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  1. This one’s for you, Perfectchild:

    Ann Barnhardt Explains Diabolical Narcissism, the Overarching Global Pathology

    Whether anybody disagrees (or agrees) with Barnhardt’s devout Catholicism, her opposition to homosexuality, or belief in the supernatural, the overriding logic of her argument about how Diabolical Narcissism is a global pathology (which I conclusively concur with) is something that warrants serious consideration.

    This concept is a keystone to our world’s most significant moral decay. I can only hope that all of you will accept this as a Christmas gift from me given towards the greater understanding of a more common enemy.

    I wish everyone and all of you (and your loved ones) the very merriest Christmas. It is my deepest hope that this spirit of giving is something that resides in our hearts 24/7/365.25 because without that constant devotion to personal generosity, this otherwise meaningful day of celebration has no significance.

    I dansk, glædelig jul til alle.

    • Thank you NorseRadish.

      A very interesting subject. “Diabolical Narcissism.”

      My immediate instinct: She not in a well state of mind.

      Like any psychologist therefore, we must listen to what she has to say about her demon-haunted world because it is the window into her own mind.

      Her analysis, I feel flows out like a confession that no priest has ears to hear. A call for validation or repudiation that no one returns. One that starts,
      “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” when in reality “the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” The Word came next. And that is how it is with us. My first instinct – I was not connected to words. They came next and the idea was created for all to see.
      I feel therefore, that I am dealing with a Gospel of St John junkie, who has made an idol out of what they are lacking, hacking with a second century book of words that should have been her own.

      She is for me the diabolical narcissist by her own admission. Because she knows exactly what is going on, and who they all are. Every dirty little secret of theirs she knows. And she can’t shut the damn thing off. Her gaydar is that hyper-sensitive. Hence, Jesus is God the Savior, The Confessor, and keeps a special place for her as His Bride.

      And what I have simply described is the paradyne of the Right Brain Hemisphere, for the Perfect Personality, because it has lost the voice of its Left. Classically neutered by a mother ruling the house, the Virgin Mary reigning over the Church and her own pappa having given-up and disposed to alcohol. No wonder Jesus is her fixation of unrequited love.

      Natural Born Men do not need Jesus, who had himself said of the Centurian “I tell you, not even in ,Israel have I found such faith.” Muhammad and his yummy mummy with his tapping-Allah to tell people how to live out their lives, has no chance. This is all girl-talk with funny hats.

      Ms Barnhardt presents to me to be clinging onto her Jesus-Rock and pointing out all the sharks.

      So in whatever language, even if she physically had had no tongue, what she says is lurking within others and is trying to snatch her away, is 100% accurate. Afraid of these living dead.

      Yet like herself, they can’t be saved by putting Jesus into themselves to replace the missing jigsaw puzzle that is the emptiness crying out to be filled. It is to let go and realize that she can do nothing to fix it, to repent of the justification in the games of repeatedly receiving the Blood of Christ, to actually heal the wounds of compulsion, once and for all, by seeing pride and suffering exactly for what it is. In her escaping from reality through woo-wooing of diabolical narcissism when she has angelical narcissism (which is doubly diabolical). The buck stops with us in order to be able to jump-start that beautiful connection to the Mind of God of ours, through forgiveness. God forgives us as we forgive those who tresspass against us. As all are healed, by our admission of our guilt of resentment for playing as the other’s God.

      “Jesus Loves You” is the wickedest of all temptations into the trap of a fairy-wand and turning ourselves into a new creation. It is the same as “Allah hates you.”To bury into non-existance the inadequaces of their old-selves, the truth of which would have set them free. The Church, Mosques and Preferential Organisations are packed full up to the rafters with these cowardly collectivist creatures. National Socialists or International Socialists.

      “Do not go onto the road of the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel.” and free the stiff necked from these hypnotising benefactors of ‘all will be well with you.’

      “For every woman who makes herself male will enter into the kingdom of heaven.” The same for every Muslim and LGBTQ+

      Santa Claus is an earthy representation of this ‘mind of the father’ who gives his gifts freely. There is no halal-haram for children. No favor if you only submit to him and call him “yes boss.”

      Whatever your legends and mythologies, may your heros be noble of character and deeds.

      Merry Christmas, and enjoy greeting all your loved ones and remembering those less fortunate. I have been out and about doing just that. And gladening it is too. 🙂

      • So Ann’s assertion of Homosexuals, Muslims and Latter-Day Catholics all having “Diabolical Narcissism,” matches my observation of the feminization of males exactly.
        We just differ on the source of their malaise. I see not Satan but the hand that rocks the cradle dishing out the identities in impressionable children. Fatherless homes, where beliefs are stepping stones to new ones. From believing in Santa, to believing in Disney, to believing in Miracles to believing in anything a female-bloodline culture or Religion protects and defends for their males to be locked into.
        On Far Right marches you see the women cool as cucumbers, for it is the color and creed of her vagina that will be saved.

        It is their hatred of “mansplaining” this voice missing in all these people as a counterpoint to their reality that concerns me because they then submit themselves to slavery of an outside agency.

        I certainly do not accuse them of Devil-possession, but recognize their entering churches, mosques and other places of debauchery and Satanic Worship is only for seeking for a Good or a Bad God to give them peace and absolution from fear. Their greatest need is for approval and not being offended. This fear that anyone has, who is not holding onto their father’s hand.

        That is the repair I see. The evil they do is that they do not know what they do and are defending their kingdom.

        I do not find anywhere this “spiritual realm” Ann sees.

