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  1. The Iranian People Fighting The Islamic Theocracy Are Real Anti-Fascists

    In 2017, Antifa took American campuses by storm. Radically Left, vehemently anti-Trump, black-clad vandals swarmed last year to protest conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro and to declare their contempt for free speech. Violence and property destruction were their calling cards, all supposedly in the name of “anti-fascism.”

    As 2018 begins, a different kind of protest has captured the attention of the world. For days now In Iran, anti-government demonstrators have taken to the streets. Rising prices, high unemployment, and the brutality of the government have stirred discontent. On Thursday, a protest began in the city of Mashhad. Reports say most gathered were adults under 40. And this spark, aided by social media, ignited a fire across Iran.

    This long-suffering people cries out for liberty in opposition to the Islamist regime led by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his cohorts. The few videos of the demonstrations that have escaped the regime’s tyrannical suppression of social media show mass demonstrations against Khamenei, against President Hassan Rouhani, and against true oppression. “Death to the Islamic Republic!” brave freedom fighters cry.

  2. Professor: America’s White Supremacy Means We Must Break the Law

    Students are being indoctrinated with far-left, Marxist, anti-democracy ideas on college campuses all around the country, but we doubt there are too many professors willing to go as far as Albert Ponce. The Diablo Valley College professor was caught on video this week preaching a disturbing brand of anarchist rhetoric in a post on website The Red Elephants. In the footage, Ponce is seen explaining that America is the land of white supremacy and that minorities have the right – if not the duty – to break the law and smash democratic norms in order to change the system from the ground up.

    In the lecture, Ponce advised that we “exist in a white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative, capitalist system,” apparently having gotten his degree from Tumblr University. He said that Americans should not hesitate to break the law if it violated their fundamental human rights. “That’s the beauty of the law – if you write it, you can convince all of us to follow it,” he said. “Just like all of us do today. When you shouldn’t. Many of the laws existing, we should be violating those laws.”

    Unfortunately, Ponce did not elaborate on exactly which laws his students should be breaking on a regular basis. He did, however, suggest that many of his students should not be recognizing one powerful symbol of American freedom.

    “We are taught to get up and to pledge allegiance to the flag every single day,” he said. “The flag is not really representative of everybody who is standing up in that room. Maybe that’s the way it should be taught. All those who this flag represents stand up, and maybe 50 percent of this room, you remain seated down because this is not for you.”

    We often wonder if socialists like Ponce ever stop to consider that, if they lived in a country that more closely resembled the Communist utopia of their dreams, they would not be permitted to speak out against the government the way they can in the United States. Is the First Amendment another one of those laws that were written by white people to keep minorities under their thumb? Well, at one point he does opine that our nation’s fundamental document “should be called a white man’s Constitution,” so…yeah, he probably does believe that.

    Ponce ultimately insisted that the election of leaders like Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions made it necessary to abolish democracy.

    “What does abolition mean?” he asked. “Abolition means we must destroy it, not reform it. No voting is going to help. No writing your congressperson. We need to smash white supremacy.”

    The student who posted the undercover video to The Red Elephants said that Ponce regularly holds these “extra” lectures outside of class (attendance mandatory, of course) so that he can spread his extremist views.

    “This is where he indoctrinates them with lies,” the student said.

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