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6 Replies to “Russia bus blast by female suicide bomber”

  1. Do you think Samantha Lewthwaite’s diary will be found in the woman’s effects? Some hack at the Daily Mail is no doubt working on it as we speak.

  2. Putin is playing with sticks of dynamite that have been capped, and the fuses lit, it remains to see what will happen in the future because of his support for Iran and Syria.

  3. What motivates a woman or child to Shahada?
    This article describes “Palestine’s Illustrious Women” [ugh, poo)

    Another article trashes terrorist PR & gets to the point. (Impeccable source; you can take anything from Lt. Colonel Anat Berko to the bank .)

  4. Putin got off the plane in Israel & smiled, “It’s nice to go to another country & hear Russian spoken everywhere.”

    Nearly a third of the population of Israel speaks Russian. Crocodile smiles, never turning their backs to one another, nonetheless there’s a patent affinity. Contrast the exchanges between Obama & Putin…

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