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  1. Australia under pressure to boost total refugee intake (BBC, Sep 7, 2015)

    “Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott is under pressure to increase the country’s total refugee intake.

    Mr Abbott has said more Syrian asylum seekers would be let in but has stopped short of boosting overall refugee numbers.

    But members of his own party, including several state premiers, have called for more to be done for refugees.

    Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Monday called for temporary housing of Syrian and Iraqi asylum seekers.

    Mr Frydenberg said there was a good case for a Kosovo-type solution that would see Syrian and Iraqi refugees housed in Australia, then returned home once the countries were safe.

    The Federal Opposition on Monday called for 10,000 additional places for refugees from the Middle East, with priority to be given to those from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

    Opposition Labor leader Bill Shorten also said the government should spend an extra $A100m ($69m; £45.6m) on aid for refugees.

    The Liberal Premier of Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales, Mike Baird, on Saturday challenged Mr Abbott to do more than just stopping refugees making their way to Australia by boat.

    Reacting to a photo of a Syrian child refugee recently found drowned on a Turkish beach, Mr Baird said he felt “sick with overwhelming sorrow” about the situation….”

    • Hollande launches Syria surveillance flights,

      Hollande stated that he has asked “the minister of defence that from tomorrow the reconnaissance flights over Syria can be launched,” as a pre-curser as to whether strikes will also take place.

      • Putin has given the order “to put the troops of the Central Military District on full combat alert,” during an address to military officials in Moscow, on Monday.

  2. Hissene Habre: Trial of Chad’s ex-leader to resume (BBC, Sep 7, 2015)

    “The war crimes trial of Chad’s former President Hissene Habre is due to resume in Senegal’s capital Dakar.

    Mr Habre is accused of ordering the killing of 40,000 people during his rule in the 1980s, charges which he denies.

    The trial was adjourned in July after Mr Habre and his lawyers refused to speak to the court.
    It marks the first time one African country has prosecuted the former leader of another…”

  3. Migrant crisis: Influx will change Germany, says Merkel (BBC, Sep 7, 2015)

    “Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the “breathtaking” flow of migrants into Germany will “occupy and change” the country in the coming years.

    She said Germany would speed up asylum procedures and build extra housing, having pledged to spend €6bn (£4.4bn).

    But she added that Germany could not solve the crisis on its own and urged all EU states to take in refugees.

    About 20,000 migrants are thought to have entered Germany over the weekend and 11,000 are expected on Monday…”

  4. Denmark places anti-migrant adverts in Lebanon newspapers (BBC, Sep 7, 2015)

    “The Danish government has placed advertisements in Lebanese newspapers aimed at deterring potential migrants.

    “Denmark has decided to tighten the regulations concerning refugees in a number of areas,” the advert begins.

    It warns that Denmark has recently passed legislation cutting benefits by up to 50% for newly arrived refugees.

    The governing Venstre (Liberal) party won power in June after running on an anti-immigration platform.

    Venstre rely on the support of the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DPP), which made large gains as they took 20% of the vote in this year’s election.

    The DPP’s influence has led to the adoption of some of the toughest immigration policies seen in the EU in recent years.

    Lebanon has taken in more than one million Syrians fleeing from their conflict-torn country. Turkey is the only country to have taken more.

    Along with warning about benefits cuts, the Danish advert also highlights that “all rejected asylum seekers must be returned quickly from Denmark”.

    The DPP wants Denmark to leave the Schengen area – boosting border controls is one of its top issues – and to make it harder for EU migrants to claim benefits in other member states.

    Denmark has already opted out of the EU’s resettlement programme for asylum seekers…”

  5. European migrant crisis: Austria, Germany near tipping point (CNN, Sep 7, 2015)

    “The massive flood of refugees in Europe are pushing Germany and Austria to a tipping point.

    Thousands of refugees have poured into the two countries in just the past two days, trying to escape the bombings, terrorists and dire conditions ravaging their homelands.

    “We have helped more than 12,000 people in an acute situation,” Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said. “We must now, step by step, go from emergency measures to a normality that is humane and complies with the law.”

    Even Germany, a country with a long history of helping refugees, said it can’t keep taking in asylum seekers at the current pace. More than 17,500 migrants arrived in just the city of Munich over the weekend, police said.

    “The great helpfulness that Germany has shown in these last weeks and months should not be worn thin,” the Interior Ministry said. It added that Germany’s ability to continue help is contingent on other countries stepping up.

    But on Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany is pledging an additional 3 billion Euros to the migrant crisis. She said Germany “is of course willing to accept more refugees,” but called on other European countries to take more in.

