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5 Replies to “Extinction operations in Iran”

  1. Cynophobia.

    When a person has a femaled brain, they are afraid of the brain of dogs. Quite simple, they can’t ‘read’ a dog.

    I can walk up to a dog and I know it’s mood and what it needs of me to stabilize it.

    A Muslim is a phoney. The dog knows it and will attack. Dogs only attack their subordinates.

    Hence, True Muslims cannot ever have dogs around them.

  2. Muslims are terrified of dogs especially black ones.
    Look at the protective clothing these idiots are wearing. Anyone would think that the dog was radioactive. I’d laugh if one of these ‘dead’ dogs wasn’t quite dead and gave out a final bite, then shit all over the Muzz who was trying to pick it up.

  3. Any animal spreads disease under crowded conditions and without health care.

    The U.S. military in the middle East traps and kills all dogs and cats. The military vets instead of “doing no harm” simple kill everything they get their hands on. They figure it is cheaper.

    In the book “The Gift of Valor” a dog adopted the Marines. They did not abuse it. So the dog kept other dogs away from its’ pack, the marine patrols. As a result various wandering dogs were not continually giving away the marine’s position as they patrolled. Now would you rather patrol with a dog or without a dog?

    But one day someone complained and the attached military vet put the dog down. Now what is cheaper, burying a marine or giving a dog a distemper shot and worm pills?

    In Europe during the Early Iron age it is estimated that 5% of people had worms. Today around the world of 7 billion people about 5 % have worms. Do we send vets to put them down?

    Point is animals are not inherently dirty or dirtier than people. And dogs and cats (geese too) make great guards.

    P.S. if you put too many horses on too small of a pasturage and one has worms, they will all get worms. So what is the moral of the story?

    Do Muslims consider horses unclean?

  4. there is reason for every thing in this world, who are we to kill these poor animals. is this the culture, or this is the religion approving these action ?
    everything in this world is conscious, and they will react appropriately ,they will see consequence of their action in future . Nature has fine thermostat that never fails.

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