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  1. NYT –Morocco Arrests Suspect Tied to Thwarted French Attack Plot

    RABAT, Morocco — Moroccan police have arrested a “dangerous element” who allegedly served as a liaison between the Islamic State group’s external operations and members of a French cell that was dismantled last month while allegedly planning an attack.

    The state-run MAP news agency reported on Saturday that the arrested man allegedly met on the Turkish-Syrian border with emissaries of the Islamic State group who provided instructions that were to be communicated to the group in France.

    MAP didn’t name the suspect or say when or where he was arrested.

    French police two weeks ago announced the arrests of five people — four in Strasbourg and a Moroccan in Marseille — who were suspected of actively planning a Dec. 1 attack in France.

    Paris prosecutor Francois Molins has said the group’s target wasn’t clear.

  2. DAILY MAIL – Police are hunting a Burka-wearing woman ‘with a blade in her bag’ after a teenager was stabbed to death with a screwdriver and knife outside a student halls of residence

    The 18-year-old man was stabbed to death at the University of the Arts
    Police were called to reports of a fight outside the halls at the university
    He was discovered with stab wounds and was pronounced dead at hospital

    Murder squad detectives are today hunting a Burka-clad woman who is believed to have had a knife in her bag after a teenager was stabbed to death outside a university.

    The terrified woman, who had a cut to her hand, ran into a nearby Costa coffee shop screaming for help after the man was attacked with a screwdriver and knife.

    A coffee shop worker today claimed she saw a knife in the woman’s bag following the tragic incident outside the University of the Arts in Acton, west London.

    The victim, an 18-year old man, was attacked in the street outside a hall of residence just yards from the Costa coffee in Victoria Road on Thursday night.

    Today detectives appealed for the woman to come forward.

    The Costa worker, who did not want to be named, claims to have seen a knife in the woman’s bag before she left the coffee shop and got in a car.

    She said: ‘She ran into the kitchen and she was shaken up and asking for help.

    ‘I took her into the seating area and I saw something sharp in her bag, I’m sure it was a knife. She also had a cut on her right hand.

    ‘She then went into the toilet for a while before coming out and getting into a car. I think she was a Muslim because she was wearing a burka.’

    Following the attack at 6.30pm last night students who live in The Costume Store halls were warned to be ‘careful and vigilant’.

    An eyewitness told how she saw the victim lay covered ‘head to toe in blood’ after a thug wielding a screwdriver and a knife stabbed him in the face.

    The victim, who had a beard, was also knifed in the stomach in the attack outside the student halls.

    The Metropolitan Police was called to reports of a fight in Victoria Road and the victim was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

    A witness, who did not want to be named, said the boy had two stab wounds in the stomach and another in the face and was covered ‘head to toe in blood’.

    The 38-year-old local worker who was on her way home said: ‘He had two stab wounds in his stomach and one in his face. He was covered head to toe in blood.

    ‘There was a girl saying she saw a kitchen knife and there was a screwdriver covered in blood lying next to the body. It looked like it was intended, it was over so quickly.

    ‘Two men were resuscitating him for about 20 minutes and they couldn’t give him mouth to mouth because of his face injuries.

    ‘He had dark hair and looked really young. He was casually dressed. There was so much blood, we were stunned the injuries were horrific.

    ‘I could see a screwdriver covered in blood. The guys who were there just before me also saw a kitchen knife.’

    Detective Chief Inspector Sam Price, Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: ‘I am appealing for anyone who witnessed this attack to come forward and speak to police.

  3. Pakistan – Family protests gang rape of their beloved donkey

    SAHIWAL – In a bizarre incident, a 70-year-old man with his entire family have accused six men of sexually abusing their donkey before taking it away at gunpoint in Sahiwal district of Punjab.

    Zahoor Ahmed, a resident of village 57/GD in Bahadur Abad police limits, staged a demonstration Wednesday in front of District Police Office Sahiwal. The family alleged that the police were not lodging a complaint against Abrar, Ashraf, Sadabahar, Zawar, Maqbool and Akhlaq who sexually assaulted their animal.

    “Zawar Ahmed wanted to buy my donkey. But when I refused to sell him the animal, he (Zawar) along with his other men carried out this heinous crime.

    “Later, they took away my donkey at gunpoint,” the old man told the media outside DPO Office.

    Bestiality is a sexual offence in which an animal is used as a medium to satisfy the sexual desire of a human being.

    The disgruntled man has demanded DPO Atif Ikram to register a FIR against the criminals as Shahid Nazir, the local station house officer, refused to entertain his application.

