chechnya has spread to Dagestan.

  2. Man Arrested for Threatening to Murder GOP Congressman

    A Virginia Beach man was charged Friday with threatening to murder his local congressman, Rep. Scott Taylor (R-Va.), the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia announced Friday.

    According to court documents, Wallace Grove Godwin, 69, visited Taylor’s office on Thursday and threatened to shoot him and two staffers at a Saturday event. The dispute arose, according to the District Attorney’s office, over a discussion about marijuana policy.

    “Scott is having an event this Saturday. I am going to get my shotgun and do something about this. I will just handle this myself,” Godwin allegedly said to a Taylor staffer. He then pointed to two staffers in the room and said, “You two are next,” authorities said.

    Gowdin is expected to appear in a federal courthouse in Norfolk, Va. on Friday afternoon. The maximum penalty for threatening a member of Congress is 10 years in prison.

  3. More California cities looking to reject state’s sanctuary law

    More towns and cities in California are exploring options to follow Los Alamitos in rejecting the state’s sanctuary law.

    Members of the Los Alamitos Council voted Monday to opt out of a state law that limits cooperation between local police and federal immigration agents.

    “Tiny Los Alamitos has kicked open the door,” state Assemblyman Travis Allen told the Orange County Register, “and now other cities across California are looking to get on board and stand up against the illegal sanctuary state.”

    The law, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last year and in effect since Jan. 1, includes prohibiting state and local police agencies from informing federal authorities in cases when illegal immigrants facing deportation are released from detention.

  4. Guy Who Said He Had Sex With Obama Is Pissed Stormy Daniels Is Mainstream Media Darling

    A man who claimed he had a two-day love affair with a married Barack Obama back in 1999 is heated over the mainstream media’s “sickening” double standard concerning Stormy Daniels, a porn star who claims she had sex with a married Donald Trump back in 2006.

    Larry Sinclair claims he had a drug-induced sex romp with then-Senator Obama in Chicago after the duo were introduced by a limousine driver. Sinclair claims he performed oral sex on Mr. Obama on two occasions.

    “Stormy Daniels is being pimped and pimping the media now and it’s lining her pockets,” accused Sinclair in an interview with The Washington Examiner. “I believe she had sex with him. Do I believe she’s trying to twist and add to it to benefit her interests? You’re damn right I do.”

  5. This was testimony before the Texas state legislature when they were discussing legalizing concealed carry. The D lost both of her parents in the cafe shooting.

    2nd Amendment – Dr. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp testimony

  6. Is US Forest Service Hiding Enviro-Damage by Illegal Aliens?

    ‘Tons of trash, abandoned vehicles and dangerous campfires are common along the border…’

    The Immigration Reform Law Institute sued the USDA Forest Service on behalf of the Federation for American Immigration Reform on Thursday.

    The lawsuit seeks data outlining the effect of illegal immigration on federal lands in California taken care of by the Service.

    The Service has failed to provide numerous records which had been requested by FAIR through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

    This information includes the amount of land the Forest Service has closed to the public since fiscal year 2015; an estimate of how many people have illegally crossed the border into two national forests since 2011; the amount of resource damage and wildlife costs created by campfires since 2013; the number and cost of the law enforcement officers stationed at the lands.

    “One of the most under-reported stories about illegal immigration is the damage it causes to the environment in border areas,” IRLI Executive Director and General Counsel Dale L. Wilcox said. “Tons of trash, abandoned vehicles and dangerous campfires are common along the border.

    • Is US Forest Service Hiding Enviro-Damage by Illegal Aliens?

      I would not doubt this for one moment. A few years ago, situated along the banks of Coyote Creek in San Jose, California was (during that time) America’s largest homeless encampment. Known as “The Jungle”, it had been continuously occupied for years before being permanently dismantled by local authorities in 2017.

      Why did this long-deferred event finally take place? It is because the City of San Jose was being sued by federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) officials for severe damage being done to the already fragile riparian habitat of Coyote Creek. As in; transients were defecating and otherwise imaginatively severely polluting the already endangered waterway.

      This 65 acre parcel of undeveloped land was home to almost 200 people. When the cleanout was finished, some 1.2 million pounds (that’s six hundred tons or over a half million kilos) of garbage plus over three hundred shopping carts (trolleys) were removed from the site.

      With only about 12% of the official US population California, nonetheless, attracts some 25% of the nation’s homeless. Just this one internal statistic should make pretty clear why so many illegal aliens are attempting to enter the Golden State (and not Texas or Arizona).