    Moments after Merkel spoke, French President Francois Hollande said France is ready to take on more responsibility.

    He said the European Commission will propose distributing 120,000 refugees over the next two years, of which France would take in 24,000.

    “We will do so because it is the principle to which France is committed to,” Hollande said…”

  6. Netanyahu: Israel starts building fence along border with Jordan (CNN, Sep 7, 2015)

    “Israel began construction of a fence along its border with Jordan on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced at a weekly cabinet meeting.

    “Today, we are starting to build a fence on our eastern border,” he said Sunday.

    “In the first stage, we will build it from Timna to Eilat in order to protect the airport being built there, and we will continue the fence up to the Golan Heights, where we have already built a strong security fence.”

    “To the extent that it is possible we will encompass Israel’s borders with a security fence and barriers that will allow us to control our borders,” Netanyahu said.

    “We will not allow Israel to be flooded with illegal migrants and terrorists.”…”

  7. 1000s of Famers Protest at EU HQ to Protest Slumping Prices (abcnews, Sep 7, 2015)

    “Thousands of farmers are protesting in Brussels, driving hundreds of tractors through the city center, to demand that the European Union act to raise prices for their milk and meat.

    From across the 28-nation EU, farmers converged on EU headquarters with their tractors, snarling traffic during morning rush hour in the capital and on some highways leading into Brussels.

    With the relentless blowing of horns, they showed their anger over a drop in prices that has intensified since the opening up of the milk market early this year.

    “Prices have gone down 30-40 percent for most farmers and our farms are really going bankrupt like this,” said Sieta van Keimpema, Vice-President of the European Milk Board farmers group.

    EU agriculture ministers are meeting in an extraordinary session to assess the crisis and look for ways to help the farmers. Some farmers have called for a reintroduction of quotas on production or more direct aid from their governments to pay the bills.

    Farmers were complaining they basically now have to dump their produce on the market at a loss. “The milk price is under or around 28 cents (per liter, about 0.2 gallons). And this is not enough even to cover the costs,” said Heinz Thorwarth, who had come to Brussels from Fuchsstadt, in southern Germany.

    Making sure there would be sufficient food for Europeans was one of the key pillars on which the European Union was built half a century ago. But a system of generous subsidies and market-shielding measures led to overproduction and an industry that found it tough to adapt to changing conditions.

    Quotas to limit dairy production were abolished in April and extra production has caused prices to tumble.

    The farmers are also complaining about cheap imports from outside the EU.”

  8. Doctors Without Borders: Snakebite Treatment Running Out (abcnews, Sep 7, 2015)

    “Doctors Without Borders says the world will run out of one of the most effective treatments for snakebites next year, risking the lives of tens of thousands of people, mostly in developing countries.

    In a statement issued on Monday, the medical charity warned that existing stockpiles of the anti-venom Fav-Afrique produced by Sanofi Pasteur will expire in June. The company stopped producing the anti-venom last year and has since switched to making a rabies treatment instead…”

  9. Qatar Deploys 1,000 Ground Troops to Fight Yemen’s Rebels (abcnews, Sep 7, 2015)

    “Yemeni military officials say the Gulf nation of Qatar has deployed a thousand ground troops to Yemen to battle Shiite rebels.

    Monday’s development, which was also reported by the Qatar-based and funded Al-Jazeera news network, marks the first time Qatari ground troops are known to have been deployed to battle the rebels, known as Houthis.

    The tiny, wealthy Gulf state is part of the Saudi-led coalition backing exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, whose forces are fighting the rebels and allied units from the splintered military.

    The officials said the troops arrived in Marib, the site of a recent rebel missile strike that killed 60 coalition troops.

    The military officials, who are allied with Hadi, requested anonymity because they are not authorized to brief reporters.”

  10. Iran FM: Calls for Assad’s Removal Will Prolong Syrian War (abcnews, Sep 7, 2015)

    “Iran’s foreign minister has criticized demands for the resignation of Syrian President Bashar Assad, saying such calls will prolong the Arab country’s civil war.

    Mohammad Javad Zarif says those demanding Assad’s ouster “are responsible for the bloodshed in Syria.”

    Zarif didn’t name any specific country but was likely referring to Turkey’s and Saudi Arabia’s repeated calls for Assad to step down. The two Sunni Muslim countries have supported rebels fighting against Assad.

    The Shiite-majority Iran is a leading patron of Assad and Tehran has also sent military advisers to Damascus to help the Syrian president’s troops against the Islamic State group.

    Zarif spoke at a press conference on Monday with his visiting Spanish counterpart, José Manuel García-Margallo. The top Iranian diplomat also said the Syrian crisis has no military solution.”