    Sahiwal police spokesman Mehar Nazir Ahmad told Daily Pakistan that they have called the aggrieved party tomorrow (Thursday). The further decision will be made after an inquiry into the incident which, the spokesman say, appears to be a personal dispute.

  4. Tote Studentin – Verdächtiger ist 17-jähriger Flüchtling

    Der Mord an der Studentin Maria L. aus Freiburg ist weitgehend aufgeklärt. Ein 17-jähriger Afghane wurde verhaftet.

    Er kam als unbegleiteter Flüchtling ins Land und wohnte bei einer Familie. Seine auffällige Frisur entlarvte ihn.
    Die junge Frau wurde Mitte Oktober vergewaltigt und getötet. Ihre Leiche wurde am 16. Oktober im Fluss Dreisam gefunden.

    Mitte Oktober traf es eine 19 Jahre alte Studentin in Freiburg, drei Wochen später dann eine 27 Jahre alte Joggerin im 30 Kilometer entfernten Endingen. Die Taten sorgten für Verunsicherung in der Bevölkerung und setzten die Polizei unter Druck. Im Fall der Studentin, die nach einer Vergewaltigung im Fluss Dreisam starb, sieht sich die Polizei nun am Ziel.

    Nach sieben Wochen Ermittlungen, 1600 Hinweisen und 1400 Zeugenvernehmungen konnte ein Tatverdächtiger gefasst werden, teilte der leitende Staatsanwalt Dieter Inhofer auf einer Pressekonferenz am Samstag in Freiburg mit.

    Es handele sich um einen minderjährigen unbegleiteten Flüchtling, der 2015 aus Afghanistan eingereist sei. Der 17-Jährige sei wegen des dringenden Tatverdachts der Vergewaltigung und des Mordes in Untersuchungshaft genommen worden. Der Tatverdächtige sei bei einer Familie untergebracht gewesen. Der Beschuldigte selbst machte demnach zunächst keine Angaben……

    (In October 19 years old student was raped and murdered in Freiburg, three weeks later, 30 km away, the jogger has been found murdered. Police found DNA of the perpetrator in the first case, and now they know that the perpetrator was 17 year old minor unaccompanied refugee from Afghanistan. The second case is still unsolved.)

    • Afghan teen arrested over German murder-rape (france24, Dec 3, 2016)

      “A teenage Afghan asylum seeker has been arrested on suspicion of the rape and murder of a 19-year-old female student in Germany, police and prosecutors said Saturday.

      The 17-year-old Afghan was arrested on Friday after his DNA was found at the scene of the crime and he was identified on CCTV, authorities in the south-west German town of Freiburg told a press conference.

      The Afghan, who has said nothing to investigators about the alleged crimes, arrived in Germany in 2015 as an unaccompanied minor and had been living with a host family.

      The teenage victim was a medical student who was found dead on the banks of the river Dreisam, which Freiburg straddles, on October 16.

      An autopsy found that she had drowned.

      The previous evening she had gone out to a student night before cycling home. Her body was found just a few hours later.

      No personal link has yet been found between the victim and the alleged murderer, authorities said.

      The murder made big news in Germany and was followed by another as yet unsolved crime on November 10 in the nearby Endingen forest, in which a 27-year-old jogger was found dead having also been raped.

      So far, investigators have established no connection between the two murders.

      News of the young Afghan’s arrest triggered much reaction on social media with some people saying an ironic “thank you” to German Chancellor Angela Merkel…”

  5. Netherlands: Government-funded watchdog says it’s ok for Muslims to send death threats to gays

    “The disgraceful stance came to light when a member of the public complained about death threats posted to an online forum which called for homosexuals to be ‘burned, decapitated and slaughtered.’” Yet this “anti-discrimination watchdog” refused to pursue the case, writing: “The remarks must be seen in the context of religious beliefs in Islam, which juridically takes away the insulting character.”

    In their globalist ardor to appease and accommodate Islamic supremacists, there seems to be no absurdity that is out of bounds for the political elites.

    • Thank goodness Sanders is struggling so valiantly to ensure that all these different idiotic positions he’s taking will bar him from the 2020 DNC nomination.

      You heard it here first. Trump’s reelection campaign slogan will involve the phrase,
      “20/20 Vision”.

      As always, I’m open to any arguments which hope to prove that Hillary will ever receive even a nomination for dog-catcher. Almost more important than Trump’s victory is the near-rock-solid assurance that we all can stick a fork in Hillary’s political career, because it’s DONE!!!

