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4 Replies to “Kirralie Smith: “Islam is weak””

  1. She is right and by applying the same logic to the left they are also weak with a massive inferiority complex, the arrogance the show to the world is to cover up the fear they feel because they consider themselves to be inferior to the rest of the world. They then project their fear of the other onto their political opponents because they think everyone has to feel the same as they do and want the same things.

  2. Allah actually warns his Believers not to be envious of the Infidel’s wealth and freedom. He acknowledges that Islam is an inferior system, but then he goes on to explain that anybody could be rich if they were willing to sink low and be sinful in their pursuit of material gain. The reason Muslims are poor is because they are morally superior. See? They could be rich if they were willing to go around half-naked, not praying all the time and drunk like us, but they take the high road and choose to wait until the afterlife to enjoy themselves. To quote the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, “There is no fun in Islam.”.

    And the reason they hate Christians and Jews so much is because we are people of the Book, have seen the clear signs, and know in our hearts that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. They take the position that we all actually know that Islam is superior and only deny it’s supremacy because of our lust for sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.

    Like, everybody in the Middle East isn’t necessarily happy about the fact that they were born Muslim and face execution if they dare to question it. It’s not as if they were ever given a choice or anything…

    • One of the reasons Christianity caught on in Roman times is because it appealed to the weaker, poorer members of society – slaves, for instance – by teaching that though these people might be powerless in this world, great reward awaited them in the next (if they lived virtuous lives). So they could face their dreary existences with some quiet, internal hope. This parallels what you’re suggesting is Islam’s approach.

      Of course, there are rather a few differences (!) For instance, Christianity’s God tends not to appreciate having his followers go around butchering non-Christians (or their fellow Christians, for that matter). In contrast, brutalizing and murdering non-muslims is precisely the type of thing that WILL please allah.

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