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  1. DAILY MAIL 11,000 asylum seekers ‘broke the law’ in Austria during the first half of 2016, report reveals – as it emerges up to 90% of migrants have vanished from Swiss refugee centres

    Over 11,000 migrants in Austria have been listed as criminal suspects
    A fifth of the offenders on the list are Afghans with drug offences common
    Comes as report shows 90 per cent of migrants in Switzerland disappear
    Most vanish shortly after they are taken to asylum centres in the country

    […]Other violations migrants have been charged with are making dangerous threats, participating in a brawl and sexual harassment.

    Only 13 migrants were held on suspicion of being members of terrorists cells while only two were charged with inciting terrorism.

    Among the countries the migrants are coming from are Afghanistan, Algeria, Nigeria, Morocco, Syria and Iraq.

    The majority of suspects were minors, with teenagers aged 14 to 17 making up the largest group.

    The figures also come as Swiss politicians vented their anger at the fact many migrants to their country simply disappear with fears they end up living criminal lives.

    Justice director of Bern Christoph Neuhaus called the numbers of disappearing migrants ‘highly problematic.’

    He said: ‘We cannot be sure that they really migrate further and register elsewhere as asylum seekers.

    ‘Switzerland is risking an army of illegal aliens which is evident even at the black market, in prostitution or crime.’

    Meanwhile President Albert Roesti of the conservative Swiss People’s Party, the largest in the country, is worried as well.

    He said: ‘It is a massive security risk if the applicants simply go underground. There is only one solution, the border should be closed down.’

  2. Iranian Fast Attack Craft Caused U.S. Navy Ship to Change Course

    Reuters is reporting that a fast attack craft from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps forced a U.S. Navy patrol ship to change course in the Persian Gulf over the weekend.

    The vessel came within 100 yards of the front of the 174-foot USS Firebolt, forcing the course change. There were three radio attempts by the U.S. with no response from the Iranian vessel. Anonymous Navy officials are calling the maneuver “unsafe and unprofessional due to lack of communications and the close-range harassing.” The ship was clearly armed and the guns manned as the Obama administration’s nuclear partner once again taunted the United States.

    Late last month, as TruthRevolt reported, four IRGC boats harassed the USS Nitze, a guided-missile destroyer, from within 300 yards. The Navy said that distance was “too close for comfort” and fired warning flares towards the ships to push them back. The day after this soft attack, Iran did it again, coming within 200 yards of the USS Squall which fired three warning shots to shoo them away. This latest intimidation proves Iran is more resolved in sending a strong warning by coming within 100 yards of our carriers.

    These events were determined to have violated international maritime laws, yet, that only seems to matter to the U.S. A stronger message from our military is needed, especially looking back over the last year.

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