      Given the above example of urban riverside damage, imagine what it will take for illiterate people coming from regions well-beyond America’s Southern Border having grown up without even the most basic amenities (e.g., running water or indoor plumbing) will magically understand the hyper-fragility of the desert corridor waterways that they cross and camp near is totally beyond fantasy or delusion.

      NOTE: The term “hyper-fragility” is used because, like Antarctica, extreme desert ecologies are some of the most delicately balanced and vulnerable environments on earth. It is why both of the preceding locations are used in exobiology experiments.

      In a tangential case, many years ago the Sierra Club was asked about increased worldwide environmental damage happening due to illegal aliens entering America and adopting the resource-intensive consumer profiles that this hyper-pro-environmentalist group is so critical of here at home. Aaaaaannnddd…
      Wait for it!
      The Sierra Club declined to reconsider its stance on illegal immigration. Quel surprise!

      I’d dearly love to a be a fly on the wall when top Clubbers discuss the massive riparian destruction, pollution, and wildlife impacts associated with illegal immigration. There would likely be one or two aneurysms along the way.

      In fact, if Trump has his wits about him, he will immediately assign documentation teams to gather current environmental impact data that can be compared to downstream (i.e., post-Wall) observations. Much like how the Korean DMZ has become a robust wildlife refuge (at least on the South Korean side), numerous locations like Pripyat (Chernobyl Exclusion Zone) and other places where humans have evicted themselves are becoming priceless natural reserves.

      I predict that the entire southern border ecology will rebound in astonishing and unexpected ways. This will happen in both Mexico and America. Look up: “trophic cascade“.

      TLDR?: Reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park culled massive elk and deer over-populations. Streamside willows are a favorite browse of elk whose cloven hooves badly churn the soil (that clouds the stream) as these even-toed ungulates crop the vegetation to a disastrous degree. Elk get munched by wolves, waters run clear, streamside willows recover and shade gravel beds creating oxygen-rich waters where trout like to spawn … Hey Presto! … trout recovery.

      As noted – “Trophic Cascade”: It is one of the most fascinating concepts in all of Natural Science. My money is on a yuge Trophic Cascade happening along The (Completed) Wall that sorts out wildlife issues like coyote (the canine sort) overpopulation, and a re-balancing of the entire predator–prey food chain.

      The richness of sociological irony here lies in how coyotes (i.e., human traffickers) will similarly undergo a massive (and likely violent) overhaul of their own networks as the few legitimate transit portals dry up.

      In fact, it would represent a splendid “third facet” to document about Wall-related enviro-economic outcomes. After The Wall is completed, environmental impacts will skyrocket around legitimate transit portals.

      This, even as wildlife recovery rates begin rebounding beyond all expectations. Especially beginning at the midpoints between those legitimate transit portals. As in: The farther away from concentrated human activity, the more speedy that ecosphere’s recovery will be.

      Above all, The Wall will combat how human traffickers purposefully create a multitude of otherwise totally unnecessary and highly damaging—for instance: the the heat-related soil sterilization from a single-use fire circle can last for centuries—paths (again) through some of the most fragile environments on earth.

      If Trump has the wits he will document all these various phases of Environmental Conservation [Gasp!], by capturing the best and worst cases that this mega-project has to offer.

        • The propaganda media says that China will win the trade war, but the propaganda media has sold out to so many foreign interests it is hard to keep straight who owns the largest part of their loyalty. We know it isn’t the US so their statements aren’t the most trustworthy opinion. Norse Radish and I both think China will end up losing, probably bigger then either one of us think. On the other hand there are others like Shelly on China Uncensored thinks that the losses by the up will be offset by gains from the war. As she points out trade and economics aren’t a zero sum game so it is possible for both the US and China to both win and lose the war.

          The thing that people aren’t talking about (and some probably aren’t talking about) is how a war with North Korea will effect the US/China trade. Since China would be waging an unrestricted total war the US and our allies would be justified in sinking all Chinese flagged vessels and in blockading all of the Chinese ports. This wouldn’t cut off all of the Chinese trade with Europe but it will reduce that trade by 1/2 to 2/3rds which will cut into the Chinese ability to purchase raw materials overseas. It would also cut off the new Chinese colonies in Africa.

          All of the above tells me that 1) China isn’t going to go into a full fledged trade war with the US and 2) it is unlikely that China will move against the US when we are forced to hit North Korea.