  11. Several Turkish soldiers killed in major PKK attack (yahoo, Sep 7, 2015)

    “Istanbul (AFP) – Several Turkish soldiers were killed and more wounded in a major attack in southeastern Hakkari province carried out by Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants, the military said Monday, keeping tight-lipped over the scale of the death toll.

    The Turkish air force immediately scrambled warplanes to strike PKK targets in southeast Turkey in retaliation, marking a further intensification in the latest flare-up of the decades-long conflict.

    In a sign of the gravity of the attack on Sunday, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu broke off a trip to Konya to watch a national football game and summoned an emergency security meeting in Ankara, the official Anatolia agency said.

    The army said the PKK attack on two military vehicles in a convoy in Daglica district of Hakkari — a known stronghold of the Kurdish militants — had killed several soldiers and wounded others…”

  12. Pakistan armed-drone kills three in first attack: military (yahoo, Sep 7, 2015)

    “Pakistan’s military said Monday it had for the first time deployed a locally manufactured drone which killed three Islamist insurgents in its restive northwest, in what one analyst termed a “significant development” for the country’s defence capabilities.

    Pakistan announced the successful test flight of the ‘Burraq’ drone, which is capable of firing laser-guided missiles, in March, joining a handful of other countries in possessing the technology.

    “1st ever use of Pak(istan) made Burraq Drone today. Hit a terrorist compound in Shawal Valley killing 3 high profile terrorists,” Pakistani military spokesman Major General Asim Bajwa said on Twitter.

    The Shawal valley, situated in the lawless North Waziristan tribal district that borders Afghanistan, has seen some of the fiercest fighting between Pakistani forces and the Taliban since the launch of a massive military operation there last June.

    The area is off-limits to journalists and it is impossible to verify the military’s claims independently…”

  13. Hungary’s Orban – migrants crossing Europe are immigrants, not refugees

    Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the stream of migrants flowing through south-eastern Europe were immigrants, attracted by the prospect of life in Germany, not refugees.

    “If they want to continue on from Hungary, it’s not because they are in danger, it’s because they want something else,” he said, adding that the migrants’ target was Germany and “a German life”, not physical safety.

    Unchecked, the stream of refugees would place an intolerable financial burden on European countries, he said, adding that this would endanger the continent’s “Christian welfare states.”

    The right-wing leader, who has attracted praise and opprobrium for his hardline handling of Europe’s immigration crisis, defended a controversial package of measures that would include deploying the army to the frontier, saying he hoped this would “hermetically seal” the country’s southern border.

    Legislation to use the army in helping to protect borders would not be possible before September 20, he added. He reiterated that Hungary would do its best to protect the Schengen borders of the European Union, unlike Greece.

    • Hungary: Police clear refugees from temporary camp in Roszke

      Police surrounded a group of refugees who had set up camp in a field close to the village of Roszke near Hungary’s border with Serbia on Monday before clearing the site. Earlier in the day, a group of refugees had blocked the road leading to the village, demanding that police let them continue with their journey northwards.

  14. Australia: ‘Light the Dark Melbourne’ welcomes refugees with candle-lit vigil

    About 1,000 people attended a candle-lit vigil in Melbourne on Monday, to commemorate Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian child found dead washed up ashore on a Turkish beach while attempting to flee to Europe to escape conflict.

  15. Germany: 5 injured as fire rips through Rottenburg refugee centre

    Five people were injured in an arson attack on a refugee housing facility in Rottenburg am Neckar, Monday. People were injured after they tried to escape the flames.

  16. GAZA -Palestinian pilgrims cross through Rafah to perform the Hajj

    Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah border crossing on Monday, allowing Palestinians to travel to Saudi Arabia via Egypt to perform the Hajj

  17. This article and the following one are about Russia having snap combat rediness inspections and drills, they are probably Putin ensuring that the units being sent to Syria are combat ready since they are going into combat against ISIS.

    Putin orders snap military exercise in central Russia;_ylt=AwrXgSOlf.1VkHwADRbQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjR0MTVzBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM3BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–

  18. My mistake, this on is abuot the US responding to the Russian and Chinese activity in the arctic. There are massive amounts of minerals waiting for the right people to move in and exploit them, the big problem is that they are in some of the most inhospitable weather conditions in the world. The Russian and Chinese presence is because both want raw materials, Russia to use and sell and the Chinese to sell. They are pushing into American and Canadian terrority because Obama has proven he is so weak.

