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  1. Hungary’s migration policy protects ‘European freedom,’ says Orban (DW, Oct 18, 2016)

    “Speaking to Bavaria’s state legislature, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has likened Hungary’s border closure to opening its borders with Austria in 1989, allowing hundreds of East Germans to flee to the West.

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Monday defended his anti-migrant stance, claiming it’s his nation’s “duty” to protect cherished values in Europe.

    “I promise you that Hungary will … always be on the side of European freedom,” Orban told the state legislature in Germany’s Bavaria.

    “In 1989, we acted for the freedom of Europe and now we’re protecting this freedom,” the Hungarian premier added, referring to Budapest’s decision to open its border with Austria, allowing hundreds of Germans living under communist rule to flee to the West.

    In the summer of 2015, Hungary closed its borders to asylum seekers fleeing conflict in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, leaving tens of thousands stranded during their journey towards wealthier EU nations.

    Seehofer backs Orban

    Bavarian State Premier Horst Seehofer, known as a vocal critic of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy towards refugees, invited Orban to give a speech to the Bavarian parliament for the 60-year anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising against the Soviet Union.

    Opposition parties, including the Social Democrats and Left Party, criticized Seehofer’s Christian Social Union (CSU) for providing Orban with a platform at the state legislature. Seehofer and Orban have met on three separate occasions over the past year…”

  2. 17,000 refugees sue Germany over status – and most win (thelocal, Oct 18, 2016)

    “So far this year more than 17,000 refugees have sued German authorities for not giving them full refugee status, with the vast majority winning their cases, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

    Since the government toughened its stance towards refugees earlier in the year, increasing numbers of refugees have been receiving a qualified form of asylum known as “subsidiary protection” from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

    In the first eight months of this year, more than 17,000 refugees have taken BAMF to administrative courts over this decision, with 6,000 cases passing through the courts in August alone, the SZ notes.

    The vast majority (15,000) of the plaintiffs have been Syrians, who make up the largest group of asylum seekers in Germany by nationality.

    And their chances of winning the case against BAMF has so far proved high, with the administrative courts ruling that they deserve full protection under the Geneva convention on refugees in over 90 percent of cases.

    Although those with subsidiary protection are safe from deportation, they still face considerable disadvantages in comparison with those who have full refugee status. Most notably, due to a law passed in February, they need to wait two years before their families are allowed to join them.

    Since March, the number of Syrians offered only subsidiary protection by BAMF has risen sharply.

    Between autumn 2014 and March 2016, BAMF considered Syrians collectively in speedy processes, offering them protection en masse. But since the middle of March, Syrians must once again apply for asylum on an individual basis – with around 60 percent only receiving subsidiary protection. In 2014, before collective cases were introduced, around two-thirds of Syrians were granted full refugee protection.

    Die Linke MP Ulla Jelpke described the BAMF’s attitude as “an intentional strategy of disenfranchisement and deterrence which sacrifices humanity.”

    But the Interior Ministry has rejected the accusation that it has put pressure on BAMF not to offer full protection to Syrian refugees, telling the SZ that many do not fulfill the criteria of facing possible persecution in their own country needed to receive full refugee status under the UN’s refugee convention.”

  3. Swedish teachers lash out at Afghanistan deportation plan (thelocal, Oct 18, 2016)

    “Hundreds of Swedish teachers have expressed anger at a new deal that could see pupils deported to Afghanistan.

    Sweden’s tougher new line on refugees and asylum seekers undermines educators and destabilizes the lives of children who have already suffered terribly, write 300 teachers in newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

    “We demand that Sweden not go ahead with deportations to Afghanistan,” they write.

    When the government signed a bilateral repatriation deal with Afghanistan earlier this month, Justice Minister Morgan Johansson hailed it as a “success for Sweden”.

    Afghanistan has pledged to shield returning citizens from harassment and persecution, while Sweden will cover the transport costs as well as honouring an earlier promise to pay families up to 70,000 kronor ($8,000) to facilitate their return.

    With Afghanistan agreeing to accept returnees, Sweden was free to begin deporting the 838 Afghans whose asylum applications had been rejected.

    A further 36,000 Afghans are awaiting asylum rulings.

    Unaccompanied minors can only be deported if family members or other guardians can give them a home.

    “A few days ago one of our pupils received his deportation order. He is 15. In three years he will be deported to Afghanistan. He is far from alone and now risks spending years of his development at war, in refugee camps, underground, or on the run.”

