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  1. Shocking photos show petrol station overrun with refugees (express, May 1, 2016)

    “THESE outrageous photos show how migrants have taken over a petrol station on the Greek-Macedonian border.

    The garage forecourt in the town of Idomeni is packed with tents, laundry lines, and even a makeshift hair salon.

    Laundry is draped over rope tied to lampposts in the middle of the forecourt once buzzing with cars.

    Some migrants are even pictured cutting their hair, using dirty hand-held mirrors as guides.

    The overrun petrol station no longer appears to be in use…”

  2. Briton who ‘fled to Syria’ sends ‘selfie playing video game’ to prove ISIS innocence (express, May 1, 2016)

    “A BRITISH man has slapped down claims that he is fighting for Islamic State in Syria by sending his local newspaper a photo of him playing a video game.

    Sajid Aslam is also pleading for the release of his wife.

    Lorna Moore, 33, was convicted in February of concealing information that her husband was joining Islamic State – also known as ISIS.

    Mr Aslam sent an email to the Express and Star in Birmingham in which he claimed that he is not fighting for the evil terror group in Syria.

    He claims instead that he is volunteering as a teacher at a makeshift school for child refugees in Turkey….”

  3. Car Bomb in Southern Turkey Kills Policeman, 13 Wounded (abcnews, May 1, 2016)

    “A car bomb struck the entrance of a Turkish police station Sunday in the southern city of Gaziantep, killing a policeman and injuring 13 other people, an official said.

    Gov. Ali Yerlikaya of Gaziantep province said those injured in the blast include at least nine policemen. The city is near the border with Syria.

    Unconfirmed reports say gunfire was heard after the explosion. Several ambulances have been sent to the scene, the private NTV television reported….”

  4. 400 arrested as left wing protesters clash with far-right in Germany
    Demonstrators burned tires on a motorway and threw fireworks and flares

    Hundreds of left-wing protesters have clashed with people attending a far-right party conference in the German city of Stuttgart.

    Around 1,000 officers were deployed at the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party conference, as 400 arrests were made.

    Demonstrators burned tires on a motorway and threw fireworks and flares at officers, according to a police spokesman. A police helicopter was sent to the scene, while water cannon and pepper spray were used on the crowds.

    The conference at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, which was attended by nearly 2,000 AfD members, was delayed by an hour.

    Footage on social media showed the protesters shouting slogans such as: “Keep refugees, drive Nazis away!” and “We’ll get you all.”

  5. UK: The Left’s Little Antisemitism Problem

    Every time anyone thinks Britain’s Labour party has reached a new low of anti-Semitism, entirely new depths seems to open. In September, I wrote here about how the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour party constituted a “mainstreaming” of racism in the UK. Although Mr. Corbyn claims he does not have any tolerance for any hatred of anyone, he is a man who has spent his political life cosying up to anti-Semites and terrorist groups that express genocidal intent against the Jewish people. He has worked closely with Holocaust deniers, praised anti-Semitic extremists and described Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends.

    During his leadership so far, it is clear that the lead he is given is being followed farther down the party hierarchy. In March, I described how the party appeared to be rotting from the head down, with the discovery that the Labour Club at Oxford University had become an entity rife with anti-Semitic insults. Yet anyone who thought that the party could fall no farther had not imagined its turns of the past week.

  6. Hmm: Not only are the oceans not acidifying – they’re not even becoming less alkaline

    [Ed. – You’d think the most technologically advanced generations in history were a bunch of idiots, if you went by the things we uncritically swallow.]

    In a remarkable piece in the UK Spectator, James Delingpole lays out the evidence suggesting that the ocean acidification “Threat” is just as fraudulent as global warming, and that it was, in fact, invented from data that required careful excision, just as the warmists had to “hide the decline” in order to produce the infamous “hockey stick graph” that fored the core of Al Gore’s Oscar-winning (and fortune building) An Inconvenient Truth.


    First referenced in a peer-reviewed study in Nature in 2003, it has since been endorsed by scientists from numerous learned institutions including the Royal Society, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the IPCC.

    That timing is quite suggestive. As Delingpole notes, it was just about this time that the failure of the models to predict the actual temperature record, that showed no warming, was starting to embarrass the crisis-mongers. So the doomsters cooked up another back-up scenario, because the first one wasn’t working. …

    But just a second:

    According to Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, long one of ocean acidification theory’s fiercest critics, the term is ‘just short of propaganda’. The pH of the world’s oceans ranges between 7.5 and 8.3 — well above the acid zone (which starts below ‘neutral’ pH7) — so more correctly it should be stated that the seas are becoming slightly less alkaline. ‘Acid’ was chosen, Moore believes, because it has ‘strong negative connotations for most people’.

