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  1. THESSALONIKI, Greece — Anarchists have clashed with riot police in Greece after some 2,000 protesters from across the Balkans marched in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki against nationalism in the region.

    Police used tear gas and threw stun grenades Saturday at the anarchists, who were barricaded inside the University of Thessaloniki campus. Police are prohibited by law to enter the campus to make arrests.

    The gathering of Balkan anarchists was organized after far-right activists burned down an anarchist collective’s premises in Thessaloniki in January.

  2. BREAKING: Identitarian Leader Martin Sellner detained by Uk police for “inciting hatred/tension between local communities”

    The British chapter of Generation Identity just released a statement saying that Austrian identitarian leader Martin Sellner, accompanied by his girlfriend Brittany Pettibone, has been detained by the airport police in England. The cause of the detention? Apparently, the speech Sellner was supposed to give this Sunday on the topic of free speech would be causing tension among local communities and possibly incite hatred.

    Here is the full statement from the British GI chapter:

    “Yesterday, Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone were detained by the UK Government and effectively declared political dissidents. The government has decided that Martin’s talk about free speech is too dangerous to be heard. Don’t worry, some of our activists will be reading his speech at Speakers’ Corner at noon tomorrow in his stead. We can’t allow either the far left or the government to silence us!”

  3. African crime wave: New teenage gang who dress in red bandanas and hats have Melbourne residents living in fear after a spate of brutal bashings and robberies
    The teenage thugs described as ‘wannabe gangsters’ wear red items of clothing
    Locals believe they are replicating American street gangs the Crips and Bloods
    Police say they are upping patrols around hotspots in Melbourne’s south east
    Traders at a nearby shopping centre say they and customers ‘being terrorised’

  4. President Donald Trump broke bread with former deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka in the White House, along with a Fox News pundit — and no, it wasn’t Sean Hannity.

    In a sign of how his stock continues to rise at the network, joining the president and his former aide was none other than Fox News personality Jesse Watters, according to The Daily Beast.

    Trump invited the men to dinner in the White House residence Monday because “he couldn’t get enough of them on TV,” according to the customary anonymous source.

    Topics of conversation at the table reportedly included “what he’d seen on Fox News, politics, gossip, and his administration,” the Daily Beast reported.

    The source said Trump joked that he “missed” Gorka, a current Fox News contributor who served as an aide to fired White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

    “It was so lit,” another source said of the dinner.

  5. President Trump’s Military Parade Confirmed on Veteran’s Day in Washington DC
    The President of the United States of America is a proud leader of this great and patriotic nation – in which he has honored the brave men and women of our Armed Forces in more ways than any previous President in modern history – and that’s now been confirmed yet again with a military parade to support America’s finest.

    The Pentagon has issued a memorandum which outlines the blueprints for the parade, which is said to include period uniforms, and a complete airshow that will showcase American-made planes of every branch of the Armed Services, but leaves out the usage of tanks to avoid any damage to the infrastructure in Washington, DC.

  6. Greece: Anarchists from across Balkans clash with police in Thessaloniki

    Anarchist groups and riot police clashed in Thessaloniki on Saturday after some 2,000 left-wing activists from all over Greece and the Balkans held a rally against racism.

    Protesters threw Molotov cocktails and firecrackers at the police, who responded with tear gas.

  7. France: Islamic school top dog forcibly shaves student’s head, says his blonde tints were against rules of Qur’an
    Blonde fringe goes against Qur’anic rules? The teacher may be thinking of this verse, which has been interpreted to mean that men should dress modestly: “Tell the believing men to reduce of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what they do.” (Qur’an 24:30)

  8. Belgium: Scores protest construction of largest mosque in Flanders

    Hundreds gathered in Ghent to protest the planned construction of the largest mosque in Flanders on Saturday.

    Footage shows the protesters carrying signs reading “Against Jihad in our streets” and “Stop the Islamisation of Europe” among others, while chanting “no mosque in our city.”

    Police, as well as undercover officers, were present to monitor the protest, which was peaceful.

    Construction of the 2,500-square-metre (26,909-square-foot) mosque is expected to begin early this summer.

  9. WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange has pinned the blame for the website’s releases ahead of the 2016 presidential election on the Obama administration, as it put him in such conditions where he had “nothing to do but work 24/7.”
    Assange made the quip on Twitter Friday, responding to a two-week-old anti-Russian post by the former Attorney General Eric Holder.

    Holder, who headed the Department of Justice from 2009 to 2015, put forth the usual set of allegations against Moscow, claiming Russia would interfere with the upcoming US midterm elections.

  10. CNN – Steve Bannon: Wear ‘racist’ label as badge of honor

    While speaking at the annual meeting of the right-wing National Front conference, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told the crowd to wear the racist label as a “badge of honor.”

  11. Seven weeks before Londoner Stuart Cline died in an Ontario hospital after being stranded in Mexico awaiting a hospital bed here, a Toronto-area man suffered a similar fate, his family says.

    Bryan Sockett, 72, suffered with pneumonia for two weeks in the Dominican Republic while waiting for an Ontario hospital to commit to providing an intensive care bed, his health insurer so desperate it moved him to a Florida hospital where he died Jan. 19, his family told The Free Press and posted on Facebook.

    “I’m extremely saddened and outraged at the state of our health-care system today,” Sockett’s daughter, Kathy Paul, wrote on her Facebook page.