        I see the living dead whose fear is masked by pride like the white painted faces of syphilitic Venitians filling a craving that can never be filled.

        She sees demons.

        So in my case no Muslim can sit down and say “our religion is just like yours”. In her case they can pretend to be living in an Amazon Advert.

        • Wow. Ann is hitting every home run at every turn of the page on narcissistic behavior. As she says, ‘every child made to doubt themselves can end up glorifying their new image.’

          So NorseRadish, I made a start. That when someone is unwell they see the most clearly.
          And, that the spiritual realm is the demon-haunted world we create and can be made fight, flight, freeze or faint for thinking it was our own actions, that we were in control.

          There is so much she exposes.
          Thank you again.

        • Ann’s conclusion to deal with these “diabolical narcissists” filled with “anger, hatred, Jealousy and fear, (Fight, Flight, Freeze and Faint), is to teach them about the Hell that God will damn them to forever in the Eternal Afterlife.

          And Ann spoke similarly of Lot’s wife having been literally turned into a pillar of salt as the punishment for anyone looking back and hankering for their creature comforts when fleeing the LGBTQ+ community in Sodom. Whereas, I see only a stern lesson to cut themselves completely away from the vices of the city lest they be tempted to be appeased and seduced by all their messages of “fairness.” Thus, I let no sodomites or fornacators near my children for their dull wits are sluggish and expletive-filled, and a tattooed/pierced disgrace before them.

          So there it is. Heaven and Hell exists in the Next Life, or heaven and hell are lives lived right now. The Kingdoms for the dead, or the kingdoms of the living who died to sin.

          To hold up the Holy Cross of One Man’s Sacrifice before vampires, or to be an actual person who has died to ego and risen again. The Apostate who revealed the way out. The ex-drug addict who ministers to other drug user. The ex-Muslim who ministers to Muslims. The Jesus who ministers to Jews. To make them whole again. Not to change their names but give them their own back.

          And these bedevilled sex addicts know precisely who is kidding who. Those who had taken the short cut to wearing their breastplates of righteousness and those who had entered by the narrow way.

          “Paul said, “John’s baptism was a baptism of repentance. He told the people to believe in the one coming after him, that is, in Jesus.” On hearing this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. When Paul placed his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they spoke in tongues[b] and prophesied. There were about twelve men in all.

          These Paulians baptised not into repentence but into their new Christian Names. These twelve who replaced the original band who had found their own names. And to know how much greater these Paulians were?…

          “God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, 12 so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.”

          And of those pesky Jews?…

          “13 Some Jews who went around driving out evil spirits tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who were demon-possessed. They would say, “In the name of the Jesus whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out.” 14 Seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, were doing this. 15 One day the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?” 16 Then the man who had the evil spirit jumped on them and overpowered them all. He gave them such a beating that they ran out of the house naked and bleeding.”

          (Seven is one of the greatest power numbers in Judaism).

          Ann wants you to join St Paul and the Carcass to be Saved from your torment. I argue the opposite, for the understanding of forgiveness seven times seventy, to be set free.

        • Rest assured that I do not gobble down all that Barnhardt puts forth. All the same, and diabolical or not, there is a huge amount of narcissism driving the global 1% right now. Few other blanket explanations work so well.

          I do not find anywhere this “spiritual realm” Ann sees.

          I see the living dead whose fear is masked by pride…

          We agree. No supernatural component is needed to define this army of ambulatory corpses. Merely examine the past two generations’ fixation on death and symbols of it.

          PS: Thank you for viewing the video.

          • Thank you for sharing it.

            Diabolical narcissists drawn to angelic narcissists. Male or female.

            Where no one told her to put those beads down.

            • Diabolical narcissists drawn to angelic narcissists. Male or female.

              Bloody-well right! We have hordes of self-absorbed (not “egotist”, not “conceited”, nor “self-centered”) shites driving a hyper-destructive and (sadly) increasingly popular worldview. “Self-absorbed” is the key definition and I verily hope that all of you might adopt it.

              This death-obsessed buncha self-admiring hollow pseudo-human shells do not rely upon any sense of authentic gender. Were that so, all of this “sexual identity” crap would not be anywhere near the forefront of such a source of (politically ideologically religiously manufactured) conflict.

              I know that this sounds contradictory yet, if people really were secure in their gender persona, the nature of society and individual psychology would be so much more stable.

              Instead, IT IS NOT, and the fallout from this Cultural Marxist fecal matter only serves to reinforce how idiotic it was of Post Cold War Western forces NOT to have imposed Nuremberg-style trials and executions upon the Soviet apparatchiks who disseminated all of this Cultural Marxist POISON.

              Where no one told her to put those beads down.

              That is Barnhardt’s choice—and thank goodness we all have the good fortune of living where this is an option. All the same, I agree that Barnhardt’s Catholicism is overly imposing. At the same time, her admirable devotion and dedication to the truth cannot be overlooked without dismissing an essential part of vital human character.

            • “Where no one told her to put those beads down.”

              The freedom for her to have been indoctrinated as a child, is not the point, but that we can criticize and not be jailed for commiting a Hate Crime.
              Unfortunately, diabolical narcissists have written laws that protect themselves, where exposing her would expose them.

              Daniel in the Torah describes for me this kaaba as bigger horns devouring smaller horns.
              “While I was thinking about the horns, there before me was another horn, a little one, which came up among them; and three of the first horns were uprooted before it. This horn had eyes like the eyes of a human being and a mouth that spoke boastfully.”