    U.S. builds up Arctic spy network as Russia and China increase presence

  19. Father of the euro fears EU superstate by the back door

    The goal of the socialist who created the EU was a socialist government, they don’t want democracy they want an oligarchy to run things. in a Democracy the people have a habit of messing up the plans of the politicians. Look at the protests in Europe and the way the outsiders in the Republican party are the ones taking the lead in the quest for the Presidency.

    • Greece’s Lesbos ‘near explosion’ with over 15,000 refugees

      The Greek island of Lesbos is “on the verge of explosion” with the arrival of more than 15,000 mainly Syrian refugees pushing local resources to the limit, the immigration minister said Monday.

      Yiannis Mouzalas told To Vima radio that boats taking refugees to the Greek mainland would soon be using a second port to ease pressure on the island of 85,000 inhabitants.

      “Mytilene currently has 15,000-17,000 refugees and this is the official figure from all services,” Mouzalas, a junior interior minister, told the station.

      “We are placing emphasis here because the situation is on the verge of explosion,” he said.

      The minister said the second departure point would open at the fishing village of Sygri in coming days.

      Lesbos is one of several Greek islands struggling with an influx of thousands of migrants, many of them Syrian refugees, setting sail from the nearby Turkish coast.

      “We hope that in the next five days the (islanders) and the refugees will see clear signs of improvement,” he said.

      There have been clashes on Lesbos in recent days between police and migrants, and between migrants of different nationalities, over delays in the registration process that have held up their journeys on to other countries in Europe.

      Syrians have been granted priority in the registration process, sparking tensions with other migrants forced into long waits on the island.

      More than 230,000 people have landed on Greek shores this year, with the numbers soaring in recent weeks as people seek to take advantage of the calm summer weather.

      Mytilini – Lesbos – Sept 07 2015 –

  20. Al-Jazeera journalists jailed for airing ‘false news’, Egyptian court ruling says

    An Egyptian court released a detailed ruling on Sunday on why it sentenced three journalists working for al-Jazeera English to three years in prison for airing what it described as “false news” and biased coverage. The case has long been criticised by press freedom campaigners and others.

    The ruling, published by the state news agency Mena, said Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian national, Peter Greste, an Australian journalist, and BaherMohamed, an Egyptian producer, were by default members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group, which Egyptian authorities consider a terrorist organisation.

    • Has to be mighty offensive to roust laid-back Kiwis. Maybe how-2 recipes for especially toxic drugs or explicit details on kinky sexual abuse of children.

  21. The vast majority of the minerals in the solar system are locked into the asteroids if the environmentalists were really concerned about the environment they would be support ting the move into space to allow us to get our minerals from space

  22. Greek island overwhelmed by stranded migrants, despair

    It was supposed to be the first step on their journey to Western Europe. But now thousands of migrants are mired in despair, anger and frustration on the scenic Greek island of Lesbos.

    After perilous sea voyages from neighboring Turkey, they have been stranded here for days, some for nearly two weeks, running out of money and desperate to get to mainland Greece and continue their route.

    The island of some 100,000 residents has been transformed by the sudden new population of some 20,000 refugees and migrants, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan – and the strain is pushing everyone to the limit.

  23. EU eyes new migrant quotas; reluctant countries can buy out

    The European Union executive is preparing for a new clash over refugees with national governments, especially in eastern Europe, after officials gave details on Monday of how many it would ask each of them to accommodate.

    The European Commission will propose national quotas to relocate 160,000 asylum-seekers arriving in Greece, Hungary and Italy, with Germany taking in more than 40,000 and France nearly 31,000. Countries that do not want to take part would be able to make financial contributions to buy their way out of the obligation on a temporary basis.

  24. Hungary’s Orban Vows Rigor to Seal Off Border Against Migrants

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has clashed with Austria and Germany over the handling of Europe’s immigrant crisis, pledged to seal the country’s borders, threatening illegal entrants with expulsion or arrest.

    Laws passed last week will allow Hungary to imprison migrants who attempt to enter outside designated areas from Sept. 15, Orban said at a conference of Hungarian diplomats in Budapest on Monday.

  25. Hungary won’t shoot at migrants crossing fence: Orban

    Hungary has no plans to shoot at migrants trying to cross its new southern border fence and is open to talks about European quotas for taking in refugees once the frontier is sealed off, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said.

    In an interview aired on Monday by Austrian broadcaster ORF, Orban reiterated his view that many migrants surging through his country from crisis zones in the Middle East, Africa and Asia were fleeing poverty, not real refugees in need of asylum.

  26. Pressure on Merkel grows as flow of refugees continues–business.html

    Thousands more refugees were expected to arrive in Germany on Monday after 20,000 came in over the weekend, piling pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel whose open-door policy has made the country a magnet for people fleeing civil war in Syria.

