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3 Replies to “A pretty decent look at George Soros on Bill O’Reilly”

  1. That woman is sick, she is going to do all she can to ensure that people ignore the double standard about how the Democrats are taking money from a monster who is much worse then the KKK and is not going to stop taking the money.

    • @ Richard
      I also think it’s an important take on Kapo Soros because he is constantly wheeled out by the regressive Left and assorted Jew Haters as that “see-I-told-you-the-Jews-are-bad” advertisement, because he is Jewish. In this take, Bill O’Reilly (I dont know him well?) shows that Soros has it in especially for Israel. As someone who bats fully for Israel and the Jewish people I think that might bring some of those who like simple shortcuts to the conclusion:

      Soros = bad
      Soros = hates Israel

      = Israel = good 🙂

      And before anyone here DARES suggesting that I see things very much in white and black, or good and bad: YOU ARE RIGHT :);) kisses !

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