    With much of Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban, and institutional racism against Persian-speaking Hazaras commonplace, many of the young Afghans had never even set foot in their parents’ homeland, the teachers claim.

    Instead many grew up in Iran, where they toiled as child workers without any rights.

    “It would be shameful to deport children and youths en masse to Afghanistan. The government must immediately halt all such plans! What is a government even worth if if is incapable of protecting children in its own country and giving them hope for the future?””

  4. Teen slaughtered sheep to give thanks for father’s recovery (thelocal, Oct 18, 2016)

    “A schoolboy and his mother have been convicted of cruelty after carrying out the ritual slaughter of three sheep.

    While the teenager agreed to accept a one-month suspended sentence from the Austrian court, his mother, from Turkey and who has lived in Austria for 16 years, refused to accept community service until she could ask her husband for permission.

    She had also tried to negotiate with the judge so that she could pay money instead, but gave in when she was told that the only alternative was jail.

    The Austrian-Turkish youngster, aged 18, who was not named and who lives with his family in the southern city of Graz, had butchered three animals on a nearby farm by cutting their throats with a sharp knife as a way of giving thanks for the fact that his father had recovered from a bout of illness.

    The young student, who was 17 when he committed the crime, had called several local farmers and asked about sheep offered on the Internet. His family had wanted the sheep to celebrate the father’s recovery, and that meant they needed to be sacrificed in the traditional way.

    The farmers agreed to the sale, and the young man wanted to kill them there to avoid a mess back home. He told the court: “I laid them on the ground and my mother held the legs behind, then I said a quotation from the Koran and closed the sheep’s eyes.”

    He then cut the throats of the animals before they were loaded into the car. It took two or three minutes for the animals to bleed to death.

    The defendant said he was unaware that he could not kill the sheep without anaesthetic, and was only told it was illegal when he was arrested, he claimed. In Austria, animals can only be slaughtered in licensed slaughterhouses, and must be given anaesthesia immediately after their artery is cut.

    The mother, who has been in Austria for 16 years, also claimed ignorance of the law, saying: “We had to make a sacrifice.”

    When she was told that she would have to do 150 hours of community work, she claimed that she was unable to do so as she had to look after her husband, and also said she needed in any case his permission before deciding whether she could accept the punishment or not.

    Even when the judge insisted that she make up her mind herself, she still refused until she could get permission from her husband, saying that she wanted to ask him if he might be prepared to pay money instead of the community service.

    When the judge pointed out that there was no money alternative, and the only alternative was jail, she finally accepted the community service order.

    Two weeks earlier, another ritual slaughter scandal rocked Styria when a farmer agreed to lend a Turkish friend his field for a month to graze sheep but discovered they were being ritually sacrificed.

    To the horror of locals who witnessed the scene, 79 sheep were slaughtered as part of the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha, also known as the Sacrifice Feast. The police were immediately alerted, and they managed to save the lives of 52 other sheep on the pasture.”

  5. One solider, 19 militants killed in 3rd day of military operations in north Sinai: Egypt Army (ahram, Oct 18, 2016),–militants-killed-in-rd-day-of-milita.aspx

    “Egypt’s army said one solider and 19 militants were killed in the third day of its recent air and ground operation against insurgents in in the restive North Sinai region.

    Military air forces pounded 31 militant hideouts and arm caches while ground and special troops raided a number of other targets, killing 19 militants, military spokesman Brigadier General Mohamed Samir said in a statement late on Monday.

    One soldier was killed during the attacks at Monday dawn, he added.

    The military has launched fresh raids against Islamist militants in the region after a Friday attack on an army checkpoint in the Bir Al-Abd area west of El-Arish, the capital of North Sinai, killed 12 soldiers and wounded at least six others. The attack was claimed by Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis .

    The army said it killed 33 other militant fighters in response during air and ground raids on Saturday and Sunday.

    Egyptian forces have in recent years been battling an Islamist insurgency based in parts of the northern Sinai region, which has mainly targeted police and troops…”

  6. Two US citizens sentenced to 10 years in jail in Iran (gulfnews, Oct 18, 2016)

    “Dubai, Washington: An Iranian court has sentenced an Iranian-American businessman and his elderly father to 10 years in prison on charges of cooperating with the United States, the Iranian judiciary’s official news website reported on Tuesday.

    Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps detained Siamak Namazi, an Iranian-American businessman in his mid-40s, in October 2015, while he was visiting family in Tehran. The IRGC arrested his father, Baquer Namazi, a former UNICEF official in his early 80s, in February…”

  7. 350,000 Afghan refugees return from Pakistan: UN (gulfnews, Oct 18, 2016)

    “ISLAMABAD: More than 350,000 Afghan refugees have returned to their war-torn homeland from Pakistan this year, UN data show, with the torrent of people crossing the border expected to continue.

    Earlier in October, the UN’s refugee agency UNHCR said the number of documented Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan had soared past 200,000.

    But this week, the body’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Afghanistan released updated figures that also include the number of undocumented refugees crossing the border.

    “So far this year, 162,186 undocumented returnees and 207,236 registered returnees (369,422) have returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan,” an OCHA statement said, noting that the majority, some 333,000 people, have returned since July.

    “If that sounds like a lot, it is,” the statement continued.

    “Based on current trends, we expect a further 446,000 (both registered and undocumented) Afghans to arrive before year-end.”

    The influx of refugees threatens to overwhelm Afghanistan, with authorities there already warning of a humanitarian crisis as hundreds of thousands of people flee fighting within the country.

    “Due to hostilities in Kunduz and intensified fighting across the south, we have seen a jump of 37,000 IDPs (internally displaced people) alone — more than 10 per cent of the year total in just one week,” Danielle Moylan, a spokeswoman for OCHA, told AFP on Monday…”

  8. Mosul battle: EU ‘should prepare for returning jihadists’ (BBC, Oct 18, 2016)

    “The EU has been urged to prepare for returning jihadists if the so-called Islamic State (IS) is driven out of its Iraqi stronghold, Mosul.

    Security Commissioner Julian King said even a small number of militants would pose “a serious threat that we must prepare ourselves for”.

    Iraqi forces say they have captured 10 villages near Mosul since beginning their long-awaited offensive on Monday.

    As many as 5,000 IS fighters are believed to remain in the city…”

  9. “Secret Laws”: turns out they are a thing…

    The notion of secret law is as counterintuitive as it is unsettling. When most of us think of law, we think of statutes passed by Congress, and we take for granted that they are public.

    Statutes, however, are only one kind of law. When the secret surveillance panel known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, or FISA court, construed the Patriot Act to allow bulk collection of Americans’ phone records, that interpretation became part of the statute’s meaning. When President Obama issued procedures and standards for using lethal force against suspected terrorists overseas, agency officials were bound to follow them.

  10. Background and Documents on Attempts to Frame Assange as a Pedophile and Russias spy
    18 October 2016
    Earlier today the website DailyKos reported on a smear campaign plot to falsely accuse Julian Assange of pedophilia.

    Here is the description of the plot from Mr Assange’s legal team, the investigative report into the front company and associated correspondence. An unknown entity posing as an internet dating agency prepared an elaborate plot to falsely claim that Julian Assange received US$1M from the Russian government and a second plot to frame him sexually molesting an eight year old girl.

    The second plot includes the filing of a fabricated criminal complaint in the Bahamas, a court complaint in the UK and laundering part of the attack through the United Nations. The plot happened durring WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton related publications, but the plot may have its first genesis in Mr. Assange’s 16 months litigation against the UK in the UN system, which concluded February 5 (Assange won. UK and Sweden lost & US State Dept tried to pressure the WGAD according to its former Chair, Prof. Mads Andenas).

    Xan: indeed, a couple of hours ago, reddit started seeing posts saying Assange was grooming an 8-year-old girl via the internet, and wanted to sexually molest her. So, yes – the smear campaign is full on.

  11. Remember the most hated hi-tech executive who was run out of reddit because of her extreme SJW tyranny? Well, Ellen Pao is at it again..

    For those who have a real life, here is the wikipedia entry on Pao:

    Quick backgrounder:
    Peter Thiel is a hi-tech guy who started Y Combinator and whose hatchery has launched some of the Hi-tech world’s giants. At the beginning of the Presidential nominations, he supported (and donated to Carly Fiorina). His wikipedia entry is here:

    Gawker outed him as gay. Peter Thiel was not pleased. So, whenever anyone wanted to sue Gawker, he gave them the money to do it – most famously, some wrestler guy. And indeed, he successfully sued Gawker into oblivion.

    Now, he gave Donald Trump 1.25 million dollar contribution.

