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12 Replies to “Syrian ‘rebels’ relying on stimulants (Captagon) for fighting”

  1. Captagon: the amphetamine fuelling Syria’s civil war

    The drug, widely used in the Middle East but unknown elsewhere, is keeping fighters on their feet during gruelling battles and generating money for more weapons

    […]Col Ghassan Chamseddine, head of the drug enforcement unit in Lebanon, where more than 12m Captagon tablets were seized last year, said that most of the illicit pills are hidden in trucks passing from Syria to Lebanese ports, from where they are shipped to the Gulf. He suspected proceeds from the drug trade were being used “at least partly” to fund anti–Assad rebels inside Syria, he told Time.

    […]The drug is cheap and simple to produce, using ingredients that are easy and often legal to obtain, yet sells for up to $20 a tablet. A Lebanese psychiatrist, Ramzi Haddad, said that Captagon had “the typical effects of a stimulant”, producing “a kind of euphoria. You’re talkative, you don’t sleep, you don’t eat, you’re energetic.”

    Those effects explain why fighters from most of the warring parties in the conflict – with the exception of al Qaida-linked groups, which mostly hold to a strict interpretation of Islamic law – are now said to be making extensive use of Captagon, often on night missions or during particularly gruelling battles. But doctors and psychiatrists say use of the drug is also becoming widespread among Syria’s increasingly desperate civilian population.


  2. Didn’t work before, won’t work this time. Suckers!

    “Nazis on narcotics: How Hitler’s henchmen stayed alert during war by taking CRYSTAL METH”
    –Millions of pills labelled “Pervitin” dolled out to troops during war
    –Said it would help soldiers maintain ‘wakefulness’
    –Drug was highly-addictive form of speed we know today as crystal meth


  3. Meth + terror = a good fit. Good 4 Islam, too.

    Dan Greenfield has a great article on Iran’s meth empire.

    Meth was first synthesized in Japan, given to Kamikaze pilots on their way to join their ancestors. Today’s jihadis ride their own “divine winds”.

    “The meth business is one of those lines of work whose skills easily transfer over to terrorism. And vice versa. Both depend on smuggling materials, setting up labs, obtaining false documents, local contacts and finally making the delivery. The easiest way to set up a terrorist operation in another country is to first set up a drug operation. The drug trade is much more profitable than the Jihad business and much easier to recruit local help for. And once the meth foot is in the door, then the Koran can come in after it.”


  4. ____They’re getting ripped off!
    “Hezbollah Manufacturing Counterfeit Medicine”
    ____Not to worry, it’s been rendered kosher by fatwa:
    “Work began under a religious fatwa made by Sheikh Mohamed Yazbek, a member of Hezbollah’s highest Shura Council. Yazbek’s fatwa legalized the manufacture and sale of Captagon pills on the condition that they were not consumed by Shiite believers.


  5. that azikiwe was obscenely quick to blame the imperialist west for funding the conflict.
    has the ignorant cnut never heard of saudi arabia or iran?

  6. Then maybe it does help somehow. Those with experience seem to think so.

    Soldiers get beat to hell every which way, don’t they?

    I’m reading Rick Atkinson’s “Liberation Trilogy”, a history of W.W.II in western Europe. Horrific. Yet most of those young men emerged sane. More than that, they leaped into the business of life, the standing orders to be “fruitful and multiply”. Inexplicable if you don’t factor G-d into the equation.

  7. Thank-you, Blue. That’s a great site for me right now.

    Along with the Atkinson trilogy I’m reading Jeff Shaara’s trilogy covering the same sequences of battles. I need more specifics: photos of different tank designs in North Africa, changes in paratrooper gear, more maps. I’m getting some info from West Point, but your site has search functions & forums.

  8. RE; # 3 a. b. c. Such a fool, the first places investigated and first persons questioned are the closest to the victim. That’s just common sense and basic investigative procedure. The minute the story broke it did not sound right. As the investigation unfolds the facts will come out.

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