    Christoph Hillenbrand, a senior official in Bavaria, where migrants have been arriving by the train-load from Hungary via Austria, told reporters that 2,500 new asylum seekers were likely to arrive in Germany by early afternoon.

    • Despite what the leftist want us to believe the west in general and the individual nations in particular have no moral requirement to take in the “refugees” the other Islamic nations are the ones with the moral duty to take in their coreligionists. This problem is the result of the lefts open border policies that are now driving the native population of Europe away from the Socialist government and into the arms of those loving freedom. The big danger is that the various socialist governments will attack the freedom loving groups to the extent that they drive the individuals into the racist groups that are growing in size and power.

  27. Hit by new wave of refugees, Germany warns EU partners

    Struggling to cope with a record influx of asylum seekers, Germany told its European partners on Monday they must take in more refugees too, saying the burden could not fall on just a few countries.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking after a weekend in which some 20,000 migrants made their way to Germany from Hungary by train, bus and on foot, described the events of the past days as “breathtaking” and tried to reassure German citizens that the crisis was manageable.

  28. U.S. asks Greece to deny Russian flights to Syria

    ATHENS/BEIRUT/MOSCOW (Reuters) – The United States has asked Greece to deny Russia the use of its airspace for supply flights to Syria, a Greek official said on Monday, after Washington told Moscow it was deeply concerned by reports of a Russian military build up in Syria.

    The Greek foreign ministry said the request was being examined. Russian newswire RIA Novosti earlier said Greece had refused the U.S. request, quoting a diplomatic source as saying that Russia was seeking permission to run the flights up to Sept. 24.

    Russia, which has a naval base in the Syrian port of Tartous, has sent regular flights to Latakia, which it has also used to bring home Russian nationals who want to leave.

    • Obama has decided that Syria belongs to the Sunni jihadists rather then to the Shiite jihadists and now Russia is upsetting his plans by siding with Iran.. Obama is now paying the policy price for destroying the military might of the US, without the military to back up his threats they are simply hot air. Of course that is normally all his speeches are but still making empty threats to Russia isn’t a good idea. Every time Obama makes the threats and then does nothing Putin and the Chinese leaders grow bolder, making a major ground war more likely.

  29. UK to accept 20,000 refugees from Syria by 2020 (BBC, Sep 7, 2015)

    “The UK will accept up to 20,000 refugees from Syria over the next five years, David Cameron has told MPs.

    The prime minister said the UK had a “moral responsibility” to resettle refugees living in camps bordering Syria while also doing all it can to end the conflict in the country.

    Vulnerable children and orphans would be prioritised in what would be a “national effort”, Mr Cameron said…”

  30. UK drone kills British Islamic State fighter in Syria

    Britain carried out a drone strike in Syria which killed a British Islamic State fighter, David Cameron has told MPs.

    Reyaad Khan was killed in the strike last month, as well as two other IS fighters.

    Cameron authorised targeted airstrike in Syria in August –

    RAF drone strike has killed a British Isil fighter in Syria, Cameron says

    Cameron says it has been reported within recent weeks that two Isil fighters from the UK have been killed.

    He says an RAF drone attack was used to kill one of the fighters.

    RAF drone strike has killed a British Isil fighter in Syria, he says.

    The other fighter was killed by an American air strike, he says.

    He says he wants to set out the legal basis for the decision he took.

    He says the attack was legal. The fighter was planning an attack, and the air strike was proportionate.

    He says Britain will be writing to the UN with details.

    The government received legal advice. The attorney general approved the strike. The attack took place at a time when the risk to civilians was minimal.

    He says this was not part of the coalition attacks against Isil. This was a British response to a threat to Britain.

    • The UK will accept up to 20,000 refugees from Syria over the next five years, David Cameron has told MPs.

      The prime minister said the UK had a “moral responsibility” to resettle refugees living in camps bordering Syria while also doing all it can to end the conflict in the country.

      <strongVulnerable children and orphans would be prioritised` in what would be a “national effort”, Mr Cameron said.

      The international aid budget will be used to help councils house people.

      France earlier announced that it would take in 24,000 refugees over the next two years.

      In a statement to Parliament, Mr Cameron also revealed that a British citizen believed to planning terrorist attacks on the UK had been killed in an RAF air strike in Syria last month.

      Mr Cameron told MPs that the suffering of the Syrian people and others trying to make it to Europe in recent weeks was “heartbreaking” and that the UK was stepping up its effort to help those displaced by the conflict.