      • Dear Perfectchild,

        First and foremost, I deeply appreciate that you apparently have devoted some serious time towards researching Barnhardt and Sam Vaknin. Personal limitations have constrained my ability to do so. Everything aside, if you have dug down into this content, please know how much I admire your dedication and I hope that you will please accept my personal promise that I’ll devote time to doing so myself.

        As mentioned, take this as you might, I have not had time to review Vakin’s content. That said, I’m content that you will trust me that I have reviewed all of Barnhardt’s content before ever asking you (or anyone) to view a single frame of it. Please take that to the bank.

        I am humbled that you have done so much review. All of us—at this website and everywhere else that truth resides—are obliged to grind through Barnhardt’s and Vakin’s content (and or any and all other loads of this crap content). Period. You are too kind.

        Bless you,



    Buried in the noise is how this offer of housing for 200 units was made by the Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio.

    Pray tell, what are Muslims doing seeking to cooperate with a CHRISTIAN organization?!? [Gasp!]

    Even more mysterious is how this event became violent and required police intervention to resolve.

    Quelle surprise!

    When will these moronic suicidal, supposedly “Christian”, organizations comprehend that they are participating in their own demise? “Long after the blade falls” is not an acceptable answer. Neither is, “Just before the blade falls.” What about “minutes hours days weeks months before the blade falls?” How is it possible to feel any compassion for these idiotic eloi?

    What is it that escapes the imagination of these sub-moron, spiritualistic kamikazes? .[Gah!]

  3. Chinese carrier carries out fighter drills on open seas

    BEIJING (AP) — China’s military says its first aircraft carrier group has carried out a series of fighter launch, recovery and air combat exercises in the Yellow Sea ahead of a scheduled voyage farther afield.

    The Defense Ministry announced late Friday that the Liaoning carrier group conducted the drills in the Yellow Sea in recent days, adding that the group “as a next step will conduct scheduled cross-sea training and tests.” The ministry did not specify its destination, but its “cross-sea” wording has prompted speculation in the Chinese media that the warships could soon sail to the contested South China Sea.

    The state-run Global Times newspaper quoted a well-known military analyst on Saturday as saying that the South China Sea would be an “ideal” next location because joint exercises could involve with troops on reefs controlled by China.

  4. Fears over Germany’s growing jihadist scene

    Berlin (AFP) – Berlin’s Christmas market truck rampage was the deadly jihadist attack Germany had long feared, as security services have warned of the growth of a shadowy Islamist scene.

    Rarely a week has gone by in past years without the arrest of a radical preacher, an extremist backing the Islamic State or other extremist groups with money, arms or propaganda, or of a fighter returning from Syria or Iraq.

    Germany’s domestic security chief, Hans-Georg Maassen, has likened the rise in IS followers to a dangerous “youth subculture”.

    He said that while it has drawn some home-grown converts and many female recruits, the main target group has shared the “four Ms” profile — male, Muslim, with a migrant background and a history of personal misadventure.

    It is a profile that fits 24-year-old Tunisian Anis Amri, the Berlin attack suspect shot dead Friday by an Italian police officer in Milan.

  5. Backlash Swells in Germany as Hunt for Terrorist Ends
    Tunisian migrant Anis Amri is killed in shootout near Milan; Angela Merkel faces mounting pressure over migrants

    The hunt for the suspect in the deadly attack on a Berlin Christmas market ended before dawn Friday in a shootout with Italian police near Milan, but the political fallout was just beginning to gather force.

    Anis Amri, a Tunisian, lived in Germany for more than a year, despite having been previously jailed in Italy and denied asylum in both nations. Even as Europe’s most-wanted man, he traveled hundreds of miles this week, crossing at least two European Union borders on his way to Italy, where police stopped him to check his identity.

  6. After Berlin attack, Europe weighs freedom against security

    PARIS (AP) — Europe’s open borders symbolize liberty and forward thinking – but they increasingly look like the continent’s Achilles’ heel.

    Europe’s No. 1 terrorism suspect crossed at least two borders this week despite an international manhunt, and was felled only by chance, in a random ID check. The bungled chase for Berlin attack suspect Anis Amri is just one example of recent cross-border security failures that are emboldening nationalists fed up with European unity. Extremist violence, they argue, is too high a price to pay for the freedom to travel.

    Defenders of the EU’s border-free zone say the security failures show the need for more cooperation among European governments, even shared militaries – not new barriers. Hidebound habits of hoarding intelligence within centuries-old borders, they contend, are part of the problem.

    But their arguments are easily drowned out by the likes of far right leader Marine Le Pen, hoping to win France’s presidency in May.

    • Europe weighs freedom against security

      What they have now isn’t freedom!
      They don’t have freedom of Speech!
      They don’t have freedom of self defense!
      They don’t have freedom of association!
      They don’t have the freedom to be patriotic!
      They don’t have the freedom to protect their culture!

      How can opening the borders and committing national and cultural suicide be freedom.

  7. France’s National Front Finds Support Among Millennials

    NICE, France — Sébastien Faustini’s decision to skip the firework display at the beach not only potentially saved his life — it steered his politics toward the far right.

    The soft-spoken 18-year-old stayed home with his cousin and watched the Bastille Day display on TV, instead of heading to the Nice promenade as they’d planned on July 14.

    A truck was driven into the crowd that night, killing 86 people.

