Various rituals where people line up to worship a hair alleged to be from the beard of the pirate Mohamed

Muslims are fond of condescending over Christians claiming that the Christian claim of the divinity of Jesus is polytheism and that to them, Jesus is just another messenger who will come back and kill Christians and destroy crosses on the last days etc. Meanwhile Muslims say, their founder, the pirate Mohamed, is just a man and not divine.

Interestingly however, they say he was a perfect man who’s example should be followed in every aspect and that any criticism of him should be punished by death. Almost like he was a supernatural creature on par with a god of some sort.

Which makes it odd to hear devout Christians arguing about the attributes of Jesus and seeing people like Thomas Aquinas influence Western thought to the extent that it allowed massive church funding of natural sciences.  Muslims meanwhile, line up to bow, scrape and genuflect in awe to a little glass box alleged to contain a hair of a person they claim is just a man.



Ilford UK:

Berlin: London: India: Another ritual somewhere:


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  1. Curious. It’s something you’d think should be about as haram as it gets, but I see it’s supported by numerous hadiths. The messenger’s bottled bodily fluids brought blessings as well, back in the day. Maybe there’s still some of those around.

    That last video (‘another ritual somewhere’) appears to be in the home of Shaykh Ahmad in the U.A.E.

    “The Shaikh tells that some hairs in his collection grow 1.7 to 2.5% in a year….Interestingly enough he has noticed new hairs being added up in his collection.…“

  2. They revere Mohammed but they won’t admit it. They claim that it is Allah who they worship but it is really the oily sodomite who is the focus of their admiration. There is a word for ideologies that worship a human being and that is a ‘cult’. The sooner we acknowledge Islam to be a cult, the sooner we can focus on getting rid of it.

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