UPDATED: FBI Director James Comey Discusses Findings in Hillary Clinton Email Investigation

15 minute version which ends with no indictment.

WIKILEAKS publishes over 1000 Clinton emails, suggests she wont be indicted in advance of the press conference.

 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange previously claimed that  his website obtained enough proof for the FBI to indict the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

“We could proceed to an indictment, but if Loretta Lynch is the head of the DOJ in the United States, she’s not going to indict Hillary Clinton,” Assange told ITV. “That’s not possible that could happen.”

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      • The people of the United States had better do some soul searching on the principles of real equality before the law and right now, if they want their republic to remain.

        • As of this moment we are a third world nation with one set of laws for the Liberal Democrats, one for the Republicans and another for the ordinary people.

          This decision shows just how important the November election is and how important the Judicial appointments made by the next President are. Something must be done or the US will not be a nation any sane person wants to live in.

          This decision just sent many undecided voters into the Trump camp, and insured that anyone buying a firearm is going to have a hard time finding the one they want.

  1. Bill meeting with Loretta on her plane. Just too obvious. This will not help Hillary’s campaign.
    Independent voters are not stupid.

      • With luck this was too raw for the Independents and some of the Dems, of course most of the Dems I know will ignore the portions of the speech that say she committed crimes and focus on the no charges to scream that she did nothing wrong.

          • Judge Napalitano says that a lot of the top investigators at the FBI are ready to resign because of this decision. Retired agent Hosko says the investigators are angry over the decision. If they will resign like Napalitano says they are talking about this will be a scandal that even the LSM can’t hush up.

  2. I have heard some lawyers speculating that the FBI and the Justice Department are afraid of the crisis if she is indicted because Obama sent her emails to the unsecure server. They are saying that if she is indicted the first person she would call as a witness is Obama.

    • Yes, Stephen Molyneux mentioned that toward the end of a rant that elevated my blood pressure.

      0 sent/-received emails from that server. It becomes a constitutional issue. He’d have to invoke the presidential pardon.

      • He can pardon Hillary but he can’t pardon himself, Bill escaped justice because he cut a deal with his Attorney General to plead guilty to all crimes and be sentenced to losing his law license.


    The origins of the modern left can be traced back to the famous passage in Rousseau’s Discourse on the Origin and Foundations of Inequality, in which he condemned the institution of private property:

    “The first man, who after enclosing a piece of ground, took it into his head to say, ‘this is mine,’ and found people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society.”

    Added Rousseau: “How many crimes, how many wars, how many murders, how many misfortunes and horrors, would that man have saved the human species, who pulling up the stakes or filling up the ditches should have cried to his fellows: Beware of listening to this impostor; you are lost, if you forget that the fruits of the earth belong equally to us all, and the earth itself to nobody!”

    Around the 1830s, a faction of French liberals gravitated toward Romanticism and the philosophy of the late Rousseau, proclaiming that capitalism, private property, and the increasing complexity of modern society were agents of moral decay — both for the individual and for society at large. This is essentially the worldview that has made its way, through history, into the collective mind of the modern left; it is a worldview calling for a revolution that not only will topple the existing capitalist order and punish its corrupt leaders, but that also will replace that order with a socialist regime where the utopian ideals of perfect justice and equality will reign. Such an ambition can be put into effect only by a totalitarian state with the authority to micromanage every facet of human life, precisely the end-point toward which the policies and crusades of the modern left are directed.


  4. The Most Frightening Political Fix
    The most breathtaking fix in American history.

    Today we have witnessed a most frightening manifestation of the corruption of our political system. Doubly frightening because of what it augurs for all our futures if Hillary Clinton should prevail in the November elections. At the center of this corruption – but hardly alone – are the criminal Clintons – the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics – and their Democratic Party allies; but we should not fail to mention also the Republican enablers who would rather fight each other and appease their adversaries than win the political wars.

    We knew they could fix the Department of Justice; we suspected they could fix the FBI. What we didn’t know was that the fixes would be this transparent: the secret meeting with a chief culprit and the DOJ head; the next day announcement by Justice that the Clinton bribery investigations would be postponed until well after the election; the suspiciously brief FBI interrogation of the former Secretary of State who during her entire tenure had recklessly breached national security protocols, deleted 30,000 emails; burned her government schedules; put top secret information onto a hackable server in violation of federal law; and topping it all the failure of the FBI director after enumerating her reckless acts to recommend a prosecution – all within a single week, and just in time for the Democrats’ nominating convention. It was, all in all, the most breathtaking fix in American history.

    And it wasn’t ordinary criminal corruption. It was corruption affecting the nation’s security by individuals and a regime that have turned the Middle East over to the Islamic terrorists; that have enabled America’s chief enemy in the region, Iran, to become its dominant power; that allowed the Saudis, deeply implicated in the attacks of 9/11, to cover their crimes and spread Islamic hate doctrines into the United States; it was about selling our foreign policy to the high bidders at home and abroad, and about making America vulnerable to our enemies.


  5. Chaffetz: May call Comey to testify about FBI email probe

    House Oversight Committee chairman says he’s confused by the FBI director’s decision not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton

  6. How many laws were nullified by Comey’s contradictory statements?
    Why would any foreign infiltrator fear legal repercussions for committing similar crimes?
    How many ‘cultural enrichers’ (aka muslim brotherhood infiltrators) brazenly flaunt American law – knowing full well this administration will not permit full prosecution of treason?
    Does it really matter that under Clinton, she lost $6B as SoS?
    Is it just mere coincidence that Billions of taxpayer dollar$ worth of military assets fell into the hands of our ME enemies under this current Islamophilic administration?
    Ramifications of this unbelievably contradictory decision by FBI director, Comey/DOJ/Obama administration should trigger a Congressional revolt – in the very least.

    • You got it, we are now a third world nation with a multi-tiered justice system. Europe is heading the same way but this once we beat Europe in the slide to destroy freedom.

      The upcoming election is the most important election in the history of the US, it will decide if we are going to have a legal system with one law for all. If and I repeat if Trump carries out his promise and prosecutes Hillary after he is elected. The prosecution of Hillary, Obama other members of Obamas administration and if enough evidence can be found Bill is the only way that confidence in the American system of justice can be restored.

  7. U.S. attorney general to testify before House panel on July 12

    U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on July 12 on a number of issues facing the Justice Department, including the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server, the panel said on Wednesday.

    Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte said in a statement that the FBI’s decision to not recommend charges against Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, raised questions. The panel is also expected to question Lynch on the attacks in Orlando, Florida, and San Bernardino, California.


    FBI Director James Comey to testify before Congress on Clinton email probe Thursday

    FBI Director James Comey will testify before Congress on Thursday after announcing the bureau would recommend Hillary Clinton not be prosecuted for her email practices as secretary of state, the House Oversight Committee announced Wednesday.

    “The FBI’s recommendation is surprising and confusing. The fact pattern presented by Director Comey makes clear Secretary Clinton violated the law. Individuals who intentionally skirt the law must be held accountable,” committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said in a statement.

    The Utah Republican representative added: “Congress and the American people have a right to understand the depth and breadth of the FBI’s investigation. I thank Directory Comey for accepting the invitation to publicly answer these important questions.”

    Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon reacted to the news on Twitter, calling the hearing a public “flogging.”


  8. Not the FBI Director’s job to make recommendations?

    Former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey on the fallout from the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

    • He said that another Attorney General could pick up the matter but as a practical matter they won’t. If they don’t the precedent saying liberal Democrat President and their people are above the law will have been set.

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