    • The Propaganda Media of the alt left is nothing if not consistent, anyone who disagrees with them is far right. The idea of a principled stand against their policies is never allowed to cross their minds, all who oppose them must be destroyed. The public knows this and that is why the public are rising up and voting the alt left out of office. The alt left’s refusal to recognize that their message is no longer resonating with the masses is the weakness that is going to finally destroy the political philosophy that caused so much damage during the 20th Century.

  8. Wealthy crony of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio caught receiving food stamps illegally

    A religious leader and big-time fundraiser for Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been charged with welfare fraud for receiving around $30,000 in food stamps.

    Yitzchok “Isaac” Sofer, an Hasidic religious leader, hosted a fundraiser for de Blasio’s 2013 mayoral campaign at the same time he was receiving food stamps illegally.

    During an investigation, FBI agents found that Sofer has been on food stamps since the beginning of 2010, collecting more than $30,000 in benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) since 2012, according to court documents unsealed Thursday.

    On his food stamp application in 2012, Sofer claimed to earn $250 a week, or about $13,000 a year, and that he had no life insurance policy. Investigators discovered, however, that Sofer did have a life insurance policy worth $1 million, and on the application for it he admitted to making way more than $250 dollars a week.

    At the time Sofer applied for the policy in 2012, he listed his annual income at $100,000, and claimed assets valued at more than $600,000, according to the criminal complaint.

    • let’s see, $30,000/5 year = $6,000/12 months = $500/ month. In Illinois, the LINK card gives you $193/month (Yes, Virginia, there are no children in danger of starvation or malnutrition in IL.). People on food stamps eat better than lots of working people.

  9. Psych profs ask Obama to force Trump to undergo psychiatric evaluation: What Obama should do

    If you’ll allow the Huffington Post to play amateur shrink — and even if you won’t — an article at the far-Left website provides its readers with a modest proposal for ensuring that Donald Trump never takes the oath of office.

    The author, Richard Greene, prefaces the piece by acknowledging receipt of a “stunning letter to President Obama” by a source who “knew that I had been interviewing Psychiatrists [sic] and Psychologists [sic] about Donald Trump’s alleged ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’.”

    The beginning of the article proper (which sounds like a continuation of the preface) reads:

    Virtually every mental health professional I interviewed told me that they believed, with 100% certainty, that Mr. Trump satisfied the DSM criteria of this incurable illness and that, as a result, he is a serious danger to the country and the world.

    It’s hard to miss the rich irony of asking Barack Obama to order a psychiatric evaluation for a would-be president suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, but the money portion of the article is the letter itself, which follows:

    Richard: If these Dr’s can look at Obama’s and Hillary’s actions and think they are fit to serve as President but think that PET isn’t fit then they are the ones needing therapy. I use to have a neighbor with a degree in Psychology who said that everyone who gets a degree in either mental health discipline has mental problems and is seeking to understand what is happening in his or her own mind. I think this article proves him correct.

    • See The Goldwater rule is the informal name given to of Section 7.3 in the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) code of ethics[1] which states it is unethical for psychiatrists to give a professional opinion about public figures they have not examined in person and obtained consent from to discuss their mental health in public statements.[2] It is named after presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.[3]

      • egging Trump on for a lawsuit by knowingly violating codes of ethics for various health professionals
        The magazine polled psychiatrists and asked if Goldwater was psychologically fit to serve as president.[2] A federal jury awarded Goldwater $1 in compensatory damages and $75,000 in punitive damages, to punish Ginzburg and the magazine for being reckless. The American Psychiatric Association then issued the Goldwater rule reaffirming medical privacy and forbidding commenting on a patient that any individual psychiatrist has not personally examined.[1]

  10. Liberals rapidly forsaking every sacred principle they claim to adhere to (including gun control)
    By Howard Portnoy

    Whether you call it fear of the Trumpocalypse, Trump Derangement Syndrome, or something else, the nationwide temper tantrum among liberals proceeds apace. And along the way, they are jettisoning everything they have long professed to believe in.

    Perhaps nothing says hypocrisy louder than the sudden rise in the purchase of guns by libs. Did you know there is an organization called the Liberal Gun Club? Of course you didn’t. You wouldn’t be hearing about it now if Hillary Clinton had won the election. But since the other (the one she thought she should have beaten by 50 points) won, the BBC reports not only affirms the existence of the club but notes that the membership has increased by 10%.

    Or take the long-standing unwritten rule that presidents’ kids are off-limits. As Jeff Dunetz noted last December, this “gentleman’s agreement” obtains only when the person in question is a Democrat. Now I grant you, moreover, that Ivanka Trump is an adult and fully capable of taking care of herself, but where do liberals get off attacking her fashion and beauty products on Amazon? Yes, they’re angry that her father will be the nation’s next president, but how does that justify condemning her Issa boots as “perfect for wiping my feet on the Constitution and trampling the civil liberties and basic human rights of my fellow Americans.” (Apart the gratuitousness of the attack, do liberals really want to open a dialog on constitutional overreach by a president?)

      • Another lib that says if you don’t agree with them you are evil.

        Another lib that wants to change the subject when the facts make them look bad.

        Another lib that wants to put their own meaning on words so they can make their enemies look bad.

  11. Palestinians: The Nightmare of Christians

    by Khaled Abu Toameh
    December 24, 2016 at 5:00 am

    Without question, Samir Qumsieh is one of the most courageous Christian leaders in the Middle East. Qumsieh is one of the few willing to risk his life to speak out against Muslim persecution of Christians in the Palestinian territories and the Middle East, generally.

