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  1. Kenya issues reward for German al-Shabab fighter (BBC, June 18, 2015)

    “Kenyan police have issued a $100,000 (£64,000) reward for the capture of a German national accused of taking part in an al-Shabab attack on Sunday.

    Andreas Martin Muller, who has the alias Abu Nusaybah, is alleged to be one of the gunmen who attacked a military base in Lamu county.

    Eleven al-Shabab fighters and two Kenyan soldiers were killed.

    Another foreigner, Briton Thomas Evans, also took part in Sunday’s assault and was killed in the fighting.

    Sunday’s attack is part of a growing number of assaults in Kenya carried out by the Somalia-based Islamist al-Shabab group.

    Al-Shabab fighters killed 148 people in an attack on Kenya’s Garissa University College in April.
    Al-Shabab militants have been fighting African Union.

    The reward is part of a police campaign known in Kiswahili as Kaa Chonjo Usinyamaze (“Be alert, Don’t Keep Quiet”), which was launched to combat the threat from the jihadists.

    In April $20,000 was offered for information that would lead to the arrest of two al-Shabab fighters suspected of being involved in the Garissa attack, but it is not clear if the police have any useful intelligence on their whereabouts, the BBC’s Ruth Nesoba reports from Nairobi.

    Kenyan soldiers fight in the African Union force which is battling al-Shabab in neighbouring Somalia.”

        • Dylann Storm Roof: Police name suspect in Charleston church shooting

          CHARLESTON, S.C. — He’s white, slightly built and in his early 20s — and police say he walked into a Charleston, South Carolina, church and fatally shot nine people as they attended Bible study class.

          Dylann Storm Roof, 21, is now at the center of a major manhunt.

          Police released a flier Thursday morning with details of the suspect in the attack on the historic African-American church as they appealed for help to track him down as quickly as possible.

          “The following subject is wanted for the shooting that occured in Charleston at the Emanuel AME Church. Subject is Dylann Storm Roof w/m 4/3/1994 5’9? 120 lbs. The subject should be driving a 2000 Hyundai Elantra GS, SC registration LGF330. The vehicle is dark-colored. Subject should be considered armed and dangerous and caution should be used if seen. “

          Charleston Police Chief Gregory Mullen told a news conference that officers “have obtained surveillance videos of the suspect in this case and a suspect vehicle.”

          Mullen said the suspect was a “younger white male between 21 and 25 years of age, 5-foot-9 in height” and “has a very distinctive sweatshirt that has markings.”

          Mullen emphasized the suspect is “a very dangerous individual” and said “he should not be approached by anyone.”

          Any people who recognize the suspect or spots the vehicle should alert law enforcement, he said, rather than trying to follow themselves.

  2. DAILY MAIL – ‘Devil Eyes’ Osama bin Laden doll designed for CIA project to discourage children in Afghanistan from joining terror groups goes under the hammer with $2,500 starting price

    12-inch doll is one of only three made to make children hate terror leader
    It was designed by maker of GI Joe, Korean war veteran Donald Levine
    Doll has two detachable heads including one which depicts the devil

  3. I’ve used the expression ‘Court Jew’ here. It’s an ethnic slur seldom heard in ‘mixed company’. But you’re family and it describes perfectly at least one Obama mouthpiece.

    Lee Smith – who isn’t Jewish – explains and links to Wiki. Neither goes deeply into the history. It gets a lot worse, but this nutshell is probably enough.

    The ‘Court Jew’ Controversy Re-Erupts

  4. Boko Haram crisis: Attack in Niger kills dozens (BBC, June 18, 2015)

    “An attack by suspected Islamist Boko Haram fighters in Niger has killed at least 38 people, officials say.

    It took place late on Wednesday night, according to a security source quoted by the Reuters news agency.

    Local MP Bulu Mammadu told the BBC that the victims included women and children who had been shot dead in two different villages.

    Boko Haram is based in Nigeria but is being tackled by a multinational force, including soldiers from Niger.

    On Monday, there was a suspected Boko Haram suicide attack in Chad, which is also supplying soldiers to the multinational force….”

    • This is an important article. Not all of it is about the book.

      It’s a conversation between two Americans who made their lives in the Jewish State. They would have been equally successful in either place. Deeply committed people, they have a rare breadth of understanding of how both nations work.

      In the last couple of years, I’ve had this conversation innumerable times with people just like these. American Israelis. Similar, but subtly different from Israeli-Americans or American-saturated Israelis like Bibi. Whether they know it or not, Oren and Horovitz still identify with the USA.

      There’s impatience, disappointment and outrage. But there seems to an emerging maturity, recognition of just exactly what they let themselves in for when they made aliya.

      Be a fly on the wall. Read the article.

  5. UK Muslims helping jihadis, says Cameron: Communities must stop ‘quietly condoning’ barbaric ISIS, PM warns in blunt speech

    Some Muslims are guilty of normalising hatred of western values, he warns

    Did Michelle Obama not see the irony in delivering a speech on female emancipation to a school full of girls in headscarves in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets? (And is this the face Britain wants to show the world?)

    Michelle Obama paid visit to the Mulberry School for Girls, Tower Hamlets

    More than 90% of pupils are Muslim from mainly Bangladeshi background

    And majority have no option but to wear headscarves and long robes

    But still it was chosen as the site for the First Lady’s speech on equality

  6. Australia arrest warrant for ‘IS medic’ Tareq Kamleh (BBC, June 18, 2015)

    “An arrest warrant has been issued for an Australian doctor who travelled to Syria and is believed to be working with Islamic State (IS). Tareq Kamleh appeared in an IS propaganda video in April urging other doctors to join him.

    The warrant was issued by a court in South Australia and means Mr Kamleh can be arrested upon his return Anti-terror laws were recently strengthened making it a crime to travel to designated terror hot-spots.

    Police allege Mr Kamleh is a member of and recruited for a terrorist organisation and that he entered a designated hot-spot. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) says the warrant was issued on the basis of offences allegedly committed in April in the de-facto IS capital of Raqqa in Syria….”

  7. DAiLY MAiL – UK Muslims helping jihadis, says Cameron: Communities must stop ‘quietly condoning’ barbaric ISIS, PM warns in blunt speech

    Cameron will urge families to oppose ideology driving young people to ISIS
    Will ask parents to stop blaming police for failing to stop Syria-bound teens
    Some Muslims are guilty of normalising hatred of western values, he warns
    This ‘quiet condoning’ makes it easier for violent extremism to take hold

    […]Speaking at a major security conference in Slovakia, Mr Cameron will say: ‘We’ve always had angry young men and women buying into supposedly revolutionary causes. This one is evil, it is contradictory, it is futile.’

    But he will point out it is easier to go from being a troubled teenager to a jihadist if extremism ‘is quietly condoned online or perhaps even in parts of your local community’.

    Islamic State and its medieval outlook are ‘one of the biggest threats our world has faced’, the Prime Minister will add.

    The speech, made the day after the start of the holy festival of Ramadan, is likely to spark anger in parts of the Muslim community

    ‘These are young people, boys and girls, leaving often loving, well-to-do homes, good schools and bright prospects travelling thousands of miles from home to strap explosives to their chests and blow themselves up and kill innocent people.
    Suicide bomber: 17-year-old Briton Talha Asmal

    ‘To live in a place where marriage is legal at nine and where women’s role is to serve the jihadists, to be part of a so-called state whose fanatics are plotting and encouraging acts of despicable terrorism in the countries from which they have come.’


    Isis UK: David Cameron urges Muslim community leaders and families to combat extremism

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