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9 Replies to “Obama may have spied on pretty much everyone in US government”

  1. Does this surprise anyone? Obama was collecting data to be able to blackmail anyone who opposed him on anything. I don’t know how this is going to end but hopefully it will force people to once again talk about and try to use social pressure to force people to return to the idea of honor. It has been within my lifetime that the idea that people are suppose to act honorably was dropped from mainstream society.

  2. Now, why would an incompetent, corrupt, unethical, skulking, Communist poseur, crypto-Muslim have any need to surveil political allies and opponents alike?

  3. Does anyone recollect BH0 pledging to run “the most transparent administration in history”?

    In the exalted Democratic Party tradition of, “laws are for the little people”, so has the “truth” of 0bama’s pledge finally leaked out around the edges. As in:

    Transparency for thee but not for me.

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