Gates of Vienna

While no one knows with perfect certainty what the problem is, we know a few things that it isn’t.

Basically, the site is down due to an apparent data base error and the tech who normally looks after all that was away for the weekend but it should be up ay time now and sometime today for sure.

Thanks for all the emails and concern by everyone about it. We do not think its an attack of any kind, an The Baron and Dymphna are fine at last check.

Check back in a few hours, it will most likely be up


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6 Replies to “Gates of Vienna”

  1. It’s great to see both your sites so cooperative, ie GoV and VTB. Both you guys have such excellent sites that many of us do not read much else. We can also tell by a million clues that you are good guys: thoughtful, kind, ethical, etc.

    Thanks for your thousands of hours of effort.


    • I think like you that these guys are worth their weight in gold. Even from Australia, I first log on here to find out what’s going on and where islamist-related informations are concerned – I get the information here before it is available in Australia.

      If I was rich……

  2. Glad to hear they are o.k. I have been concerned. GOV and Vlad Tepes are the 2 sites I visit the most to find out what is going on in the counter-jihad.

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