    It’s true: less alkaline sounds a lot less scary than acidification. Acid eats away stuff, doesn’t it. Of course, alkaline doesn’t connote good consequences either. I think of “alkaline deserts” if I have to come up with an image. But in fact, given that pH 7 is neutral, less alkaline would be the scientific way to describe the process that is supposed to be underway, and that we are supposed to be fearful of.

  7. Czech Republic: Anti-Islam protesters march through Prague

    Protesters waved Czech flags and carried anti-Islam banners. Police officers accompanied the march while riot police were also ready at the scene observing the march from a distance and protecting government buildings along the route.

  8. Germany: AfD adopts anti-Islam manifesto at Stuttgart party congress

    Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) members voted in favour of adopting a party manifesto to reduce the perceived influence of Islam in Germany, at the third AfD party convention in Stuttgart, Sunday. The adopted policy statement reportedly includes phrases such as “Islam does not belong to Germany.”

    SOT, Hans-Thomas Tillschneider, AfD Saxony-Anhalt state executive committee member (German): “The idea in the draft of the national executive board is that we should inject Islam with some kind of enlightenment. I have only stressed the passages in which this idea is presented. Why? I find the notion of injecting Islam with some kind of enlightenment ridiculous. We are witnessing the Islamic world showing tendencies to return to orthodox lifestyles for the past 20, 30 years. Everything is getting more Islamic and Germany cannot evade this trend, as we are connected through globalisation and the Internet and through mass immigration. This is why it cannot succeed, especially now, in the era of the worldwide radicalisation of Islam, we think we could breed an enlightened Islam? This might thrive in accademic habitats, but it will never be capable of winning a majority.”

    SOT, Hans-Thomas Tillschneider, AfD Saxony-Anhalt state executive committee member (German): “Besides I find it undesirable and inconsistent, because we are rightfully shifting against an islamisation of the occident. So if we want to argue consistently and fairly and if we are against an islamisation of the occident, then we should not advocate for the westernisation of Islam, it does not concern us!”

    SOT, Moderator (German): “Anyone who would like to agree to the Tillschneider proposal, then I request to see the blue voting card. Thank you, who is against? Thank you. Abstentions? Thank you, the proposal has been adopted.”

  9. Iraq: 38 killed and 86 injured in twin blasts in Samawah

    Two car bombs exploded in the city of Samawah in Muthanna province, southern Iraq, Sunday, killing at least 38 people and injuring at least 86, a source in the Iraqi police confirmed.

  10. Yemen Security Chief in Aden Survives Suicide Attack, 5 Dead (abcnews, May 1, 2016)

    “Yemen’s security directorate in Aden says a suicide bomber attacked the security chief’s motorcade in the southern port city, killing five of his bodyguards.

    In a statement, it says Shallal Shayei was unharmed in Sunday’s attack, as was Aden governor Aidroos al-Zubaidi, who was travelling with him. A similar attack on the two was foiled on Monday, and on Thursday a suicide car bomber in women’s clothes detonated explosives near Shayei’s home, the third attack on his house since December.

    Soldiers deployed to the area after the car bombing, which sent a cloud of black smoke rising into the air.

    Yemen has been mired in a conflict pitting Shiite Houthi rebels against the internationally-backed government, which is allied with a Saudi-led coalition. Extremists have gained ground amid the chaos.”

  11. Saudi Police Capture Man Wanted for Bombing, Assassination (abcnews, May 1, 2016)

    “Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry says police have arrested a man wanted in connection with a number of terrorist acts, including a suicide bombing that targeted a mosque inside a special forces compound, killing 15 people last year.

    Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki said in a statement Sunday that Oqab al-Otaibi was captured after a manhunt that lasted more than 24 hours in the southwestern town of Bisha.

    Police say two other militants were killed in a shootout in Bisha on Friday. They say the two militants had set off a car bomb while fleeing from police.

    The three were wanted in connection with the assassination of Col. Kitab al-Otaibi, who headed intelligence in a small town in the central Riyadh province.”

  12. CIA chief on ISIS: Not just an organization, ‘it’s a phenomenon’ (msnbc, May 1, 2016)

    “On the fifth anniversary of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan spoke exclusively with NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press”. In a wide-ranging interview, Brennan soberly discussed the threat of ISIS, dismissed allegations of Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11, and reacted to Donald Trump and the current political climate in the country.

