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12 Replies to “Obama’s brother Malik has posted this many times today”

  1. So many untruths surround “0” so hard to tell what is true and what is not. The only thing we will ever know for sure is how very much “0” hated America.

  2. Is Malik really his brother? Faking this document looks pretty easy to me. But if it really is true, I think it would lead to a warrant for Barry’s arrest. I don’t know what the charges would be, but
    there’s just got to be a law against the President of the United States getting in with fake ID.

    Of course, it could be proven beyond a doubt and the MSM still wouldn’t run it…

    • If he was born in Kenya in 1961 he isn’t a natural born citizen but is a statute citizen, back then if you were born overseas and weren’t born in a military hospital you weren’t a US citizen until a special laws was passed declaring you a citizen. November 4 1986 the law was changed so that Obama would have become a citizen, a lot of people have been saying that he wasn’t born in the US and because of this there was big deal over his birth certificate. I don’t know what will happen because this certificate looks easier to fake then the Hawaiian certificate and that one would be fairly easy to fake.

      We live in interesting times and this is going to make the mess in DC worse. You are right you could bring in 100 witnesses who saw him born and the propaganda media would dismiss them and liars and not report on the certificate.

  3. If you were raised to hate all Western nations and wanted to create massive trouble in the US can you think of a better way then wait until Obama is out of office to release the real certificate. (if it is real)

  4. Right from the start it has been consistently impossible to prove that Barack Obama is not a Manchurian Candidate. There’s no hard evidence that he is, but there is absolutely no evidence that he is not. And that’s strange. Imagine how much evidence there is that Bill Clinton is not a foreign agent. How about Dwight D Eisenhower? Cher? Don Knotts? All these people would have literally thousands of classmates and ex-lovers and enemies and friends going back to kindergarten, all testifying that they are who they say they are.

    Then there’s Barry Obama. Mr. Nobody. Even his university professors don’t remember having seen him. But more compelling is the fact that every single action he took as President produced a result that would be sure to please the top brass of the Muslim Brotherhood while simultaneously doing some kind of damage to the United States.

    Personally, I think the Pakistanis or the Saudis or the Qataris or who-the-hell-ever saw Barack Obama at a young age and earmarked him for future consideration. The man is charismatic. I know that the first thing that popped into my mind the very first time I saw him on CNN was, “America’s first black president”. I think the guy is a mole just like Kim Philby…

    • Given his Grandparents and Mentor in Hawaii I would guess that the Soviets were the ones who helped educate and shape him, then when the Soviet Union fell the Marxists in the States funded by Soros took control. My bet is that Bill Ayers is his controller with Soros no more then two layers above Ayers.

    • “Barack Obama: The Soviet Union’s Chosen One (Interview with Tom Fife)” Contemplatix – Published on September 4, 2013

      Interview of 2009 with Tom Fife, computer engineer & physicist, and witness to a thrilling revelation in Moscow back in 1992. Also part of this recording: An interview with conservative blogger Anne Leary, who happened to bump into Obama’s buddy and mentor, former Weather Underground terrorist and today respected university professor, Bill Ayers, who told her frankly that HE wrote Barack Obama’s famous autobiography, “Dreams from My Father”. – Host in both interviews: Political analyst Jeff Nyquist. Source:

  5. Chris -poo, charismatic!

    0 is straight out of central-casting; a test-marketed Soros-brand.
    Metrosexual, media-marecónes – like Baby-Doc-Trudeau, or the new French flavor- of the- month, Macron.

  6. http://www.orlytaitzesq.com

    There were a trial in Georgia about O having fake documents and stolen SSN . Judge Maliki …camera man “Bill Windsor” from lawless America. Georgia received 7 billion $$$ for nuclear reactors and the case was suddenly rejected ….
    O voted 118 times Present while he was senator … imposter elected by useful idiots. What happen to his law license ? There are more questions about Barry soetoro than answers. Who is protecting him?
    Hoping Wikileaks’s will release evidence about The owner of SSN from CT.

  7. Malik Obama was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya according to wiki. . .perhaps if Malik posted his own birth certificate to compare with Barack’s for visual authenticity it might help. However, how does one even verify that this is Malik’s authentic twitter account let alone the images provided as authentic?

    • We will have a hard time and then even FOX won’t touch the evidence. Everyone is afraid of this issue and will ignore anything that will touch off a very big Constitutional Crisis. I would say and a civil war but one is going to start no matter what happens about this new birth certificate.

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