  6. Nigeria, Morocco mull gas pipeline mega-project

    Nigeria and Morocco are in talks over a huge project to extend a West African gas pipeline to stretch up towards Europe, officials say.

    Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama said in a government video posted on Twitter on Friday that the pipeline would “go along the coast from West Africa — Nigeria — all the way up to Morocco and into Europe eventually”.

    “That’s a very big and important project for us,” Onyeama added, without giving further details.

    The construction of west Africa’s biggest gas pipeline, linking Nigeria’s energy-rich south to consumer markets on the region’s coast — Benin, Togo and Ghana — began in 2005, with deliveries starting five years later.

    Onyeama’s comments came as Morocco’s King Mohammed VI wrapped up a two-day visit to Abuja, where he met with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.

    Moroccan media reported that the pipeline extension topped the agenda in the talks, with the Economie-Enterprise website reporting that the two countries would sign a memorandum of understanding shortly for the “highly ambitious project estimated at several billion dollars”.

    The website said the work would see the pipeline extended “towards Morocco, passing through Dakar”.

    Algeria held talks with Nigeria as far back as 2002 for a similar pipeline crossing the Sahel region, but ultimately the Algerian government was unable to finance the project.

    Major oil exporter Nigeria also has huge untapped gas resources — the largest proven reserves in Africa and the seventh largest globally.

    But its energy-rich Niger Delta area is frequently hit by attacks by militants seeking a fairer distribution of the nation’s resource wealth, including assaults on pipelines that seriously dented oil and gas production in 2016.

  7. Austria: ‘Hofer is a fascist’ Protesters march against FPO candidate ahead of election

    Dozens of activists marched through Vienna, Saturday, to protest against the Freedom Party of Austria’s (FPO) presidential candidate Norbert Hofer, one day ahead of the presidential election.

    One person was arrested for being too aggressive, according to police. The protesters marched to the FPO’s headquarters while chanting slogans accusing Hofer of being a fascist and a racist.

    SOT, Manfred Ecker, activist (German): “Hofer himself, who has contributed to the party programme [Freedom Party of Austria, FPO] and is partly responsible for the decision to wear the cornflower in parliament. The cornflower is not a flower without meaning. The cornflower can also be replaced by the swastika. The cornflower was the trademark of the Nazis in Austria under the [Engelbert] Dolfuss dictatorship, when they couldn’t display the swastika in public.”

  8. Greek anarchists on Monday claimed responsibility for an attack on a member of parliament from the far-right Golden Dawn party, Kathimerini reported.

    Giorgos Germenis was hospitalized following the attack by about 30 people in a cafe in Maroussi, north of Athens, on Saturday.

    According to an online statement from the anarchists, they saw Germenis in the cafe and chanted anti-fascist slogans at him and his companions. They claim that Germenis was carrying a gun.

  9. Droves of African Migrants in Mexico Awaiting U.S. Asylum Under Secret Pact

    Herds of African immigrants are being housed in shelters in the Mexican border town of Tijuana while they await entry into the United States under what appears to be a secret accord between the Obama administration, Mexico and the Central American countries the Africans transited on their journey north. A backlog of African migrants is overwhelming limited shelter space in Tijuana and Mexican officials blame the slow pace of U.S. immigration authorities in the San Isidro port of entry for granting only 50 asylum solicitations daily.

    • …Mexican officials blame the slow pace of U.S. immigration authorities on the San Isidro port of entry for granting only 50 asylum solicitations daily.

      Paging Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the white courtesy phone …

  10. Spain rescues 92 migrants off the southern coast (france24, Dec 3, 2016)

    “MÁLAGA (SPAIN) (AFP) – Spanish authorities said 92 migrants travelling in five makeshift boats were rescued off Spain’s coast on Saturday, as an increasing number of migrants seek to reach Europe via the country.

    Among those rescued were 63 people from sub-Saharan Africa, officials said without specifying their nationalities, and 29 Algerians.

    Most of the migrants were taken to the port of Malaga in southern Spain, following a “complicated” rescue operation in rough seas around 49 nautical miles from the coast, a maritime rescue official told AFP.

    The group included three women and a child as well as a boy who had to be hospitalised after suffering from hypothermia.

    Also on Saturday, Spanish authorities stopped 22 migrants hiding in a lorry who were trying to enter Melilla, a Spanish enclave in north Africa which, along with another enclave called Ceuta, are the only land borders between Africa and the EU.