      He told MPs that the existing Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme, in place since early 2014, would be expanded, with an additional 20,000 people currently living in camps in Syria, Turkey and Jordan being resettled in the UK by 2020.

      ‘Safe route’

      People brought to Britain under VPR have been granted Humanitarian Protection, a status normally used for people who “don’t qualify for asylum” but would be at “real risk of suffering serious harm” in their home country.

      They can stay for five years, have the right to work and access public funds. After five years they can apply to settle in the UK.

      Mr Cameron told MPs that the criteria applied to the scheme would be widened and that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees would be responsible for identifying and assessing those most in need.

      “We are proposing that Britain should resettle up to 20,000 Syrian refugees over the rest of this Parliament,” he said.

      “In doing so we will continue to show the world that this country is a country of extra compassion, always standing up for our values and helping those in need.”

      “Britain will play its part alongside our other European partners but because we’re not part of the EU’s borderless Schengen agreement or its relocation initiative Britain is able to decide its own approach.

      “We will continue with our approach of taking refugees from the camps and elsewhere in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. This provides refugees with a more direct and safe route to the UK rather than risking the hazardous journey to European which has tragically cost so many lives.”

      Labour leader Harriet Harman said the government was doing the “right thing” but there was an urgent need for action now and questioned whether there was scope to accept more than 4,000 refugees this year.

      She also called on the government to reconsider its refusal to accept any refugees currently in southern Europe.

  31. Qatar sends 1,000 ground troops to Yemen battle: Al Jazeera

    SANAA (Reuters) – Qatar has sent around 1,000 ground troops to Yemen, Doha-based Al Jazeera television said on Monday, their first reported involvement in a Saudi-backed offensive against the dominant Houthi group.

    Military sources said Qatari forces were on their way to Yemen and preparing to join a new push on Houthi positions in the capital Sanaa – though they told Reuters the soldiers had not yet entered the Arabian Peninsula country.

    • To a large extent most of the current fights in the Middle East can be explained by the Sunni – Shiite struggle for control of Islam. Which means Saudi v. Iran, although given the relative population imbalance between the two nations Saudi is going to have to draw on other nations to fill their need for ground troops. While the other Gulf States can provide some they really need to get troops from Egypt.

  32. NATO chief to make first visit to Ukraine amid strains with Moscow

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – NATO’s secretary general will make his first visit to Ukraine this month, Ukraine’s foreign minister said on Monday, dismissing the idea that this would provoke Moscow, which is backing the pro-Russian rebellion in eastern Ukraine.

    After a meeting with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, Pavlo Klimkin said the visit, which he called symbolic as his ex-Soviet nation seeks to integrate with the West, would upgrade NATO’s representation in Ukraine and broaden technical cooperation.

    • With the destruction of the US military forces NATO has no credible force to back up anything it wants to do in Ukraine or elsewhere, another big victory for Obama.

  33. Iraqi defense minister unharmed after sniper hits convoy: spokesman

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi’s convoy came under sniper fire on Monday but he was unharmed, a ministry spokesman said.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, which joint operations spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Rasool said took place in the western outskirts of the town of Baiji, 190 km (120 miles) north of Baghdad.

  34. Catalan separatists set for majority of seats in regional parliament

    MADRID (Reuters) – Catalan separatists are set to win a majority of seats in the regional parliament in an election this month, potentially putting them on a path to a unilateral declaration of independence and a clash with Madrid, a poll on Monday showed.

    Separatist parties are portraying the regional election on Sept. 27 as a proxy vote on independence, although that is disputed by center-right Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who has ruled out a breakaway by the wealthy northeastern region.

    • When watching the various separatist movements remember these were started by the KGB to tear the western nations apart. There existence is one of the reasons I think the map of Europe will have to be redrawn several times during the war of survival against the Islamic Conquest.

  35. Why Kim Davis is a crisis of the republic, not a job performance issue


    Invalidation of a law does not create another law. It leaves an absence of law. Kentucky, along with most other states, is now operating in a void, regarding what constitutes a marriage and whom an official may issue a marriage license to.

    This is not an arcane point. It goes to the very heart of what we mean by speaking of the “rule of law.”

    And this is of overriding importance: we don’t punish people for doing or not doing things, based on how someone feels about a public issue. If the state (i.e., the government, at any level) punishes a citizen, it has to be in accordance with due process of written, statutory law.

    No authority exists, moreover, for a public official to take the invalidation of a law as meaning something specific that is now binding on her.

    If you want the clerk of Rowan County to perform her duties merely by making popular assumptions, in the absence of statutory authority, then you in fact want to end the rule of law and institute a dictatorship, and/or mob rule.