    And Ellen Pao has started the witch hunt! This may be petty as f, but this will affect stock prices of hi-tech companies, so, do keep it in mind:


    IT’S NO SECRET that American law has been building facial recognition databases to aide in its investigations. But a new, comprehensive report on the status of facial recognition as a tool in law enforcement shows the sheer scope and reach of the FBI’s database of faces and those of state-level law enforcement agencies: Roughly half of American adults are included in those collections. And that massive assembly of biometric data is accessed with only spotty oversight of its accuracy and how it’s used and searched.

    • For sure, your driver’s license photos are scanned for criminal activity all the time. The fact that the government has it means that it will be used against you. I saw an article years ago in the Chicago Sun-Times where they caught some criminal by scanning the IL driver license database. Remember that when you view any scripted television program on the American broadcast networks and notice that EVERY legally owned firearm MUST be registered or the owner LICENSED to own a gun or has a PERMIT to own a gun. It occurs so often that people don’t realize this is propaganda courtesy of the elites that control the networks. The most important thing for the gun controllers is that EVERY private gun transaction be predicated by law to go through the government for “background checks,” so that EVERY gun is REGISTERED for eventual confiscation.


    Big tech is outspending banks, alumni get government jobs
    Wishlist from trade to antitrust poses challenge to regulators
    A political weather map of America would show Wall Street under a cloud, and Silicon Valley bathed in sunshine.
    Over the Obama administration’s eight years, the technology industry has embedded itself in Washington. The president hung out with Facebook Inc.’s Mark Zuckerberg and hired the government’s first chief tech officer. At least at the lower levels of officialdom, the revolving door with companies such as Google is spinning ever faster — as it once did with Wall Street.

  14. FrontPageMag: When Teddy Roosevelt Banned Muslims from America Daniel Greenfield aka Sultan Knish (August 18, 2016)
    The bill would prohibit the entry of the “entire Mohammedan world.”
    (NOTE: comments are closed at this link)

    Reading the Sultan Knish piece led to further exploration of Teddy Roosevelt’s writings which might have been published widely via quotes from “Metropolitan Magazine” (mentioned in T.Roosevelt’s Fear God, Take Your Part

    Searching a site specializing in newspaper archives for NYS, I came across this gem in:
    The Malone Farmer, Sept. 29, 1915, Page 1, Image 1
    (Theodore Roosevelt in Metropolitan Magazine.)

    “It has been the settled policy of Germany to drive all other countries out of the business of manufacturing arms and supplies, because, of course, if this were once substantially accomplished, the rest of the world would be completely helpless before Germany; and Germany has made it evident that she knows no such things as international morality and looks upon all other nations, including the United States, merely as possible prey.
    The Americans who are now striving to prevent the sale of munitions of war to the countries endeavoring to secure the redress of Belgium’s wrongs, that is the allied powers, are playing the game of a ruthlessly militaristic and anti-American Germany against their own country as well as against the interests of humanity at large.
    It was Germany which for decades supplied Turkey with the means of keeping the Christians of the European and Asiatic provinces in a state of dreadful subjection.

    One additional article discusses Teddy Roosevelt’s consistent challenge against polygamy – albeit from the Mormon perspective.

    The Malone Palladium, Jan. 29, 1903, Page 2, Image 2

    United States Senators were election many States last week. . . .. There are deadlocks in Washington, Oregon and Delaware. Mr. Smook is a Mormon apostle, but is said not to practice polygamy. President Roosevelt protested against his election because he is a Mormon, and hundreds of thousands of citizens will petition the Senate to refuse him a seat for the same reason.”

  15. I just finished watching “Hillary’s America”, I recommend this move to anyone who wants to know the true history of the Democrats and how evil Hillary is.

    We the People & ‘The Rebel’ – a poem by Pádraig Mac Piarais

    January 12, 2013


    ‘The People’ are greater than those that hold them, and stronger and purer… they have but need of courage…

    We would like to contribute something on behalf of the people of Ireland.

    As concerned individuals, commentators and organisations consider the situation facing our country the discussion often degrades into critical comment on the people.

    Some involved in campaigning or advocating the rights of the people have used phrases such as “sheep” or “lazy” or “apathetic” or similar words to describe the Irish people. Many have expressed exasperation at the absence of mass protest against the lack of democracy and imposition of austerity.

    It is often said that the “rebel Irish” are no more, that we have been stupefied, that we are a lost cause!

    BUT, how can one blame a slave for their condition? for the symptoms of their enslavement?

