‘Thousands’ of muslims visit the holy hair of mohamed in Michigan

And here I was thinking that the Catholics where devious bastards for selling indulgences in the middle ages.

This is doubly irritating because muslims never get tired of pretending to superiority over Christianity because they claim no supernatural creature other than their god ‘allah’ while treating the pirate mohamed with far far more fetishistic frenzy than any Christian ever treated an image, drawing or even an alleged artifact of the avatar, Jesus.


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7 Replies to “‘Thousands’ of muslims visit the holy hair of mohamed in Michigan”

  1. On another post I made the comment that the Moslems seem to worship Mohammad more then Allah, our ancestors saw this and called them Mohammedans. This worship of a hair supposedly from Mohammad is the worst example that I have heard of but there are probably some other things they do that are just as bad.

  2. Yes, and isn’t it ironic that the Qur’an forbids such worship. Goes without saying that even depicting the prophet is haram. But evidently worshiping one of his ass-crack hairs is halal. Of course, lets not forget that Allah is more or less used as a sock puppet, so this is no surprise.

  3. “On one such instance, Muhammad’s “announcement of a revelation permitting him to enter into marriages disallowed to other men drew from her [Aisha] the retort, ‘It seems to me your Lord hastens to satisfy your desire!'”

    “One relates that when a companion asked Muhammad, “who is the person you love most in the world?” he responded, “Aisha.”” He loved a mortal Aisha more than His Allah – The God. Amazing…

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