Over 1500 Hindu Temples & Homes Damaged by Muslim Mobs in Bangladesh During January to March of 2013

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Chakra News:

(CHAKRA) Extremist Muslim mobs  have attacked innocent Hindu temples, homes and shops of Hindus in four districts in Bangladesh. Since Jamaat leader Delawar Hossain Sayedee was handed down a death sentence for war crimes in February, dozens of hindu temples, houses and shops of non-muslim minorities across the country have been vandalized  torched and looted. Basudev Dhar, president of Greater Dhaka Puja Committee, yesterday said these communal attacks were demoralising many Hindu families. A local blogger published a picture of a 2 years old hindu boy chopped to death by Jamma-E- Islamic supporters  at Noakhali in Bangladesh – see hereThese terrifying events have been largely ignored by international news and media agencies.

Bangladesh’s giant English news media – the Daily Star reported the following in an article called Hindus attacked afresh in 4 dists on March 20th, 2013:

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3 Replies to “Over 1500 Hindu Temples & Homes Damaged by Muslim Mobs in Bangladesh During January to March of 2013”

  1. This site says one thing, but the MSM are likely to say another.
    In my experience the MSM (johhny-come-lately’s that they are) will only report this stuff when Hindus start fighting back. That way it looks like the Muslims are the victims.
    Already the MSM are reporting on how Buddhists in Myanmar are picking on the Muslim minority that live there, a shocking case of irresponsible journalism that distorts the true picture.
    It’s a bit like ignoring the entire World War 2 then finally deciding to report on the Nurembourg trials, which makes it look like the poor old Nazis have been rounded up and judged for something that previously nobody knew anything about.
    Hindu temples being smashed by Muslims is nothing new and has been going on for centuries. History is riddled with examples. This is just another example, but the ever-dumb, historically challenged MSM are clueless. Keep up the good work, but I expect to see this on the BBC only when Hindus start fighting back.

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