    Authorities used a system that detects heartbeats to detect the migrants, said Irene Flores, a spokeswoman for the Melilla government.

    The 22 were taken to a migrant centre in Melilla where they will be eligible to lodge a request for asylum. The lorry driver and his assistant were detained…”

  11. Police launch manhunt after deadly Stockholm shooting (thelocal, Dec 3, 2016)

    “Swedish police have launched a massive manhunt after masked gunmen barged into a Stockholm café and shot two people to death late on Friday.

    Several witnesses told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet that at least four people were seen leaving the crime scene in a white car with tinted windows shortly after the shooting, which occurred in the northwestern Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby. The newspaper said the two victims are thought to be brothers.

    “We’re working on a number of theories about what’s happened,” police spokesman Mats Eriksson said, without wanting to elaborate neither on the number of suspects or what the motive of the shooting might be.

    One person was also taken to hospital after suffering minor injuries.

    According to Swedish news agency TT, crowds gathered outside the café after the attack, with some people hurling rocks and other objects at police.

    No arrests have yet been made linked to the shooting…”

    • “Two suspected migrants were killed Saturday and a third was seriously injured in an accident as they hid in a cargo train from Italy to Austria, police said…”

      Premature Box car Boxing Day celebrations are being blamed.

  12. Turkey seeks trade in local currencies with Russia, China, Iran: Erdo?an (hurriyetdailynews, Dec 3, 2016)

    “Turkey is seeking to conduct trade with Russia, China and Iran in local currencies, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an said Dec. 3.

    Speaking at the opening ceremony of a shopping mall in Istanbul, Erdo?an said that he had proposed Russian President Vladimir Putin to conduct trade between the two countries with local currencies.

    “I proposed Putin the following: Let’s do our trade in local currencies. Whatever I buy [from you] I shall pay you in Russian ruble, and whatever you buy from me make the payment in Turkish Liras,” said Erdo?an on Dec. 3.

    He added that he had made the same offer to China and Iran and his offer was found reasonable.

    “We have given the necessary instructions to our central banks and we will try to conduct such [trade] relationships between us through this way,” Erdo?an said.

    Erdo?an also reiterated his call to Turkish citizens to convert their foreign exchange into gold or the Turkish Lira…”

  13. India, Afghanistan plan air cargo link over Pakistan (tribune, Dec 3, 2016)

    “India and Afghanistan are likely to announce an air cargo service on Saturday to help increase trade that both say is stymied because of their tense political relations with Pakistan that lies between them.

    Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi were meeting in the northern Indian city of Amritsar, a short distance from the Pakistan border, for the Heart of Asia conference aimed at stabilising Afghanistan.

    Nuclear-armed India and Pakistan have gone to war three times and remain bitter foes while ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan have become strained despite their shared religious and cultural identities.

    Officials say the focus of the air cargo service is to improve landlocked Afghanistan’s connectivity to key markets abroad and boost the growth prospects of its fruit and carpet industries while it battles a deadly Taliban insurgency.

    Afghanistan depends on the Pakistani port of Karachi for its foreign trade. It is allowed to send a limited amount of goods overland through Pakistan into India, but imports from India are not allowed along this route…”

  14. Trump vows support to help unearth Afghanistan’s massive natural resources (khaama, Dec 3, 2016)

    “The president-elect of the United States Donald Trump vowed support under his upcoming administration to help unearth Afghanistan’s massive natural resources which include some of the world’s rare earth elements.

    Trump made the commitment during a tlelphone conversation with the Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

    Trump said Afghanistan has considerable natural resources and his administration will be prepared to assist Afghanistan in this sector.

    He said Afghanistan has a great potential in economic development and the country’s natural resources can play a key role in this regard…”

  15. SHOCK REPORT: ISIS fighters have entered UK posing as migrants & will STRIKE next (express, Dec 3, 2016)

    “EUROPOL have admitted it is “indisputable” that Islamic State (ISIS) fighters have entered Europe posing as war-ravaged refugees and they WILL target Britain.

    The security service warned ISIS jihadis are using migrant routes to smuggle crazed fighters in to wage terror across the continent.

    Here they will plot to attack European countries, with Britain “high on the target list” for aggression from the sick terror cult.

    A shocking report published on Friday by Europol said: “It is indisputable that some have entered the EU posing as refugees…”

    • All you had to to to know this is to look at the videos of the refugees MARCHING through Eastern Europe. They held their formation, position and intervals too well not to be trained soldiers. The once there were in Western Europe the vast majority of them went missing from the refugee centers. At a conservative estimate there is a minimum of one Army Moslem Corps in France and another in Germany with an unknown number in the other European nations. Given the way so many “REFUGEES” are fighting to get into Britain there is one or more Army Corps either in Britain or working hard to get into Britain.

