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2 Replies to “Syria: ISIL fighters torch “haram” cigarettes in Raqqa”

  1. The French is called clientélisme. Except for it kind of backfired.


    In French

    The FN councillor asked about the source of the funding for the Frejus mosque, and also wanted reassurance on the type of sermons, he got howled down by the others on the council, particularly the now ex mayor.

    Bear this mind… Fast forward the elections, the FN is now the mayor!

    Disgruntled local politician, ex mayor, Elie Brun, Frejus, about the Muslims: ”
    With what I did for them, [crap], they can build their mosque by themselves, they can go and stuff themselves.”

    The socialist member is a bit of a sore loser in the local elections.


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