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4 Replies to “Egyptian imams wax ecstatic about the mob killing of 4 Shias recently”

  1. And why not? They have every right to be ecstatic. A non-Muslim’s life has no value, and to the Sunnis, the Shias are heretics and therefore are de facto non-Muslims.
    Of course there are other people that deserve to die. A Muslim who criticises Mohammed has technically apostatized, so he becomes a non-Muslim too. In fact anyone that you believe may have apostasized is also fit to die, including the next-door neighbour whom you had an argument with last week!
    It’s how Islam works. These deeply religious and highly ‘moral’ people are duty bound to kill and murder as much as possible. It’s Allah’s wishes.
    When they finally have the Global caliphate and every single person on the planet is a Muslim then they can finally start the complete destruction of the human race.
    In the end there will be only two people left on the Earth, both of them Muslim men and they can then have a duel and a fight to the death. The lone survivor will then spend a few years contemplating on his own with no wife or little boy to gratify him sexually, nobody to talk to and no one to be his slave. He’ll finally have to get off his lazy arse and find food for himself until he dies of old age.
    Allah’s human creation will then no longer exist and Allah will be most pleased.
    You see, Allah is a bit of a shoddy craftsman. He probably wasn’t happy with his own design and wants to start all over again!

  2. Oh my god! No wonder they rape – what NORMAL woman (of any age or look) could possibly sleep with these repulsive creatures of free will!

    For me personally, the sight of them and listening to the effluent coming out of their mouths is the best appetite suppressant there is.

    N.A.U.S.E.A.T.I.N.G. !

    /end of rant mode.

  3. But you see, as these good imams explain, the murderers were provoked into carrying out the brutal killings—provoked by Shiites who have a different view of Islam. The followers of the Sunni branch of the Religion of Peace and Tolerance could do nothing but react in such a way, now could they?

  4. All I can see for the future is chaos, chaos until someone has the courage to fight back and drive the Moslems back into their hovels.

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