    If the people do not respond to an approach or follow a protest, who says it is the people who are wrong? Maybe it is the approach which is lacking?

    Who do these individuals or organisations think they are? do they think they ‘know better’ than the people? Isn’t this the very same logic that the Political Parties use … that they know better how to run the country than we do… that the people need to be lead and need to be ruled over! Because we are stupid!

    The Irish people are great and heroic, humble and respectful, we are democratic and freedom loving, we are generous and helpful to those in need. We are well educated and hardworking, we are not stupid! We Irish people have a collective knowledge and understanding of our own experience and history, we will not be sold a half-solution!

    Individuals and organisations concerned with advocating the cause of the people need to shape up to the task, do the thing that is needed. Put to second place the ideological differences, the ‘ism’, ‘left‘ or ‘right‘, the policy preferences and Political Parties. We must keep our own ideas but unite on the basis of our common interests as Irish people, to assert our right to rule, to determine the policy of our own state.

    Who has stood for the people up to now and how have they regarded us?

    This poem by PH Pearse says a lot and it is worth re-reading many times.

    The Rebel

    I am come of the seed of the people, the people that sorrow,
    That have no treasure but hope,
    No riches laid up but a memory
    Of an Ancient glory.
    My mother bore me in bondage, in bondage my mother was born,
    I am of the blood of serfs;
    The children with whom I have played, the men and women with whom I have eaten,
    Have had masters over them, have been under the lash of masters,
    And, though gentle, have served churls;
    The hands that have touched mine, the dear hands whose touch is familiar to me,
    Have worn shameful manacles, have been bitten at the wrist by manacles,
    Have grown hard with the manacles and the task-work of strangers,
    I am flesh of the flesh of these lowly, I am bone of their bone,
    I that have never submitted;
    I that have a soul greater than the souls of my people’s masters,

    I that have vision and prophecy and the gift of fiery speech,
    I that have spoken with God on the top of His holy hill.
    And because I am of the people, I understand the people,
    I am sorrowful with their sorrow, I am hungry with their desire:
    My heart has been heavy with the grief of mothers,
    My eyes have been wet with the tears of children,
    I have yearned with old wistful men,
    And laughed or cursed with young men;
    Their shame is my shame, and I have reddened for it,
    Reddened for that they have served, they who should be free,
    Reddened for that they have gone in want, while others have been full,
    Reddened for that they have walked in fear of lawyers and of their jailors
    With their writs of summons and their handcuffs,
    Men mean and cruel!

    I could have borne stripes on my body rather than this shame of my people.
    And now I speak, being full of vision;
    I speak to my people, and I speak in my people’s name to the masters of my people.
    I say to my people that they are holy, that they are august, despite their chains,
    That they are greater than those that hold them, and stronger and purer,
    That they have but need of courage, and to call on the name of their God,
    God the unforgetting, the dear God that loves the peoples
    For whom He died naked, suffering shame.
    And I say to my people’s masters: Beware,
    Beware of the thing that is coming, beware of the risen people,
    Who shall take what ye would not give.
    Did ye think to conquer the people,
    Or that Law is stronger than life and than men’s desire to be free?
    We will try it out with you, ye that have harried and held,
    Ye that have bullied and bribed, tyrants, hypocrites, liars!

  16. Fox News – The battle for Mosul a political move?

    Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret.) on the battle to recapture Mosul from ISIS and the Benghazi controversy.

    • Lavrov on Mosul operation: ISIS fighters may move to Syria

      If Islamic State fighters are allowed to leave Mosul and go to Syria, Russia would take the appropriate military and political decisions, the Russian foreign minister warned.

      Commenting the ongoing siege of the Iraqi city, Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday: “As far as I know, the city is not fully encircled. I hope it’s because they simply couldn’t do it, not because they wouldn’t do it. But this corridor poses a risk that Islamic State fighters could flee from Mosul and go to Syria.

      “We will be evaluating the situation and take decisions of both political and military nature if this happens,” he added. “I hope the US-led coalition, which is actively engaged in the operation to take Mosul, will take it into account.”

      The coalition – which includes the air forces of several nations, primarily the US, and ground forces of the Iraqi government, Kurdish and Shiite militias and Turkish troops – is involved in the siege of Mosul, the Iraqi stronghold of IS. Lavrov pointed out that the coalition has internal rivalries, which may hurt the effort to liberate the city from IS, a goal that Moscow supports.