    “It’s a phenomenon”

    On the threat of ISIS, Brennan assured viewers, “We will destroy [ISIS], I have no doubt in my mind. And we have to remove the leadership that directs that organization to carry out these horrific attacks.” ISIS’ number one is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and if he were to be killed, Brennan believes it would have an affect on the terrorist group.

    Brennan warned fighting ISIS has its unique challenges, calling them not just an “organization,” but “a phenomenon.” “We know that ISIS is trying to carry out attacks in Europe and in other parts of the globe. Also, we are working very, very closely with our European partners,” he said…”

  13. 23 militants killed in Nimroz operations, MoD claims (khaama, May 1, 2016)

    “At least 23 militants were killed during the joint military operations conducted by the Afghan army and Afghan police forces in western Nimroz province.

    The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said the operations were launched by 215th Corps of the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police (ANP) forces.

    A statement by MoD said the operations were conducted in Khash Rod district where at least 8 militants were also wounded.

    The statement further added that 2 vehicles used by the anti-government armed militants were also destroyed during the raids.

    The anti-government armed militant groups including the Taliban insurgents have not commented regarding the report so far…”

    • MoD: 64 militants killed, 50 wounded in latest air and ground raids of ANSF (khaama, May 1, 2016)

      “At least 64 militants were killed and 50 others were wounded in the latest raids of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said Sunday.

      According to a statement by MoD, the operations were jointly conducted by the Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police and security personnel from the other security institutions.

      MoD in its statement further added that the ground forces were received close-air support as well as artillery support during the operations.

      At least 23 of the militants were killed and 8 others were wounded in Khash Rod district of Nimroz and 8 others were killed and 11 were wounded in Badakhshan province, the statement added.

      The Afghan forces killed 5 militants and wounded 2 others in Qads district of Badghis, MoD said, adding that 6 more were killed and 3 others were wounded in Deh Yak and Gilan districts of Ghazni province.

      A commander of the militants group were among 8 killed during separate operations conducted in Barmal and Omna districts of Paktia, according to MoD.

      The statement by MoD also added that 7 militants were killed including a commander of the group identified as Gulab Agha in Shahwali Kot district of Kandahar province.

      At least 14 militants were killed and 12 others were wounded during separate raids conducted in Chak district of Wardak, Sheikh Ali district of Parwan, Shindand district of Herat, Delaram district of Nimroz and Nadir Shah kot district of Khost, MoD said.

      The anti-government armed militant groups have not commented regarding the reports so far.”

  14. 9 Taliban militants killed after stepping on IED planted by fellow fighters (khaama, May 1, 2016)

    “At least 9 Taliban militants were killed after stepping on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) planted their fellow fighters in northeastern Badakhshan province.

    According a security official, the incident took place late on Saturday night in Walik village of Arghistan district.

    The official serving with the 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan National Army said a senior Taliban leader identified as the group’s shadow district governor was among those killed.

    He said the senior Taliban leader was identified as Najib Khan and was appointed as shadow district governor for Arghistan by Taliban.

    The official further added that 8 other militants were also wounded in the incident…”

  15. It is Obama’s job to convince Congress on F-16s sale: Fatemi (tribune, May 1, 2016)

    “A day after Islamabad’s bid to procure F-16s hit new snags, Pakistan’s top foreign policy wizard said convincing the United States Congress to subsidise the deal is the job of President Barack Obama’s administration.

    Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi told the BBC on Saturday that despite US lawmakers’ reservations, Washington’s offer for military assistance to purchase the eight state-of-the-art fighter jets is still on the table….”

  16. US demands halt to Syrian regime’s Aleppo bombing (hurriyetdailynews, May 1, 2016)

    “The United States on April 30 demanded that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad’s forces halt their bombardment of the city of Aleppo and help restore a nationwide ceasefire, while nearly 30 air strikes hit rebel-held areas of the city on the same day as a temporary “calm” declared by Syria’s military took effect around Damascus and in the northwest.

    In a statement detailing calls U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has made over the past two days with U.N. Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura and with Riad Hijab, chief coordinator of the main opposition HNC bloc, U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby said Kerry had made clear the United States wanted Russia to apply pressure to the Assad government to get it to stop “indiscriminate aerial attacks” in Aleppo.

    “The secretary made clear that ending the violence in Aleppo and returning ultimately to a durable, nationwide cessation is a top priority,” spokesman John Kirby said…”

  17. CIA director says unverified material in secret 9/11 pages

    WASHINGTON (AP) — CIA Director John Brennan says a 28-page secret chapter from a congressional inquiry into 9/11 contains preliminary information about possible Saudi links to the attackers that hadn’t been corroborated or checked out at the time.

    The Obama administration may soon release part of the material.