    This issue is bigger than how you’ve had to think about law before

    So where do we go from here? Kentucky isn’t going to rewrite its marriage law. The votes aren’t there for that; the people of Kentucky still oppose having the state recognize same-sex marriage.

    This issue is fundamental to the simplest principles by which we expect law to operate. It’s very basic: it’s about what the people have the right to expect from our laws, and the way government performs.

    We’ve largely lost the sense of the expectations about law that we inherited from our English forebears, who developed them over centuries of painful trial and error. But that’s what this is about.

    It’s not about lawyers and judges having more technical expertise than the people. It’s very much a political, constitutional issue for the people – an issue of what we expect and what we will tolerate – and not for specialists in the law.

  36. News from Spain:

    Spain warns of jihadist infiltration threat with ‘avalanche’ of refugees

    Spain’s interior minister on Monday called for tighter controls to prevent members of the armed jihadist group Isis from infiltrating the “avalanche” of refugees arriving in Europe from Syria.

    Woman arrested in Catalonia for recruiting people to fight for Isis

    The 19-year-old woman was arrested in the coastal Catalan town of Figueres on Monday morning by Spain’s National Police.

    Spain under pressure from Brussels to accept around 15,000 refugees

    The European Commission will on Wednesday ask Spain to accept 15,000 refugees, 12 percent of the total, as the country’s government argued it did not have the means to take any more migrants.

    Cops injured during riot at migrant detention centre in eastern Spain

    Migrants inside the centre smashed furniture and tried to set fire to mattresses, prompting firefighters to intervene. Migrants also threw rocks at the firefighters.

  37. Another cop shot ambush-style while sitting in patrol car at traffic light

    This time it is in Vegas, anyone who connects the dots on this and doesn’t reach the conclusion that there is a loosely organized war on the police by the race hustlers are either stupid or are trying to deny the facts. The left is very good at the latter.

  38. CANADA – QUEBEC – Syrian refugee crisis: Quebec triples number of refugee sponsorships

    Quebec’s immigration minister on Monday outlined the new extraordinary measures being taken by the province to accept more Syrian refugees.

    Minister Kathleen Weil said the province would accept 3,650 Syrian refugees — triple the number of the initial objective for 2015.

    “In the face of the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II, we can do better,” Weil said of existing efforts in Canada to help Syrian refugees.

    Quebec would actually like to send a plane to pick up Syrian refugees right away, but need federal approval before that can happen.

  39. Mystery Assassins Target ISIS’ Brutal Women’s Brigade
    Six members of the Islamic State’s all female al-Khansa brigade were killed by an unknown armed group.
    Unknown armed men have been attacking ISIS women within Mosul, the largest city controlled by ISIS. Although ISIS controls large swathes of territory, it is far from pacified.

    “An armed unknown group attacked one of the offices of Khansa women’s organization of ISIS in the area of new Mosul,” media officer of the Democratic Kurdish Party in Mosul, Saeed Mamuzini told Al-Sumaria News on Sunday. “The attack led to the deaths of six female members of the organization. The women of ISIS are active in recruiting other women to work within the organization.”

  40. Hamas Runs First Paramilitary Camps for Schoolgirls
    The Muslim Brotherhood affiliate enforces strict controls on women, but is more lenient when jihad is concerned, allowing women to train and fight.

    This summer Hamas ran its first ever women’s paramilitary training camp in the Gaza Strip. It provided girls with the same mixture of indoctrination and military training hitherto provided for boys in the Hamas run Gaza Strip.

  41. Iran: First European head of state visits Iran since 2004

    Austrian President Heinz Fischer arrived in Tehran, Monday, for a three-day official visit to help improve mutual ties between both countries.

  42. ISIS release beheading video claiming to be filmed in Afghanistan

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group has released a horrific beheading video which purportedly shows the execution of a prisoner carried out by the affiliates of the group’s proclaimed Khurasan province.

    The prisoner is shown wearing an orange jumpsuit and is paraded through a mountainous region although the exact location has not been verified.

    A commander of the terror group appearing in the video welcomes the allegiance of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) to ISIS terrorist group.

    It is yet not clear on what charges the prisoner was executed with the identity of the victim yet to be confirmed although the supporters of the terror group claim a member of the Afghan security forces was beheaded.

    The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), declared as a terrorist organization by the United States, announced earlier last month that the group is part of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group.

    A video was released by the terror group which purportedly shows the IMU’s leader Usmon Ghazi and his fighters taking oath of allegiance to ISIS terror group and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    Another militant leader identified as Sadullah Urgenji also issued a video statement in March this year claiming that the group fights for IMU in northern Afghanistan.