    For the past four decades, Samir Qumsieh, who hails from a large and well-respected Christian family in the town of Bet Sahour, near Bethlehem, has fought for the rights of the region’s miniscule Palestinian Christian minority. He has even dared to speak out against the subjugation of Christians living under the rule of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

    The plight of the Christians living under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is a subject truly taboo. Yet Qumsieh perseveres – and pays the price. He regularly receives death threats, and he has been the target of a petrol bomb attack. Muslim extremists have also distributed leaflets in the Bethlehem area condemning him for his outspoken views and activities on behalf of persecuted Christians.

    • This is a must read article, it tells the truth about what is happening in the Middle East and about how Obama has aided and abetted ISIS and other groups seeking to re-establish the Caliphate and extend it to cover the entire world.

      Remember when seeking to understand why things are happening look at the pattern of the actions taken by the various national leaders. Obama’s actions going back to his childhood show that he isn’t a Christian and is a closet Moslem. His actions as President show that he hates the US and the rest of Western Civilization and wants them destroyed.

      It isn’t politically expedient for any of the national politicians or leading groups in the alt media to make these statements but they are true.

  12. Terroranschlag in Berlin: Paragraf verhindert Entschädigung für Anschlagsopfer – Nahles schreitet ein

    Eine gesetzliche Regelung hat weitreichende Folgen für Opfer und Angehörige des Berliner Attentats. Die Leidtragenden des Anschlags auf den Weihnachtsmarkt Anfang der Woche haben eigentlich keinen Anspruch auf Entschädigung – weil er mit einem Lastwagen begangen wurde.

    Gegenüber der “Berliner Morgenpost” äußert sich Roland Weber, Opferbeauftragter des Landes Berlin, zu der “fatalen Lücke” im Opferentschädigungsgesetz (OEG). Das OEG deckt die finanziellen Hilfen für Opfer und Angehörige ab.

    Nur polnischer Lkw-Fahrer hat Anspruch auf Entschädigung

    Die besagte Einschränkung ist in Paragraf 1, Absatz 11 des OEG nachzulesen: “Dieses Gesetz ist nicht anzuwenden auf Schäden aus einem tätlichen Angriff, die von dem Angreifer durch den Gebrauch eines Kraftfahrzeugs oder eines Anhängers verursacht worden sind.” Dieser Wortlaut führt nun dazu, dass von zwölf Todesopfern und 48 Verletzten des Anschlags nur die Angehörigen des polnischen Lkw-Fahrers Anspruch auf Hilfe haben. Der 37-jährige Lukasz U. wurde als einziger erschossen und nicht überfahren.

    Es ist ein Unding, dass ausgerechnet den Opfern und Angehörigen der Opfer dieses terroristischen Anschlages nach dem OEG nicht in der gebotenen Weile geholfen werden kann”, kritisiert Weber gegenüber der „Morgenpost“.[…]

  13. Nigerian army ‘capture Boko Haram stronghold’ (france24, Dec 24, 2016)

    “The Nigerian army has defeated Boko Haram in the Sambisa forest, one of the jihadists’ last remaining strongholds, President Muhammadu Buhari said Saturday.

    A campaign lasting for months in the 1,300 square-kilometre forest in northeastern Borno state led to the “final crushing of Boko Haram terrorists in their last enclave in Sambisa Forest” on Friday, Buhari said in a statement.

    He congratulated his troops for “finally entering and crushing the remnants of the Boko Haram insurgents at ‘Camp Zero’, which is located deep within the heart of Sambisa Forest”.

    “The terrorists are on the run, and no longer have a place to hide. I urge you to maintain the tempo by pursuing them and bringing them to justice,” he said.

    The statement made no mention of the whereabouts of Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the Boko Haram faction based in the forest.”

  14. German President warns against ‘stoking image of the enemy’ in Christmas speech (DW, Dec 24, 2016)

    “In his annual Christmas address to the nation, German President Joachim Gauck has said that anger and rage at terrorism must not turn into hatred and violence. He called instead for good judgment and attention.

    The traditional Christmas speech from Germany’s president was this year largely impacted by Monday’s deadly terrorist attack at a Berlin Christmas market. Twelve people were killed and 49 injured after the alleged assassin Anis Amri drove a truck into the crowd on December 19.

    “The many deaths and injuries at a Christmas market in Berlin have deeply frightened and disturbed us,” President Joachim Gauck said in a recorded broadcast from the capital’s Bellevue Castle. “People felt anger and rage, fear and lack of power.”

    Gauck warned that these emotions should not be allowed to dominate, adding that anger must not turn into hate and violence. Instead, it is about being united and defending compassion. Anyone who is “sensitive, responsive and helpful” can “transform anger and rage into forces that resist the hatred, violence and contempt of others,” Gauck said in his last Christmas speech as the German President.

    Advocating for objective political discussions

    Gauck signaled concern at the possible radicalization of society – especially in the political debate over Germany’s refugee policy. “Particularly in times of terrorist attacks, we should not deepen the trenches in our society, nor suspect groups or hold politicians guilty across the board,” Gauck said.

    This does not mean, however, that the political discussion regarding the causes and consequences of the attack should be abandoned; both refugee policy and security in Germany have to be discussed, but with sound judgment and attention for the political opponent. For Gauck, a former Protestant pastor, this is linked to the Christian Christmas message. “Right now, on days like these, we should remember what Christmas is about and how it has become part of our culture beyond Christians.”…”

  15. Germany plans creation of ‘center of defense’ against fake news, report says (DW, Dec 23, 2016)

    “Germany’s government plans to create a center to fight “disinformation” online ahead of next year’s elections, a media report has said. The move comes amid reports that fake news influenced the US election.