    “We contacted the Canadian Embassy, the Ministry of Health and my ­brother-in-law literally travelled hospital to hospital to plead for a bed. They could not help us. We finally convinced the insurance company to move him to Fort Lauderdale. . . . Unfortunately, it was too late. The infections he had contracted had worsened and his system was shutting down. He passed away the following day.”

  12. The first group of refugees have entered their new homes in the German town of Bielefeld. Thirteen apartments were built especially for those who are in the asylum process. The project combines new apartments with social support and its goal is to encourage integration of the refugees.

    Social affairs officer, Ingo Nürnberger, commented regarding the city building apartments only for refugees, “There is clearly an envy debate,” he says. But: “Every built apartment currently relieves the housing market,” he adds.

    The apartments were built by Solion, a subsidiary of the local municipality. New apartments for refugees will also be built at three other locations in Bielefeld. “We want to create not only emergency solutions, but sustainable living,” says Nürnberger.

  13. A 73-year-old concealed carry permit holder shot a 22-year-old suspect three times Thursday morning in Fresno, California, after the suspect allegedly attacked the permit holder with a stick.
    Your Central Valley reports that the permit holder was taking his normal, early morning walk along a canal when the suspect approached and a “verbal confrontation” ensued.

    Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the confrontation escalated when the suspect allegedly “picked up a large stick or wooden object” and struck the 73-year-old. The elderly man pulled a handgun and shot the suspect three times in response.

    The suspect was taken to the hospital to receive treatment for gunshot wounds, while the elderly man was taken to be treated for the wounds sustained after being hit with the stick.

    Chief Dyer said preliminary investigation results point to the elderly man being justified in shooting the suspect.

  14. Ayesha Riaz died three days after giving birth to their son, Eesa, on Feb. 7, at Markham Stouffville Hospital in southern Ontario. Riaz, who was a healthy 24-year-old, had a hospital-acquired aggressive group A streptococcus (GAS) bacterial infection, ultimately leading to her death on Feb. 10, according to an audio recording shared with Global News. Saleem was told his wife went into septic shock.

    • Despite what the Propaganda has been predicting the people fleeing into Texas didn’t vote Democrat but did vote Republican.

      There is a land price bubble right now, people fleeing Illinois and other high tax states are paying two and at times four times the value of the land to get a farm out side of the high tax states before the state governments try and stop the money leaving their states. Recently a farm was sold for over $4 Million it was worth between $1.75 Million and $2 Million.

  15. “Update Brazil – How to Incite Subversion: The Chinese Way”
    Allan Dos Santos & Jeff Nyquist
    Terça Livre – March 10, 2018

  16. Autor Tellkamp vertritt Pegida-Positionen

    Bei einer Debatte im Dresdner Kulturpalast vertrat der 49-jährige Autor Uwe Tellkamp („Der Turm“) am Donnerstag vor allem Positionen der AfD und der fremdenfeindlichen Pegida-Bewegung. Der Verlag Suhrkamp distanzierte sich.

    Dresden. Die Dichter Durs Grünbein und Uwe Tellkamp haben sich in ihrer Geburtsstadt Dresden einen verbalen Schlagabtausch um die Flüchtlingspolitik und Meinungsfreiheit geliefert. Bei der Debatte vor mehreren Hundert Zuschauern im Dresdner Kulturpalast vertrat der 49-jährige Tellkamp („Der Turm“) am Donnerstagabend vor allem rechtsradikale Positionen der AfD und der islam- und ausländerfeindlichen Pegida-Bewegung. Zu den Motiven von Flüchtlingen sagte er unter anderem: „Die meisten fliehen nicht vor Krieg und Verfolgung, sondern kommen her, um in die Sozialsysteme einzuwandern, über 95 Prozent.“ Zudem gab Telkamp Verschwörungstheoretisches gegen die Medien von sich: „Viele Journalisten sind auf Regierungslinie.“

    Grünbein: Klimawandel in der Debatte nötig

    Ein Ausgangspunkt der Debatte war die „Charta 2017“, die von einer Dresdner Buchhändlerin ins Leben gerufen wurde. Damit reagierte sie auf den Umgang der Frankfurter Buchmesse mit rechten Verlagen 2017. Im Kampf gegen Rechts sei die Gesellschaft „nicht mehr weit von einer Gesinnungsdiktatur entfernt“, heißt es in den Appell. Tellkamp hatte ihn unterzeichnet, Grünbein nicht.

    Grünbein (55) warb für einen Klimawandel in der politischen Debatte und verteidigte die Flüchtlingspolitik der Bundesregierung. Tellkamp bemängelte, dass die Grenzöffnung am Bundestag vorbei erfolgt sei. Den Medien unterstellte er, in der politischen Auseinandersetzung mit zweierlei Maß zu messen.

    Suhrkamp-Verlag geht auf Distanz zu „Turm“-Autor
    Nach umstrittenen Äußerungen des Schriftstellers Tellkamp hat sich der Suhrkamp-Verlag von seinem Autor distanziert.

    „Aus gegebenem Anlass: Die Haltung, die in Äußerungen von Autoren des Hauses zum Ausdruck kommt, ist nicht mit der des Verlags zu verwechseln. #Tellkamp“, twitterte Suhrkamp am Freitag.

    Rechtspopulistische Thesen von Uwe Tellkamp, sekundiert von Götz Kubitschek [Dresden 8.3.2018]

    ( 20 min 11 )

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