    Brennan tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” there were “concerns about sensitive source of methods, investigative actions” and notes the Sept. 11 investigation still was underway.

    Brennan says the 9/11 Commission followed up on the preliminary information in the 28 pages and made “a very clear judgment” there was no evidence indicating “the Saudi government as an institution or Saudi officials individually” financially backed al-Qaida.

    He’s concerned some might seize on “uncorroborated, unvetted information” and cite Saudi involvement, and says that would be “very, very inaccurate.”

  18. MAY 01 2016 GERMANY – “Get out, Traitor!” – German People chases Minister of Justice Heiko Maas to his armored Vehicle

    Heiko Maas, the German Federal Minister of Justice, was unable to finish his Labor Day celebration speech on the 1st of May as he was loudly booed and chased off the stage by the German people. The people repeatedly shouted “Traitor”, “Leftist Rat”, “Get out!”, “We are the People” and “Maas must go!”, eventually getting him to cancel his speech and flee to his armored vehicle escorted by his armed bodyguards.

    Maas is considered one of the biggest proponents of expanding censorship laws, demanding persecution, fines and jail-time for everybody posting “hate speech” on social media.

    He also does not acknowledge the existence of the German people, backing his party, the Social Democrats, in the opinion that Europe was always made up of immigrants and Germany’s only chance of redemption for the eternal guilt of World War 2 is inviting as many Muslim immigrants as possible.

    His party took devastating losses in polls across the country, losing to the Alternative for Germany (AfD) by a landslide in the last state election of Saxony, where he held his speech.

    Maas’ party recently published plans to build 350,000 entirely new homes for “newcomers” to solve the “demographic crisis”. In his speech he claimed that “the people shouting ‘traitor’ don’t even know what’s happening to them”. But it appears that they know very well what is being done to them.
    The German people are confused and angry about why they’re told that they have to be frugal and avoid having children because of the immense cost while simultaneously working their fingers to the bones to fund a foreign invasion.

    The people in the audience hence ridiculed him for claiming that the actual workers in the audience “hijack Labor Day”. The hypocrisy of celebrating Labor and fair wages while his party supports the import of millions of unskilled workers is what got him chased off the stage.

  19. JIHADI HOLIDAY: ISIS fighters flying to CARIBBEAN in bid to recruit more militants (express, Apr 2, 2016)

    “CRAZED Islamic State jihadis are flying to idyllic Caribbean islands in a new recruitment drive, it has been claimed.

    The murderous terrorist group, also known as ISIS, are believed to be preying on vulnerable young men from popular holiday hotspots.

    Nearly 100 men from sun-kissed Trinidad and Tobago are believed to have already fled to fight for the death cult in Syria.

    And the desperate extremists are also believed to be scouring smaller countries such as Mauritius and the Maldives for fighters as ISIS ranks shrink to their lowest level since 2014.

    Fewer men are travelling from Europe to join the evil terror group as security is stepped up.

    And troop numbers have also been slashed by airstrikes and land offensives, according to the Daily Star.

    But Arthur Snell, British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, believes this desperate recruitment drive could be effective.

    He said: “Quite a lot of things that occur in jihadist groups elsewhere apply in Trinidad – people who are exposed to hang violence, broken homes, poor education opportunities, a lack of a sense of self belonging.”….”

  20. Aleppo must be ‘exterminated’, says Assad’s top cleric after he issues fatwa against civilians in the eastern parts of the rebel-held city (dailymail, Apr 2, 2016)

    Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad’s top cleric has issued a chilling fatwa calling for the ‘extermination’ of civilians in the city of Aleppo. His bloodthirsty demand came after air strikes and shelling have caused ‘daily massacres’ in the besieged rebel stronghold. The fall of Aleppo would strike a devastating blow against those opposed to Assad in Syria’s five-year civil war.

    The fatwa was passed by the tyrant’s top Alawite cleric, Ahmad Badr al-Hassoun, against ordinary Syrians living in the eastern parts of Aleppo which is under the control of opposition forces. He said: ‘I call upon the Syrian Army to show us its rage and I also call upon our leader to show us their rage in exterminating those criminals.’

    Bombs and missiles have rained down on residential areas for nearly 10 days, killing more than 250 people including at least 40 children, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Some 30 airstrikes took place on Saturday, although there was less shelling reported yesterday.

    The Kremlin, which backs Assad, has rejected calls to rein in its ally although it said it was ‘working to freeze fighting’. ‘No, we are not going to put pressure on (Assad) because one must understand that the situation in Aleppo is part of this fight against the terrorist threat,’ declared Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov…”

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