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7 Replies to “2008 story revisit. The mosque and the Pig Farm”

  1. The man is resisting in the best way I ever heard of.

    The Moslems are trying to break the block and then move a lot of Moslems in driving everyone one else out.

  2. What ? He buys a land next to a pig farm and expects that the owner to get rid of the pigs ?
    Who they think they are ? Muslims are less inteligent than some pigs besided being so evil !

  3. When I first wrote about this story when it was current I didn’t quite get how the jihad worked fully. It just seemed outrageous and arrogant rather than planned. If you listen to the muslim talk about what he was planning to build in today’s context it makes more sense. A whole madrassa and terrorist camp and he was going to be damned before he let some pig farmer stand in his way. There are now many of these encampments across the USA raising hundreds of jihadis waiting to wreak havoc on the US and Canada. And here we sit, unarmed and mentally 100% unprepared.

  4. Given the number of weapons and the amount of ammo the US citizens have bought since 2008 I wouldn’t say unarmed.

  5. I was thinking at that moment of Canada. We are like Europeans. Sheep to the slaughter with muslims as executioners and our own governments the builders and owners of the abattoirs.

  6. I will grant our own governments are aiding in our destruction, I just don’t think the sheep example is a good description of everyone. I think that when the worlds economy starts melting down things are going to change.

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