          One of the gains that the US would get out of the trade war would be new manufacturing facilities in the US, these would be staffed with a much lower number of grunt workers and a lot more robots and high tech maintenance personal. It would also provide the opportunity for a lot of new smaller businesses to open providing jobs for some grunt labor and others for the high tech people.

          Since the Tariffs have been imposed we will discover what China is going to do, but they do have a lot more to lose then the US does. They are in the position of having to worry about how they are going to keep their people working, all we have to worry about is an increase in prices. Something that the left has been doing to the US for most of my life.

  7. Sikh youths based or settled in Europe, the US and Canada are also being misguided and instigated against India with false and malicious propaganda, the officials said. (Photo: File/PTI)
    New Delhi: The Home Ministry has told a parliamentary panel that Sikh youth are being trained at ISI facilities in Pakistan to carry out terror activities in India, and members of the community who are settled in Canada and other places are also being instigated against the country with false and malicious propaganda.

    Top officials of the home ministry, led by the Union Home Secretary, told the Committee on Estimates, headed by senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi, that radicalisation of youths by terrorist groups through the misuse of internet and social media has emerged as a big challenge.

    According to the report of the committee – ‘Central armed police forces and internal security challenges-evaluation and response mechanism’ – which was tabled in parliament on Monday, there have been some developments on the Sikh militancy front.

    The “commanders” of terror groups based in Pakistan are under pressure from ISI to further the Pakistani spy agency’s terror plans not only in Punjab but also in other parts of the country, it said.

    “Sikh youth are being trained at ISI facilities in Pakistan. Interdictions and interrogations have revealed use of jailed cadres, unemployed youth, criminals and smugglers by Pakistan-based Sikh terror groups for facilitating terror attacks,” the report said.

    • The thing most people don’t know is that until the British colonized India it was never one nation, it consisted of many small nations that were usually at war with each other. The Brits (for many reasons including at times self defense) took over the entire subcontinent forming what we now call India. After independence 1947 the Brits pull out and war started between mainly Hindu and Buddhist India and Moslem Pakistan and Bangladesh. Burma which was considered a seperate colony received their independence in 1948.

      The Sikh religion is a mix of Hindu and Moslem and the Punjab (where the Sikh’s live was one of the last areas the British took control of. they have been restless for a long time and some of the kids are showing they think they can kick out India and remain independent from Pakistan.

      • That’s partly why they can be at war in one region, while it’s business as usual for the rest of the country. I don’t know their constitution, but there must be quite a bit of autonomy at the state level.

        Even nation-level alliances can be undermined by constituencies with divergent loyalties. The Prime Minister has to move very slowly, placating everybody, living with contradictions. Not great fun for his allies, that’s for sure.

  8. Sweden: 24 year old migrant fined for masturbating on a Bus.
    (Malmo) In June 2016 a 24 year old migrant moved from the front of the bus he was sat on, to sit next to a 28 year old woman. Once there, he decided to get his penis out and start to jerk off next to the woman. She was having none of this pushed him away and reported him to the driver, who in turn called the Police, who arrested him.

  9. The trial for a refugee from Uzbekistan charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization by wiring money to the “Islamic Jihad Union” (IJU) began in Denver, Colorado, on Thursday.
    Prosecutors claim Bahktiyor Jumaev developed a closeness with fellow Uzbek Jamshid Muhtorov when the pair shared an apartment and that the two men discussed joining the IJU through phone calls and emails by using code words such as “wedding” to describe jihad.

    “It’s a crime to send money or property to a terrorist organization,” said prosecutor Gregory Holloway at a courthouse in Denver. “That’s why we’re here.”

  10. Ten Algerian migrant men were arrested in eastern Spain this week after they were alleged to have sexually abused three underage girls by luring them to an apartment offering drugs and money.
    The ten migrants were brought to court on charges of sexual abuse in the city of Alicante, where they are believed to have sexually molested and assaulted three girls aged 14, 15, and 17, Le Point reports.

    The men are said to have met the young girls and offered them both drugs and money to come back with them to an apartment in the city. All three of the girls, according to the Spanish police, had run away from a boarding school for troubled young people shortly before they met the group of migrant men.

  11. Germany: At least one injured during right-wing demo commemorating Mia V.

    A right-wing protest and counter-protest left at least one injured in the small town of Kandel on Saturday. Thousands marched under the slogan of “We are Kandel”, to commemorate Mia V. who was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend, an asylum-seeker.

    The protesters also called for immigration policies and were met by left-wing counter demonstrators.

    Both protests were heavily monitored by the police as they pushed back participants to avoid clashes between the two marches.