    In light of the rise of fake news on social media, the German Interior Ministry has proposed the creation of a “Center of Defense Against Disinformation,” according to a report on Friday from the German news magazine “Der Spiegel.”

    Looking ahead to Germany’s parliamentary elections next year, the creation of the center “should be negotiated very quickly,” the magazine said, quoting a note from an Interior Ministry staff member.

    The Federal Press Office in the Chancellery is slated to take the lead in creating the defense center “since the focus is on public relations,” the staff member wrote in the note. The press office, headed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, has over 500 employees…”

    • Censorship by the alt left in Germany so they can stay in power. How many other rights are they going to rape from the Germany people in their quest for “Rule by Fiet” instead of rule by law?

  16. Woman Sentenced to 4 Years for Desecrating Quran (moroccoworldnews, Dec 24, 2016)

    “The board of Casablanca’s Ain Sebaa’s court has sentenced a 40-year-old woman to four years in prison and a fine of MAD 500 for desecrating copies of the holy Quran during a women’s prayer room in the “Lkhzama” mosque, located in the Casablanca neighborhood of Lissasfa last November.

    The incident has sparked outrage among Lissasfa’s population, who protested against the woman’s act.

    The mosque’s Imam, who caught the woman desecrating the Quran, and the women’s prayer room in complete disarray. Amid the mess, he found a copy of the Holy Quran covered with pieces of bread, urine and excrement.

    Sources have told Moroccan media the Imam had been aware of a woman desecrating copies of the Quran in other mosques. It’s speculated that the woman in question would have obtained directions to the women’s section of the mosque. In this case, after the prayer was over, another female mosque-goer warned the Imam that the suspect was not in a normal state.

    During the police investigation, the woman confessed that “she desecrated copies of holy Quran with menstrual blood due to her sterility and her deep need for children.”

    Before arresting the suspect, the police found desecrated copies of the Quran in five mosques around the neighborhood. They subsequently stepped up their efforts to arrest the perpetrator of this “profane act,” according to Morocco’s Directorate of National Security (DGSN).”

  17. Turkey will never allow a new state in northern Syria: Erdo?an (hurriyetdailynews, Dec 24, 2016)

    “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an said on Dec. 24 that Turkey will never allow the formation of a new state in northern Syria.

    “We will never allow the founding of this kind of state,” despite efforts to do so, Erdo?an told Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board (DE?K) in Istanbul.

    Erdo?an also reiterated Turkey’s wish to see a “terror-free safe zone” in northern Syria for the safety of its southeastern border provinces.

    “We have been saying this from the beginning. If this [issue] isn’t dealt with, Gaziantep is always hanging by a thread, Kilis is always hanging by a thread, ?anl?urfa is hanging by a thread,” he added, mentioning three border provinces.

    The Turkish army is currently active in northern Syria, assisting Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters under Operation Euphrates Shield, which began in late August to improve security, support coalition forces, and eliminate the terror threat along Turkey’s border.”

  18. Woman, teenager blow themselves up during Bangladesh raid on suspected militant hideout (gulfnews, Dec 24. 2016)

    “A woman and a teenager believed to be linked to a banned Islamist militant group blew themselves up during a police raid on a two-story house in Bangladesh’s capital on Saturday, a government minister said.

    The woman died after detonating explosives attached to her body during the raid, while the teenage boy’s bloodied body was found inside an apartment on the ground floor of the building in Dhaka’s Ashkona area, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said. Both were tied to the Jumatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh group, or JMB, he said.

    A 7-year-old girl sustained splinter injuries when the woman blew herself up and was being treated at a hospital in Dhaka, Khan said.

    Two other women and two children surrendered in the operation earlier on Saturday, he said.

    Bangladesh, a Muslim-majority country, has been experiencing threats recently from radical groups targeting atheists, bloggers, writers, foreigners and minority religious groups…”

  19. Turkey-backed rebels kill 68 Daesh fighters (gulfnews, Dec 24, 2016)

    “Istanbul: Turkey-backed rebels killed 68 Daesh militants in clashes in northern Syria overnight, Turkish state media reported the military as saying on Saturday, as intense fighting around the town of Al Bab continued.

    Syrian rebels supported by Turkish troops have been laying siege to the Daesh-held town for weeks, as part of the “Euphrates Shield” operation launched by Turkey nearly four months ago to sweep Daesh militants and Kurdish fighters from its Syrian border.

    Fighting around Al Bab has escalated this week with Turkish soldiers and 138 militants killed in clashes on Wednesday in the deadliest day since the start of Turkey’s Syrian incursion.

    Sixty-eight Daesh militants were “neutralised” in fighting near Al Bab since Friday night, state-run Anadolu Agency said, citing a military statement.”

  20. First fixed-wing Afghan female pilot requests asylum in US (khaama, Dec 24, 2016)

    “The Afghan Air Force’s first fixed-wing female pilot has sought asylum in the United States, it has been reported.

    Capt. Niloofar Rahmani informed regarding her intention to remain in the United States on Thursday after completing a 15-month training in Texas.

    “Things are not changing” for the better in Afghanistan, Captain Rahmani told The New York Times in an interview on Friday. “Things are getting worse and worse.”

    According to the Times, Capt. Rahmani broke a sobering piece of news to her American trainers, saying she still wants to be a military pilot, but not under her country’s flag. This summer, she filed a petition seeking asylum in the United States, where she hopes to eventually join the Air Force.
    This comes as reports emerged late last year suggesting that Capt. Rahmani is receiving death threats…”

  21. Will never recognise Durnd Line as official Pak-Afghan border: Karzai (khaama, Dec 24, 2016)

    “The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said the so-called Durand Line will never be recognised as official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    Speaking during an event in Kabul, Karzai said the line has remained a controversial issue between the two nations for many years, imposed by outsiders.

