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  1. Trump Defends the West
    While critics display their embarrassing ignorance of history.

    President Trump’s ringing defense of Western civilization during his speech in Poland was a welcome answer to the phony cultural relativism, fashionable self-loathing, and smug hypocrisy of leftist Westerners who bash the West but wouldn’t live anywhere else. So it’s no surprise that the progressive establishment bashed the speech as “racial and religious paranoia,” as one screed in the Atlantic was titled.

    That headline, and the essays’ claim that “the West is a racial and religious term” and a dog-whistle for alt-right racists, bespeak a profound ignorance about what defines the West. The core ideas of the West began in the city states of ancient Greece, then for centuries were further elaborated by the Romans before Christianity existed. Most important of these ideas was the notion of citizenship, the belief that the laws and customs comprising the political order were a collective possession of free and equal citizens, not of a king or elite defined by birth and lording over subjects. Power no longer belonged to men, to be used to further their personal status or wealth or ambitions. Power became abstract, embodied in the laws, offices, and electoral procedures used by citizens to make the decisions about who should use power, and for what power should be used.

    The principle that power resides in laws, not men, was the foundation stone of our own Constitution and every subsequent political order that vests power in free citizens. And this order exists to ensure and protect political freedom and equality, ideas likewise born in ancient Greece and found only in the West or its imitators.

    Israel weighs its options in the face of a dangerous military buildup across the border.
    July 10, 2017
    Caroline Glick

    Last month IDF Military Intelligence chief Maj.-Gen. Herzl Halevi made a stunning revelation. Hezbollah and Iran are transforming the terrorist group into a military force capable of independently producing its own precision weapons.

    Speaking at the Herzliya Conference, Halevi reported, “We are seeing Hezbollah building a domestic military industry on Lebanese soil based on Iranian know-how. Hezbollah is producing weapons systems and transporting them to southern Lebanon.”

  3. Lega Nord Lawmaker: Italy Accepted Both War, Economic Migrants Breaking EU Rules (sputniknews, Jul 10, 2017)

    “The European Union has strict rules, according to which the member states must define whether arriving migrants are fleeing from war or coming to find financial support, while Italy broke those rules by accepting all migrants coming into country, the head of the national Department of Security and Migration of the Lega Nord party told Sputnik.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Toni Iwobi said that “from the political point of view, Europe has requirements, according to which the member states must define who is really fleeing from war and therefore has the rights for asylum.”

    “Italy did not meet these requirements, it never reported who arrived in the country, and let everyone in through doors wide open. Italy did not define who is really a refugee. And moreover, the country did not take a single security measure when it let in migrants,” Iwobi said.

    He explained that helping refugees is one thing, but “here the case is economic migrants that arrive from the countries without war.”

    “Therefore, Italy violated the requirements, and Europe is completely fairly closing its borders,” Iwobi stated.

    In June, Austrian Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil said Austria was ready to deploy 750 servicemen and four armored personnel carriers to the border of Italy. Austria’s Chancellor Christian Kern in a joint statement with Doskozil later explained that Vienna would strengthen control along its border with Italy if there was a risk of a new influx of migrants to the country.

    Iwobi reminded that Italy had to allocate a total of 14.5 billion euros ($16.54 billion) to manage the influx of migrants, only 550 million euros of which came from the European Union. He stressed that migration must be “mutually beneficial” and not just about the accepting country spending money.

    “Ahead of the coming election the lawmakers have changed their rhetoric, but it is just words so far. Matteo Salvini [head of Lega Nord] is the only one in Italy who demanded from the very beginning to close the ports and prevent the migrants from landing, but he was sharply criticized. And now everyone is speaking about this!” Iwobi said.

    In late June, Italy reportedly started considering shutting its sea ports to foreign vessels, as it has become a common occurrence for all types of ships to pick up immigrants at sea and bring them to the Italian territory.

    “Lega Nord is not against migration in general, but what is happening in Italy over the past three years has nothing to do with migration,” Iwobi stated.

    Since 2015, Europe has been experiencing its worst migration crisis in recent history, struggling to accommodate hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants fleeing hostilities in the Middle Eastern and North African countries.

    According to the latest data of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), over 101,000 migrants and refugees arrived in Europe by sea in the first six months of 2017 alone, with over 85,000 of them arriving in Italy.”

    • Couples from the PRC can hire an American birth mother to produce a US citizen who can later sponsor them to come to the US: The entire surrogacy process typically takes about 15 months and requires couples to make a few visits to the U.S. In total, Zhang paid around $130,000 — roughly in line with fees charged by other surrogacy providers, though costs can balloon to around $150,000.

  4. Yo, Donkeyman,
    I’ve been wondering just how to address the issue of feminisim.
    So I’ll let Gary have his say

    How The West Was Lost (pt.1) – The 1950s Myth
    Gary Orsum
    Gary Orsum

  5. 4 Saudis sentenced to death in Yemen (memo, Jul 10, 2017)

    “A court in Sana’a has sentenced to death four Saudis convicted of belonging to Al-Qaeda and beheading 14 Yemeni soldiers in a 2014 attack, according to media run by the Houthis.

    The 2014 attack was one of many carried out by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) on state security targets.

    “The criminal court in charge of terrorism cases in Sana’a on Sunday sentenced four Saudi nationals to death for belonging to Al-Qaeda and killing and beheading 14 soldiers of the 135th Brigade,” Al-Masirah television reported…”

  6. U.S. Army soldier arrested in Hawaii on terrorism charges (reuters, Jul 10, 2017)

    “A U.S. Army sergeant who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now stationed in Hawaii has been arrested on charges of providing material support to Islamic State extremists, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said on Monday.

    Ikaika Kang, 34, assigned to the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, had been under investigation by the Army and FBI for more than a year and was taken into custody by FBI agents on Saturday, according to a bureau statement provided to Reuters…”

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  7. AKP launches bid to fight ‘perception operations against Turkey’ (hurriyetdailynews, Jul 10, 2017)–to-fight-perception-operations-against-turkey.aspx?pageID=238&nID=115322&NewsCatID=338

    “The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) launched fresh bid to counter what it calls negative “perception operations” against Turkey, daily Yeni ?afak reported on July 10.

    The new project, led by AKP Vice Chair Ravza Kavakç? Kan, will reportedly bring AKP officials together with the representatives of international human rights groups to “explain the government’s actions.”

    “The first [leg] is about human rights violations. Violence against women is a worldwide problem, including in the U.S. and European countries. We will also conduct work regarding violations of children’s rights. We’ll prepare reports regarding these violations,” Kan told Yeni ?afak.

    The second leg of the project will focus on “perception operations” against Turkey,” she added.

    “We see that some reports have no basis in evidence. They have been prepared only based on comments. We see that they have been prepared based on a couple of newspaper reports. We want to communicate the right information to the relevant institutions. We are currently forming a roadmap. On Monday [July 10], we’ll take part in an event in Washington on the coup attempt [of July 15, 2016]. These contacts will continue,” Kan said.

    “We need to explain clearly that the real party victimized by the coup attempt was the citizens of the Turkish Republic. It is sometimes difficult for the opposite side to grasp this because they cannot understand that such an attempt was resisted by the people,” Kan said.

    She stated that the government would “undertake the necessary research” and present it to “institutions that have criticized Turkey,” especially in the wake of the failed coup attempt.”

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