    Protester Boris Huebner criticised German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her immigration policies saying, “When we resist that illegal immigration which is forced by Chancellor Merkel, we get called Nazis and racists.”

    The small Rhineland-Palatinate town has been disrupted by protests since the murder of 15-year-old Mia V. who was killed by her Afghan ex, Abdul D. in December 2017.

  12. Sweden arrests record number of drugs smugglers (thelocal, Mar 24, 2018)

    “Large seizures of narcotics have been made from a record number of smugglers, with 58 individuals currently facing police charges, according to a report.

    The high volume of seizures has customs offers working harder than ever, reports newspaper Sydsvenskan.

    Major gateways for smuggling into Sweden include Malmö via the Öresund Bridge and ferries from Helsingborg in Denmark. Smuggling also takes place on boats to Ystad and Trelleborg, according to the report.

    Customs in Sweden’s Syd (South) police region, which consists of the Skåne, Blekinge and Kalmar counties, have reportedly made 973 confiscations since the end of 2017.

    “Most [of the confiscations] are drugs. But we had large confiscations of spirits too,” department leader Lars Bäckström told Sydsvenskan.

    Customs checks have turned up 973 kilograms of cannabis, 330 kilograms of cocaine, 140 kilograms of amphetamine and 40 kilos of heroine, the newspaper writes. Other doping substances have also been found.

    “Since this is related to serious crime, we have a lot of people in custody. That means our investigators are working extra hard at the moment,” Bäckström said.

    Officers normally assigned to other areas are currently temporarily transferred to help the customs department manage the high volume of criminal investigations, according to the report.

    “We thought that 2017 was an extreme year. We can now see that 2018 has started the same way. It is naturally gratifying that we are carrying out so many seizures. But it is also very strenuous,” Michael Nelander, head of the customs agency (Tullverket) for Region South, said to Sydsvenskan.”

  13. Chad soldier, 20 Boko Haram fighters killed in clash: Army source (ahram, Mar 24, 2018),–Boko-Haram-fighters-killed-in-clash.aspx

    “A Chadian soldier and 20 Boko Haram members were killed in a clash in the restive Lake Chad region near Nigeria, a Chadian military officer told AFP Saturday.

    The incident occurred on Friday on an islet named Tchoukou Hadje, the officer said, adding that five soldiers were wounded.

    “Twenty Boko Haram members were killed and a large amount of weapons was recovered,” he said. “The Chadian army lost one member.”

    Two Chadian soldiers including a captain were killed in an ambush in the area a month ago in the first attack by the Nigerian jihadist group on Chadian soil since May last year in which nine soldiers died.

    Boko Haram, a militant movement opposed to Western influence and seeking an Islamic state based on Sharia law, has caused the deaths of at least 20,000 people since it took up arms in 2009 in Nigeria.

    Neighbouring Cameroon, Chad and Niger have all joined the military effort by Nigeria to crush Boko Haram.”

  14. REVEALED: Facebook data harvester’s links to US and UK counter-extremism campaigns (middleeasteye, Mar 24, 2018)

    “Parent company of Cambridge Analytica worked for US government on ‘deradicalisation’ and held UK defence contract that ended last month

    The parent company of Cambridge Analytica, the political consultancy firm accused of harvesting the data of tens of millions of Facebook users without authorisation, has run counter-extremism campaigns targeting potential Islamic State (IS) recruits for the US and UK governments.

    Officials in Washington and London are facing growing pressure to reveal their links to SCL Ltd’s controversial work, which is the subject of investigations in both countries.

    Cambridge Analytica, which was set up by UK-based SCL in 2013, has claimed credit for swaying voters during US President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign and during the UK’s “Brexit” referendum in the same year.

    It was bankrolled by Robert Mercer, an American hedge fund billionaire who donated substantial sums to Trump’s campaign, and Steve Bannon, Trump’s former strategist, served as the company’s vice-president…”

  15. Italy: Generazione Identitaria hosts second ‘sports day in defense of homeland’

    The far-right youth organisation Generazione Identitaria (Generation Identity) hosted its “second sports day in defense of homeland” in a secret gym in Rome, Friday.

    Footage shows the participants of the event as they train in martial arts and self-defense.

    Eleonora, the spokesperson for Generazione Identitaria in Rome, spoke of the need for learning self defense, “above all for women, who are the first victims of our cities’ deterioration”

    Generazione Identitaria was founded in 2012, and is the Italian faction of Generation Identity, a far right youth movement that began in France and has chapters across Europe.

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