      “The regional balance of power is affected by the rivalry over who would take Mosul on the ground. Would it be the Iraqi army? If so, would the Shiite troops take part? What part would the Kurdish militia play? What part would Turkey, which has an expeditionary force there, play with the Iraqi leadership protesting against it,” Lavrov said.

      “There are also some 5,000 American special operations troops, which Washington calls military advisers. Well, 5,000 advisers is a large number,” he added.

      The minister expressed Russia’s concern over the looming exodus of refugees from Mosul, which, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) may reach as many as 1 million people. Lavrov said neither Iraq nor its neighbors currently have the capacity to accommodate such a large number of refugees and that this should have been a factor in the planning of the Mosul operation.

      The Iraqi government announced the Mosul offensive last Sunday. The city was the biggest to be seized by IS during its 2014 campaign, which overwhelmed the US-trained Iraqi Army and used captured military hardware and financial assets from Mosul’s banks to support itself as a major power in Iraq and Syria.

      Mosul is Iraq’s second-largest city, with an estimated population of 1.3 million. The ICRC warned that hundreds of thousands of civilians are likely to flee the city once it comes under airstrikes and artillery shelling from the coalition. Up to 1 million people may join the 3 million internally displaced persons that Iraq already has, according to the organization’s estimates.

      The operation comes amid rumors that the US and Saudi Arabia have struck a deal with IS to grant its fighters free passage out of Mosul on the condition that they relocate to Syria. Russia is using its Air Force in Syria on behalf of that country’s government to fight terrorist groups like IS and Al-Nusra Front.

  17. Latest Email Leaks: Lynch Tied to Soros, Reporters Fund Clinton and Obama Clamps Down on Julian Assange!

    Sunday evening into Monday morning the online world exploded in a flurry of worry that the world governments were about to slam down upon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Instead, what actually happened was that someone, reportedly a “state actor” (think the CIA, NSA or one of their international equivalents) had shut down Mr. Assange’s Internet access in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy.

    The first question that should have reverberated from free citizens around the world was… why had Assange’s Internet been cut? While many world governments have attacked Mr. Assange, none have disproven any of the assertions he’s made or the leaks that he’s released. Which means that their decision to cut his Internet access seems to be a wholly selfish decision meant to keep the public ignorant to their government’s malfeasance.

    Sadly for the corrupt world governments while Julian Assange’s Internet was cut, it did not mean WikiLeaks would stop releasing proof of government corruption.

    One inflammatory release showed that Attorney General Loretta Lynch was apparently beholden to George Soros.

  18. BREAKING: 2 Playboy Models Making Stunning Trump Claim… Media in Disbelief

    Over the course of the past week, there has been a seemingly coordinated series of women emerging to make allegations of sexual assault or harassment at the hands of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at some point within the past several decades.

    But there are at least two former nude models who spent quite a bit of time with Trump during their heyday in the 1990s who are now disputing the media narrative of Trump being a sexist pig who manhandles and harasses women.

    According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, 53-year-old Shane and Sia Barbi, better known as the Barbi Twins of Playboy centerfold and cover model fame, first met Trump in 1993. They attended many parties and events with him over the years, and said he always acted as “a perfect gentleman” toward themselves and other women, some of whom were “falling all over him.”

  19. Wikileaks: Bill Clinton Boasts of Hillary’s ‘Working Relationship’ with Muslim Brotherhood

    In a speech Bill Clinton gave at the home of Mehul and Hema Sanghani in October 2015, revealed to the public for the first time by WikiLeaks, former President Bill Clinton touted Hillary Clinton’s “working relationship” with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi in Egypt as an example of her diplomatic skills.

    President Clinton also gave his wife a lot of credit for negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, in a passage that began with the standard Democrat “stuff happens” shrugging defense for foreign policy failures:

    Finally, we live in a world, as I said, that’s full of good news and bad news. The United States cannot control it all, but we need a president who’s most likely to make as many good things happen as possible, and most likely to prevent big, bad things from happening. You can’t keep every bad thing from happening; who’s most likely to be able to get people involved in a positive way. Even the people who don’t like the Iran nuclear agreement concede it never would have happened if it hadn’t been for the sanctions. Hillary negotiated those sanctions and got China and Russia to sign off – something I thought she’d never be able to do. I confess. I’m never surprised by anything she does, but that surprised me. I didn’t think she could do it. The Chinese and the Russians to see past their short-term self-interest to their long-term interest and not sparking another nuclear arms race.<

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