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7 Replies to “Newt Gingrich: “…frankly just killing them””

  1. Newt is an intellectually confused s.o.b. with a track record for stunningly disappointing voters…recall his sitting on a couch next to Pelosi? Well take a gander at last weeks pow wow with Van Jones:
    Newt & Van Jones discuss the events in Dallas 22:59 in which Newt considers it a great honor and pleasure to know such a remarkable and great leader as Van Jones (excuse me while I vomit)….wtf Newt???

    • In this instance the confusion is yours. Detracting from Gingrich’s crystalline truth here, in light of this attack, sounds like the failing if a troll. His failings are utterly irrelevant.

      • Testing every Muslim for Sharia… is to only find Sharia. So what is the point of instructing this invasion of privacy?

        A Communist trap, because every citizen will be tested, and they will use Behavioral Psychological analysis, (because you can’t be blatant and then not expect taqiyya), to say if you are a potential radical.

        Question: “Should women raise children up to the marriage-age of six?”
        Correction: they should all be in nursery care as soon as they can walk.

        This is Nazi-conservation at work. Not Liberty.

        We are trying to resisting an ideology that has a crystal clear role of men, with a Socialist ideology that has no future role for men. (Communists just put most of them straight into the army).

        What we are seeing therefore, because of this weakness across the West, is Islam: Resurgence.

        Some brave women are taking the lead desperately trying to find and inspire their countrymen, knowing their own fate; whilst competing with the Merkels surrounded by an entourage of homosexuals, mommy-skirt chasers and sycophants, and so recognize Muslims as just wanna-be-men – that they can handle. This self-delusion of the 40% feminine superior will bring everyone down with them. Merkel to be the last taking suicide pills in her Chinese-made bunker.

        To imprison for words, you need permission. The Human Rights Act.
        To kill for blasphemy, you need permission. Because the Koran tells it so.

        We stole, spat on, accused, and impoverish fathers.

        Islam’ peter pan reverts will take vengeance back on us.

        Nothing more than we deserve.

        I don’t think our leaders even know what sackcloth is. Something to wipe a used behind with?

        The solution is what it has always been. Freedom. The free market of ideas, trade, private ownership and no Welfare. Islam and Socialism will wither as none will do business with their one-way preferences, and their handlers of Muhammadans and Communists, (these bandits), will go hungry in seeking to pimp off rich spoilt kids.

        • Sharia is the underlying bullying just like Political Correctness is.

          Welfare supplies their Armies.

          Women pushing out men, or four women controlled by men.

          Single mothers sharing all men or sharing just one man.

          You couldn’t make these large dysfunctional homes on Housing Projects up.

  2. Quite right. Impoverishing Islam and socialism by ridding ourselves of Keynesian economics would work. However they’ve been running the show now for a while and the requisite bankruptcy has no date stamped on it.

    When they decided to round up Jews for extermination there was little issue. “Taqiyya” won’t work if you’re not a sucker. Have you ever entered a mosque? Have you ever left a mosque? Your name is Ali? You wear a hijab? A burka? You have particular facial hair? Your family history for three generations is what? You tweeted what?

    This whole thing is bullshit. The only collateral damage is wrongful deportation. Too friggin’ bad.


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