    Karzai further that Afghanistan’s reluctance to recognise as formal line will never mean enmity with Pakistan, insisting that the residents located along the line should decide regarding it and not the nations.

    This is not the first time the former Afghan President has spoken against the controversial line…”

  22. Obama authorizes $4.26 billion for Afghan forces by signing defense bill (khaama, Dec 24, 2016)

    “The US President Barack Obama has authorized a total of $4.26 billion for the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) for the fiscal year 2017.

    The funding for the Afghan forces was approved after the US President signed the defense bill, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017.

    According to the Bill, the funding will cover the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan and the Ministry of Interior.

    The Ministry of Defense will receive a total of $3,332,458,000 which will include $2,173,341,000 for sustainment, $48,262,000 for infrastructure, $821,716,000 for equipment and transportation, and $289,139,000 for training and operations.

    The Ministry of Interior will receive a total of $930,757,000 which will include $860,441,000 for sustainment, $20,837,000 for infrastructure, $8,153,000 for equipment and transportation, $41,326,000 for training and operations.

    “Funds available to the Department of Defense for the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund for fiscal year 2017 shall be subject to the conditions contained in subsections (b) through (g) of section 1513 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 (Public Law 110–181; 122 Stat. 428), as amended by section 1531(b) of the Ike Skelton National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 (Public Law 111–383; 124 Stat. 4424),” the bill states.

    It also adds that “Not later than January 31 and July 31 of each year through January 31, 2021, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the congressional defense committees a report summarizing the details of any obligation or transfer of funds from the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund during the preceding six-calendar month period.””

  23. FBI warns of possible Islamic State-inspired attacks in U.S. (reuters, Dec 24, 2016)

    “U.S. federal authorities cautioned local law enforcement on Friday to be aware that supporters of Islamic State have been calling for their sympathizers to attack holiday gatherings in the United States, including churches, a law enforcement official said.

    The warning, issued in a bulletin to local law enforcement, said there were no known specific, credible threats.

    The notice from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security was issued out of an abundance of caution after a publicly available list of U.S. churches was published on pro-Islamic State websites.

    “The FBI is aware of the recent link published online that urges attacks against U.S. churches. As with similar threats, the FBI is tracking this matter while we investigate its credibility,” the FBI said in a statement.

    Islamic State sympathizers “continue aspirational calls for attacks on holiday gatherings, including targeting churches,” CNN quoted the bulletin as saying. The notice describes different signs of suspicious activity for which police should be alert, it said.”

  24. Europe on Christmas high alert after truck attack in Berlin (reuters, Dec 24. 2016)

    “Security was heightened for the Christmas weekend in Italy and at the Vatican on Saturday after Italian police killed the man believed to be responsible for the Berlin market truck attack while other European cities kept forces on high alert.

    In France, Britain and Germany, which have all been targets of Islamist militant attacks, police increased their presence at tourist spots in major cities and other densely populated areas…”

  25. Turkish authorities investigating 10,000 social media users: ministry (reuters, Dec 24, 2016)

    “Turkish authorities are investigating some 10,000 people on suspicion of using social media to support terrorism, the interior ministry said on Saturday, part of a wide crackdown that has alarmed rights groups and some Western allies.

    Turkey, which faces security threats from Kurdish and leftist militants and Islamic State, has sacked or suspended more than 100,000 people following an attempted military coup in July. It says the measures are necessary to root out supporters of the putsch and other terrorists.

    Rights groups and some European countries have said President Tayyip Erdogan is using the current state of emergency to quash dissent. Since the coup, more than 150 media outlets have been shut down and 140 journalists arrested.

    The interior ministry said on Saturday the fight against terrorism was being carried out “with determination” in social media.

    In the last six months, authorities have detained 3,710 people for questioning, the ministry said. Of those, 1,656 have been formally arrested and 84 are still being questioned.

    The remaining 1,970 have been released, although 1,203 of those are still being monitored, it said.

    Access to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is commonly blocked, particularly after bombings or other deadly attacks, internet monitoring groups have said. Turkey denies that it blocks the internet, and has previously blamed outages on spikes in usage after major events.

    Technical experts at watchdog groups say the blackouts on social media are intentional, aimed in part at stopping the spread of militant images and propaganda.”

    • Erodgan trying to get another US President to betray the Kurds. He is trying the tricks that worked before, I doubt if they will work this time.

  26. US denies arming Syrian-Kurdish militia amid continued Turkey tensions (alaraby, Dec 24, 2016)

    “The US says it is not directly arming the Syrian-Kurdish group the People’s Protection Units [YPG] amid growing tensions with Turkey.

    In an interview with Turkey’s NTV on Friday the US ambassador to Ankara John Bass said that Washington’s strategy in Syria involved conducting military operations “in ways that do not create a long-term strategic problem for Turkey, our NATO ally”.

    He added that Washington does not support Syrian-Kurdish groups seeking to link together three cantons in northern Syria under Kurdish control.

    “That is an important reason why we do not support, have never supported, connection of the so-called Kurdish cantons in Syria… [and] do not support anyone on the ground changing demography or changing political governance structures unilaterally based solely on their military success against Daesh [IS].”