    Urgenji said his group was recognizing the authority of ISIS leader Baghdadi while pledging allegiance to the terror group.

    The allegiance by IMU to ISIS terrorist group comes shortly almost two weeks after the death of the Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar was confirmed.

    IMU issued a statement earlier this month demanding clarification from the Taliban regarding Mullah Omar’s death while accusing the group lying his death.

    video on this page :

  43. Refugee crisis in Europe: ‘Something fishy’ among migrant flood as discarded ID papers appear

    A PAKISTANI identity card in the bushes, a Bangladeshi one in a cornfield. A torn Iraqi driver’s license bearing the photo of a man with a Saddam-style moustache, another one with a scarfed woman displaying a shy smile.

    Documents scattered only metres from Serbia’s border with Hungary provide evidence that many of the migrants flooding Europe to escape war or poverty are scrapping their true nationalities and likely assuming new ones, just as they enter the European Union.

    Many of those travellers believe that using a fake document — or having none at all — gives them a better of chance of receiving asylum in Germany and other western European states. That’s because the surest route to asylum is to be a refugee from war and not an economic migrant fleeing poverty. That fact has led to a huge influx of people claiming to be Syrian.

    Serbian border police say that 90 per cent of those arriving from Macedonia, some 3,000 a day, claim they are Syrian, although they have no documents to prove it. The so-called Balkan corridor for the migrant flight starts in Turkey, then goes through Macedonia and Serbia before entering the European Union in Hungary.

    “You can see that something is fishy when most of those who cross into Serbia enter January first as the date of their birth,” said border police officer Miroslav Jovic. “Guess that’s the first date that comes to their mind.”

    The chief of the European Union border agency Frontex said that trafficking in fake Syrian passports has increased.

    “A lot of people enter Turkey with fake Syrian papers, because they know that they’ll get asylum in the EU more easily,” Fabrice Leggeri said.

    In Germany, customs authorities have intercepted packages mailed to Germany containing Syrian passports, both genuine and counterfeit, the finance ministry said.

    Syrians transiting through Serbia are concerned about the trend.

    “Everyone says they are Syrian, even those who are obviously not,” said Kamal Saleh, pointing toward a group of people camping in a Belgrade park. “That is not good for us Syrians because of limited number of people who will get the asylum.”

    Saleh left everyone he loves back in Syria — his wife, a baby boy and a shattered home in a Damascus suburb.

    But, unlike many other migrants surging into Europe, he feels fortunate: he has a Syrian passport that he keeps carefully wrapped in a plastic folder and tucked inside his secret trouser pocket. The document, if genuine, should prove that he is a refugee fleeing war, and not a migrant fleeing poverty or economic hardship. A huge difference when asylum applications are considered.

    His countryman, who identified himself only as Yemen, added: “There are too many people saying we are from Syria, but he is not from Syria. He is black and he said ‘I am from Syria.’ Unbelievable. “

    International aid agencies estimate that nearly 340,000 people have sought to cross EU borders since January. Two-thirds of the latest European arrivals are believed to be from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Eritrea — countries considered by international aid groups to be “refugee producing states,” due to ongoing war or records of human rights abuses.

    According to the 1951 Refugee Convention, those fleeing violence and persecution are entitled to basic rights under international law, including the right not to be immediately deported and sent back into harm’s way. A migrant could be someone who chooses to resettle to another country in search of a better life and is eligible for deportation.

    EU rules say the country where a migrant first arrives must process the asylum claim. But Germany last week abolished this obligation for Syrians, triggering a surge of people trying to travel through the EU to get there, adding that only refugees fleeing for their life, and not those fleeing poverty, will be allowed to stay.

    Aware of the potential asylum rejection, many migrants fleeing poverty are getting rid of their identity documents altogether.

    Among those who had no second thoughts about ditching their true identity was Rafik from Pakistan.

    “I’m leaving my old life behind,” said Rafik, who gave only his first name because he feared repercussions when applying for asylum in Germany. “I’m starting a new one.”

    “I don’t have a passport, nor any other identity paper,” he said, as he dashed under the fence into Hungary. “Let’s see which country they will choose to kick me back to.”

    • The discarded papers aren’t the only fishy thing, note how many are military age males, these are usually unaccompanied by families.. Remember ISIS has said they will flood Europe with fighters mixed in with the refugees and then remember that ISIS has ended up doing just about everything they have said they would, and are working hard on achieving the goals they have set but haven’t yet reached.

      Keep your musket clean, your powder dry and be sure to lock your doors and set your alarms.

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