      • For the non vets, in the American Army (at least when I was serving) a Division had 20,000 men and an Army Corp consisted of 4 or more Divisions. During wartime (major wars like WWII) Divisions can consist of 80,000 to 100,000 men and Army Corps of up to 10 divisions.Sometimes more.

      • At a conservative estimate there is a minimum of one Army Moslem Corps in France and another in Germany with an unknown number in the other European nations.

        Unless Western Civilization has gone entirely brain-dead (which is not altogether an entirely out-of-the-question supposition), these Islamic infiltrators are in for a rude awakening. No one, repeat, NO EFFING ONE—not Russia, not Communist China, not any country on earth—can hold a fecking candle to the West’s skill when it comes to implementing industrially based, mechanized, conventional military annihilation. Again, this estimate DOES NOT include deployment of unconventional or NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) weapons of mass destruction.

        I continue to maintain (and hope) that Europe’s Muslim population will find themselves whisked off of the Continent (and back to their countries of origin)—or just to one large “empty quarter” resettlement on the Arabian Peninsula—so quickly that it makes their heads fricking spin.

        The alternative is something that will make whatever current, ongoing Middle East conflicts look like a bit of slap-and-tickle before bedtime.


    German authorities say a 17-year-old Afghan who entered the country last year as an unaccompanied minor has been taken into custody on suspicion he raped and killed a 19-year-old university student.

    Dieter Inhofer, prosecutor in the southwestern city of Freiburg, said Saturday that the teen asylum-seeker was identified as a suspect based on traffic video from near the crime scene.

    Inhofer tells the dpa news agency that DNA evidence has tied the boy to the crime scene. He was living in the area with a family.

  17. ‘I’m truly AFRAID’ Humiliated Merkel is confronted by dad TERRIFIED at migrant influx (express, video, Dec 3, 2016)

    “ANGELA Merkel was left squirming after an enraged party member told her on a video link that her refugee policy had left him “afraid for the safety and future of my four children”.

    Mrs Merkel is normally protected from the sharp end of public opinion by phalanxes of flunkies, security personnel and office aides.

    But there was no hiding place when she agreed to a virtual town hall meeting which linked her in her Berlin office with conservative voters in Frankfurt.

    The embarrassing clash Thursday evening came days before her Christian Democratic Union party congress in Essen.

    It gave the opportunity for people like the disillusioned father to vent his despair at the refugee policy that has riven the country, caused neo-Nazi violence to increase and lured her supporters into the arms of right-wing anti-immigrant parties like the Alternative for Germany (AfD.)

    The man, a professor from the Rheingau region of western Germany, said to her: “I’m a father of four children. I’d much rather be sitting in an armchair right now and enjoy the rest of the evening… The only reason I am here is that for the first time in my life I am truly afraid.

    “Afraid for the future of my children, afraid for the stability of our society, afraid for the security. Afraid that we won’t be able to get a handle on what started in the autumn of 2015.”

    The dad added: ”Why not finally agree that people don’t want your refugee policy, that people actually require a very different course of refugee policy?

    “For the first time in my life I fear for the safety and the future of my children.”

    The professor, who it later emerged is a member of the think tank the Adenauer Foundation, has written a policy paper rejecting Mrs Merkel’s decision to let close to 1.5 million refugees into the country, many hundreds of whom intelligence chiefs now suspect may be Isis sleepers plotting carnage.

    Mrs Merkel, ever the consummate politician, at first appeared taken aback but then said that the dignity of the the refugees was “inviolable” and that Germany could not just leave them to drown in the Mediterranean.

    The Chancellor added: “I take seriously your fear and note your criticism. But I think that the consequences if we didn’t take the action that we did would have produced other worries.”

    But again the lady is not for turning and she refuses to put a cap on refugee numbers, saying: “The dissent we have to live with.”…”

  18. Not really relevant topic, but very interesting:

    A fake US Embassy which has been operating in Ghana for about 10 years has finally been discovered and shut down.

    It is not clear exactly when that happened, but a joint task force of both Ghanaian and foreign security operatives shut down the fake Embassy operating somewhere in the capital, Accra, according to information published November 2, 2016 on the website of the US Department of State.

