Playing With Matches in Gaza

From Giza to Gaza, its the weather channel day and night now.

H/T Gates of Vienna:

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this brief report about last night’s fireworks show from Gaza:

Hi Baron,

I awoke last night to three explosions, probably Iron Dome taking out the missiles fired at Ashkelon.

I read in the newspapers that this is all about an internal squabble in Gaza, where the little boys are playing with matches at our expense.

It just illustrates how cheap human life is to the Palestinians, and Jewish life particularly so.

I suppose that what is worse is that the rest of the world excuses this behavior, or ignores it,


Below are excerpts from a report on the incident in The Times of Israel:


In Upside-Down Gaza, Rockets Fired at Israel Actually Aim to Hurt Hamas

The latest barrage, launched by Islamic Jihad, is largely due to internal Palestinian strife — not a desire to inflame tensions with Israel

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