    Over the course of Syria’s civil war Kurdish forces have established three self-administered cantons collectively referred to as Rojava…”

  27. London to get manned checkpoints for first time in 24 years amid MI5 security crack down (express, Dec 24, 2016)

    “A £5 MILLION ’ring of steel’ involving man power and tough new security measures will be introduced to the British capital, London.

    The proposals are intended to protect London’s finance district and its skyscrapers from a terrorist attack.

    MI5 and counter-terrorism police have proposed to install the manned checkpoints, rising street bollards and crash-proof barricades.

    The last time manned checkpoints were used was in 1992 following the IRA’s bombing of Baltic Exchange…”

  28. Youths ‘riot’ in London streets after police shut down overcrowded Somali music festival (express, Dec 24, 2016)

    “GANGS of youths targeted police officers with missiles after a “riot” broke out when a Somali music festival was shut down in west London.

    Two officers were injured as a result of the fracas as police attempted to disperse crowds in Ealing on Thursday night.

    Two police dogs were also injured during the altercation after the “Wild n Out” music show at Ealing Town Hall was shut down after 11pm due to overcrowding.

    According to one organiser, 2,000 people had turned up to the 600-capacity venue.

    Rioting is thought to have broken out soon after in nearby Longfield Avenue with officers making several arrests as they fought to bring the mob under control with support from the Met’s Territorial Support Group.

    Roads were closed off and buses diverted while officers attempted to control the violence.

    Frightened witnesses took to Twitter to report the shocking scenes after armoured police were spotted patrolling outside McDonald’s at the junction with Spring Bridge Road…”

    • Read a good book and drink some (not enough to get drunk) good wine and take your mind off the worlds troubles.

      Merry Christmas.

    • I’m simply too depressed to be with you, my good friends.

      However much I understand your feelings, please know that you are much appreciated here at Vlad Tepes Blog. Your intelligent contributions are a vital part of what makes this site a true counterjihad destination. When your heart feels lighter, please come back and grace us with your wit and wisdom. Meanwhile, we’ll leave some electrons glowing a light on for you.

      Merry Christmas and a Joyous Yuletide Season, yucki.

    • Yucki,
      Please do not be sad. Your humour and wisdom is elevating, and all us know of the horrors of Islam to themselves and to those around them.


  29. Is The Refugee Crisis To Blame For The Rise Of The Far-Right In Germany?

    Rise of the far-right? Well it is more like the rise of people who are sick of worrying about a bunch of terrorists trying to kill them all. I think this rise is totally justified. Angela Merkel is going make Germans a minority in their own country. Oh boy, she is clueless about the real violence of Radical Islam.

    • The two people in the video show that they are products of the modern educational system, they talk about the history of the US in successfully assimilating immigrants. What they ignore is that in the past the immigrants wanted assimilate into our culture. This is necessary for successful assimilation however the Moslems want to force us to assimilate into their culture.

      This changes the entire discussion about immigrants and the alt left and the other talking heads should learn this fact and take it into consideration when they are talking about bringing in more Islamic invaders economic immigrants shock troops refugees.

  30. James Kirchick: “…at the end of the day, unless you want to live in a police state, you’re never really going to be able to prevent these (unintelligible) [attacks].”

    Fü¢k this slobbering little journo-weasel with a telephone pole along with the tick-infested marmot he rode in on. Yes, these attacks can be prevented by not allowing the perps into your country to begin with. This [email protected] scribbler’s “laissez faire attitude about preventable terrorist atrocities is a ROOT CAUSE of Western vulnerability and the far more tragic heedlessness that breeds up this worthless [email protected]’s airy-fairy attitude.

    It’s exactly this sort of piss-ant, dismissive mindset that disarms Western populations whilst simultaneously bringing Europe and America ever-closer to simply nuking the entire Islamic world as the only way out of having so complacently accepted the presence of these Iron-Age cretins in our midst.

    Merkel, 0bama, Bush 2.0, and a host of other fatally incompetent, so-called Western “leaders” stand responsible for looming genocides (Muslim or otherwise) and the mass-murders that will make the 9-11 Atrocity look like a fecking Sunday picnic.

    • I wish I could say you are wrong about what is coming but I can’t, the people who are preventing us from doing the old fashion rational actions that would protect us are all products of the modern educational system that has indoctrinated them with the one world all cultures are equal and want the same thing meme. These utterly ignorant foolish pieces of what every you want to call them talking heads are in drastic need of reality reaching out and slapping them very hard 5 or 6 times in a row.

    The complaint, which leading French scholars dismissed as an attempt at “intimidation” in a statement Friday, was over remarks about anti-Semitism by Muslims that Bensoussan, author of a definitive 2012 work entitled “Jews in Arab Lands,” made last year during an interview aired by the France Culture radio station, the Collective said.
    The second quote cited read: “This visceral anti-Semitism proven by the Fondapol survey by Dominique Reynié last year cannot remain under a cover of silence.” Conducted in 2014 among 1,580 French respondents, of whom one third were Muslim, the survey found that they were two times and even three times more anti-Jewish than French people as a whole. “Georges Bensoussan a tout à fait le droit de penser ce qu’il veut […] Néanmoins, il est de la responsabilité du service public de lutter contre ces propos qui entretiennent des divisions artificielles dans notre société. Ainsi, nous demandons une condamnation ferme du Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel, dont c’est la responsabilité que de réguler ces dérapages, et affirmons haut et fort que la violence de tels propos ne fait pas honneur à notre mission collective de prévention des dérives de cette nature. ” has the right to think what he wants.. Nevertheless…

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