    Members of an organized crime gang made up of Turkish and Ghanaian citizens operated the fake Embassy in Accra where they flew the American flag on the building every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 7:30am to 12 noon and issued fraudulently obtained, legitimate US visas, counterfeit visas, false identification documents (including bank records, education records, birth certificates, and others) for a cost of $6,000.

  19. UK: Like Nazi ‘concentration camps’ – activists protest Yarl’s Wood refugee detention centre

    Protest group ‘Justice by Any Means Necessary’ led 1,500 demonstrators to the perimeter fence of Yarl’s Wood, Bedford, on Saturday to demand the permanent closure of all such detention centres. Migrants and refugees are detained indefinitely at the centre, which means some must wait years before they are deported.

    • The British kids there are spoiled brats throwing a tantrum, the others are trying to force Britain to commit national suicide.

  20. I’ve got to give Stefan Molyneux unqualified praise for brazenly identifying how the Austrian (and EU) government are—regardless of traditional political stripe—essentially making their indigenous populations pay for their own extermination.

    At video time point 05:40—Molyneux bravely notes how:

    “So … oddly enough, when you bring North Africa into Europe, you don’t get Europe, you kinda get North Africa.”

    At the risk of appearing bigoted—a fear I got over several years ago after rejecting accusations of my hatred for multi-ethnic Islam as being “racist”, seeing as how Islam’s not a RACE—I’m going to use the “Ice Cream Analogy”.

    Take a quart of vanilla ice cream and stir in a pint of $h!t. Do you still have ice cream?

    Now, take a quart of ice cream and stir in just a cup of $h!t. Do you still have ice cream?

    Okay, so let’s take a quart of vanilla ice cream and stir in only a teaspoon of $h!t. Do you still have ice cream?

    So much for the “Ice Cream Analogy”.

    As Old Bill would say, “therein lies the rub”. Let’s just say that attempting to forcibly merge irreconcilably incompatible cultures simply does not work. It’s not an issue of “racism” so much as a matter of shared values. Islam (especially) and much of Africa (Northern or otherwise) have little, if anything, in common with regard to mutually respecting social mores such as those held by most Europeans. It is a fundamental deal-breaker and the single-most, intentionally ignored incongruity that permeates this entire sociopolitical conflict.

    It is also the signal flaw of cultural or moral relativism and continues to (rightfully) mark out these relativists as enemies of Western Civilization.

    As Molyneux goes on note:

    See, one of the things about Islam is that it says it’s an honorable thing, it’s part of jihad, to go to another country and start having a lots of kids. Which is challenging, of course, enough if you have to go to work for a living but if that country you’re moving to takes money from the White population and gives it to the migrant population, that seems to stack the deck just a little bit in terms of demographic replacement.

    Again, Molyneux demonstrates a commendable willingness to specify race as a critical component of this problem. Just look at Sweden. Some thirty years ago, when its racial homogeneity factor was nearly 100%, domestic crime was virtually nonexistent. I know. I lived there for a while back then.

    After indiscriminately importing many thousands of Muslim and North African “immigrants”, Sweden is now the world’s RAPE CAPITAL. There is no polite way to put this. Neither is there any kind way of calmly diverting attention from the fact that these selfsame “immigrants” are the ROOT CAUSE of Sweden’s (and many other EU nations’) criminal statistics. Anyone who doubts this should take a few minutes to look up no-go-zones“. Go ahead and get back to me when you’re done (then I’ll stick a fork in you).

    Finally, Stefan goes the whole Monty and (at video time point 21:30) brings up—to his eternal credit THE IQ FACTOR. Everything he says from that point on needs to be carved in stone. There is no denying how the average intelligence of Europe’s economic tourists “immigrant” influx is well within the “sweet spot” (i.e., 85 IQ) for most criminals. It would be condescending of me to elaborate any further on the lucid explanations that Molyneux provides.

    That said, his “soccer game” analogy (at time point 25:03) is totally spot on with respect to the entire notion of “unequal protection under the law” for politically “protected species” (e.g., minorities, gays, Muslims, homosexual humpbacked whales, or text

    Ignore his words at your own peril. It matters not where on earth that you happen to live, just this one issue of intelligence alone rapidly becomes the defining factor with respect to the fate of Western Civilization. Molyneux “gets it” and you would be best advised to do so as well.

      • Thank you, yucki. It means a lot to know that there’s someone here (aside from Richard) who’s regularly reading my contributions. In the next day or two, I’ll be posting a personal rant about the need for more participant interaction at this site. Any oar that you’d like to put in (supportive or contrary) would be most welcome. Again, I sincerely appreciate your replies. Even the critical ones.

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