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  1. Is there a strategic difference
    Behind rape of young and the old,
    Of wombs never formed
    And bodies ‘yet cold?
    An analgesic insistence
    Of what the right hand possess
    – Dream of the houris
    And stragglers are blessed..

  2. Hungary does not want to accept migrants and does not want to pay money. The article in die Zeit says that “There has never been such an affront against the most important of all EU institutions.” And later the article provides lawyer’s opinion that one of the possibilities open to EU would be to “confiscate Hungarian foreign assets. The land or buildings belonging to the Hungarian state, which are located on EU territory, could also be expropriated and sold.”

  3. This just in:

    What Happened To “What Happened”: Amazon Slashes Hillary’s Book Price 40% Before It Hits Shelves

    Last Friday, in an attempt at humor, we shared a satirical note from The Onion suggesting that Hillary had already begun work on a follow-up book, entitled “What Also Happened,” intended to define precisely who was to blame for the failure of her first book, “What Happened.”

    Alas, if prices are any indicator of demand, which they’re pretty much universally accepted to be unless you’re discussing minimum wages with Bernie Sanders, then Hillary may want to double down on efforts to rush out the sequel as both Amazon and Walmart have decided to slash prices of “What Happened” by 40% before the books even hit shelves.

    After Hillary’s publisher Simon and Schuster suggested a price of $30, Amazon slashed prices to $17.99 earlier today…

    Cost of Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign? $1.2 billion
    Amount of Hillary’s book advance? Well beyond her 2014 $14 million advance for “Hard Choices”
    Cost of printing “What Happened”? Upwards of $30 million
    Seeing the price of “What Happened” drop 40% before it even hit the shelves? PRICELESS!

    A speck of justice in a lopsided world.

    • *##### “Worked Well
      ByDirtBirdon September 11, 2017
      I have a table with a short leg. This worked perfectly.
      769 people found this helpful”

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