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4 Replies to “Italian art history, islam, and Christianity”

  1. The man is good but he doesn’t need to distort history to make his point. The South Viet General killed a man that was running around killing the families of his men, he was showing his men that he had their backs and wanted to protect their families. When the photographer found out what really happened he said that if he had known that he would have not taken the picture or if it was taken he wouldn’t have published it. Once again a photo taken out of context is being used to vilify the military and the military solution. Remember that in Nam a military solution worked, it just wasn’t our solution, it wasn’t ours because the Dems refused to fulfill our treaty obligations and resupply the South.

    • True
      Television’s Vietnam: The Impact of Media (1985) Part 2
      federal expression – Published on February 23, 2017

      Pulitzer Prize Photo by Eddie Adams – 32:55

  2. Either men like this have been talking all along and we just haven’t seen them, or the Italians are just now waking up. He is the second good Italian speaker in a week? Excellent.

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