Saudi Arabia beheads murderer… and then CRUCIFIES his body

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Daily Mail:

  • Mohammed Rashad Khairi Hussain was convicted of murder and sodomy
  • The Yemeni citizen had killed Pakistani national Pashteh Sayed Khan
  • Comes after human rights charities condemned the country’s practices

By Jaymi Mccann

PUBLISHED: 19:23 GMT, 28 March 2013 | UPDATED: 19:30 GMT, 28 March 2013

Saudi authorities have beheaded a murderer and crucified his body after he killed and raped a Pakistani national.

The kingdom’s interior ministry announced the execution, stating that the man had murdered and sodomised another male. Both actions are punishable by death.

‘The Yemeni citizen Mohammed Rashad Khairi Hussain killed a Pakistani, Pashteh Sayed Khan, after he committed sodomy with him,’ said a statement carried by state news agency SPA.

New measure: A committee based in the Saudi capital Riyadh (pictured) is considering dropping public beheadings because of a lack of swordsmenBeheading: The Yemeni citizen was beheaded and crucified for his crimes (Stock Image)

Hussain was also convicted of robbery and carrying out a series of attacks.

The execution, in the southern city of Jizan, was followed by crucifixion, a punishment used by the ultra-conservative country for serious crimes.

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5 Replies to “Saudi Arabia beheads murderer… and then CRUCIFIES his body”

  1. I thought that this was a step forward for human rights in Saudi Arabia when I first started to read it. A rapist has been executed, yes… justice for women at last.
    Then I realised that he had raped a man!

  2. If the Saudis got the right guy, I have no problem with the sentence.

    He was crucified. Some (many) of us think that is barbaric. But some of us, myself included, sometimes hope that certain criminals meet with violence in prison, because the justice handed out by judges & legislated into law by our lawmakers is not enough.

  3. Well the common folk can’t properly sodomize his corpse unless its properly stationed and secured I suppose. And it is a fresh corpse so there is time for quite a few..

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